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Territory-Aggression And The Noyau?

If you’re like me, that word “noyau” may be as unfamiliar to you as it was to me a mere six months ago, but once we understand the word and its wider meaning we begin to recognize it’s explanatory importance in global and everyday matters, not to mention conflict resolution.
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This nit-picky pulling apart of the fight is coin of the realm this week as such post hoc ergo propter hocarmchair quarterbacking is easy pickings—we’re all experts once the deed is done. Or as a Viking might say: “Many are wise after the event.” From Fljotsdale Saga With that said, I throw my rear-view mirror Read More

My time as a Federal Agent in the government and military as well as serving in the Navy, Air Force and the Army taught me many things about the correct way to deal with an attacker. Every lesson I have learned, and subsequently taught to other agents as an instructor, has been extremely valuable. Some Read More

Today’s post comes to you from one of FightFast’s most popular videos, Defense in Confined Spaces.  We’ve been getting a lot of questions about self defense from a wheelchair, so we found tips from an instructor who has a lot of great seated position moves to share.  Vladimir Vasiliev’s insight really pertains to anyone in Read More

Hello Everyone! As the newest member of the FightFast team, I have the unique privilege of sharing with you a very special THANK YOU to our great nation’s military veterans. From the moment that this country was born (and before) we have had brave men and women fight for our freedom at home and overseas. Read More

Today a wee bit of history from the days of Fighting Sail and then we wade into how we might learn a thing or two from these 18th & 19th century sailors. Picture if you will a wooden sea vessel, make it a swift sailing sloop or a heavily armed man-of-war or whatever vessel floats Read More