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Peanuts, Hormesis & Training for Weakness – By Mark Hatmaker

I’m old. I can prove it with the following sentence.

When I was a kid, I cannot recall one child in my school ever having a peanut allergy and you could eat peanuts and peanut butter sandwiches willy-nilly. (Willy-nilly is a word that old men are legally obligated to use, I don’t make the rules.)

As my daughter was growing up the world changed, peanuts were (and are) treated in schools with more prejudice than teeny bottles of shampoo are by the TSA. (That’s why when I travel my luscious locks never look as firm and bouncy as when at home. Thanks TSA.)

We go from no kids in my childhood memory having a peanut allergy (I’m sure there were some I just never encountered them) to apparently 1 in 10 being fragile to the mere fumes of this deadly legume. (I’m
surprised there are no warning labels on a jar of JIF.)

What happened? Read More

When I was attending my Federal Police Officer’s Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) we used to do what we called “3-minute Wars” where for 3 minutes we would battle all out with our fellow officers using the defensive tactics we were being taught.

The armbar whether applied top-body, cross-body, or from underneath is one of the top three finishers in both MMA and submission-only grappling. (As a matter of fact it’s almost a neck-and-neck tie with the rear-naked choke.) The armbar is a tool that all competitors should be familiar with inside of 30 days of stepping on Read More

When I attended the Air Force Office of Special Investigations Academy, one important technique we learned was how to conduct foot surveillance and how to tell if we were being surveilled. For those of you who may not know what I mean, it is basically how to follow someone and tell when you are being Read More

THE Primary Factor in self-protection/self-defense is situational awareness. Keeping in mind that crime is, more often than not, a product of opportunity, if we take steps to reduce opportunity to as close to nil as we can manage we have gone a long way to rendering our physical tactical training needless (that’s a good thing.)

One of the things I was taught as a special agent in the military and as a civilian agent was to “Train Like You Fight, Fight Like You Train”. I incorporated this mentality into all my martial art classes and courses I have ever taught. You see, if you train like most martial art classes Read More