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X8 Stinger Throwing Knife vs. Thick Clothing & Ballistics Gel

Chances are you’ve tried to throw a knife before and failed miserably. That’s because very few people actually know the proper technique to throw knives.

Sure you may stick 1 out of 25 into a tree in the back yard, but you don’t have any real consistency. That’s about to change.


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Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action are 3 of the most important factors in any violent confrontation. If you want to come out on top you need as many of these factors on your side as possible. Problem is, these factors are usually used by the attacker…not the good guy. Predators know how to win, Read More

We all know that realistic training is one of the keys to preparing for a life or death self defense situation. Adding elements of distraction, discomfort, unpredictability, and adrenaline are all good… but how far should you go? The video below shows an extreme example of “stress” training. I agree with the host, this is Read More

I’ve got some bad news for us–we’ll never be ready. The predators of the world always have the upper-hand. They get to choose the when, the where, the how, the why, they get to choose everything. None of the victims we read of in the wake of violent attack woke up the morning of their Read More

Am I losing my mind? Maybe… But I sure as hell never want to be caught without a knife. That’s why I recently started carrying two of them, every day. Why two knives you ask? Here are just a few reasons:

Hey Hotlists Members, We have Dale Comstock (retired U.S. Army Special Forces Operator) flying into our studio this week to shoot some instructional material for a very exciting new product that we’ve kept under the wraps during the research and development phase. I really can’t talk about it yet, but I think you all will Read More