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Multi-Use Survival Item Most Preppers Overlook


Bug Out BagThere are a lot of expert opinions on what bare minimum items one should have in a survival situation or a scenario where everything you are going to endure with in the field is on your body or in a backpack. Very few will disagree that as a minimum you at least want to have a knife. From there the dialectic as what else one should carry will include everything from a fire starter to a gun. Of course, if we had choices what to have on hand in a survival situation we would probably all pick Wal-Mart and a helicopter! Unfortunately, life is not so generous and we need to think in the extreme – what is the minimum that we need to continue our existence and mission to overcome adversity?

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Survival in a Post Catastrophic Environment

Survival in a Catastrophic Environment: Bugging out in the woods

Survival in a Post Catastrophic Environment

The chances of you finding yourself in a wilderness survival situation where you must live off roots and berries, make fire out of flint stones, or make improvised hunting tools and weapons is not very likely even if you were lost.  The time spent learning improvised wilderness survival skills could be, and should be, spent Read More

Gun Disarm – True Story – A Life Saving Self Defense Skill


Gun Disarm – True Story – A Life Saving Self Defense Skill

I have a decent gun background as a recreational shooter. Nothing too heavy just some light competition at the local range. To be honest I have gotten pretty good with my revolvers and my 45 1911. I asked my gunsmith if he knew of course he could recommend some kind of course that would challenge Read More