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Self Defense From A Seated Position

Today’s post comes to you from one of FightFast’s most popular videos, Defense in Confined Spaces.  We’ve been getting a lot of questions about self defense from a wheelchair, so we found tips from an instructor who has a lot of great seated position moves to share.  Vladimir Vasiliev’s insight really pertains to anyone in a seated position, so even if you’re not in a wheelchair, you can still use these. Read More

Hello Everyone! As the newest member of the FightFast team, I have the unique privilege of sharing with you a very special THANK YOU to our great nation’s military veterans. From the moment that this country was born (and before) we have had brave men and women fight for our freedom at home and overseas. Read More

Today a wee bit of history from the days of Fighting Sail and then we wade into how we might learn a thing or two from these 18th & 19th century sailors. Picture if you will a wooden sea vessel, make it a swift sailing sloop or a heavily armed man-of-war or whatever vessel floats Read More

Polite society likes to ignore some simple facts associated with crime. Take this one for example: We are raised hearing the mantra that “crime doesn’t pay.” Wrong. Crime does pay. It pays pretty well too. Some might say it’s one of the best kept secret in personal finance. Except it’s not a secret. It’s just Read More

Jim West was recently at our studio to provide some expert instruction on a few new weapon projects. As expected we had a great time. Jim has a way of tossing out nuggets of combat wisdom in passing that really stick with you. Here’s one thing he brought up that many of us don’t give Read More

I’ve got a real quick knife sharping tip for you. Many times you need to touch up the edge on your knife when you aren’t at home and don’t have quick access to a sharpening stone. In those situations, the rounded edge on a car window can actually do a pretty darn good job. Check Read More