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Do You Have Bad Intentions?

Jim West was recently at our studio to provide some expert instruction on a few new weapon projects. As expected we had a great time. Jim has a way of tossing out nuggets of combat wisdom in passing that really stick with you. Here’s one thing he brought up that many of us don’t give enough thought to:

“Bad Intentions”

Jim pointed out that in a life or death self-defense situation, you MUST have bad intentions. If you aren’t mentally prepared to hurt your attacker, you are much less likely to survive. The survival mindset is an aggressive one.

For Jim, it’s about flipping the switch from polite citizen to “ass kicking” mode as quickly as possible. Read More

I’ve got a real quick knife sharping tip for you. Many times you need to touch up the edge on your knife when you aren’t at home and don’t have quick access to a sharpening stone. In those situations, the rounded edge on a car window can actually do a pretty darn good job. Check Read More

Wing Tsjun is a martial art that uses your attacker’s strength against them.  It’s an extremely simple concept;  especially for beginners. Tommy’s a master at this type of fighting style because he practices daily, but he makes it look so easy because it IS easy!  Here’s one of his many quick fighting tips:

Hey… FightFast Hotlist: Our good friend Jim West (official U.S. Special Forces badass), is going to be in the FightFast studios on August 22 thru 24.  This is going to be fun, and instructive as he’ll field questions from our hotlist. We’re concentrating on knives and defending yourself with a blade, (but you can ask anything you want).

Before we get into the meat of today’s martial thought exercise let’s take a few inventories. In the first inventory I want you to list a minimum of one dozen Designated Weapons, that is devices, gadgets, gear that is acquired, packed, and utilized primarily for self-protection.

Thousands of assault cases in the US every year involve a deadly weapon.  Chances are, if you are attacked, it WILL be with some sort of weapon, too.  Counter that with your own.  If you aren’t one for carrying a knife or gun, then your keys, cell phone, chap-stick, or whatever is in your pocket Read More