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Simple to Use Elbow Joint Lock Takedown

In most self defense situations you want to hit your opponent first, follow up with more punishing strikes, and get the hell out of the situation as fast as possible. For that reason don’t usually emphasize blocks or joint locks that keep you close to your opponent for extended periods of time.

Joint Lock Take Down - Side Step The Attack
However there are a number of situations where you simply can’t take out your attacker and flee. On top of that knowing a few simple blocking and joint locking techniques is crucial because like it or not you will occasionally get taken by surprise, or need to control an attacker.

Lock The Elbow Joint For a Takedown
This move is perfect for a situation where a guy is coming out of nowhere with a right haymaker. As you can see in the video you simply step to the right (getting off his center line) and block the punch while simultaneously putting him into a joint lock.

In certain street fight situations it is also necessary to contain and control your attacker. If you are alone this is not a wise strategy, however we are often with loved ones or close friends and need to control the attacker to prevent others from getting hurt and give them a chance to escape.

This type of self defense requires contain and control techniques. The takedown in this video is ideal because it allows you to control him all the way to the ground and keep him compliant by putting extreme force on his elbow and shoulder joints.

Make sure you practice this self defense move on training mats, unless you don’t mind a bruised tailbone. If you want to see more techniques from Gabriel Garcia’s Mean Streets Click Here

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329 thoughts on “Simple to Use Elbow Joint Lock Takedown”

  1. Hi. Thanks for the responds. Very useful. But I need some one who can do practical with me. I get better results that way. Do you know off any one who can do that for me. I don’t want a lot off people to know this. Is do it purely for my family’s protection and for myself. You can say short intence hands on training.

  2. Very good way to take a attacker down and it works very well, just be sure that you get your arm around the attackers up high enough to lock the arm, Then you could step behind attackers leg and just push head up or push on the neck with out the choke. This technique is from Aikido.

    REPLY TO RON WEST: I’m still teaching Martial Arts at 73 years of age and know of a few more Instructors around my age that still teach, so do not think that you could not defend yourself if needed, if you learned the correct methods and techniques you may be surprised at how much and fast your reflex actions will come back when needed.

  3. As you complete your takedown, be sure to scan the aeria for other pack members to the one that you just put on the ground. Predators and bullies often travel in groups, and being preoccupied with one will often leave you exposed to attack from the others. Words to the wise.

  4. To whom it may concern thanks ever so much for the street preparation you have though me over the past time, now my street movement are saved, family,friends and lovers will always be save if i am around them no man is going to beat my new technique of which i learn from fight
    fast thanks ever so much.

  5. The technical application is good but it is very important that all your movies are done with absolute naturalness relaxed and flow. Without thinking!! It must be part of you like driving a car!! Like if a dog or a child runs out in front of you. You hit the brake with fluency. If you have to think about it. It’s to late you have hit the dog end off.!! All movement’s MUST BE Absolutely natural and with Condition!!!

  6. Above move demonstrates ability to control target, I suggest the forearm to ribs as soon as have him on ground and depending on situation forearm to throat to eliminate threat permanently. Before releasing break arm to assure he does not get up in the case he survives your first attack. In my world I call this a blitz lights out response. When behind lines I cannot take prisoners and this is a very fast kill move.

  7. Yes that is a good technique. I used it when I was a police officer. A lot of people that are under the influence of alcohol will try to grap you or put out there arms in an attempt to resist arrest. I used this method many times. They are generally so surprised they will quit the resistance. Thank you for input, I really enjoy the martial arts. However I am 75 years old and operate in slow motion. 😩😂😡I now employ my brother to protect me. His name is Smith& Wesson

  8. A simple but highly effective ‘take-down’ move and,if combined with (hopefully) situational awareness,ends the matter quickly.
    Keep these reminder lessons coming Gabriel.

  9. This move does work very well it’s one of the defence moves taught to me in martial arts class I’m a first degree black in kenpo . I’ve personally used this move twice in real life combat.

  10. Great video, that was easier than I thought. I don’t get caught off guard often, but when I do this is what I’ll do. It’s a lot like Tae kwon doe

  11. Fantastic! I am a 68 year old grandma and 4’9″ due to serious back surgery. Now that I’m also a widow I sometimes feel vulnerable when out in public. My spouse was a member of the SOB club several times over and I had a sense of security when with him. These types of videos help to give me a feeling of empowerment so I can go out again to do what I need to do. Oh, I always keep my eyes moving to keep assessing what’s around me. Thanks.

  12. Love the content but it seems everything is based on successfully blocking or avoiding the first punch. What if you don’t and get nailed then what? Or is it fairly easy to see it coming and react appropriately?


  14. I prefer very little contact with an assailant. If one comes at me, depending on how fast his approach, i put my hands or fists up, when he gets close enough with his forward momentum, i drop my ass to the ground, put my foot where his leg&hip meet at the right side of the pelvis, grabbing his heel or pant’s cuff & watch’m soar. Stay holding the heel or cuff all the way, and his head will crack open against the ground, asphalt, concrete, etc.

  15. You spoke of this expert in an art that uses the attackers weight , size, strength to HIS disadvantage. Which ALL sounds like the aikido i took.

  16. I have experience as a security patrol officer, and this technique is excellent. The only way to demoralize an attacker is to take them to the floor, as they then realize that they do not have power over YOU, their potential victim. The options of breaking bones, etc., is decided by the attacker as they choose the level of force used against them in order to stop them continuing the assault/attack.

  17. Very nice! For anyone watching this pay close attention to what the instructor is doing and telling you because this all true,. He is sharing with you his knowledge show him the proper RESPECT.
    WHY BELIVE ME, my name is John R . Williams and yes I hold A BLACK BELT IN THE MARTIAL ARTS.
    I STUDIED UNDER GRAND MASTER LARRY HILTON AND PROFESSOR C.G.(PAT) BURKE. PAT BURKE TRAINED ELITE RANGERS. If you want to check this please feel free to do store, I do know what I speak and this man is showing you very good information. And if he wasn’t I would also tell u that also.

  18. Hi to whom it may concern i am a Liberian your method has make me confident on the street, with the knowledge given to me by your organization i am quit shore that you will need me as an operative with in the CTU to handle dangerous satiation as undercover cop my Regards.

  19. I really like your slow by the number demonstration and explanation. I’m a 20 year army vetran in a wheel chair. I have been looking for a specially designed self defense course for the handicapped. Can you help all of us physically impaired individuals? PLEASE>>>>>>>>

  20. Great advice I studied tactical and have several blackbelt belt which mean a lot to me but they are only a piece of cloth it your knowledge and knowling what todo that will save your ass My goal is to go home safe and to protect my love ones. I have studied under some great grandmasters

  21. I like what you are teaching I have several blackbelt s and tactical training. I love what my black belts mean to me but they are only a piece of cloth it what tools u have in your tool box at the end of the. My goal is to go home safe and protect my lived ones

  22. I have used the Adams apple to take down an aggressor when I was younger, and it’s very effective. Never used a elbow lock before, thanks for the info

  23. Really good technique. Wish I had this training when I was young/er. It would have built my skills and confidence to handle situations … even in boot camp.

  24. Good technique. Wish I was younger and order the videos. Almost 73 y.o. and street fighting is definitely something I never want to have to do… It’s better to avoid those places and consequences that put one at risk…

  25. Mr. Pierce,
    I’m a 58, and a newbie, but I’m definitely sold on everything I’ve seen , and will be ordering in a few days. The freebies have me convinçed that you have the best material available.at any price.
    I’m 58, have stage 4 Parkinson’s disease, have never been in a fight, and I’m a classical pianist. The thought of knuckle- busting makes me cringe. So the training videos you offer are the only ones for me.
    I’ll soon be doing a lot of solo travelling, and look forward to getting prepared to defend myself, and not be afraid to get out and see the world.
    Thanks for the free videos, and the motivation you give people like me.

  26. I love it. It’s the way it’s done. No Hollywood hype of blocking punches and all that nonsense. You lock him down immediately as fast as you can using element of surprise. You take him down using pain compliance. You can give him more of he refused to comply.

  27. Im a bouncer by trade….but Im only 175lbs 5′ 11″
    Your techniques make me 100% confidence at work.
    Thank you.

  28. Gabriel,

    It is strange that I have been thinking about this, being attacked first rather than being prepared for an attack. Surprise attacks can be nasty, but with this one tip, that you, Mr. Garcia, have provided, I can feel a little less afraid of a surprise attack and a little more prepared if/when a surprise attack occurs.

    Thank you,

    JP Watson

    Semper Fi!

  29. “This move is perfect for a situation where a guy is coming out of nowhere with a right haymaker. As you can see in the video you simply step to the right (getting off his center line) and block the punch while simultaneously putting him into a joint lock”
    Sure, if you can anticipate his thrown punch. Most people, when walking with friends, are too absorbed in conversation and are not alert enough to anticipate a hit. Especially the knock out type from a bunch of thugs stalking you. I would think that if you have to walk around always skeptical of your surroundings, and paranoid you’re going to get attacked, go walk in another neighborhood. We older folk aren’t as quick and nimble anymore as you muscle boys. That said, this is a good technique if you are as alert and nimble as a jungle cat.

  30. I love it talk about taking control that would definitely do it. Same thing my father told me always grab the fingers and here it is in a video keep up the good work guys.

  31. Cool move going home tonight and working it with my kid. Where can I get the previous seen mini courses at, newby to the site.

  32. Great video I really learn a lot from these demos I hope to acquire as many of these demos as possible to practice and cherish and later teach my wife and kids thanks a lot fight fast blog

  33. I like your info, but with new web sites I fear ‘phishing’ and hope your site is secure from
    trojan malware. I hope you check this frequently. Thanks

    1. Hello Dale, we appreciate your concern, in fact we do have our site constantly monitored and protected by a reputable 3rd party company that specializes in blocking this type of threat. Wise to always be on the look out and protect your personal info on the web.

  34. Dear Bob or Jimbo; ? Thank you for this very easy to watch and learn. I will be doing it , however ,not with any one. My next door neighbor’s husband Does not want me trying any thing like these , on his wife . I certainly agree with him. Thank you Janet Cruz

  35. Great Mini class! I’ve watched all the first 5 lessons! Learned Valuable Maneuvers to Protect Myself !
    How do get the Free Books? Thanks to All!

  36. Thanks that is most likely to work for me cents Iam tall and mit give me time to convince him that he can get hurt messing with me.

  37. I am grateful for these reminders and appreciate you sharing them with the public for free. That said, if one cannot block and trap the first punch, the rest is for naught. This beautiful technique is completely reliant upon the defenders ability to to trap the attacker’s arm.
    Once this is achieved, the rest can be performed by a 10 year old…and I like that. Someone else commented that the key to this technique (like all others) is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!

    Thanks again and keep ’em coming.

  38. Exactly what most people need now days, great advice and demos,you can change to suit ur style but very effective stuff still, all the products ive had are wicked,the dvds are also what they say too.keep it up guys. You got loyal friends for life in uk with my m8s and myself. 1 move saved me last weekend in a club and it looked like id done nothing on the cctv so was released and my wife was safe still. Love ur stuff mixed with abit of my own. Can even see how it will help oaps or novices.Cheers guys,keep itt coming. Thankyou and anuff respect to all your guys in the us

  39. Thanks for the demonstration, very good to know. I appreciate these videos, it helps to see options I haven’t seen before. Y’all do a great job of presenting the information clearly and how to execute each move.

  40. I’m with Janet Cruz on this question… How do we protect ourselves against an attacker, while we’re now elderly & using a cane? I have very little strength, but certainly need to learn some tactics! Thank you!

  41. Can never learn (or practice) enough. These are great real life situational techniques. All my black belt training is a help but does not mean much when there are no rules and the goal of the attacker is to injure or kill me. Thank you for what you provide. Good comments below. Hopefully you can help those who are already injured, elderly or in wheelchairs and seen as easy prey.

  42. I also like the land on the throat w the elbow initiative incorporated w the arm lock. Effective! Brilliant videos, thank you.

  43. I enjoy the single pointers. Allows one to work more efficiently. However I am 75 and not as flexible as the demonstrator. Yet it does give me something to work on to help protect myself.

  44. How would you do this move ? If you are 70 yrs old . When you are older, and maybe not that wonderfully strong . Do you have any moves that you can do with a cane? Thank you Janet Cruz

  45. The key to actually “owning” any of these skills is practice, practice, and more practice. I am looking for a partner to train with. Just watching is not enough.

  46. A great set of techniques. I like that you combine blows with practical grappling methods. I think every serious street survival strategy should include. 1. Avoidance/Evasion.2. Hit & run. 3.Stay and conquer.

    Defenses that start with a block or dodge, and end with the perp on the ground (incapacitated or in a control/submission hold) are particularly valuable to me. Arm bar take downs are a personal favorite. I notice that in the first 2 demos Mr. Garcia seems to be using his strength to force the attacker to the ground. Ideally the defender redirects and controls the movement of the larger, stronger attacker. (similar to taking over the rudder or a ship. I suspect that in an actual fight against some 300+ NFL lineman type, Mr. Garcia would do exactly that. Keeping the bad guy in pain and off balance, ending up in a puddle of their own piss, is the goal of a stay and conquer strategy, right?

    Respectfully yours,
    Greg Bowman

  47. Nice move but why stop there, take the offender out with one elbow blow to the throat and he wont bother you any more, or even to the side of his neck breaking it for sure.

  48. Hello sir, I am a small framed fella, I only stand 5″6 tall, but have trained verious desciplines. I usually do very well if they are only an inch or 2 taller than me, but the bigger, much stronger guys is more difficult and I usually shoot to get them to the ground. Your video was very informative and will be added to my repertoire of fighting maneuvers. I will also watch any more from you and fight fast. Do you sell the fight fast t shirts or hoodies? Thank you for your technique and peace and safety be with you.

  49. Thank You for this. That leverage looked like what I was taught in San Soo I was in Jimmy Woo, (I was under Larry Dusatko). I used to scrap all the time on the street no more of that for me I am 50 and avoid when heat arises. I was adopted and when I met my biological father I found out he was first generation Kajukenbo under Adriano Emperado in Oahu where I am from. Kajukenbo was suppose to be only for Black Belt Society but then it was capitalized. I believe I don’t care what (form) of fighting, self defense someone takes the moves learned are a tool because when it comes to the street it is who fights the dirtiest. Best way to win a fight is not to fight, run away. I know sometimes a person can’t because of bad people looking to harm or rob so moves come in handy. I always know on my mind if a bad person is determined to harm me or worse they are just going to do it. Good people have to be aware all the time unfortunately they are not. People have tunnel vision when they should be scanning their surroundings. I have been hit with baseball bats have had knives pulled on me , yeah I been beat up a few times I have to admit. Now with bad people with guns it is usually up close and fast. Guns and knives look menacing to people that’s why they freeze and succumb. Just a block and kick and run away may even work. In a parking lot a bad guy (probably) isn’t going to chase you. Anyway, thanks for the video! I would like to see a video telling people to stop having tunnel vision and stop thinking of themselves and get off the cell phone in a parking lot! Thanks for the video! Ross

  50. Finaly, someone who shows a technique on internet that works , most of the time you see al lot of crap thats nice to see buth in a real fight you get you’re ass kicked in all directions, this technique shown here looks a lot like techniques in real ninjutsu, not the’ show ninjutsu ‘that you also can see a lot on internet.

  51. I’m 63 years old but I still find the need to refine my self defense techniques, while still in good shape with a martial arts background I’m still getting rusty and I enjoy the quick refreshers

  52. I like how after he takes him down if opponent still wants to move usually in situation alchol is involved and sum people have a hi tolerence for pain

  53. Tks. I’m 72 yrs old and in good physical condition but I know there is no substitute for youth. I find this lesson a valuable asset to have.

  54. Thanks for helping out all us smaller frame built guys. With a move like this if used in a quick manner it will totally surprise areally big guy and just from the aggressiveness of this move in a quick forceful fashion Will totally surprise anyone who is trying to do harm to you. Thanks for all I’ve learned from the whole survival team..

  55. All these videos are great but the emphasis of practice, practice, practice must be made. The body must have a memory built up in order for it to react correctly. Having taken the 3 forms of Kung Fu I know that nothing is possible without the body knowing what it suppose to do when called upon, as in second nature. I suggest you emphasise practice more.

  56. I don’t get into fights, but if somebody did attack me suddenly, it’s good to have some quick counter moves like the one shown in the video (and explained in easy-to-understand terms) by Gabriel Garcia. . .


  57. Ya it’s nice to be able to get away just doesn’t happen all the time these techniques will help to control the situation at least until the other people can get away and can always increase pressure enough to make them not interested in continuing the situation

  58. I think if more cops use the joint lock techniques, the tragedies in NY and MO would have been prevented because Hong Kong Police use them and just look at their record.

  59. Great moves and for sure a winner, but be careful – if your opponent is trained he can cave your sinuses in with a head-butt. See when. That’s a hundred broken bones in your face. Game over and if they lay you down on your back, death by drowning. I almost had a little scrappy euro skin head do me like that and I giess I am lucky I go backwards about as fast as i go forwards. He was the surprised one in the end.

    just fyi:
    One of the best lifesavers you can have is a single shuriken. A video on that is a good idea. The price point is perfect. The power of the underhand vertical throw can be twice the velocity of a knife. The windmill throw cant be done with any other edged weapon. It can be coated in dried salt to make it hellish. “You have five minutes to live” Of course you are lying… or are you. Don’t ever read Kurt Saxon. They might think about another target at that point.

  60. Thank you for a great take down, I think I have used a combination of this in the past. I really liked the throat jab.

  61. I would like to try this but in Viet Nam I was shot in the neck and the bullet went into my C4 Vetabra, I can walk or run just at slow speed but I can not take a shot to my upper neck back or have my arm twisted for the C4 is where the nerves for the arms legs and P….. I have proglems there. I will still try to practice this at my pace and knowledge of my medical condition. Semper Fi, yes I am a Marine.

  62. I’ve learned so machine such a short time, I’ve been sharing it all with my girl friend and have shown her she can do it to.You’ve made a selfconcious 52 yr.old (me)feel better about myself.I am truly greatful. Thanks Garry I.

  63. GREAT STUFF; — only, I hope that I never have to use any of it, BUT, it is good to know IF I do. THANKS !!! — MKS

  64. I man so glad to recieve these videos. Joining Fight Fast was the best thing I have done! I have learned so much without leaving my house! I feel blessed for being a member of Fightfast. Keep up the great videos & offers.

  65. Great move.fast and economical. there are situations when we just cannot smash the face of an opponent with a lightning wing tsun intercepting punch. great work , Bob. thanks! All the Best, Rod.

  66. I really get a lot out of Gabriel Garcia’s videos and moves. I almost think with some training,and time, That I could do this takedown! I am 71 years old, and not in the best of shape. But, some of these videos show ways that I might even try, only after mastering them well enough, to trust my actions! Sincerely, Mike Charles

  67. This looks like a great move, for people who are young and in good shape. What can a 70 year old man do to protect himself, except use a gun? I’d like to see a segment where an elderly man, armed only with his cane, do for defensive actions. I’ve had law enforcement training with a baton, and wondering if there is a training video, that would cover this kind of training, baton to cane? Sincerely, Mike Charles

  68. As a 71, 100% disabled vet, in a wheelchair, I have not seen much that anyone in my situation can use. It would be really great if someone could produce moves that someone in my situation could take to help prevent being a victim. I feel responsible for the protection of my wife and myself but feel like I’m seen as a very weak possible victim. Both myself & my wife have concealed carry license in Florida. Knowing some quick and easy moves to help stop or slow an attacker would be really great. So far bother of us has had to draw our weapon for our defense. We just hope that it will stay that way. I feel the most vulnerable when entering or leaving my vehicle and when stopped at a traffic light.

  69. none of this is new to me! I use to teach MMA,however now years latermy first stroke killed my lefthand and arm my second stroke killed,my left left leg! my cane is a stun cane and I conceal carry acolt 1911which I have used in combat,in nam and Honduras if possibble I would use the stun cane first the 1911,second without hesitation!

  70. I’ve a neighbor [young boy 14 – very timid] who is unsure of himself and I’ve showed him a few moves…told him to ONLY USE THESE when there’s no other choice. He’s a quick learner and has gotten confidence in himself!

  71. Thank you, I love it! Quick & Simple. I would love to see more defense moves I can quickly learn and so in cetain situations.


  73. Awesome moves,very powerful & as I know from experience very effective & damaging. Great presentation, Bravo…I know America is full of real true hard working honest patriots. Let us always be there for one another & to always help our neighbors in need. God bless you & your endeavors, keep up the good work.


  74. If Gabriel was wanting to cause him harm right away, instead of grabbing his throat, he could have punched him in the throat, possibly life altering. The confrontation would have taken on a whole new meaning, as he would be trying to end his life and not just control his attacker, to the ground…

  75. All solid, (natural, progressive), looking moves. One would think, dislocating shoulder, would bring instant, almost debilitating pain. Breaking an elbow, sounds excruciating, all in itself…

  76. I am curious if one’s balance (the victim defending him/herself) would suffer if, during the movement to close with the attacker after trapping his arm and the step to the side which seems to split the attacker’s legs, a knee to the groin as you move in with the free hand to grasp the attacker’s throat was added as an “initiating” move.
    I understand the KISS concept and would practice such a move so as to ensure fluidity and continuity of the defensive movement.
    I am partially handicapped (lacking strength and dexterity in my left hand and arm-fortunately my off hand or weak hand) and look to be DECISIVE in stopping an attack on my person as quickly as possible due to my lack of endurance as well. A benefit for me would also be weapon retention improvement as such a move would give my attacker something other than my firearm to grasp.
    Thanks for your time if you are able to address this for me.

  77. thanks I’m taking a convergent combat training class. I test this Friday 9-26-14. the class is a mixture of defense moves kickboxing and taekwondo. thanks for this video it helps.

  78. I really enjoyed your video and I forgot to ask you a question about how to defend yourself from a person that is coming at you wildly, flailing both their arms and fists at you in an unorthodox manner? Hope you have a video for this question. I really enjoy learning defensive techniques from you like Jennifer M. put it, can you keep the videos coming? Thanks again.

  79. Thanks =guys i have this one in my colection.Your stuff is as allways top notch.Also thanks for the knife.I will stay in touch been dbl tasking for a year and wont stay away for long.Thanks=ED.

  80. WOW.What a move to practice, I have always wondered about the unanticipated punch by an adversary and how to react. This move will be one of the first defensive moves that I will practice. Thanks.

  81. WOW!!!

    So many retaliatory moves, so many options. This is great. Thank you for this extremely effective response, just incase you don’t get the first punch.


  82. Thanks Gabriel. Very impressive and one to remember. Especially if your an old codger who still has to walk among the dysfunctional at times.

  83. Gabriel,
    “Excellent move- forgot about that move since it has been 5 years since I have been “on the mat!”

    Keep up the great moves for the “in-initiatived”

    The strike to the larynx after the block allows the elbow lock to work!


  84. Thanks for all your free tricks in self defense. We all want to protect ourselves and our families, but many of us are at a point of having to choose between groceries for the week or buying a video on how to protect ourselves! Yes it really is getting that bad! So thanks for sharing some free info!

  85. I agree with Barry, a little too wide moving.. These tries and true Hapkido moves are great though.. Very effective..

  86. look at the vid; this would be a super technique from bruce lees’ straightblast ‘set’ hand position, lots of head protection, more options; but as he’s doing it, he’s too wide open, un-neccesarily

  87. Since I’m short (family calls me the runt), and I don’t hear well, I appreciate this video because the attacker is taller than the opponent, and the repetition is good for me. Thanks. Marion

  88. Thanks ,I did not know the move the knee in to the head leverage /shoulder break.I know there are many variations on that lock.if I can get the elbow slightly bent I like to lean back and lift my elbow up under his,which breaks/dislocates at the shoulder. THANKS So Much For SHARING !

  89. yeah, that’s a good one. after the takedown, there are a variety of other things to do to keep him on the ground, so you can get away.

  90. Yea, cool take down, but the defender ends up dangerously low. A ten year old could kick his larynx and it would be good bye.

  91. Wow!! Locking that arm and getting close, then bringing on the pain! VERY AFFECTIVE STUFF.These videos are FANTASTIC! Thanks so much.

  92. Great move if he is only throwing one punch, but some guys throw quick one-two shots. You may block the first one, but get hammered by the second. Better to move to the outside. Just my two cents.

  93. I have Diabetes & Neuropathy making it hard
    to bend over but I still like this method of
    defending myself. At 77 years of age I hope I don`t need it.

  94. Bob…thank you! This is a great technique for a small man to use on ANY opponent. I haven’t taken the time to tell you THANK YOU.
    You’re free web training has provided confidence and wisdom for my self protection.

  95. Yet another excellent move to ruin someone’s day LOL. I love it, after studying several syles of martial arts and now being disabled, I still continue to learn every video each time from Bob, thanks again !

  96. I used that move on big (money)bully,I was scared and didn’t want to fight,(big (money)bully’s haymaker attemp was coming(I)was alert,when (he)stop talking and looked away from me.I blocked,locked his arm next my body with my (left)arm,with my right hand on his (throat)big(money)bully is on the ground in (pain)with (2)broke fingers & about to be broken arm,(1) of his friends kicked me in the face,and the fight was over,(but)in my neighbor in Miami Gardens,Fl I gets respect from all the Big (money)bullies..Thanks to (FightFast.com).

  97. Hi Bob=Ed here.=Good stuff=I,m running a little slow do most of my studies late nites.This is like good books =hard to put down.See you guys tomorow=Bedtime callin my name.Thanks=ED.

  98. The reason why you would break the fingers is so the attacker can’t operate a gun or hold a knife. You don’t know what they have hidden. As far as being cut by a knife while blocking like this it would not really stop you. The back side of the arm is mostly bone and not a lot of nerves or blood vessels. You would not really notice it and it would not stop you. I know people who have multiple cuts on the back side of their arms from bringing up their guard like a boxers stance. They won the fight and have the wounds to prove it.

  99. what about the free hand it seemed like the attacker had a free shot to exposed face, neck, etc when he was being secured by the other arm

  100. Great Stuff! I have used this technique in many situations and it is very effective as long as you get in very quickly when blocking and locking!!! Every situation is different of course and small adjustments are required and must be made instantaneously depending on those changes! Your Life may depend on it!

  101. Nice breakdown of this easy to deploy skill. For most it probably does not need to be said but I will mention that demos like this are geared toward ease of explanation and the real world use is much faster and more severe. I think it’s funny sometimes when someone who initiates the fight with me (only 3 times, but not counting)is surprised to suddenly be on the floor and when you start applying the pain they act like this is a MMA bout they can tap out of. Remember, there is no tap out!! Unconscious or broken and unable to fight is how you should leave them or you will learn the hard way it was not over.

  102. Wylie, start by ducking. Tex, if that guy had a knife, you’d get cut (unless he truly sucked). To the comments about breaking his pinky, no one broke his pinky, just ‘crackled the knuckle’. Timing of sound of it was good, tho. The problem with finger breaking is then you have no more pain compliance, which can be much more effective. Evans, your crack about Bruce Lee studying an art started by a woman was just rude and ignorant, spend some time on wing chun and maybe you’ll learn some respect for technique over just power moves. As we get older, technique, not power will rule. Same for those smaller folks ( like that Bruce guy). And there is always new stuff out there, try Kajukenbo for starters.

  103. As retired Deputy Sheriff and Defensive Tactics and SWAT Instructor this is a great technique.Not only did we teach it because it works it is also a great knife defense as well.The control all the way to the ground was one of the key reasons we taught it. The Sheriff paid us to win,not to fight fair! 🙂

  104. Love this! Have watched it many, many times. There is no such thing as a gentlemen’s fight anymore. If you get caught in a bad situation, the idea is to get out quick. Love the kind of attitude Mr. Garcia demonstrates. Bullies are looking for weakness in both men and women. If there is no way out, take care of business. Show more of Mr. Garcia please. Thank you so much for the great tips!

  105. I notice the attack is throwing a right hand off his right foot (right foot forward)…????
    He’s naturally unbalanced. What happens if he punches from the stable position of having the left foot forward?

  106. Wow! Now that’s a take down with pain! That is what we are looking for! All we want is to go home. These are tactics that teach a lesson and also gives you the possibility to live a while longer! Thank you so much, Mr. Garcia. This is a real world lesson. Bad guys
    want to hurt and over power their victims. Average folks need ways to stop that from happening. Men and women have to get over having to hurt someone in order to live another day. Unfortunate that we live in that kind of world, but that is what is has come down to. Thanks so much again. Women are so much shorter than big guys like you, could that move still work?

  107. I agree with you, it is nice to hit and get out of dodge, and this block with a quick punch to the throat will allow that. He is actually giving this guy a break by only grabbing his throat and taking him down. In real life situation, one may considering after block and wrapping up his arm, a quick clench fist or hammer fist to the adams apple will definitely be sufficient. great stuff.

  108. as a retired Shurin-Ryu stylist of 34 years, I now find these types of techniques are very real and have been taught for many years, but today the senior citizen could nor make these moves, if not in super shape for theirs years, old bodies don’t move as good as once did, things crack! you could easily end up hurting yourself, knees, back strain, neck issues

  109. Now we have the surprise threat of the “knock out” game. The “game” that punks use to try and knock out someone with one punch. They don’t care who they hit man, woman, woman pushing a baby stroller. They will try it from the front but usually it is from the rear.

  110. I trained in american style karate, my instructor was also a brown belt in judo, this reminds me of some good moves he taught us, I believe this is a workable defense, good stuff , well done.

  111. I think this move would be more effective if you zoned to the outside circle the arm with your right arm coming back to the throat ad slamming him to the ground on back of his head. your are out of harms way and can break his arm on the way to the throat

  112. If you want to ensure you do the most damage step on the guy’s right foot with your right foot (if doing it the same exact way shown on the video). Give the throat a nice firm squeeze using Ien Chao (Eagle Claw ) from the moment you grab the person to the time you take them down. (This is all they will be thinking about). And as a note, I like to form Ien Chao before grabbing the throat, then punch the claw right into the throat. This ensures that you get right behind the trachea for the grip and acts like a strike (obviously).

    This way you have alread choked up the person and sprained their ankle before they even get to the ground. So even should they slip out of your grasp upon being taken to the ground you can easily escape…every been chased by someone with one good leg? Or it sets them up for an easier finish…especially if you still have the throat. Remember that you can alway change your grip so as to cease in clamping the trachea and begin to squeeze the carotid arteries to knock them unconscious rather than asphyxiation.

  113. Great technique you can inflick a lot of damage on a person if he trys to
    get up or trys to fight. I can’t see any thing but hurt his self after putting
    that move on him killer move.

  114. Been in the Air Force for 15 years and I hunt thank you for sending this video out people need to learn more all the time and I do carry a small hand gun. My record is great according to my Caption. Thank you again

  115. Telling people that U love breaking fingers is not a very bright attitude, “Yes IF necessary! Though if U “like hurting people” more ‘than necessary’, some day someone will come back finish you off with a weapon just to get even, or worse. Unless all the people U are around are drug dealer, killers, pimps + child molesters?! You do what IS needed, NOT piss people off to were they don’t care what THEY then do to you, later!

  116. `I love breaking fingers, that’s my best thing… the thumb, yank it off, the pinky *sickening crack*’

    Ok, ok we get the message.

  117. That’s a good jujitsu move but takes some repetitions to get the feel of it. It’s easy to practice with a partner on a mat. Like the instructor said there are variations after you block and trap the arm such as an elbow strike to the face, throat or a rapid turn to the left and throw/slam. I like it.

  118. 1’m a young 80.i doubt if i’ll ever the occasion to use these great moves.but you never know.

  119. I must say, that I have watched almost all of these videos and the techniques within, bear a striking resemblance to ninjutsu. For example, the 45 degree evasion and the arm lock, are seen in bujinkan ninjutsu

  120. I just wanted to through out a quick thanks,i always concidered myself a person that could take care of himself. However,as i get older,and times get tougher i start to second guess myself! Thanks to me coming across your sight i am once again starting to feel that confidence i once felt as a young man! The service u provide is very valuable,and very much apprechiated…Thanks again for putting that confidence i once walked around with,back into my heart and soul,

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    super! I recommend these vidios if you are concerned about all the legal ramifications and ethical standards by defending yourself and your loved ones. It is necessary to meet force with force and not to escalate, unless it is necessary to handle the situation with more force.

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  123. As I expected, I taught this and less dangerous variations (legal reasons) to the L.A. Sheriff’s Department instructors way back in 1960 when Sheriff Gene Biscailuz and his successor Pete Pitchess (he last REAL lawmen we had in So. California before all the politicians moved in and took away things like the rear naked choke – (the Chief told the press that Black men had different neck stuctures and that’s why so many of them succumbed to the technique)asked me to codify and teach “real world” techniques and procedures that could be used and more importantly, explained, in court or before hearings. In 63 years of martial arts (all of them) and combat training including consulting (and leading) SWAT teams I always took on 8 – 12 attackers to demonstrate it could be done without much exertion and there is NOTHING I haven’t seen or practiced. In fact, I believe your Boodry fellow took a couple of my advanced seminars (still no charge but only for those who demonstrated a need for such information) a number of years back. I think your ideals are great…but like my former student entertainer Bruce Lee (who knew only 2 — 3 years of a Chinese system created by a woman and came to me for power techniques but could never get his head around Japanese principles, and, by the way, never fought anyone in his life that I know of…the principles he “discovered” (and were mostly explained and written by Mito Uyehara) were nothing more than what are taught to high ranking martial artists, few if any of which have even existed since the Ed Parker revolution of making it a business in the mid 60s. Anyone who claims to be a “master,” “grandmaster,” etc. or even claims shodan or red sash status is fooling others and him/herself because they have never had the BASICS drilled into them. But keep up the good work. I can’t teach everyone and neither can Mr. Boodry or any others of us who have spent our lives mastering the simple which looks like magic to the uninformed student. I wish you well…just know there is NOTHING new to be discovered.

  124. Oh man, I don’t know. Leaving your face wide open for a cross. I prefer to angle the opposite way (away from his available hand) wrapping the elbow and forcing him facedown to the ground.

  125. Very helpful video. I have started to practice this lock up with my spouse and fellow workers and we are all surprised -regardless of the oponent completion- how a “bad guy” can be subdued…
    Thanks and congratulations for your knowledge sharing!!!

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  127. I have seen AND USED this before.. Its always amazing how fast the Big Guys will get all compliant when this is put on them.. Im a 5’5″ Retired Police Officer from California & have used this Off Duty in a Country Music Bar…sure surprised the big guy (about 6′) when he ended up on the floor… Not much force to this, either.
    remember” they dont pay me to fight fair.. only to win”!
    Take care.