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Simple & Effective Self Defense Trachea Strike

Note: The mask and voice changer have been used in this video to protect the identity of Dr.V. Because of his sensitive position and the high level government work he is involved in, he would only share his fighting system with us if he could remain anonymous.

The trachea strike is a very simple, very effective technique. People’s instincts often tell them to strike the head. While a good punch to the head can be effective you have a much larger chance of taking an attacker out if you go for a more sensitive and vital target.

There is an added advantage of striking the throat. It is made of cartilage which won’t cause damage to your hand when you strike it. To further protect yourself and your hands you should use a knuckle strike like Dr. V explained in the video above.

There is no sense in risking damage to your hands, there is simply no need. A knuckle strike to the trachea can be just as devastating as a traditional punch to the throat.

The second major point in this video (and in my opinion the most valuable one) is that to be effective you must strike while you are deflecting an assault from your attacker, not afterward.

If you block an attack without taking advantage of the split second where your attacker is too busy punching you to really protect himself you will simply be starting over at square one. Worse than that if you did not at least take advantage of your ability to close the distance between you and your attacker you will actually be worse off after the block.

Simply blocking a strike puts you in a defensive position. Your goal in any self defense situation is to become the aggressor as quickly as possible. Fights can only be won from the offensive position.

That’s why learning how to block and strike at the same time is so important. It teaches you to take advantage of that split second of vulnerability and go on the offensive before your attacker knows what is happening. Knowing how to close the distance and exploit that vulnerability is the difference between winning and losing a fight.

As Dr. V said in the video be careful with this move it can crush the throat easily so have your partner hold a focus mitt over his throat for practice.

To learn more about Dr. V’s Brutal Beyond Belief Fighting System Click Here.


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81 thoughts on “Simple & Effective Self Defense Trachea Strike”

  1. Great technique. Makes goid sense and seems easy to replicate when needed. Should practice the moves every so often so it becomes 2nd nature.

  2. Thank you for sharing this technique. It is good to know both when you want to do damage and when you don’t.

  3. Always use the knuckle strike but the technique here help bring the the full process to deliver full impact to the attacker, that results in me becoming the aggressor. Great move Luv it.

  4. I found it hard to understand the words in the video because they were muffled. It would be helpful to have the words running at the bottom of the screen. Good instruction, though.

  5. I want to practice this because it seems it would be very easy to kill someone if you’re unpracticed. The knuckle punch seems like it would help but 3-5 lbs of pressure would not be hard to exceed if you landed right on.

  6. I am a disabled female of 59 yrs old,,and am very afraid to be anywhere away from home,because of my disability,and all of the crazies out there! I Do believe that this device could be used by me! I think ALL women could save their own lives with this!

  7. Effective and simple strike that can be modified to crush the larynx with a open hand strike / grab, incompacitating your opponent’s breathing, effectively ending the confrontation.

  8. Bob, a trachea strike is my favorite offensive/defensive move. There is so much more you can do. For example a harmless pen, but is it harmless when you jam it into someone’s trachea? Dr. V’s move was one I learned in tai kwon do. Keep up the great work!
    Semper Fi!

  9. This is one of the dozen Dim Mach strikes that can kill with a single blow. It can be delivered as shown, or with Spear hand, Shuto or hyuto – it is one of the half-dozen hand positions used in martial arts.

  10. Thanks for this reminder of this area of attack. I learned about the throat attack along time ago, but only knew of the clenched fist technique, a regular straight punch. Then later on I found out about using your elbows. Now this technique is new to me, the slightly clenched fist w/ thumb pressed down on top. This is good, seeing that you are hitting soft target, and you don’t need that much force, but the force you need to use will depend on the situation you find yourself in.

  11. What a coincedence , my eldest son is 6.3 and 18 stonè, when he was 18 he started his National Service in Spain…two years previously he had done two years in a defence course….he has just come back from holiday with the family in Spain…this year.back in 1990 he was attacked by three men, in the town of Corinne Northern Spain..One had a knife…it took the three of them down, with the moves in your veidos and saved his life, I have been practicing with him….all I can say is Bob..that knowing these moves can with out doubt Dave people’s life.

  12. Thanks for the information, I am a 64 years old DAV. And the lessons you send have helped me to defend myself self against aggressive people. Much better than just taking the punch! I can’t run. Cane defense would be very helpful.

  13. These animals on the street may not fear God or man as one of the writers stated, but they still fear Smith & Wesson. Thanks for all the lessons. I am a Black belt and this is very useful.

  14. Thank you for all your help in self defense. It is invaluable information in this day and age of people that are just flipping out over seemingly trivial things.
    Just had a co-worker flip out on me for a perceived slight, thought I threw him under the bus with our boss. He said he would put me in the hospital-I almost went at him, didn’t, but knowing I could, and how, gave me the confidence to take that mental step back and reassess the situation. Another time and it would have been blows and, at least one of us losing our jobs. Am now looking for another job as I don’t like or trust the guy, or my company for their lack of real support in the situation

  15. Thanks for the tip great move especially if attacker is larger than you try to even the playing field and save your self from harm thanks.

  16. I love this move is it dangerous? you bet it is, but in the heat of battle and your life is been threaten you can’t think
    of a Geneva type of convention here. We are living as it were in a jungle and the only law the jungle knows is this (kill
    or be killed). I am glad that this kind of information is not known to the average criminal out there, otherwise we would
    be in a heap of mess. I am glad for this information, as a senior citizen I need this kind of self defense technique just in
    case I am confronted by some tug that fear neither God nor man.

    Thank you Bob.

  17. Thank you for this invaluable information. Very well presented as well!
    I have been very strong all my life and was, fortunately, always able to take care of myself and my family by just brute force – a long illness has changed that. You have given me new confidence.
    Larry Pool