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Have a question for Dale Comstock? Get it answered!

Hey Hotlists Members,

We have Dale Comstock (retired U.S. Army Special Forces Operator) flying into our studio this week to shoot some instructional material for a very exciting new product that we’ve kept under the wraps during the research and development phase. I really can’t talk about it yet, but I think you all will be very interested in it once it is launched. And of course you guys will be the first to hear about it.

Anyways, I wanted to give you guys a chance to ask Dale some questions while we have him at our studio for a few days. I hope we’ll have some down time where we can do a nice interview and let him answer a few questions from the hotlist.

If you do have a question for Dale please leave it in the comments section below. We will be picking a few of our favorites and have them answered. We’ll post the answers in a future post. Looking forward to your responses.

Take Care!


P.S.     Thank you for all the responses from the previous awareness/suicide post. I was a bit hesitant to share the story since this topic can be very sensitive. However, based on the overwhelmingly positive response we’ll be doing more of these real life stories in the future. We truly appreciate our Hotlist and are very proud that we rarely have negative or trashy comments like some other sites. You guys are top-notch and we hope you feel the same about us.

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373 thoughts on “Have a question for Dale Comstock? Get it answered!”

  1. Hey Dale,
    Wana share something with ya to get some expert advice on. I was born with a genetic (Inherited) birth defect: Very small hands and thumbs that are turned Down instead of the Normal Inward. (I cannot snap my fingers or pick things up off a Floor, if the object is Flat.) I also been tested to have less than 6% Sensitivity in my Fingers.
    No big deal for the most part, I’ve learned to overcome the flaws; but when practicing on Disarming someone with a Handgun, I am finding it more than a little challenging to strip the Clip -or even the handgun itself for that matter- because (A) I cannot Feel the Clip release, and (B) I do not have the strength in my Fingers to Maintain Control over a Handgun, once I grab hold of the Barrel. (During our Practice sessions, I typically try to place Weakest hand on/over wrist, and put my Dominate hand on Gun with thumb Under the barrel and wrap my fingers over the Top]; and pulling their hand/Arm Forward -with a Hard and Fast Downward thrust, while slamming the Gun upward and away [to the outside/away from my body]. But every single time I do this, the ‘Bad guy’ merely rolls his wrist inward and I get ‘shot’ in the chest. [We use airsoft pistols and goggles to keep things “Real.”]
    Do you have any advice for me?

  2. I am disabled from a stroke and have limited mobility. I would appreciate it if you would show the thumb hold. I am sure I would be able to use it if needed. Thank you.

  3. How about a rock? In New York City,I wasn’t one of the elite with a carry permit or Bloomburguards, and I had knives confiscated. But if you pick up a rock in the street, you can keep that in your pocket. A hunk of busted truck spring, a piece of heavy rivet, allet the same. Maximum impact is at point of release, an inch or two from the assailants forehead or neck. Rocks come in a variety of sizes, starting with walnut (.22) up to brick (.45-70). But here, we’re talking concealability, toy surprise. As long as you have your fingers around it, and a free arm,you can prevail. If he’s got a grip on you, lay it into the back of his head like a boiled potato. Again and again and again.

    Do you want to play with this? Demonstrate with damp sponges. If you want visuals, soak them in ketchup first…

    Please forward a copy of this video to me, for Facebook.

    A cop asks, “who you gonna hit with the rock? ” “I have a hobby, officer. I like to paint smiley faces on rocks. And this one looked like a good one for that. ” Now I carry a lead crystal duck in my jacket pocket. So I can shout the appropriate warning–or description–as I release it.

  4. I am disabled from an accident and it has caused me to have to use a cane. Not only do I have to use a cane to walk with now my balance is trouble off. My question is what type of training do you have for those of us that are disabled?

  5. Dale I just wanted to say thank you for service to our country. Maybe you should be a politician someday. My question is; Do you think the U.S military is doomed and if so, do you think we should privatize the military?

  6. Thank you for your whole efforts on this site. Kate take interest in carrying out internet research and it’s really easy to understand why. Most of us notice all about the compelling medium you make priceless things through this website and therefore welcome contribution from people on this content and our girl is really discovering a whole lot. Enjoy the rest of the new year. Your conducting a splendid job.

  7. Dale I purchased your bullet-stopping bug out bag, outstanding by the way. My question is where can I find a level IV plate to fit your bag?
    So far I haven’t had any luck finding the right size. Thanks.

    1. Hello Mr. Stanfill,
      We are actually working with a supplier to get a custom sized plate for the bag. Many off the shelf plates are shorter than 16 inches because they are designed for use in a chest only plate carrier. We will let you know as soon as we find out.

  8. Dear Dale . I am Ronny Romano a Hot List Member . Which DVD Products do you have that teaches me about Self Defense and are you going to make New Self Defense DVDs in the Future to Teach People how to Defend themselves in the Future . Thank you . Ronny Romano

  9. I have a question about practicing the self- defense movements and counters. How do you make the simulation realistic enough without the people practicing the moves hurting each other? The techniques taught are valuable but without practice, realistic practice they will not be as effective as they should be in a realistic situation. I have a black belt in Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. The offensive strikes are designed to at least temporarily incapacitate or possibly kill someone.
    I owe a debt of thanks to my friend Dennis who helped me prepare for the Brown and Black belt practical tests. He is my friend and I did not want to injure him but after he attacked me the adrenalin was flowing and a few times I dumped him on the mat harder than either he or I expected in the process of countering his attacks.

    Thank you for the benefit of your experience teaching us to the point and not flashy techniques in what has actually worked when needed.

  10. When we are confronted with the police coming to our house to get our weapons, what are we to do? If we fight, we are dead. if we surrender we are dead just a little later. So what is the correct response?

    When we are confronted with a bunch of ISIS or hoodlums or Mexican cartel people with guns and want to enter our house, what do we do? I can shoot them in the street, but then the police will put me in jail………………….so what is the correct response?

    When we have completely lost all hope of survival, and then we bug out to the wilderness, what is the first thing we need to insure is in the bug out bag?

  11. You guys want to truly make your Hot list members happy. We need fightfast/TRS to begin the American Bad-Ass Survival TRAINING CAMP and a online/Home study course. Universities already do this globally. We need hands on training in the field. All you need to do is conduct an online survey, and measure the interest level of your members and then the public. Run the camp by appointment basis and in small groups etc…

  12. If you had to pick only 3 fight fast packages offered by Bob (not including your own) on behalf of “joe under average” to deal with the widest range of difficulties they may encounter, which 3 would you pick and why? (Price not an issue, of course!)

  13. Sarge,

    Regarding early warning systems, in Army counterintelligence we had an axiom, “Own the streets.” In other words, maintain surveillance on any adversary who attempts to operate in your area, and be able to disrupt them if necessary. I am interested in methods, tactical and technical, for applying that principle to higher intensity engagements. It would be useful for us to know how to prepare an area to our advantage in a survival situation where violence was a real possibility. Thanks for sharing your experience in these videos.

    1. Hello James, thanks so much for the question. As a matter of fact early warning systems are one of the topics we filmed instruction on with Dale. We’ll be releasing an early warning kit product very soon.


  15. If the Military and/or police are ordered to confiscate our guns (I doubt they will comply, I have talked with many service people and they have all said they took a Pledge to uphold the Constitution, not some “idiot” in the White House), When do I start shooting to protect my family and my rights??????

    As we all know, that is how Hitler took over. Thank You, Steve

  16. How can we know safe areas to go to continue fighting and survive? You most probably cannot disclose places but there are such sort of safe places that Fema and the enemies of the Constitution dare not enter. I am retired Army etc.thank you very much.

  17. Dale, How can I find like minded people in the my area/neighborhood? I am a female senior citizen living in central Florida with little time on my hands due to family responsibilities. I saw where another person requested info on small groups or organizations that have a common goal and interest. Any help would be appreciated.


  19. trying 2 relocate from a dangerous stalking neighbor situation. any suggestions how to “disappear” to new residence without allowing them NOR [soon2be] former landlord knowing where we we wish to move to (i.e. they’re related) ?

  20. Firstly,Thanks for the opportunity,I’m a Canadian born,Who served in Nam,Due to my present Can. involvements I remain in the loop up here so pardon my discretionary intro. in service ,Close quarters combat I quickly learned to use my index finger as my target acquisition method and my second finger has my trigger. Contrary to basic training,Why these and other adaptive skills are not mentioned is a question I often wonder,I know other combat survivors collectively sharing such info would be game changing insight.

  21. Vietnam veteran here.

    Isn’t it best to not be noticed in the first place, to be invisible to the casual observer, or the predator.

    I spent almost five years undercover, with no “opportunity” for violence …

  22. Water and food are the most important item to survive a disaster what food would you suggest to stockpile for people and dogs without refrigeration to survive? What is the best way to stockpile a long term water supply?

  23. What can we expect from our nat guard when shit hits the fan.
    They just built a multi mil dollar readiness center here in my home town. Just want to know if they will be on our side.

  24. You are facing a guy down and suddenly out of nowhere someone jumps on tour back and had a choke hold tightly around your throat. This guy is a small guy and you are 6’2″ and you can’t even see this twerp but he is trying his best to choke you out. What do you do, and how do you get this little fucker off your neck ??

  25. RE: Knife fighting; pocket clip – hinge side vs butt end. How to get knife out of pocket and blade open. ie first 1/2 second of conflict.

  26. What is your favourite self defence tool, and why. Hopefully legal to carry and small enough to take at all times. Could be footwear, a tool or pen, or a bug out pack

  27. Dale,

    Is there an economically feasible way for an average citizen to defeat FLIR or hand-held infra-red vision aids?–besides physically going underground, I mean.


  28. What is the best caliber handgun (pistol) you would recommend for home safety for females (45’s maybe too heavy in my opinion?)?

  29. I am a retired woman trying to prep alone. Also have getting older issues. I prefer to do as much as I can as if there is NO power. Need suggestions for early warning devices and alarms. i have plans for fence gap booby traps but need more home protection suggestions also please

  30. First I want to Thank you for your Service! I would like to clear up an argument between my husband and I, we have our CCW and my husband says we can legally carry our weapons loaded as long as we have the safety on. I don’t think a CCW grants us the right to carry around a loaded weapon. Am I wrong about this or is it perfectly alright to do as long as we hold a CCW as my husband says.

  31. My name is Ben Huston, am a Vietnam Vet. The city council passed a law that all mags beyond 15 rounds are to own. Also our Lt. Gov Calvin Newson (ex-mayor of San Fran), if he becomes governor wants a law to ban all mags greater than 15 rounds, have 3 mags with 15 round capacity. Have had these prior to the 1994 state law Will refuse to given them up. What’s your opinion on this?

  32. I have seen how to get out of choke holds by stomping on insteps, kicking at knees, reaching back and grabbing the groin and using your elbows to fight, but how do you get out of a garrote if someone comes up and slips it around your neck? Especially if you are sitting down?

  33. So far I have not noticed any strikes to the nose. If my recollection is correct, this is one deadly method to defend yourself in a dire situation because the strike could kill someone.
    Is this still a viable method, or is there an issue about initiating that kind of strike?

  34. First off, thank you for your service to our country. My question for you is this…What would you consider to be the most important factor to surviving a CQC situation? I live in a pretty rough area and have had a few issues with invasion. So far I’ve not had to use lethal force but figure it’s just a matter of time.

  35. Hey Dale,
    Little background to set up the question, I am a totally disabled Vietnam vet, I have been singled out for an attack twice in the last year, I guess because I walk with a cane and I am “obviously” crippled. Once I talked them down, the next time I had to put him and his friend down. Hmm, just noticed its always been groups, but anyway my wife is worried I may go to jail for assault as there are never witnesses but the hooligans. I was taught in service, if you have a problem put them down, and hard, so they don’t come back. I am hearing a lot of talk lately about “measured response”. The only response I know is they are down I am not. Where is the line? A Vet friend said “If you kill them they can’t testify”, obviously that’s extreme, but I am concerned as the attacks are more frequent and more brutal, not only am I in danger but my 68 yr old wife as well, I am good for a minute but if things are prolonged I will have a major problem. Yes I have a CCW , but as yet, not drawn my weapon and won’t unless I intend to shoot it and that I guess will take care of itself if it happens. But short of that,. Where is the line?

  36. Hey man.thanks for your service.but I got a problem with burglars
    And how to make a trap keep in mind that I’m up to date with tech.but just wanted to hear what you had to mind.

  37. Dale,
    I find it difficult to always be on heightened alert. Do you have any techniques for quickly shifting from relaxed to full on aggression when the situation arises and being able to use your mind and training without hesitation? Thanks Tony

  38. Dale: As you served, I served our country for 30 plus years albeit in very different specialties. As I have aged into retirement, so have I expanded. 🙁 Expanded to the point that a normal concealed holster does work for me in the pocket of hip zones and falling to the ground to grab my ankle concealed is my last and seeming only resort. As such, ankle weapons are not the best to ensure my or someones else’s safety. I am still an above average shot with most weapons. Can you relay and words of wisdom (other than lose weight – that ship has sailed) on the best way to carry and defend ones self that might work for gentlemen of my stature. Thank you and for your service.

  39. Mr. Comstock, I would like to see more about what older people can do to protect themselves. Especially older women. While I am not in a wheel chair, I have had friends who had to use them on a daily basis. There are those who have had joint replacements as well. So, some techniques that us older folks can use would be greatly appreciated I am sure. I know I would. Our bones and bodies just don’t move like we want them to anymore so we have to think outside of the box, so to speak.

    Thank you for asking us about what we want to see about self protection techniques.

  40. Hi Dale thanks for being a righteous Man who gives me hope that not all are corrupt and greedy. My question is what’s the most important thing to prepare for. Thanks

  41. Regarding home defense in a more urban community setting – it has been suggested that a hand gun would likely be a better choice than a shot gun with some person or persons trying to gain entry. Thoughts on this scenario?

  42. Dale,

    If you had to make an emergency, split-second decision and only had one choice of survival sheath knife to “grab-‘n’-go”, what would it be (make, model, length, features, etc.)? Why THAT specific knife???

  43. morning, i would like to know how best to peak the interest in being prepared too my sons. we have 6 and with the exception of hardware they aren’t prepared for survival when needed.

  44. Dale, what is the best home video surveillance and recording equipment that could work in the tropics under all lightning conditions?

  45. Hi Dale, how about some pointers and/or advice for someone such as myself, a 68 year old woman, disable because of two strokes. I can afford a handgun even though I know how to use one, but I have the Stryker knife and several other’s offered by this website and others. We’ve had break-ins all around our County and feel the need to know something that I can do to keep myself safe if the unthinkable should happen. (I have 4 dogs, all very small (Chi’s) and, even though they can make a lot of noise, I doubt they could do much actual damage.)

    Thank you so much.

    ps, thanks for serving to protect our Country. My husband is retired Navy and I a former Woman Marine.

    Patricia W. in NC

  46. 1) What do you know about the legal aspects of using a knife? We hear a great deal regarding the legal repercussions of using a gun to defend yourself, but what about using a knife? I imagine the legal repercussions might be similar.

    2) Do you make it a point to warn people that if they have a weapon (whatever that weapon may be) that if they do not know how to retain it, it can easily be used against them?

    Thank you

  47. Dele can we have your Team or liasen office in my country Nigera?

    Can I have more vedios of unarmed combat send to my mail? So many of our govenment polices here made it difficult to buy online for now. Thanks

  48. For people who can not afford a home security system, is there a way one could make one that is in inexpensive that could be used,
    for doors and windows especially if the power is out.

  49. Hi Dale,
    I’m a 62 old Marine which most people think I’m in my early 50’s. My question is in self Defense. I carrier a 325S TACTICAL SURVIAL knife with me at all times. I also have 4 boys who also carries the same knife. We all have our CCW and carry most of the time. Question: What type of situation would it have to be to use one or the other? My boys always choose their pistol all the time. What’s your thoughts?

  50. Dale,
    My first comment is to sincerely thank you for your service to our seemingly ungrateful nation. You sir, will be among the angels at the day of the last trumpet. God Bless you!
    Ok, let’s get to the point of my question(s). I would like an answer from your for all of my questions but I will leave it to you to decide
    which you might answer and which you might not answer.
    1. Survival knives
    a. I have the one I was issued by the USAF. It has a leather grip, a 5 inch blade ( I think). I have not taken it from the box I put it into when I shipped home from ‘Nam. You must have seen at least on of these knives in your career. If you can stop laughing long enough, please tell me what you think about it.
    b. I have another so-called “survival knife” that has an 8: blade, chrome plated, with a little kit in its hollow grip. Also there is a very
    small compass that keeps the hollow grip water tight. The blade is somewhat on the thin side and I am not sure that I could trust it in a
    serious survival scenario.
    c. I have seen so many others that I am tired of looking. What, in your professional thinking, do you feel is a good but somewhat inexpensive survival knife that would be worthy of the name.

    2.Home Defense:
    a. I have a 20 ga. pump shotgun by Harrington and Richardson that is supposed to hold up to 8 rounds in the mag. So far, I have only been able to get two shells into the mag. I have written to H&R with no results. Can you suggest a course of action for me in getting this shotgun to stand up to the manufacturer’s claims?
    b. I have a very small arsenal of other weapons that include a S&W 9mm with 2 mags that hold 8 rounds each; #2 is a Czonik 9mm that will hold 18 rounds in its mags. Both of these weapons are in excellent condition and I take them to the range 2 – 3 times a month to keep my eye in place. I have just purchased a Taurus small, lightweight .38 spcl. 5 shot revolver. I plan to have a professional firearms instructor teach her to shoot. She absolutely will not listen to me! 😉
    c. If you have the time, please evaluate my choices of weapons for this important part of survival. I will appreciate your help.
    3. I feel that I need a rifle along the lines of a Winchester 70 or a Remington 700 bolt action rifle, a 4 – 9 power x 30 or 40 mm scope and chambered for .308 ammo. Please tell my if my thinking here is on target or so fuzzy that I cannot see the target.

    Once again, let me thank you for your service. As for me, I spent 31 years in the USAF, starting as an airman basic and finally retiring as a field grade officer. Major!

    Dale, thank you for your thoughts on what I have accumulated so far. Perhaps we will meet someday and swap “war” stories.

    Grady W. Phillips
    email: aviking@ec.rr.com
    Phone: 252-652-4326

  51. Dale my name is James Johnson I live in Brewer, Maine my question is what are the laws concerning carrying a knife that’s equipped with a belt clip if I hook it to my belt or pocket does this qualify for a concealed weapon or would I need to get a knife holster to hold my knife or carry my knife legally

  52. I live in a small house in the backyard on a hill in an urban neighborhood. Summer is coming ( in CA). And I love kee,ping my windows open since there is usually a good breeze. The window that is most vulnerable is my bedroom window as. It is easy to get into from the ground. How can I best protect myself at this access point?

  53. My husband and I are reaching 80 years old and handicapped.I often worry about our safety.What would be the safest way to protect ourselves.I worry because we could never bug out in a serious emergency.

  54. Bob, Thank You for asking me to post a question to Dale Comstock, retired (US Army Special Forces Operator). Dale, first and for most let me thank you for serving our country I for one wish I could shake the hand of every man and woman that has served our great country in any branch of our military.
    My question is this, I would like to know this, what is your position on what should we do if ever the knock comes to our doors if the gungrabbers come for our guns? We need to know what to do if this day should come in hopefully the far off distant future and your position would be helpful knowing that you served your country.
    Another question is this, With the presidential election just around the corner who do you think would best suit our country in this soon to be here election? We have to bounce back from the destruction that obama has done to our country. Thank you again for your answers and especially your service. All of you men and women that have served this country are True American hero’s that have served and Honorably Discharged from your service.

  55. How do you deal with the thoughts regarding people you have been forced to kill? How can we talk to the politically correct idiots who say that violence is not an answer? What is your best technique for an old guy to use to make someone leave them alone?

  56. I’m a Vietnam era Veteran, wiegh 140 wet, haven’t fought alot. But we all know that the time will come, and it has, than I am the Tanzanian devil. I do what ever it takes to get away, no skill alot of determination. I am interested in some skills???

  57. Not much info need on firearms as they are mostly banned in my country. For city person only reason will get license is if member of gun club or if out of town a hunter or farmer. It is illegal to carry any weapon for self defense even at home loaded firearms are illegal and weapon and amo must be locked up in separate safes. Semi auto have been banned approx. 30 years since 35 killed in mass shooting but none have happened since then and do not have school shootings and as less then 1% of population are armed with a gun do not have unnecessary deaths like in states from people shooting at shadows. In latest poll most people were happy with our firearm laws and many wanted them toughened up even more. For me as a security guard am only allowed to use equal force and must first make an effort to escape before deadly force is allowed. Even to get a license requires an expensive course is needed then a police check and refresher course must be done every year otherwise license cancelled. Not to say we have no violence in Australia. Knife attacks, glassing’s and coward 1 punch usually from behind that causes head to hit hard object becoming more common fatal injury in every state. Knives more of a problem at schools.Glassings mostly at nightclubs and coward punches happening every wear but mostly near taxi ranks late at night so do find your articles about self defense very useful. So far have never needed to take on anyone with a gun or knife but always handy to know what to do to protect myself. As guns become more restricted each year is less of a problem having to face armed person but knives becoming more common and would appreciate more info on safe disarming of knife wielding person. Keep up the good work.

    best regards Bob Australia

  58. I am hearing impaired & senior citizen and limited fixed SS income, tight budget, live alone, I ordered online $14.95 sling shot with 50 steel ammo balls but I haven’t received it yet. If armed intruder either gun or knife enters my home, will this sling shot works with dead #675 hearing aid battery button instead of steel ammo ball to harms intruder’s head into the brain? I have my right to defend myself because I have no gun because of too expensive. My understanding that vertical position of the dead #675 hearing aid battery button works better than horizontal position or makes no difference? I think that #675 hearing aid battery button is slightly bigger than steel ammo ball. Please tell me. Thank you. Also, I plan to move from Syracuse, NY to Pahrump, NV but I don’t know when. I would like to move out of this ERIE program high rise apt building of Toomey-Abbott Towers asap because I don’t like it here or any city. I would like to live my own home or mobile home asap in a small town much safer. There are too many people got shot on the streets almost everyday. That scares me!

  59. what do you think about executive order 16303 declaring that the president can declare martial law at any time without going thru congress? this was recently passed by our president

  60. Dear Dale: Are there any self defense training DVDs that are appropriate for senior citizens? (ages 74 +) and are there any Pressure Point training DVDs available that would be appropriate for senior citizens? Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

  61. Hi Dale…Thank you for your Services !! With the crap going on Today… What would you do… If someone cut ya off in traffic.. and ya blow your horn at them..Not long ..just a WTF…and they brake and weave up along side of ya.. and start shooting…???? I Drive 200-400 miles daily….What are your thoughts…???

  62. Hi, Mr. Comstock,

    For men who have little to no experience with guns or knives, or who are aging (and therefore facing decreasing strength and agility), what approach would you recommend for self-defense and survival preparedness?

  63. 1) With regards to AR rifle barrels, which is better for both distance and accuracy: 1:7 free-floating or 1:7 standard? Is there a better twist ratio to look for/have?
    2) Since twist ratios are typically built with a specific grain in mind, how can I find out which grain is best for my handgun?

    Thanks for any information you may provide.

  64. It is my opinion, although I do not have military service, that the American military is made up of people like me, who believe in America’s greatness and freedoms, and that they would not take up arms against Americans who would revolt against a government that would disarm them, during this time of national and world strife. I believe if the Second Amendment were to be struck down by an over-weighted progressive Supreme Court, the Bill of Rights would be eliminated in short order. Or, am I wrong?
    If I am, I will still resist, with whatever is necessary.

  65. Hello Dale. From one combat vet to another, thanks for what you are doing..
    What can you suggest as the easiest way for an elderly man to defend his family and home, if the door is kicked down at 3:00am,and there is no way to tell if it is drugged out hopheads, a gang of thugs bent on mayhem, or a SWAT team on an adrenaline high, with night goggles and weapons drawn, anxious to see action ? This is of vital concern to all families as our society unravels. Thanks again!

  66. I have an spikes tactical ar15.1in7twist 5.56nato.what is the best home defense ammo?also I am wanting a red dot scope but can’t afford an eo-tech.what do you recommend that won’t break the bank.Thanks Ivan

  67. If an attacker comes at you with a knife in his right hand, is it better to step into the attach, use your left arm to sweep the knife arm to the left and deliver a hard blow to the liver or step back sweep the attacker’s right arm to the right with your left hand and then deliver a hard blow to the liver.

  68. First action after shooting an intruder in your home? And what to do if after shooting the intruder you find him unarmed?

  69. As a former soldier, I appreciate the practical application of hands on training. I have a training dummy for some hand to hand, my concern is becoming static in my movement. What are some suggestions on training without a live partner?

  70. I have recently began taking Kung fu classes for self defense and I am not particularly fond of the long moves and forms. Do you have any recommendations for learning effective self defense tactics without all the long forms or should I just stick it out? At this point I’m about eight months into it but don’t feel I’ve really learned how to defend myself or my family any better. Thanks for taking my questions

  71. you discuss early warning – define early warning? Is it something that will break down in the economy, or political or the rise in civil discourse that has been popping up of late. The explosion of a single event is not what causes the event it is all of the little things leading up to it. What are those little things you see now.

  72. We own 9mm pistols, 17 shot mags. and a 12 gauge semi auto shot gun for self defense of our home. I need a semi auto rifle for longer range self defense of home, hunting for food (FYI we do not hunt) or during a bug out. Do you recommend obtaining a .308 caliber or a 5.56 / .223 caliber. Looking for 30 round mags and use of long range scope setup with either caliber. Do you have a low cost recommendation for either caliber since I will purchase 2 guns, one for me and one for my wife as a team. I do not want to purchase one of each caliber due to my goal of building a large supply of backup ammo if we get into a SHTF status in this country. We are 64 and 60 years old and both are ex-military from the 70’s and good shots. Also what is your best recommendation for how much ammo we should build up to for the 9mm; 12 gauge and your recommended rifle caliber? Which one would be the highest priority to build up first? My thought on the ammo issue is we can not have too much. I can always use any excess for bartering for other supply’s.

  73. What do you think about Dragonskin and was it used for special forces? And why didn’t the military buy it and fix the problems itself and/or have the company fix the problem and then buy it.

  74. Hi Dale- what is the best weapon ( guns aside) to have inside a home to protect oneself from a home invasion?
    Where is it best kept?

  75. Hi Dale, my question to you is about evasive egress from electronic surveillance etc. My brother is a pilot for the police dept.
    in our county, and has given me the $10 tour of the features and capabilities of their helicopter. He doesn’t see or fails to think
    about a SHTF scenarios that to a lot of us is inevitable. I also read and dig into military literature and discover press on the newest equipment for I.E. war on Isis etc. How would you escape or, defeat detection of , “INFRA RED”,” FLIRS” , and lets say , lumbering drones with their arrays of photo equipment and sensors. I could imagine going through forest if possible or mountains but, our forces in Afghanistan proved that, they are capable in that situation also.
    Thanks Dan

  76. I’m a 64, almost 65 year old female with no self defense training at all. What do you recommend for someone like me? I’m sure I’m not the only single older female concerned about self defense. Oh, and I’m currently unemployed so I have a VERY limited income. Thanks.

  77. Dale, I have a remote cabin in the Gila Nat’l Forest in New Mexico and it’s totally off the grid. All power is solar, generator or propane. There is a small water supply there and I harvest rain and haul potable in twice a month. If AHBL all that will go away except what I have on hand. My biggest concern is the water. Food, fire and protection can all come from the land or what I have accumulated and learned. Water filters will eventually not be useful so I need to know what the best long term solution is to acquiring and storing a safe supply of drinking water. Can you help??

  78. Top of the day Dale!

    I’m a 29 year veteran with the Los Angeles Police Department. I’m 55 years of age and will be retiring in about a year. I’m always looking to improve my knowledge with regard to personal protection tactics and off-duty situational awareness tactics. Do you know of any schools that I may be able to attend while I’m still a full time police officer? Also what is your hand gun and shot gun of choice? Thank you for your response.

  79. Having trouble getting 40 grain hollow point and regular 22 LR ammo. Were can you direct me to get best deal?

  80. Mr. Comstock,

    How is it that you are still alive?

    I used to do the same sorta stuff, for The Corps (A very long time ago).

    I stayed alive by lying, cheating, pay-offs, stealth, and being able to hide in plain sight in broad daylight.

    As well as being able to call in CAS anytime I got ascared. Which was a close to permanent condition.

  81. Mr. Comstock,
    What is my best first defensive move in surprise close contact with someone bigger coming at me? I am 5’7″, 160 lbs. It appears hand-to-hand – I see no weapons. I carry no weapons. I am a veteran. I thank you for your response.

  82. Does Dale have any advice on stressful situations? What would be his advice on handling stressful situations in the workplace and in the world. How do you stay focused in a very stressful situation?

  83. Hi: my name is Henry and my question is this; in a grid-down situation in a community, what would be your first step in the gathering of intelligence for your area, and how much of a perimeter would suffice for your community for safety.

    Thank You

  84. If approached on street by one or more and feel/know that you are going to be physically attacked, how do you determine which defensive technique(s) the best to employ? You only have one chance to get it right the first time.

  85. I have several skylites in my single story house…what do you recommend to keep burglars from busting in? I have thought of metal bars being installed but that option is not very esthetic…any suggestions?

  86. Dear Dale, Hi ! My name is Janet Cruz I am almost 70 yr’s old , and I live alone . I have come up with some noise making set ups . Just in case someone tries to get in the house. I have also gotten some rope kind of stuff . I have set a bunch of metal folding chairs in front of the front door. I also came up with a rope affair for the back door into my washroom with bungee cords and some wire . However I have a sliding glass door from off of the back patio. . How would I go about securing that door? thank you very much. Janet Cruz

  87. Have 357 mag revolver, what is best stopping bullet? What do you think of a wad cutter? Have 2 boxes of hollow points.

  88. I’ll keep this short. A few buddy’s and myself try to go out once a week to train with our concealed handguns. Is there any one or two unique pistol drills you find extremely useful and why??

  89. I am a retired Building Code Official and Code enforcement Officer with seven additional State Inspector certifications for code Inspections and compliance. In a situation where there is a directive to evacuate your home;

    “Can the Military Police force you to leave your home”? In normal circumstances they can not.
    Given: Home is a single home on top of a hill thirty feet above flood level plain elevation,
    There are no trees or heavy underbrush, flammable materials or hazards on or near the property.
    As a long term prepared and survivalist with military training the home is secure.
    Current medical issues consisting of a knee replacement and heart issues a forced march is not an option.

  90. This might be a little bit ridiculous but I am looking for a survival knife that would be sturdy and heavy enough to replace an axe or the hatchet for chopping larger branches. Is there anything like that?

  91. What exactly do you keep as essential items in your BOB, please give us a list to keep keep us from packing surplusage items?
    How do you recommend securing your home so that it does not draw the attention of bad guys in a disaster situation?
    What learning references do you recommend as essential reading or watching in your opinion?
    Lastly for my good friend Dallas Loyd who has a show which airs on the MS coast called Premier Tactical Group, please check it out if you have a chance to.

  92. I am a 77 y.o. widow living alone. I have severe RA ,peripheral neuropathy among other things that drastically affect my mobility. I cannot hit, run, climb or get down to hide under something.
    My apartment has 2 doors to outside. Both are in the living room. I have two bedrooms with windows, but are not such that I am able to make any exit out of either. My wonderful Marine husband was my protector much of my adult life. He’s with the Lord now, and my physical problems have left me trying to do for myself the things he always did.
    Now to my positives! I have just purchased a Walther CCP 9mm. I will become proficient with my firearm. it is useless to me for self defense if I have not done my part. I am a member of NRA and USCCA. I read every thing I can get my hands on. I am going to go through the required classes for CCW. I am going to the range as frequently as my fixed income will allow prior to the class so that I will have a good grasp for everything when I take the class. My range time will continue after I obtain the CCW permit.
    As I rent, I am not allowed to put locks on the two rooms that possibly could be used as safe rooms. One room is the large walk in closet in my bedroom that is at the back of the apartment. The other possibility is the laundry room off of my kitchen at the front of the apartment.
    Neither of those doors have any kind of lock My bedroom door does have a door knob lock. I also have 2 under 4 lb. senior dogs and 1 cat, that are always at my side. I have to try to protect them as best I can. They are all I have, and I am all they have.
    I have written all of this to give some sort of scenario to you.
    My question is: What would be the best ways that I could protect myself should the worst happen. I am unable to drive, and am unable to “bug-out” . I live in a SC beach area,so, I stay in my apartment with the girls come what may. I just need someone with your expertise give
    a plan to survive should outsiders try to come in. Thank you so much for the service you have given and continue to give to us and our country.
    I thank you for any and all assistance you can give me. Take care, God bless,be safe.
    (please overlook any spelling errors!! lol)

  93. Hi Dale,
    I am also a former ARVN Special Force, we used to operate closely with 5th Special Force Group in Central High Land, South Vietnam. Well, you knew all the home works, especially, when we in Hostile situation like now. I always have the secure perimeter around my house with some Booby traps, and of course the guns. I had
    some SKS rifles which use same size ammunition of Chicom AK-47. Some time we use to shot 3 volleys of Dummy to honor our comrade during the Memorial day;
    right now, I am kind running low on Dummy ammo. If you have known any source that I find them. Please, let me know. To be precisely about the size, it is 7.62, length is 2 inches 1/16. I would really appreciate. Again, thank you so much for your service.

    De Oppresso Liber.
    Cang Dong.
    VP/AVVA/Chapter 201.

  94. For a street fight, a good escape should shown for the more likely positions you might be put in by a street fighter. A. Escape full mount from a bigger heavier opponent. Bridging and rolling may not work? Or will it ?
    B. Escape side control from a bigger heavier opponent.
    Theory…if these techniques work against someone bigger and heavier they ought to also work against someone your own size…..where the reverse may not be the case. ?? True ??
    Also…these should be based on principles of leverage…and NOT things like eye gouges, tearing the ear off,
    biting, hair pulling, etc.

  95. I just recently applied for a Concealed Weapons permit here in Sequim, Washington. Regrettably, I was unable to get it due to a felony charge back in Jan. 2004 for a controlled substance.

    Here’s my question, what weapons could I legally purchase for the following two scenarios: (1) Home evasion and (2) hunting small game?

  96. Hey guys,
    if the S HTF occurs we have a choice in Alaska going into the bush and doing a survival thing or we can head to Canada and essentially do the same thing only probably be able to be closer to towns and/or loose knit communities. Being from Fairbanks I can go one of 360° searches along the coastline or towards the Yukon River and its drainage. Do you have any comments?

  97. I normally carry a small knife on my person….is there anything I can do in an altercation to defuse it before I have to pull my knife out ??

  98. I am thinking about purchasing an AR7 rifle to add to my bug-out gear. With its compact design I think it would be a better choice for easy travel if packing through the outback. I know it is not that good for big game (unless you are an expert shot to hit the vital areas (heart, Lung or head). What is your thought on the matter.

  99. Dale, THANK YOU for your service! It seems that the main reason for Home Protection and Survival Tactics concerns are going to come from either financial system collapse or from EMP damage to our power grid (by either ISIS or a Russian-led group) and the resulting havoc that either will cause. What is your take on which it will most likely come from and what are the survival technique differences of those two factors?

  100. How can we motivate America’s out-of-shape, over-40 non-criminals to understand the amount of attack-first mentality, physical strength, and years of street-fighting experience they’ll face in a mugging, home invasion, road-rage incident, or the casual disagreement that becomes physical?
    We all think we’re prepared because we watch good guys win on TV and in adventure movies. In 99% if real-life physical confrontations, crims win and good guys go home bloody and beaten–or don’t go home at all.

  101. What is the best way to protect your family and your home in a manufactured mobile home that is not in a mobile home park, but is separated from other dwellings by a considerable distance?

  102. I am 69 years old and my wife and I frequently go out at night to dinner. We prefer downtown restaurants primarily for the atmosphere. The only problem is that there are always a variety of “thugs” , thieves, and others in the areas. As my wife and I are older, we are easy targets. I am retired military and in fair shape, but age does take its toll in strength and agility, regardless of how little – still a loss. I carry a knife (TRS 325S), and am fairly proficient with it. I try to project confidence and awareness of surroundings but I am concerned about physical attacks. What do you think is the best type of defense for a person in my position? I don’t want to carry a gun, so I m somewhat limited. Thanks.

  103. I am a 71 year old female, disabled, my husband is 69, disabled, walks on crutches and has a brace on one leg; son is 51, disabled with very bad heart, pacemaker.
    I feel we will be sitting ducks when SHTF and I need some practical info on inexpensive tactics for home protection and early warning system and survival tactics that the three of us can employ. Appreciate any ideas you can give us.
    God Bless America
    Miss Frankie

  104. Dale, I too am a former Army SFO (Special Forces Operator). I understand the importance of survival tactics, self defense, home protection and early warning systems. I too am experience in the use of various weapons like guns, knives and various ammo. I put to use the knowledge I have learned from my military experiences to my home life. My question for you is to explain to the others why it is so important for the general population to know such things. Why is our system of government is failing its citizens to the point that its citizens must learn such skills. Finally, if we can not trust the American system to protect its citizens then who do we trust and why.

  105. In an operational sense , what do you feel are the limitations of an SBR/SUPPRESSED 300 BLACKOUT? I recently completed the build, and have noticed that in the attempt to maintain noise suppression, that range has deminished drasticlly. ALthough my entire unit has been designed and built at home, pretty much from automotive parts, and has created a rather heavy SBR , and the supressor is an integrated unit the barrel, was just curios to see how you felt about the round and what your take on operational limitations were?

  106. Dale –

    With all the emphasis these days on preparation, checklists, bug out bags, etc. it seems the ‘stuff’ has taken over from the ‘what-to-do’.

    Those who are able have probably already thought about their bug-out (or bug-in) location. Those of us who are likely to be sheltering in-place could use some help in the preparation of defensive measures, an early warning system, and plans for discouraging and intercepting trespassers.

    Any suggestions you can provide, based on your experience with outer perimeter preparation and perimeter defenses, would be greatly appreciated.

    In addition, any help you can provide that would help me convince family members that survival in a climate with plenty of water and warm weather is easier than trying to stay warm and fed in a cold climate, would be very helpful (lol).


    Bob Rixford

  107. Hi Dale, Thank you so much for your service! I am a recent widow (5 months) of a 23 year Navy Senior Chief Gunners Mate, Retired. I live outside of town in the Arizona desert, and I need to know what the best way to protect my home and property is. I have horses and other animals, and you can’t hide them! I am a good shot, and can handle a gun, but I am also physically disabled so can’t go far on foot. How do I stay safe?

  108. How effective would you rate use of a surplus Army HMMWV as a practical “bug out” vehicle? Having not had down-range combat experience in one of these vehicles, would appreciate your comments on what to like and/or not to like about it. I must say that riding around Atlanta is this baby is a real blast!! Thank you.

  109. How can I protect my vehicles from an EMP. Are their specific parts of the vehicle that I can isolate from the pulse ie.: distributor, alternator, battery etc. & how do I go about it?

  110. We all know that in certain instances be it numbers or superior firepower escape and evasion is a must use plan, What is the best escape evasion maneuver in urban terrain where numbers are not on your side. and how do you decide if it is time to engage versus escape?

  111. One other question, I have, apologies. I’ve got weapons that are throwaways from my husband’s team, and I have weapons that have papers that are purchased by me before I met him. What’s the best way to get the papered guns transferred to unpapered? Right now I sold them to other people without bills of sale and they’ll sell them back when I want them. Is there a better way?

  112. I’m concerned that major civil unrest is coming. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, however, I’m focusing on the possibility that, I’m correct. That being said, can you prioritize what a family needs (Food? Weapons? Self-defense training? Hunting/Camping supplies? ) to be prepared for these scenarios:
    Where public services are at least severely hindered, if not completely ineffective.
    Or if there’s simply a noticeable uptick in personal (physical) attacks…..

  113. Hello Dale,

    I do have a couple of questions. What is the practical no nonsense solution for home defense and a shtf solution. In my mind we have planned to move to Alaska is there any sort of tactical disadvantage to this? I currently own a 9mm HK and a StEYR 308 tactical. Is there any other weapon I need truthfully? There is allot of hype, consumerism, money making campaigns from disaster preparedness and shtf. What would you recommend that WILL work and will be of benefit to me and my family in terms of supply and preparedness?
    Should I invest more into training then supplies

    Thank you for you’re input

  114. What would be (If any) a good way to survive in a big city when the SHTF? I have food and water, ammo, etc. but not really anywhere to bug out.

    Thanks, Treetop out!

  115. I keep a monkey fist in my truck, but it’s awkward to swing it at someone in the window. My husband (SOF Operator) said I need a set of brass knuckles Velcro’d to the underside of the steering wheel, but it’s not legal in Texas. I’ve been looking for a Paracord product with metal wrapped in cord on the top and braided cord to hold on to. A constable told me this was legal to hang under the wheel or dash, I can slip my left hand into it and backslap someone harassing me in the drivers window. I have a lot of strength in both arms, especially a back handed left. Do you know of anyone making such a Paracord weapon? My husband has watched a few videos with me and told me to listen to what you say and he’ll help me figure out things I don’t understand. He’s a shooter with a bounty on his head, and I’m a kidnapping target because of it, so I carry a go bag everywhere, including a gun. But sometimes I need less than lethal. I also need a very good quality military style leather man style tool. Another company offered to, I’m curious why this one hasn’t. I’d like to compare what you think is needed in a go bag in an urban kidnapping situation vs a typical bug out bag.

  116. What is the best home security system that I can purchase for my home in Franklin, WI?
    What is the best concealed carry handgun I can purchase for my wife?
    What is the best solution/method I can use to remove “cosmolene” from my Chicom SKS?

    Thank you for your service to our country!
    Welcome home.


  117. My question is this; Soon I will be getting my concealed carry permit and I’m having a little trouble deciding which caliber weapon would be most suitable for me? I have shown to be rather proficient with a regular .45 caliber (good grouping,center of target,even a few rounds going nearly thru same holes). However,the 9 mill. also felt comfortable with similar results in target practice.
    I’m 53 yrs old,5’9″ tall and average 175 lbs and aside from chronic back issues (and several surgeries in that respect) I’m in fairly decent shape and thanks to working out regained much of my upper body strength and even most of my leg strength. So,bottom line,which type of hand gun or caliber there of would you suggest for a person in my position for everyday wear/carry?

  118. First of all Dale, thanks for your service.

    Question #1 For my Home protection I prefer a Mossberg 12ga pump and a Wilson CQB 45. I know everybody is different but, what do you prefer for you home defense and why?

    Question #2 Do you prefer a full size carry weapon or a subcompact or carry both?

    Question #3 What type of knife do you carry for self protection i.e. a folding lock knife or a straight blade knife and at what length?

  119. I’d like to know what’s the best form of empty hand combatives training for civilians and is there any places close to my home to get myself and family members signed up. I’m in SC just south of Charlotte NC .

  120. In your opinion, besides a gun, what is the next best self defense weapon that a woman can carry with her at all times?

  121. I have gotten several emails about knives, but all of them are about knives with stainless steel blades. Some prefer carbon steel. Can you find a fixed blade carbon steel knife for us?

  122. It drives me crazy all of the silly claims about concealed carry. My friends on the big city police force, experiences in Vietnam and children of my buddies who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the most part, feel the same way…rookies carrying guns can be very dangerous. Big city cops hate going into a bars, like in Cleveland, Ohio, where people have CC licenses. They feel surrounded. The same is true in battle, until the newbies get some experience under their belts they are a danger. One of my best friends was killed by a green Marine as he came back to our fire base. I am not against CC but thinking it is advisable for bars and college campuses is asking for trouble.

  123. As an Army SOF Operator, Dave is trained to be adaptable and to get the job done with whatever he has at hand, however, what I would like to know is?
    1. What knife would you want to have in your bugout bag or on your person wtshtf?
    2. What firearm would you want to have?
    3. What other weapons would you want; bow and arrow, hatchet, cross bow, slingshot, blow gun, etc?

  124. DALE: Thanks for your DVD self defence instruction . I view need for such services is INCREASING exponentially especially due to Illegal Government activities . Denial of anticipated Government Pension SENIOR income after decades in payment of taxes in fulfilling Promise of receipt of such income is likely to result in MASS STARVATION , RIOTS , and PROMOTION of more GOVERNMENT theft from Seniors , thus the need of Self Protection . Do you, Dale , sense a similar Government TREND that is irresponsibly developing that suggests Self Preservation is watchword for Self Education of SELF DEFENCE education ?

  125. Question: The sirens are going off. The news warnings are repeating every minute. Martial law is announced. You must get out to stay free. What is the perfect size and contents of your seven to ten day bugout bag?

  126. Dale, hope all is well with you. I’m seriously considering purchasing a gun for family protection, so my question is, how do I get started. Thanks a million.

  127. OKI. You’re always showing how to stop someone from attacking you head on. But, to train for worst case scenario, how can you turn the tables on someone that has already taken you by surprise?

  128. Sir, Thank you. “Don’t go to war if it doesn’t say 4” is a line I learned and live by state side from a vet back from Iraq who saw our 9mm rounds not be powerful enough to stop our enemy from charging forward. Question, would you personally give a friend or soldier a 9mm handgun for self defense because the ammo is cheaper, or something that has proven to work for over 100 years like a .45 cal 1911? Thank you sir.

  129. Hello,Dale I would like to know if I can get on the list to tryout the products that you are promoting on fightfast.com???
    I am disabled and I am interested in becoming a tester. Thank you

  130. Dale, first of all, thank you for your service to our country!
    My question: As a self defense issue for my daughter……..is the tachtical laser flash light a good choice or is their something better for her.
    My daughter is a college student….20 years old…..I am always concerned about her saftey.

  131. I have been carrying concealed for decades. I have carried a 45 (too heavy and bulky), a 380 (good by is it powerful enough), and a .25 (very tiny and probably too small), my wife has a .38 special w/2″ barrel. What do you consider a sufficient caliber and size for concealed carry?

  132. with all the hooppa about different knives, which would you say is the best in sharpness, staying sharp, the best bang for our buck/ the same for guns, for home defense, what is the best for stopping power, price range, and ability to get into action quickly??????

  133. Most folks aren’t in great shape and will tank early in a fight. What are the pain centers that will end the fight or give us a chance to escape?

  134. Hello Dale, I appreciate all servicemen and women. What is the best defense from a street type “bum rush” attack?

  135. Hi Dale- I have a raised ranch home with a wrap around deck on 3 sides. What’s the best strategy to defend my home in the event of an attack? BTW, thank you for your service- love my freedom!

  136. Hi Dale,
    I plan on traveling mucho starting in Sept. to Central & South America, Belize, Panama, Dom Repub. & the Caribbean. My ? is what can you take with you when you travel to make it safer in your room, walking around, airports, etc. Thanks Dale,
    Terrell in Colo.

  137. What is the best published source for small group tactics and operations? After a natural disaster or systems breakdown, it will probably be necessary to coordinate a small group to improve chances of survival, and I’d like to see information on organization, operations and best practices (the goals will suggest themselves, I suspect).

  138. In todays living conditions what would it be a good self defense techniques for a common “joe” in order to protect himself and his family? And what items will you recommend to carry at all times in order to survive any catastrophe?

  139. What do you think about Obama attempting to take away our gun rights and do you think he should be able to take away our second amendment ?

  140. Hi Dale,I’d like to thank you very much for your service to US army and to the US.I’m not a US citizen as yet nor do i live in the US but very soon i will be a US resident/citizen officially.
    I live in Jamaica and men here love to attack women with machete when there is an argument.
    In a case like that, i would love to know how to defend myself ?…i really would love to know to how to protect myself from these cowards who love to attack woman here in Jamaica with machete.To tell you the truth the men here are not quick to attack another man with machete, ONLY the women!…Hence self defense is my question.i want to know how to fight to defend myself.Am patiently awaiting your response.thank you very much with high regards.

  141. Hi Dale,

    How do you judge whether situation is going to be life threatening by observing people around you ? Some kind of triggers to look for before fight even starts or situation worsens ? This would help civilians like me who even though trained in combat martial arts would not know since we are not spec op guys 😉


  142. Dale, What can help the average armed citizen develop the proper mind set and situational awareness when we encounter a threat?

  143. 1. Those of us that prepare for disaster survival and then recovery never stop learning from others . We know what kills more people than any other source of danger in a disaster . Digestive infection caused by simple hygiene challenges and unclean water sources are often overlooked and kill more than any other threat in a survival situation. Chaos hedging and holding is the new investment term used for having what you will need to survive urban threats. What does he believe is the best trade materials, meds and bug out materials for the purpose to trade and squire what is needed when supplies are cut-off ?
    2. Weapon of choice for distance targets and for pre-hand to hand and closure distances?

  144. Every instructor have real background and experiences about their skills.
    Means, they don’t have problem facing any situation spontantly anytime.
    Its far different with us as civilians whose cannot spontaneously apply skills teached by instructors when attacked because our nature as civilians still run as blank, shocked and freezed mind when situation arised.And finally stuck anywhere without needed actions.
    My question Dale,
    How we as civilians fills this gap especially our difference in nature and changes civilians subconcious mind well as instructor subconcious skills when situation need us?

  145. I’ve been hearing rumors that the government has made gun powder manufacturers change the chemical make up of gun powder so that is has a short shelf life. Is this true? I have ammo I reloaded 20 years ago and it shoot fine for me but I’m wonder if the new gun powder will last that long?

  146. Dale With all the talk of gun control / marshal law / what is the current feeling in the military about O Bummer if he were to give the order for gun confiscation and marshal law ? Would the Generals follow thru ?

  147. Hi. I’d like to know what are the best things I can do to protect my home now that I do not have the physical ability of a young person! 🙂

  148. I am a 100% disabled veteran of the Air Force with severe arthritis, and also have back problems from a helicopter crash while on active duty. Can you talk about ways someone like me can defend themselves from an attacker? My hands and fingers due not work properly because of my disease. Am worried that in today’s messed up world, that I am anot easy target from some dirt bag.

  149. hello what is the best way to teach your family self Defense ether hand to hand or a firearm? thanks for your time

  150. If and when the U.S. Government declares “martial law” what extra legal rights does this actually give the government? Additionally, what is necessary for the government to declare martial law; in other words, what are acceptable conditions to warrant it and who must concur with the declaration i.e. Congress, President etc. Thank you!

  151. At 65 years old I’m concerned about street gangs and the younger aggressive individuals. How does an older man handle unavoidable potentially violent confrontations?

  152. 1. Is Glock the most common hand gun to train with as most instructors in these times seem to be using Glock’ s and does it really matter if it is 9mm or 45 caliber for home self defense.

    2. If you are confronted with knife and cannot run i have watched different techniques from Wick or Boodry or others and although one instructor is a little different than another, how do you discern which system to use to train as sometimes it can be confusing.

  153. What, in your opinion, is the best weapon for a single woman living alone? I have a gun, a few knives, including a machete, a few other things. By the way, thank you for your service.

  154. Do you believe in an all out civil war, can the government be overthrown by patriots. I believe it can based on gurrella warfare. But there are some who say we cannot and we must yield to the government. I do not go with that scenario.

  155. Hi Dale! Thanks for your service. I was wondering what you think the best long/medium gun, and the best hand gun would be, if things go totally 180 on us and (TSHTF) (not including shotguns)? AR-15, AK-47, M-14? .40 auto, 9mm, .45? Or, something else?

  156. My wife doesn’t want to take self defense classes. Are there any basic self defense moves that we as men can learn and then teach our wives, daughters, children, grandchildren, when they do not believe that this is a bad world, and we need to all know at least basic self defense?

  157. Looking for food I can store for a long time, I,ve had mre,s meals ECT, way expensive, bulk ,beans ECT, fire starters, not lighter type,who would have fluid,,,I spent 3 years in communications, in army, know just basis stuff on that side, thanks for your service

  158. If you had to choose one weapon( pistol, one caliber), what would it be?One hand to hand fighting style, what would it be?

  159. Steps to protect your family and your home and survive in a urban environment for months during and after the SHTF. Assuming the worse case situation (no water, food, electricity, gas, sanitation, roving gangs, etc). The usual “survival” information not helpful (lots of guns with thousands of rounds of ammunition, solar panels, portable generators, large water storage tanks, etc.) I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income and “bugging out” not possible, however, I do not want to rollover and throw in the towel.

    Thank you for asking what we need, for your service and your continued concern for this great country of ours and those that stand behind Lady Liberty. God Bless America!

  160. We often hear the expression ” Mental Preparednes” or ” Combat Mindset” these are thingst that are often overlooked while gathering supplies or getting physically prepared. Could Dale elaborate on this from a combatants point of view. Dale thanks for your service and the other great videos.

  161. Dale, What advice/help, would you have for a ‘Handicapped Person’? In my case, I have Stainless Steel Rods in my Back and Neck, COPD, EMPHYSEMA, Really Bad Knees, “A-FIB” and am a bit un- steady on my feet because of “Parkinson’s Disease”. I am the kind of guy that can come up with an idea about how to solve problems or how to Fix things (Other Than Mine..LOL). I am 67, married ( My Wife is in much better Shape, both Physically, and Looking than I am) Also, would you (in a Bug out Situation), Drive an SUV, A Very Old Motorhome or a Honda GL 1800 Motorcycle with a Lehman Trike Conversion with a trailer?

  162. Hi Dale
    first let me thank you for your service I am a disabled vet from Vietnam (USAF)
    I would really like to see no bull shit info on prepairing for the comming US collapse (from grid down & financial mainly) what to do to survive it what exactly to stockpile elt not the buy this or that stuff many sales people hawk who really don’t know
    – Guns, Knives, and Ammo.
    – Home Protection.
    – Survival Tactics.
    – Self Defense.
    – Early Warning signs & Systems.


  163. You are awaken and an intruder is in your home. Please provide a priority list of 3 or 4 things one should do to protect his family. I have a weapon but not sure what I need to do to ensure the safety of my family first.
    Thank you,

  164. I am curious about early warning systems … I am aware of the fish line and soda pop cans with pebbles in them … but am curious of other methods … as easy to deploy without being seen ….

  165. What weapon did you use the most when you were overseas protecting our country and it’s allies?
    Did you spend time training with one particular weapon or did you spend time training with a variety of weapons?
    What is your favorite weapon?

  166. First I want to thank you for your service! My question is what is the best self-defense/martial arts for a person 60 and older, if there is one?

  167. My wife has asked, if a male is coming at me for the attack she shoots twice from her .380 what will be the response from the attacker, continue at her, drop to the floor or what??????

  168. besides voting for Trump-what do you feel we could do to stop the woosification of our country- am so tired of reading about college “safe” rooms and today I read where the whole soccer team got scared and left the field because folks in the stands were chanting for Trump

  169. If you could pick any part of the United States, to create a remote, “safe” place to set up a refuge (place to live, not just bug out to), taking into consideration weather, risk of natural disasters (tornado, hurricane, flooding/flash flooding, forest/fire season, winter/cold, as well as adequate stock of game, water and other natural supplies, among just a few considerations, where would you most likely select? (Lower 48 and Alaska as options)? Thank you.

  170. Hi Dale, my question is , I’m a 64 year old male who up until 3 years ago was a pretty good martial artist, I had my first knee replacement 3 years ago, my other knee replaced in June of 2015, and just recently a left wrist fusion, with a plate put into my wrist so I can never bend my wrist again, with three limbs down and only one to go all I have is my right hand, I can still shoot a weapon, but my VA Dr. feels “uncomfortable” giving me a letter to conceal carry even though I aced the written test and scored all 30 shots in center mass. With that being said is there fighting techniques for someone like me with handicaps that limits me to just having one hand without the risk of injury to my other limbs, I know that there are music books for piano players just having one hand as there are lessons for sword techniques for one handed, but I have three limbs down.
    Thanx in advance if you can tell or guide me in the right direction.

    John V Skorcik

  171. The question I have is is there a good way to invoke my second amendment rights if well F.E.M.A.we’re to show up or am I better off packing my guns and ammo in a water proof container and dropping them in a lake where I can get them at a later date if need be and thanks for serving our country wish the government cared about its people as much as they care about our country

  172. I’d like to know what Dale feels is the best caliber of handgun he would recommend for personal home defense. Also does he feel a shotgun or handgun is the better choice for personal home protection.

  173. I’m considering a personal protection firearm. One that I might carry on a cross country motorcycle camping trip. Since I plan on it being loaded at all times, need total reliability in a compact piece, I’m considering a 5 or 6 shot .38 special snub nose revolver. I wonder if you would give me your best recommendation?

  174. I’m curious about the best response to the type of knife attack that I’ve seen on security videos.
    Some call it the “sewing machine” attack. Basically a series of high speed stabs that rely
    on overwhelming the victim, not “artfully” slicing or accurately stabbing vital points.

  175. Dale, This is my question. What kind of things should I be looking for when going to places where there are large crowds of people. For instance at malls or shopping centers or sports events or when traveling in train stations,airports etc. I’m referring to situational awareness in your surroundings. I realize terrorists can strike anywhere, but when I’m in these venues how can I be more observant. I’m always thinking where’s the nearest exit, what can I hide behind or what kinds of things should I be on the lookout for when I’m in these places. These are things that never bothered me in the past, but as events unfold in the world, I find myself focused on awareness. What kind of advice can you offer all of us ?

  176. Hi.
    My name is Langson.I run a Security and Investigations firm.
    What would you suggest is of priority importance to master in this field? Which survival skills would you advise I should concentrate on more in giving to my men?

  177. Dale, I’m thinking of buying some fake video cameras for my home as a deterrent for break ins. Would it be worth it or are thieves smarter than that ?

  178. Are there any specific lessons to work on to help someone develop the “Alpha Look”? I learned what I learned about “maddogging” and “Alpha-ing” potential attackers, both human and canine, the hard way: It is better to suffer the indignity of getting my butt kicked (and maybe even spending summer in traction) than adding insult to injury with a cowardly response. This came from being a military brat who went to 12 schools for 12 grades (including 2 or 3 I got kicked out of for fighting before I got smart), and being a natural “dog person” if you can call it that.

    So my question is, how do you teach someone who didn’t grow up in the school of hard knocks how to develop the confidence to handle this challenge, short of teaching the UFC long course?

    I have actually talked my way out of having to resort to lethal force on at least 3 occasions in my life when I could have, and it would have been righteous self-defense.

  179. Dale me again holsters for concealed carry I have not found one I like to wear I am crazy enough to just tuck it in my belt I don’t like the plastic ones any ideas

  180. Dale,
    I come from a large family (11 total…7 brothers & 3 sisters)

    Also, for the first 10 years of my life, I was a tomboy, never knew the meaning of fear.

    Thinking at the age of 10, I made a major decision to change, no longer wanted to fight with anyone.

    Fight ? Well, let me explain, then , I stuttered then terribly…but…could say without stuttering
    (I no longer stutter…but now….I love to talk and talk.
    At this time, I made the determination to speak without stuttering.
    It took a long time tho.)
    Anyway, I made a major not to fight anyone anymore.

    Not long after, about four girls in the neighborhood, started to taunt me that “BERNI IS A FREIGHTY CAT”
    I sat on the rocker on our closed in sunporch, saying to myself, I’m not going out.

    After about 20 minutes, they did not stop….then….suddenly I snapped, ran and open the front door,
    and dove on the four taunting neighbor kids….from the top of the front door ten steps
    They scattered…never again to pick on me again.

    My question is this, I am a pretty calm person (now 84 +) , I still have no fear in me.
    Have read this web site, and is very conditioned myself to defend myself at all cost.

    I know of the few sensitive areas to strike, the eyes, a quick strike hitting the center of their throat, & between the legs,
    as I am only 5’ 1″ tall and these areas are within the striking distance for me.

    Can you suggest any other areas to protect myself easily.

    (I still can be snapped easily …to protect myself….with determination and without fear.)

    Thank you for any suggestion you might have.

    Ms Berni
    l, .

  181. Dale I am 62 and in decent shape for an old man I was wondering what your advice was for good home defense weapons. I have a sig 9mm bit I prefer to use my 12 gauge with 00 buck what are your thoughts

  182. Is there anything you can do to be prepared for a blow to the head, as in the situation of fighting multiple attackers?

  183. Hello Dale, thanks for all your service and your helpful videos.

    My question is…when either in public self defense or home invasion, a what point do you make the determination to use deadly force? When seconds count.

    I know laws vary per state. But my thoughts are if someone enters my home knowing my family is there, they should be aware that they could leave my home in a bag.

    Thanks again for all your service, and my GOD bless and protect you, your team/s and your family.

  184. Hi Dale, My questions are:

    What pistol(s) would you suggest that can perform in the harshest environments (Salt water, Sand dust, Mud, and Excessive shooting) and require minimum maintenance and still function?

    What can be done to your knife to retain it in your blood soak hands and what liquid medium could be use to practice?

    How would you stop or confuse a tracker from tracking you in different environments?

    Do you foresee a SHTF any time soon in America?

  185. How do you suggest that people who have decided to include firearms in their personal safety strategy learn enough about legal issues with respect to:
    Self defense inside the home
    Self defense outside the home
    Establishing a relationship with a gun friendly defense attorney with experience defending self defense cases
    Financial assistance after a shooting incident
    Carry restrictions
    Transporting firearms while traveling

  186. I have never fired a gun before and I plan on taking a class at my local gun store. What gun would you suggest for a beginner?

  187. Hi Dale!
    If you had to teach your favorite, slight, tiny relative a fight ending move, what would it be?
    Also, how would you secure the windows of your home, apart from having bars put on them?
    Thanks for sharing your invaluable knowledge with us!

  188. There has been lot of articles about Obama confiscating citizens guns & ammo, do you think the military will resist this action of his to do away with the 2nd amendment and just how will civilians react to this? I think there might be an uprising against the government, military and local law enforcement if this is done and will be a very deadly reaction which will have national security issues.

  189. What;s a SENIOR (Disabled) with disabled wife to do?
    Wife has MS – I’ve got fused ankles and a bad back
    MOBILITY is between limited and almost non-existant at times.
    NO MONEY so can’t buy GUNS-AMMO – my aim is probably lousy too
    NO Body Strength for “Self Defense” physical altercations.

    Defense – Survival – Invisibility – Recovery – Escape – etc…

    Ideas – Suggestions (Affordable-on a non existent budget)

  190. Dale,
    In your opinion what is the easiest and quickest method use to turn average folks into the “Ultimate Weapon”, so as to be ready for any and all possible confrontations?

  191. I am 73 years old, hard of hearing. I go to the grocery store, (at this age, in my area, there are wanna-be thug teen-agers, and others around).
    I am never in the “white” mode and completely understand the “situation awareness” that I must maintain; however, what do I do if attacked
    by one or more of these idiots from behind who rushes me from over 40 feet away and closes the gap, to make a “sucker” punch, a hit with a
    club, or a knife thrust when they don’t want my wallet – necessarily.? [i.e. just a “gang-initiation” ritual kind of thing]… With the results that I
    go down to the ground in the parking lot on the way to my car. I carry a spring loaded knife but no concealed carry firearm, and use a cane.
    I look like a target. However, I am ready to use my calloused knuckles to deliver a “non-open” hand strike to the neck, throat, etc. to eliminate
    a normal opponent and don’t appear to be anything dangerous to a thug. I am proficient with the knife and cane.

  192. Hello Dale! First, thank-you for helping to keep us safe everyday!
    Q: I have long hair. What should I do if someone yanks it from behind? Where should I hit that person to “convince” them into letting go or at least forcing them to loosen the grip?

    Karen Chamberlain

  193. Hey Dale ,
    Can you provide me a 10 minute daily exercise / defense ready drill so I can stay sharp.
    Possibly 2 sets so I can change it up to stay interested. I would add this to my morning routine .

  194. Mr Comstock
    I am a 50 year old male paraplegic that was in an accident 23 years ago. I’ll spare you the details of my accident but it’s important to let you know one issue that I had to fight. I was on a ventilator for six months and in rehab another six months. When I was finally done with the hospital’s and needed to get an attorney to help me and I was hit with a 2by4 when I heard the comment “you can onlside. eL the federal government for $100,000.00 and not one penny more. That said I am permanently confined to a wheelchair and have zero use of anything below my belly button. I had my first of three assults against me the first time I took my two kids out by myself. I wasn’t carrying my side arm at that time because I wasn’t confinate enough that I could get my gun out and safely use it without them killing me and possibly my kids. Luckily the attack against me was a gang annitiation by a group of 7 thugs. I was knocked out of my wheelchair and better so bad that my face was a bloody mess, I had 5 broken ribs and internal bleeding in my stomach. Fast forward 23 years I carry my firearm EVERYWHERE I go. I am certain that if I need to use it I can put a bullet exactly where I want it. I keep my gun in a serpa holster that keeps my gun at the ready without being able to pull it from my holster by anyone but me. I have practiced using my gun in a range and also at an outdoor area of a friend’s where I could have my heart rate extramly elivated so that I know I can use it if the time comes that I need to.
    My concern and where I need help is how do I protect myself in confined spaces where shooting isn’t really possible to do so without possibly hitting someone else? I have no trunk muscle left and my shoulders and elbows are waring out quickly. What is the best way for me to get an attacker off of me and what do you recommend for a security system for my home? I am not interested in anything that you can look at your phone and see someone in my home because if I can access the monitors so can other people. Last of all it’s obviously not feasible for me to build a bugout somewhere. What do you recommend I do as far as storing firearms, ammunition and food storage including life straws a complete first aid kit that has everything you need from bandaids to ointments, burn cream, sterile pads, sutures with everything necessary to clean, numb and sow or glue together, medications and a kit that has everything I need to do repairs to my guns. I need advice on how and where to store these things..
    Thank you in advance for reading this and for any ideas you have to help me.
    God bless you and all those with fight fast.

  195. what can i work on meanwhile i can afford all this? tellin only myself strictly that i can take on anyone that forces me to lie about their overall confidence on sucsess, gives me a bad time when they feel like it, and always ruins my days from the start and never attempting to understand me?

  196. What would be a good in house self defense weapon gun and or knife? I have a friend who carries a Rambo style knife and a Desert Eagle in 50cal. I like the knife, quick and silent. Not sure about the Eagle. What would you suggest and does Fast Fight have a knife like that? Thanks.

  197. Hi Dale;
    If you encounter some whack job with a knife would you recommend using a chair or some appropriate piece of fairly large furniture to use as a battering ram to subdue the attacker? I have seen Bas Rutten use a chair on an antagonist but Rutten was a trained MMA fighter and I am wondering if this would be a good move for an older person with less athleticism?The chair could be used to drop the aggressor by smashing it over his or her head or fending off knife thrusts.Still your input would be appreciated.Also, what is your take on Dim Mak? I have seen blows administered to the back of the head around the occipital region and I am told that you can easily kill someone with sufficient force.Instead of killing,unless it is necessary,is there any methodology possible that will just stun the antagonist when aiming for the “Fu Feng” area…a cupped hand behind the ear maybe…? And finally I have studied your takedown on Fight Tips and it is quite beneficial.My third question focuses on adrenalization in the body.How do you personally,combat adrenalization,in a Close combat situation.

  198. Hi dale
    In your opinion do you think that we will ever be in a situation in the UK or USA , when we need to use these skills to ensure our families and friends have a safe future, ie when the system and governments break down.

    Garry (U.K.)

  199. Do you know of a monitored home security system that you think is worth the cost and hastle factors?

    What is your EDC knife and why did you choose it?

    What are your top 10 items to include in a “bug out bag”?

    Thanks for all youve done for all of us USA citizens!

  200. Dale, my name is Paul and my question is what do you consider to be the best home defense weapon for protection against home intrusions . By the way thanks for your defending our nation. I served 16 years in Marine Force Reconnaissance. 1970 to 1985. Again Dale thanks for your time.

  201. Guns, – Is penetration or knockdown power better in a firearm? It seems to be debated quite a bit from what I read online….

    Knives – Are some knives better than others for long term use without upkeep?

    Ammo – how long can ammo be stored and can it ever go “bad”?

    Home Protection – other than just locking the doors how do I make my home an unattractive target?

    Survival Tactics. – There are many courses out there and its difficult to find one that isn’t too expensive or difficult to vette for quality (after all anyone can write a review) are there any you know of which are worth the money?

    Self Defense – What would be the easiest and most effective self-defense system to learn that would be effective no matter how old or in shape a person was?

    Early Warning Systems – Can you recommend any low-cost systems for the home or campsite, and how to raise a person’s own situational awareness in a short time frame?

  202. Dear Dale,
    PROBLEM #1 – I have a house with not only a long window right beside the front door, but just regular front and back doors that could easily be kicked in. Is there anything I can do that it not ridiculously expensive to fix this problem?
    PROBLEM #2- I need to fix this problem in such a way that it does not make the house look ugly. (I’m pretty sure this part will be key to convince the little woman this is a good idea)
    Here in Canada I we are so very grateful for the USA. We are thankful our country is free, and the USA has made this possible. I am very grateful for patriots like you. Thanks very much Dale.

  203. Dale; Brother, first I want to thank you not just for your service but for making these survival secrets available to people like my self and other
    vets like me. I am a disabled vet and am stuck in a wheelchair or scooter every time I go anywhere, I constantly feel like the easiest target
    outside of my dwelling due to the legs not being up to many of the moves or throws. Can you advise me on some moves to protect myself
    from potential threats. If I were grabbed from behind in an armed bar I don’t have much defense capability’s to get away much less get out
    of the hold.

  204. As a 69 year old in fair health with CC permit. What can I really do to protect my wife and myself against what seems to be the end of our country as it once was. I really don’t think a gun or any other self protection item is the answer against a number of thugs or the fall of our great land. What can I do to give myself the peace of mind that was once had. I am a believer in God where I do get some peace, but I think He would want me to do more.
    Any suggestions?

  205. Could Dale do a segment on taking down multiple opponents armed with knives, sticks, etcetera? Also, instruction on how to handle surprise knife attacks would be nice. Thanks.


  207. Hi Dale, Being that my wife and I are senior citizens, it is very difficult for us to be able to use your methods to protect ourselves. I have protection at home but when we are out and about here in New Jersey, we are just victims waiting to be victimized. What do you suggest that older citizens can do to protect ourselves since we can’t carry CCW? I won’t say I’m totally unprepared but it seems to me they only defense would be to roll over and play dead. What can we do?

  208. would our military ever consider taking over control of our government in the case of a major civil uprising agianest it?

  209. My question to Dale is, sometimes, when I step out, I over load, this situation hasn’t occurred but i think about it often, what I mean by overload is I’ve been a hand gun carrier for better than fifty years, since my law enforcement days from ’65 to last September, yep 50 years, well anyway, I also carry a heavy duty quick open jack knife, being right handed I carry both on the right side, in the heat of combat i think in my own mind that what if I grab the wrong weapon, go for the gun and get the knife, man I sweat over that, either way could be fatal given the situation, problem is I don’t want to give up either weapon and at my age of early 70’s if I hesitate, and try to think about it I lose valuable time, at my age time is not on my side, any suggestions? Tom Reeder a survivor in life.

  210. Greetings Dale!
    I am a healthy and fit 65 year old woman, and anywhere I live, I am alone. I used to shoot guns with my brother when we were younger, and was a pretty fair shooter. So my question is, what type of gun/pistol would you recommend I buy for protection? Also, are there any effective self defense tactics an elderly person can use if a situation arises? Do you have any books on the subject matter? Thank you for your time, and more importantly, thank you for your service to our country!

    Victoria Harris

  211. Suppose you live in a VERY gun controlled country,as I do in Europe. And you want somthing for home defence in firearms but your choices are limited to.
    double barrel shotguns or three shot pumps ,semis. Mostly bolt action rifles, most easiest being .22.semi auto .22s like the ruger 10/22 are available.
    Handguns are pretty much a no no in any caliber above .22 and must be limited to 5 shots.Forget anything you would have in the US in custom handguns,custom equipment, etc.Semi auto rifles are around but are virtually impossible to liscense,however lookalikes in pump or straight pull bolt action can be got if you have silly money to spend like 2 thousand dollars.
    What would a SF guy choose out of that mess?

  212. Hello Mr. Pierce, Love what You do & most Your products; My name is Tim & I’m 55yrs old and not in good health,bad liver & degenerative joints throughout my body, every movable joint is now bone against bone, I am in great pain everyday & night, they wont give me anything for pain because of my liver; In my younger yrs I was unstoppable, I had a close friend, Special Forces, teach me moves to kill a person in quick fast moves, I’ve never since that time, ever been beat, up to 4 guys at once; I still remember my lessons, but haven’t had to use’em in many yrs. I would love to have Your set of throwing knives & perhaps the snare survival kit, but being on disability, trying to live on only a 1000 $ a month (my wife don’t work), it is Very tight, I do work on lawnmowers spring & summer, for a lil pocket change, that’s how I bought Your survival 325s tactical, LOVE it, how ever it did fall apart about a week later, all those lil star head screws came lose, Luckily I caught it before they fell completely out, & repaired it myself, rather than send it back {a lil locktite works wonders}, Sorry about the blabbing, here’s my questions for Mr.Dale Comstock, a Real American Hero; Mr. Comstock, I own a professional air riffle with a silencer attached, it fires @ 1,950 fpc, the only problem is, it only shoots One at a time, so ya have to reload everyshot 🙁 will shoot through 1/2″ thick polyplastic, am I better off with a crossbow,I want power But silence, and second are throwing knives a good weapon, not “if” but When TSHTF…Thank You Sir’s, From Mr. & Mrs. Tim in Florida …P.S. Mr. Pierce, “bonezz777 & dialup” are same person “me”, got mixed up trying to explain;; I Only have dialup so cant dwn. load Your free video clips…Thanks Again, keep up the good fight. Tim

  213. You fired your last shot, you are now out of bullets and you have a choice between a big knife or a machete as a survival tool, which do you choose?

  214. Hey dale, thanks you for your service first off. Secondly, just wondering what your Handgun caliber of choice is? And with all of your firearms training what is your opinion on most reliable handgun brand?
    Thank you

  215. Thinking as a minimalist, living in a small motor home where space is at a premium, what would your recommendations be for self defense? Talk firearms, ammo, knives and gear in a scenario where the vehicle had to be abandoned or at least disabled and single person pack out was the only option. Keep in mind the person is older but wiser in the ways of combat.

  216. Talked to a Houston police officer last week about what he uses as his primary pistol. He said the police force is moving from the Glock 40 cal. to the 45 cal. 1911 with the larger magazine (greater than 10 rounds).

    I would like to know more about this weapon, especially the greater capacity magazine. What do you think about this weapon?

  217. I am stuck in a wheelchair I can’t walk but from the waist up I’m fine I got your pocket knife and sharpening stone I travel a lot in the sidewalks of north Las Vegas I worry sometimes that I could be picked on by someone thinking I am an easy pick off. What can I do for self defense for myself I never leave the house without my knife

  218. Hi guys I would like to know Dales single most effective incapacitating strike for use in a one on one situation. Thanks.

  219. Dear Dale…. There are many people who are disabled, some more than others. .. but maybe one of the most common issues they might face is being frail and/or generally weak without strength or stature. ..that said, what would you recommend for a weapon of self defense in the home and easiest way to practice using that weapon…. this is assuming that all the other home protection measures are taken but regardless your home is invaded…and you live ALONE. Thank you and God bless.

  220. My Uncle, i was told, was the 12th man of the original ‘Green Berets’
    His name was Willie Charles Smith but was known as ‘Bill.’
    He retired as a Sgt Maj in the 70’s.
    Did you know him or have heard of him?
    Both he an my dad, along with their other brothers are all gone now. I would just like to know some stories about him, that are unclassified.

  221. Hey Dale

    With all your training and experience what one
    move would you go to end a scuffle fast.
    Thanks for your response.

  222. Dale, I’m concerned about protection in my home with the way the world is becoming. I’m a Vietnam vet living overseas where firearms, crossbows, nor long bows are allowed. Although I’ve been in combat many years ago this is a totally different scenario and being a foreigner I think I’d be a prime target for looters etc if (when) the SHTF. 28 years of martial arts training, proficient in nunchaku, sai, bo, tsai,(swords not allowed) as well as studied many of FightFast’s street fighting techniques, including knife throwing but know there’s more I can learn for more peace of mind. I need help in coming up with tactics to keep people out and perhaps have improvised longer range (25-50 feet) weapons to do so. What tricks would you have up your sleeve in this kind of situation…especially for a 66 year old (in pretty good physical condition). My wife and I live alone and the house has most windows barred with stainless steel. I’m thinking bamboo poles with a knife attached (spears) for keeping 6-10 feet distances. Simply too old to bug out and would stick out like a sore thumb as a westerner in Taiwan. Just want a fighting chance to protect my wife and property, a 5 story condo complex with 19 units. Mine is at the end so only have one side uncovered and opens into a large rice field. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  223. dear Dale, in all your hard-fought years in and out of combat, what is your favorite self-defense move that can be applied to the dangerous streets of America? a move that is easy to learn basically, but can stop the worst bully/thug quickly. l’m going on 69 years of age and worry all the time some punk is going to make hamburger out of me. especially when being heavy and out of shape and they know it. thank you, Dale….

  224. As a senior citizen with limited mobility and flexibility resulting from a major illness during my youth I am concerned with issues of self defense and home protection. Not being able to move fast and having to use a cane, do you have any suggestions on defense and security preparedness for seniors?

  225. I found Krav Maga to be a top martial arts training, if not THE TOP. I injured myself a few years back and I still cannot return to training. I have to use a walker to move around the house; and a motorized scooter outside. One of the many things I cannot do is get up from the ground and I cannot kick. Is there any martial art system that us disabled senior citizens can use for self defense?

  226. Thank you for what you do. I served in the US Army for 30 years.
    1. It is obvious that Obama is waging war on US citizens on multiple fronts. Do you have any thoughts on when he will “pull the trigger” to unleash open warfare on the country. and in what areas of the country will it start?
    2. With all the changes in the Army over the last 8 years there is a lot of debate as to whether the US Military will actually fire on civilians?
    3. Was Jade Helm 15 actually preparation for imposition of martial law when people in the southwest US decide they have had enough of “Open Borders”?

  227. Hi Dale there are probably two scenarios I would like an answer to:

    Q1. When things come falling down and you’re trapped in the city; what’s the best items & strategy to have for my family’s protection as I don’t own any firearms?

    Q2. When things come falling down and hopefully I have got my family safely to the countryside with my camping gear etc; what are the essential survival items (obviously apart from food & water), that we must have in order to survive? Again we don’t own firearms!

  228. What are the 5 most important [effective] measures I can take to protect my home and family in times of civil unrest?

    What are the most cost-effective firearms or self-protection devices I can use or deploy?

  229. Hello Dale and thank you for your service. I was wondering what is your favorite gun or knife in a home defense operation. When is the best time to strike your intruder and what methods are most effective?

  230. I’d like to now what booby trap would be go for my home defence? In side an out side of my home. Best regards vince

  231. Dale what is the best way to train without a partner
    Can I mark face, ears, throat, eyes and shoulders on my punching bag and succeed in getting train real good.
    Can I train to become real good without a partner.
    can I become real good with a blade
    I have a fighting cane also
    I want to be able to defend myself against how many might come at me.
    I really don’t have nobody to train with.
    I have done learnt some from you, I want to learn a lot more
    You are very, very good Roger Phillips

  232. Dale, thanks!

    How and what do you do to mentally prepare yourself for a combat situation and what goes through your mind in that situation?

  233. The school yard bullies have escalated from picking on the younger/smaller/weaker person to a barrage of political correctness, tolerance and of course the extreme violence. What should we be teaching our 10-15 year old children about how to handle themselves in the school yard?

  234. Dave, I am an old fart and my CCW is a S/W Airweight, 38 Special. Can I use +P rounds for self defense and the .38 Special for range and training? If I can’t or should not, will you recommend a self defense round?

  235. Which do you prefer,as home defense for a woman? I lean towards a shotgun over a handgun! ,they can’t miss! I suggest 2-3quater 00buck, I like 3 inch 000buck,but it s a handful.


  237. Dale, first and foremost thank you for your service.
    My question: when I’m about to engage in a fight I get very anxious and nervous which clouds my thinking and reactions. I literally get knots in my stomach and shaky. How, or can this be overcome?

    Thank you, Sonny
    9 yr US Navy Vet.


  239. Hello Dale.
    What is your final bug out/bug in indicator? To be more clear (if needed) What event will it take to make you disappear into the tundra or nail your doors shut?
    If I may ask two questions. What are you views on “survival hunting” ? I have friends that think they’ll be Batman of the boondock and survive by huntings. They spend the big buck on weapons, but not a cent on food storage, medical gear or water filters.

  240. Dale;
    My question has to do with home defense and something that my wife can rely on in a last ditch situation. (Situation might be to prevent armed robbery, rape or home invasion.) That’s something would have to be portable and put the fear of God into someone approaching her. Either the fear of God or death, or at least turn the situation to her favor. My thoughts were something like a small hand-held/portable Claymore, with a wide angle, limited kick and maybe one or two rounds. My beginning thoughts would be something like a small double blunderbuss or something on that order, but the small portable claymore sounds like more fun.

    We certainly appreciate all that you have done for us with your service and what you are doing now with this project. May God Bless You and yours.

  241. How can I tell or what is the tell-tale warnings of a bad guy, male or female? Mannerisms,the way he walks, his speech, whether he’s smoking or drinking at the time. I would hate to harm a innocent and some folks mean well, but that’s only a hand full.

  242. Hi Dale !
    Thank you for your service !!
    My question is this:
    What is your preferred handgun and why do you like it?

    Thanks for your answer to us all !

  243. dale im a disabled veteran wnos a tbi survivor from 2 commas luckly my only limitationd my left side. id like 2 know what self defence do u have 4 the disabled???

  244. My question for Dale Comstock is…I have a ballpoint pen that has a wicked very sharp knife in the bottom section. To look at it you would not think that it is
    anything but a pen. But is it considered to be a concealed deadly weapon when you take it with you? I should not have to be afraid that I will be charged with a crime? It does not do much good if you own it but cannot have it with you when you need it. Thank you

  245. Dear Dale . I Like to Know How to defend myself against a 3rd Degree Black Belt . I Like to Know if you would Recommend Damian Ross Russell Stutely Scott Bolan Mike Gillette and David Alexander as Fight Fast Instructors and my Next Question to you is why do you Think Fight Fast is the best Self Defense Company in the World . If I Learn how to Fight using Fight Fast Instructors would I Need to Go to Other Self Defense Companies Like the Self Defense Company Founded by Damian Ross . My Questions to you go to Bob Pierce . Thank you for your Time . Ronny Romano. ronnyromano180@gmail.com

  246. a friend told me it cost to much to get concealed carry. He told me it wasn’t worth spending the time and money. Is he correct?

  247. What do you consider the most effective home defense weapon, to deter and incapacitate an intruder, long enough for restraint or escape?
    In CA shooting is not an option as we would likely be prosecuted and jailed under our left wing regime.

  248. I worry about being surrounded by several atackers at one time,like in a parking lot. They may not be showing weapons,but are crowding and threatening. I’m a concealed carry,but wonder if I’m the one who will go to jail in a confrontation,if I use my weapon. I’m disabled and unable to put up a lot of fight. I’m always trying to survey the area for possible trouble,to avoid such a attack,but this really worries me. Please help with advice.

  249. Dale,
    What is your favorite ar15 brand, barrel length and optic?
    Thanks for your answer and service to our Country.

  250. My main question has always been:why do so many people go for large caliber hand guns when a hand gun is primarily a close quarters weapon,{My favorite has always been a 32.20}/specifically a 32.20 swift by Rugar,a 9m style sliding breach makes it an easy carry,and it’s unobtrusive but just as deadly as larger calibers when used for it’s intended purpose.

  251. Hi! 1. I forgot what is the name of that israeli knife fighting system? 2. Is it really the best? 3. There are some survival courses which ones are good to best/ worth the time & $? Thanks

  252. Hi Dale,

    I have 2 questions

    1) Firstly, this is NOT a criticism of you. There is no doubt that your personal skills are far, far greater than mine. (I was a sapper then a grunt both specializing in recce and small unit tactics) My concern is that your background in spec ops and then as a contractor, (and you’re built like a brick shithouse; and I’m built like a wimp) you find it difficult to have empathy with those of us who are ancient, weak and who can only take a low profile.

    How can we adapt your extensive knowledge to those of us who are lesser mortals? and,

    2) To plagiarize the SEALs, “if one is none, and two is one” why doesn’t anyone in the modern movement advise the carrying of two handguns?


  253. Mr. Dale Comstock, first of all, thank you for your service! What do you recommend for somebody who had a back surgery for removal of bone fragments (3) and a herniated disk. (As far as self defense). I plan on getting in shape but it will be slow and take some time. I will be 62 this June but I am not going to let that stop me. Thanks.

  254. Hi dale just asking as a choice of weapon which would you choose or recommend as a reliable trust worthy firearm an ak-47 or m-16 assault rifle for distance and accuracy or do you have another that you would prefer looking forward to hearing from you and yes I to get tired of hearing thank you for your service to your country some people say it because they feel it’s the right thing
    From a brother in arms

  255. Dale,
    Do you think a tactical flashlight is a useful item to have on one’s self all the time? If so, how is it best utilized in a self-defense situation?
    Thank you!