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My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy for Doing This…

Am I losing my mind? Maybe…

But I sure as hell never want to be caught without a knife. That’s why I recently started carrying two of them, every day.

Why two knives you ask? Here are just a few reasons:

First, I use a knife every day for utility purposes. By carrying knives with different sizes and blade shapes it’s more likely that I will have a better tool for the job. I can also carry one knife that is my “beater” (The one I don’t hesitate to get muddy, sticky, or greasy).

Pocket Knives

Next, in a self-defense situation you never know if the knife kept on your dominant side will be inaccessible. Perhaps an attacker has you pinned against a wall, has control of your arm etc.

Also, if forced to stab an attacker, it is very possible the knife will be difficult to recover, a grisly thought but it is a real problem (Muscles tend to clench around the blade). If there is a second attacker you’ll be glad you brought a backup.

Self-Defense Situation Number 3 (okay, my overactive imagination is probably the real reason my wife thinks I’m crazy): Carrying blades on different portions of the body can be an advantage if you are taken to the ground. This is a great reason to carry a boot knife. I can keep going with the self-defense scenarios but I think you get the point.

A knife is also one of the two most critical survival tools (a fire source is the second). As the old saying goes “Two is one, and one is none.” You can expect that if the SHTF you’d immediately drop your one and only knife into a mud hole, or it would fall out of a pocket in the dark. A backup is just common sense.

Okay you can see that there are a lot of good reasons to carry two knives. A savvy person may question my logic by saying that if this were the case we should carry two of everything, two sets of keys, two wallets, two cell phones, et cetera.

Point taken, we can take preparation to such an extreme that we cannot lead a normal life. The difference, especially with knives, is the relative ease of carrying two. With so many knives on the market it is easy to find a backup that is inconspicuous, small, and comfortable. What I’m trying to say is that the downside is so small and the upside so large that it’s simply a no-brainer, at least for me.

What do you think? Am I the only one who carries two knives?

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568 thoughts on “My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy for Doing This…”

  1. Not at all. I carry a Emerson commander reserved only for one purpose, never pulled in anger. A SOG card knife for general use that does not intimidate. A Swiss army cyber tool for quick access to screwdrivers, torque bits, scissors, cutting and ballpoint pen. A Gerber multitool for heavier duty pliers that don’t pinch the hand, metal saw blade. A gentlemans folder. In my office and car are heavy duty fixed blades. Now my wife took my skeleton folder and has large and small kitchen knives stashed in different rooms and in the garden. Don’t get started on lithium flashlights and headlamps!

  2. No you are not crazy, I carry two knives and my spike! You never know when one of them is the closest to you or the one that comes into my hand first. Knives are the easiest to carry and easiest to use. I am a single woman and need as much protection as I can get. Love the self defense videos too. They are very helpful. Thanks

  3. Hey Bob,
    I think it’s just good practice to carry a couple of knives at all times. I have my giant Swiss Army knife in my belt pouch, and a have a Buck Knife, that I usually strap to my leg when going out. I also carry my .45 at all times. No one knows when it will happen… but we all agree that it will… and each day brings us closer to when it does. Eventually the inevitable will happen. And Luck favors The prepared. Living in AZ has advantages, such as Constitutional Carry Rights. It’s not necessary to carry a CCP. As a single father, I take protection very seriously.
    Thank you for inviting me to the blog spot. 🙂

  4. No your not. I care three or four knifes on me during trapping season. I generally have at least two or three good skinning knives. Then a general purpose knife to cut brush, twigs, rope, etc. this one also doubles as a camp knife. Last but not least is the survival knife with all it’s included goodies. FYI, I also carry a small survival bag of things I want along with me in case I get stuck in the woods for a few days. The old time mountain men called it your possables bag. Generally has fire making gear, small first aide kit, solar blanket, compact food or energy bars, toilet paper and sharpening stick or stone.

  5. You are not alone! I carry at least 3 knives every day. My Grand kids gave me a Buck 110 I carry on my belt to use at work cutting rope and straps. I also carry an Old Timer Trapper model I’ve had for decades. I keep the clip point blade shaving sharp and use the blunt tipped blade for grunt work so I don’t break the tip of the clip point. Lastly I always have a self defense blade. Mostly I carry Cold Steel Recon 1’s (I own all 3 blade types) but I do rotate in others when the mood strikes, including one I purchased from you that I just love! I have big knives that I keep for special circumstances like hunting or to throw in a travel bag but that’s different!

  6. Hello, Bob! I carry just one knife so far. Am I a loose cannon with this affair? In Canada, I’m supposed see in the confusion and hear the noise. Does this dimension happen in the U.S.A.? I’ve encountered the new Canadian. I think I’m going to join him, but also carry my survival knife. Methinks we’ll be just fine! Sincere, MLMaddess.

  7. Reading you’re article, I’m feeling a little better. I’ve been carrying 2 for over 20 years. When I’m on duty an extra one on the back of my may pouch.

  8. No i carry a minimum of 4 knives on me all the time.i carry a gun when i can but i always have my knives.