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Happy Veteran’s Day From A Fellow Veteran

Hello Everyone!

As the newest member of the FightFast team, I have the unique privilege of sharing with you a very special THANK YOU to our great nation’s military veterans.

From the moment that this country was born (and before) we have had brave men and women fight for our freedom at home and overseas.  It’s an honor to be addressing so many of you today!

While we sometimes think it’s all men who do the work, I’d like bring to light the contributions that women have made to our military.  We often forget about the mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, girlfriends, and friends who stay here, supporting and waiting for their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and friends who go to war.  The support that these women show our military is unparalleled.  Woman’s maternal instincts feed into this need that we all have to have someone care for our well-being.

Women In The Military

And women are not just staying at home anymore.  Rereading some of our military history makes my heart swell with pride for my gender.  Before World War II, women were only allowed to serve as nurses and support staff, washing laundry and the like.  World War I was actually the first time a woman could officially join the military.  According to www.history.org and www.womensmemorial.org, of the 33,000+ women who served in World War I as nurses and support staff, 400 died in the line of duty.


The second world war brought with it the ability for women to join in other helpful roles such as mechanics, test pilots, administration, and ambulance drivers.  Even though women were still not in combat, 88 of them were captured and held as Prisoners Of War.  Shortly after WW2, congress passed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, which allowed us permanent military status.  For the first time, we were able to receive the same treatment and veteran’s benefits as men.  This was also around the time that racial segregation ended, allowing the first African-American women to enlist.

In 1967, the cap on the number of women allowed to serve was repealed, along with the highest rank that a woman was allowed to achieve.  This opened up the remainder of history for women to break boundaries and achieve things that had NEVER been possible.


Women have been POWs, been covered in blood that was and wasn’t theirs, and died in the line of duty right alongside the boys.  They’ve also lead soldiers into combat, piloted combat missions and space shuttles, commanded ships, squadrons, hospitals, schools, and bases, healed, helped, and done a damn good job if it!

Words From A Fellow Veteran

My personal experience in the military was one that I cherish with all my heart.  The people I met and places I went will stick with me until the end.  I met so many amazing men and women during my service, and I keep meeting these incredible veterans even four years after receiving my DD-214.

When I was 19 years old, I felt stuck and unhappy.  My older sister had joined the Navy as a corpsman, and while thinking about my future, the feeling that I could do that too just wouldn’t leave.  I talked to my sister and really considered all the benefits and consequences for a whole three days before going to a recruiting office and getting my paperwork.  Less than a month later, I was on my way to boot camp!


My rate (job) was Aviation Machinist Mate, working on aircraft engines.  That would have been IMPOSSIBLE 75 years ago!  I have so much pride for how far we’ve come!

And there are so many veterans out there who need to hear how proud of them you are and how much you appreciate them.  We cannot forget that there are still veterans taking their lives every single day.  Veterans who feel that their disabilities hinder them from being contributing members of society, or who don’t feel like they can live with the things they’ve had to do.  These men and women need to hear that they matter and are appreciated and loved by our nation, TODAY.

From the bottom of all our hearts here at FightFast, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Very Respectfully,

Dorothy Nelson (ADAN)

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463 thoughts on “Happy Veteran’s Day From A Fellow Veteran”

  1. Believe me, I do not discount women at all. I was a sniper, a loner. If I was in a foxhole, I can think of a few I’d like to share it with. One of my stories (I try not to tell them much because it bores people) the woman who was to become my wife waited a few years for me. To me that was astounding! I knew that she had seven others, but I was her choice. Although the Marines were going to be my career, we married when I returned from in country.

  2. Thank you for your service and support. I served in the U.S. Navy from 1974-1984. I had the honor of being one of the first female CTT’s (Cryptologic Technician Technical) to serve in the Cold War. My time of service also coinsided with the end of the Vietnam War.

    I would like to let all my fellow female Cold War CT’s that even though we will never be recognized for our sacrifices, we played an intrigal part of keeping our nation secure. No can ever take that pride from us.

    To my male and female Cold War CT’s we know in our hearts and souls there will never be a memorial or wall to recognize our sacrifices. We won’t even have stars placed on a wall like the CIA operatives, we will carry our accolades in our hearts and souls. However, this to me is one of the greatest sacrifices ever.

    Thank you. I salute each and everyone of you.

  3. My name is Jeff lance lance am an American born citizen .I am a proud husband and father of 5 wonderful children. Our way of life as Americans depends on our military. I personally. Love and thank each of you selective service members (active or non active for your service and sacrifice, to this great nation of ours. Our nations military hold s in check our lives our freedom and our liberty. No other nation on earth, that I know of has it as good as we do .from the deepest part of my heart I thank you and personally I love you each and everyone.You are and always will be my brothers and sisters (family). Sincerely your brother and friend. Jeff lance

  4. As a veteran myself, I respect, and appreciate all those who have served their country honorably. I believe it is the greatest act of devotion to their country. I to am a veteran who has certain disabilities that wear, and tear caused by service bring about. I’m currently having those conditions evaluated, and hopefully corrected. I don’t want any disability to hinder me in anyway. I expect to be treated with the same respect, opportunity, and benefit’s that everyone else is entitled to as a American.

  5. Thank you for these words, & your patriotism that runs deeper than just
    words, your willingness to serve
    Our country. God bless you.

  6. I thank you very much for your service , I spent 20 years in navy mmc(sw) also worked in different repair ares, but I want to tell you my best by far was a young woman,what she said was wrong belive it Robert Aldridge (mmc(sw) &DOT I an a young fellow just past 3/4 of a centry + 2 may GOD BLESS & keep you safe

  7. GOD BLESS AMERICA. All our Vets, thank you for your service. I went to the Persian Gulf when the Iranians took the embassy and the hostages. President Reagan showed our might with out firing a shot.

  8. I join the Navy the Navy Reserve when I was 17 My Father had to sign some papers of consent. After two years I wanted to go Reg. Navy.
    I did do so & they sent me to Great Lakes Navel training Center. There they found out I had a hearing problem! A day or two I was sent
    back home with a Medical Discharge! It broke my heart!I have an older & younger brothers & they both served in the Navy. My older brother was in WW2 in the Navy.He was on the uss.Corinthian.My younger brother was on a Sub. I forget the name of it?


  9. Yes we have come along way as a nation and we have even farther too go today and tomorro. You are welcome for my service and I thank you for your service!

  10. From one fellow Veteran to another. I personally wish to THANK YOU! for your service to our country. The sacrifice that all service men and women make to, and for our country. At times is measured in blood, sweat, and tears all to often. So always remember this little saying.
    “For those who have never fought for it. Freedom has a taste, the protected will never know” I bid you peace.

  11. Thank You Dorothy for your service, and a belated Happy Veterans Day. God Bless all our vets.

  12. Thank you for all of you have done to protect our freedoms that we have in our country! If it where not for our Vets putting their life on the line everyday. Good bless you and God bless America.

  13. Hello Dorothy Nelson.

    Your synopsis of the role of women in the military ,.. WELL DONE!

    My thanks to you, and your sister, for your service, Keep um Flying!

  14. I thank you for acting on your feelings. All the women I supervised while in the service put their hearts into the job. I respected them and was rewarded with that extra when needed.

    God Bless the ladies in uniform.

  15. Dorothy, I salute you for your service.
    I am a few days late as I just received this link.
    I, too, am a female veteran: Desert Shield/Storm USANC RKH Hospital,Riyadh SA.
    I received numerous “Thank yous” upon my return & I appreciate it but…thousands upon thousands of vets are not thanked and it saddens me that people take Veteran’s service lightly & for granted.

  16. We cannot thank our veterans too much. From the beginning of this nation until today they have made unimagionable sacrifices. For most, their experiences never leave them. God bless them and keep them all safe and remembered.

  17. Ms. Nelson from the bottom of my hearth I want to thank you for your services, also all your brothers and sisters in uniform that perform a difficult and dangerous job to serve and protect our country. walk with pride and hold your head high as you and all military have earned that right.
    God Bless

  18. MY daughter served in the navy. She obtained top ranking and due to her security clearance can not disclose her position. However point being that years ago you would not find women in the position. I am very proud of her and it shows that women in the military are a important, vital asset. To all the women in the military, serving or have served, Thanks!

  19. I am a veteran myself. I served in the US Navy from 1991-1995. I always love reading stuff from fellow vets, regardless of their branch of service.
    Scott Ebbe USN Veteran

  20. Thank you for your service. I cqn truly appreciate it as we were an army family and have many family members who have served and many who serve today.

  21. Thank you for your service. All our men and women that have worn, do wear, and will wear the uniform of our armed services deserve the upmost respect from the people they represent. Again, a serious heartfelt thank you!

  22. Thank you for your service to this nation, and your sacrifice as well. I think this country owes a debt to all that can never be repaid. I support both you and everyone who has stood on the line against all enemies foreign and domestic as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Miss Nelson.

  23. As a Navy veteran, I want to thank all who have served and all who are presently serving this country. The American people do appreciate everything you do. Do not allow those few who have no clue to get you down. Hold your head high and go after your dreams.

  24. First of all thank you for your service and second i would like to say i am proud of y’all for serving for our country. I have granddaughters and someday they might want to join. Also like to warn all of y’all not to offend any military women out there. But there is a joke saying women in combat why is the kitchen on fire just thought i let y’all know just before you decide to punch him out. But again thank you for your service my oldest son is in the army and and my other sons wanted to join but they would not let join cause of their hearing impairment anyway GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND GOD BLESS TEXAS AND AMERICA GO TRUMP

  25. Hi Dorothy, you are right on with your comments. I like to think it was Victorian Ego of the men in positions of leadership that were afraid to loosen their hold their station. They would rather die with “Honor” than allow a woman to achieve what they could not.
    I am proud that I was able to serve. You are proud of your service and of the achievements of your predicessors, and you should be.
    Dorothy, Thank you for your service.

    Charles Arkon
    MMCM (SW), US NAVY (Retired)

  26. Hollo Dorothy Nelson my name is Joe Silva Jr. And I am 78 years old. Like you said you met a lot of amazing men and women during your service that you would not have met if you would not have signed up. I congratulate you for making that choice and may the archangel Saint Michel watch over you. I am proud of you for becoming a Veteran and may God bless you.if it is aloud you can E – Mail me any time.

  27. Dear Dorothy,

    It was with great pleasure and pride that I read your comments . There were no women in Special Forces when I served in Vietnam in the early 60s. However, the nurses who served in evac hospitals saw a lot of the worst of the battlefield casualties and worked long shifts in surgery and post op care doing their best to make circumstances more tolerable for the wounded. Frequently, the kind words and gentle touch of these women were all that helped some men retain their sanity over the pain etc. My beret will always be off to those women and to all the others, both military and civilian who worked diligently to help fight that war and all the others since and whose roles were every bit as important as those of us who carried guns. Again, I salute you all.

  28. Hi Dorothy, as an ex-RAF man and retired policeman, invalidated out after twenty one years due to an injury received on duty, I salute you and all women who join the Armed Forces of both your country and mine (UK). I am also VERY pleased to see that Mr. Trump has been elected to be your next President……and I believe that will be the reason
    we don’t have a third world war with Russia whereas had Clinton been elected there WOULD have been….there isn’t a more despicable person in politics anywhere in the world excluding North Korea that is. I wish you joy and happiness in your new position, you couldn’t be in better hands and hope to hear more from you in the weeks and months ahead.

  29. Thank you, Dorothy, for your service and for your informative, thoughtful article. And also thank you for your reminder that our veterans deserve more of our support, respect, and gratitude. Happy Veterans’ Day to you and your family!

  30. Thank you for your service and protecting our rights as citizens of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America!!

  31. I saw one veteran that I know from school and thanked her for her service and shook her hand as well. Just met two gentlemen tonight from an assisted living facility where my mother in law lives. One is a Vietnam Veteran, I thanked both of them and shook there hands. It made me tear up !

  32. I am not a veteran but my grandfather, dad, uncle, brother,brother in law, son in law is. My son in law is still serving now. Everyone except myself but I almost joined two different times. Thank you for your service and all the veterans. Because of you we are still the Land OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE !

  33. We thank ALL members in the service of our country for all that they have done for America, both men and women. God bless ALL our military services. God speed!

  34. As a past member of the armed service, I appreciate what the women of the armed service do and have achieved to serve the great USA.

    Thank you for your service!!


  36. Women like yourself are to be admired Dorothy, strong and determined and ready to show that women should be given the same opportunities as others.

    We have the same situation in Australia, with our veterans taking their only lives on a weekly basis and it makes me very angry. Serve your country, return home and get very little if any support. It’s scandalous.

    My full respect to you Dorothy.

    Good luck with your future going forward.
    Regards, Rob.

  37. To all servicemen in women,I I get up and stand at attention my heart covered by my hat to show respect for this country in the men and women who serve it. I also stop and take my head off Hurst that is going by are going by curling my hair I don’t know who’s in there man woman God help and I hope child. I also remember of taking the Pledge of Allegiance to The United States of America. And I take that very seriously I tried to join the armed forces when I was younger. They so so sorry you can’t go I was hurt but it didn’t stop me from have my belief shutdown. Would like to take this time you wish all branches of the Armed Forces a Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas. I hope that we have a good New Year for all of us in America.
    I hope and pray that our president elect Trump kind of remind you of your head home of a Northbound camel ( no offense to anybody meant by that except for) Trump I never liked the man and I’d like to meet and left with his politicking for the last 16 months and they didn’t really need to check to see where some of his billions went to since he won’t release his tax records. When has a president never showed tax records in this present day.
    To the women who has served and to the young women are serving into the ones that will sign up I applaud you like the history shows you guys have been pardon me women have been stepping up as much as you were allowed to Underside feel masculine hierarchy and ideals. I’m so glad do you have you there watching over us here. Thank you thank you and thank you again.

  38. Thank you for your navy time. I also served in the navy Vietnam era. Was on an ammunition ship in the med. Was an ensign in the main propulsion plant.
    Learned a lot. One item was to be glad to be on a bigger ship as I watched a destroyer come alongside for some 5 inch shells. We transferred them to them
    and they had to break the pallet of shells down and manually pass them to the shell locker. Think that was also the time we were in north Atlantic in winter
    and seas were high. They were taking water over bow and alternately had their screws come out of the water. Was glad I was not in engine room on their
    Was bad enough on mine as I had some equipment near the bow and had to go down 5 decks to check on equipment while we were pitching strongly. Quiclky
    learned to get set on the ladder coming up and wait till the bow thew me up and then move up and hold on again letting the ship do the work getting me up
    to the higher deck to go back aft.
    Thank you again.

  39. Thank you !
    Also Thanks to all the other Veterans passed and present !!
    My parents are both Korean war veterans !! That’s we’re they met !! My self I’m Vietnam war veteran!
    Women do play a very big part in the service , and also at home supporting their Loved ones!!

  40. Very awesome article! I am so very thankful and proud of our men and women who have served and do now serve our great country.

  41. Yes you women have come a long way. I just want to say thanks to all vets male and female for your service. And I pray that the new president helps with helping you all live better and healthier after your term of service.


  43. I have veteran friends who have fought and died in the falklands, Kuwait, Iraq and many more. I am always amazed at the level of commitment and total selfless acts that you guys and woman do. My utmost respects. X

  44. My wife proved to me that women are capable in careers formerly reserved to men. In the ’70’s she became a civilian pilot and flight instructor when women weren’t being generally accepted for military flight programs. She persevered in pursuing her career as a pilot, and retired a few years ago as a pilot for Northwest Airlines, one of the first 21 female airline pilots (charter member of ISA+21, an organization of the first 21 women airline pilots). She experienced all the male chauvinistic attitudes possible (they still exist) and gained the respect of the pilots with whom she flew. I’m glad to see women given roles in the military that didn’t exist until recently.

  45. I think the majority of everyday people appreciate your service but I am not at all happy about the lack of government support for you all when you return emotionally and or physically shattered. It down right stinks. You are so right about the progress us women have carved out for ourselves in a relatively short time. You go girl.

  46. I want to thank all the women and men in and out of the United States military and their families for the jobs well done so we can continue to have the freedoms to do the things we have been able to do for more than 200 years and without their brave sacrifices our live would be much different today. So thank a veteran or active duty member today for their service and their sacrifices and their service to our great way of life and always remember that freedom is never free it is always paid for one way or another.

  47. Hello Dorothy; It was a pleasure reading your life story in the military and I am proud of you as I am for all military. I had the pleasure of flying for 11 years off seven carriers for good old Navy during the cold war days when we were harassing the Russians 24/7 in the beautiful north Atlantic. I have over 5000 hours of flight time and many of them are sitting directly in back of the 9 cylinder radial engines that you probably worked on. During those days, I will admit, that there were no women aboard. I have been aboard a lot of Navy ships currently as I was president of a Navy League group and find these days that women make up roughly 25% of the crews in almost all tasks aboard. We always told everyone to fly NAVY, the best always have. I enjoyed your story. Barry Snow

  48. By the way my grandmother on my father’s side was a navy head nurse when a kamikaze pilot flew into the operating room of her ship we have no idea where she was buried and I never had the opportunity to meet her , but I do have the pride of her sacrifice and commitment .to the USA.. As I do for myself.

  49. Thank you and every other man,women and animal that has served this wonderful country of ours dogs dolphins and assorted other animals have been sent into service. I?if they were aware what or who they were fighting for but there commitment to their owners speaks for itself.we can’t forget all of the women and men who served our country and cannot be recognized because of the roles they played and don’t get the same benefits as the rest won’t be. Recognized due to the sensitive information they had to work with.and of course thanks to all of the family members who supported our troops be it raising the kids by themselves the parents that gave their blessings to a child that they might not ever see again.andhow many families that suffered and grieved but kept their head’s up no matter the sorrow in there heart’s.lets all give a minute of silence to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and another in thanks that have come home.

  50. I thank you for yours and all my brother and sister veterans.I served from 1973 to 1987. I am a disabled marine combat veteran.

  51. Thanks for the article. My mother went with my father to Texas and other places during WWII. She worked and helped
    him during the war. He was sent to Japan but the war wound down and they sent the ship back to the USA. Our country
    expected at least 500,000 US men to die taking Japan, but we bombed Japan and the war ended.

    Woman played many roles and served well during WWII and later. But I do not think they should be in combat. The
    physical and mental strains in combat are very different than in other areas of life. Thanks for your service and
    to all the other men and women who have served our country in the military. God bless you.

  52. as an little bit older NAM VET, I hear ya. I had an opportunity to be treated by
    a lady nurse in Danang greatest respect for Corps men Nurses and
    Huey med evac crews willing to come into a Hot LZ. AND I should now add
    the mechanics and others keeping the choppers in the air,
    Ben W

  53. Sorry I commnted on face book She is a great person as all the rest of them are to with out people like her our country would not be free may God bless every one of them!!!👍

  54. I am also a veteran and was an aviation machinist mate. I thank you and all veterans for their service. I wish the best for you in your future endeavors.

  55. I admire and honor all of our military personnel, their families and the civilians who work to support them. To me you are all hero’s. Please don’t believe that you are worthless and can’t contribute any more. All of you have so much to teach others. I know that you may have trouble dealing with things that you’ve had to do to protect yourself, other service members and innocent victims. Just know that for every action you had to take, it may have caused an enemy’s death but it also resulted in other lives being saved. Please talk to someone if you need to, join a support group of other veterans who understand what you’re going through. I worked in police/fire/ rescue for over 30 years before a bus pulled in front of me and caused me to be 100% disabled. Just like you it’s very hard to try and explain to a normal civilian what or why we had to do something. No matter what anybody says, stay true to yourself and know that you are honored, admired and loved for your service. May you receive all the blessings in the world.

  56. Great post, I am also a veteran of the Navy and served for 10 years as a P-3C sensor operator. I was there when the first squadrons started to integrate females into the fleet in a deployed sea duty command. It took a little bit of work to get everyone to get use to the changes. It all work out to the betterment of the Navy. Thanks for your service. I am still serving as a civilian instructor for the past 28 years.
    AW1 (NAC) Randy Cook

  57. Thank you sister. My Mom was a Lance Corporal USMC. My Pop a Capt. USMC. She became an Officer’s lady. To this day even with my Pop’s passing we stand when my Mom sits at the table.

  58. Thank you for helping defend our freedoms. As a veteran you understand what military service is like and the difference between the military and civilians mindset. We just see things differently. I spent 3 years in military intelligence. Thank you for your service, sailor.

  59. I didn’t have the honor of serving, but I recognize and respect the sacrifice and risks involved in military service. Your bravery allows us the privilidge to be free. Thank you.

  60. I want to say thank you for your service,most people don’t know how hard it is. We are about to set out on a new path that I hope to start to rebuild the country. Again Thank you.

  61. Dorothy, Thank you for the blog post. I also served. I was in the Army Nurse Corps for 6 years and enjoyed the experience immensely. I am glad to hear of your affiliation with Fight Fast and wish you well in the future.

  62. Dorthy, Nothing warms my heart any faster than to hear that there is respect for the veteran. You were out there some place serving as I have served. I am retired Military; Things were not always this way. There was once a time when we got very little respect. We lost allot of men In vietnam! We gave an oath you and I!We are brothers and sisters, we survived. Even if you did not have to fight the way some of us did. You stood proud and strong. Of late? it appears that we of the oath? will again be tested! I pray for you and all the others who will stand up, There are 22.5 Million of us who will, Afflicted in someway or not,? wounded or not, carrying Toxins of “agent orange” or not, this older generation, ‘bound by oath’ will fulfill that oath against all enemy’s foreign or domestic! I am proud to be your Brother in arms. “May God bless and keep you ” Amen!

  63. Dorothy, Thank you for your service, I am a Vietnam veteran, My Father served in the Navy, Sea Bees, Army Air-corp and the Air Force, he served in WW II, Korea and Vietnam and retired after 29 years of service, I think of him daily and I miss the towering man that has always been my hero, gone from us but not forgotten I remember the pride and sense of honor he instilled in all 5 of his children. My father and I both know how extremely important women have been and still are to our military, from the stay at home Mom or wife, to the brave women who serve in combat zones in the name of freedom. We must always remember and be diligent in telling everyone who doesn’t know or realize that since the early 1970’s we have had an ALL VOLUNTEER military, therefore all who have served in more than 40 years have CHOSEN to serve and protect, yes, even those who would speak ill of us and call us names, we who were sent or those the brave who chose to join, stand united in saying “GOD BLESS AMERICA” . Remain calm and return fire !
    Thank you,

  64. As a Vet I I would just like to say THANK YOU to all the other Veterans and to the men and women that are serving now and to those that will serve in the future.
    With out you this country would not be what it is today, and we would not have the freedom that we all take for granted.


  65. Thanks first of all for your service. Proud to have you on board.
    Second, thanks for the history lesson on women in the service of our country. Much information that I thought happen years before!
    Again, thanks!

  66. Thank YOU, Dorothy “DJ” for your service. Thanks, also to the men & women that will read your post AND have served in the military. I am now and have Always been so very proud of our military and the sacrifices that they make to wear the uniform, take the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the USA.

  67. With out the work and sacrifice of all the men and women through out the years, we would not enjoy the freedoms they earned for us with there blood sweat and lives. God bless the veterans.

  68. Thank you for your service. I know many men who also served doing the same type of work. You all deserve more than we e can give. May God richly bless you. Keith

  69. God Bless you Dorothy and all those who have and are currently serving this great country. Also as you mentioned God Bless the families that are home keeping things together and counting the days till their loved ones return. I personally believe The bible speaks of ya’ll in Romans 13:4.
    God Bless America and God Bless our troops.

  70. Thank you Dorothy and welcome home!

    While deployed during OIF-II (Dec 2003-Feb 2005) just north of Baghdad, I was part of a crew that Medevac’d a young female Blackhawk pilot who lost both her legs to an RPG that had ripped through the floor of her aircraft. Dispite her devastating wounds, she was able to land the aircraft saving the lives of everyone onboard. Her only concern the entire time during the evac was the status and safety of crew. AmazingI This young pilot was one of the bravest warfighters, man or women, I’d ever had the pleasure of serving with.

    Fast forward almost 12 years to the day she was wounded and she’s still fighting. She fights every day for the safety and security of her brothers and sisters who served, are serving, or will serve. On November 8th 2016 this amazing warfighter and champion of veterans was elected to the United States Senate. So, if you happen to see her, Please tell Senator Tammy Duckworth congratulaions and Welcome Home! “Hooha” and God Bless America!


  71. Thank-You so much for saying thanks, Dorothy! It is especially meaningful when someone who served says thanks. I spent 10 years in the Navy navigating 3 submarines. Even though each of us may contribute in very different capacities, we each also have that “understanding” of what it means to serve. Thank-you for protecting our country as well as your sister. Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have and all who still are protecting this great country. Former QM2/SS, USN.

  72. Thank you for your service. And thanks to all our service men and women who make our country a safer place. I also served in the Navy in the early 80s

  73. As a Veteran my self. THANK YOU DOROTHY. and all the women who served. Your story hits home to me as I to was very young. I didn’t do anything special in the Army but get injured in training. I didn’t get to achieve my goals I had dreamed of. I wasn’t popular with some of my fellow soldiers because my views of women in the Army . I would point out their great abilities to those who apposed women as soldiers. Especially to the men who just barely qualified on the range. I myself grew up shooting and got expert first time on range. And as we watched the young woman do the same as I had , I would point that out to the young men who didn’t believe in the lady soldiers and laugh at them. That along with my statement that I rather have those young ladies backing me up. That didn’t make me very popular with only those few. But being the way I was and still am I didn’t care. As a matter of fact, A young Lady specialist whom had served 4 year’s was a great help to me after boot in my classes. Academics was not my strong suit. So I have always been grateful to her and always will. And I extend that gratefulness to you and your service. Again, A big Thank you again Dorothy and all the women who served and still do.

  74. Dorothy,
    Having been a unit commander in the air force, I always respected the job our women did in aircraft maintenance. One young woman stands out in my memory to this day. We had to evacuate our B52s because of a typhoon and one aircraft had a engine problem. This young sargeant, worked in pouring down rain and wind to fix the problem. The wing commander was yelling to get a more experienced man to fix the problem. I had great faith in this lady’s ability and told him she doesn’the need a man’s help to fix the problem. She did her job!

  75. Well life as we know it may have been very different if not for your hard work and sacrifice. As civilians we all know that and dont always now how to say or show it. Thankyou for your service to our country and God Bless you.

  76. I just want to say that as an American, I am very proud of what you were able to accomplish as a soldier and a woman. God Bless You for your service and your sacrifices for our country and our constitution. Please accept my heartfelt Thanks as you celebrate this day to honor you.

  77. Thank you for your service Dorothy! My wife also served, in the Army Nurse’s Corp during desert storm. It was memorable experience for her. She is a Captain and out ranks Me!

    From a fellow vet

  78. Many thanks, Dorothy Nelson, for what you so eloquently penned. May you enjoy the benefits of this day and may you have a wonderful, long and fulfilling life.

    Petrotta, George I.

  79. Thank you for your report which no doubt came directly from your heart. I am a veteran of the Korean area and I’d like to add some information about women that probably is not known by many people doing war war two. When are young men were drafted and sent overseas the women left behind became one of the best world producers of military support materials. This was one of the first steps that are country made and given recognition to the importance of women instead of just being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen cooking and sewing. Thanks to all of the people who did create this wonderful image for the women in the United States I am happy to read your report as I combine this knowledge above what your report presents to us. With loving kindness to all veterans, Bob cheek

  80. AMEN!!!, well said Dorothy.
    You are spot on, we need to put our Veterans in a higher category than we do, I remember after the Vietnam war the poor Vets were scrutinized by the protesters after they came home, many were wounded physically and mentally, the draft was enforced and many did not believe in that war and had there lives changed forever.
    There is the feeling today that Veterans are more appreciated and respected than back in the Vietnam era, thank you for serving, GOD BLESS!
    Happy Veterans Day
    Gary Machafo


  82. As a Navy Gunnersmate (68-71) I loved what you wrote. My navy had no women on ships. New navy has all people every where(seals not yet). I worked 40 years in refinery where women be came large part of work force. Many were outstanding. Few not so good. Just like the men. I am ALL vets can come together this day. God bless America and all who have served her. My God bless your life.

  83. Thank you and all those who have served and sacrificed for our wonderful country! God Bless America and God Bless Our service men and women!!!

  84. I spent 3 years in the Army’s 101st Airborne back in the mid-seventies and met quite a few women that I felt were just as tough as the guy’s. Thank you for your informative blog.

  85. You honor me by allowing me to say THANK YOU! It is because of you and all of our military that we are allowed to live free and prosper in the greatest country in the world.
    Thank you again and may God bless you and America!

  86. Thank you so much for your service! I only wish I could count myself among you. I was born long enough ago, that the recruiter I spoke to actually patted me on my head, told me to find a nice boy and get married and have babies. It makes me proud to know how far women in the military have come!

  87. Thank you, all veterans, that have served to make our nation the greatest in the world!!!! We all need to not only thank our veterans one day a year but to take part in the many programs that help support our veterans year round. What makes us the greatest nation in the world is the willingness of people to help others!!!! As a nation we have millions of people that were willing to put their life on the line to protect our freedom and to help the oppressed around the world. It should be our desire and duty to support those that have risked so much for us.

  88. Dorothy,

    You’re awesome and thank you also for your service.
    A lot of people don’t know veterans day is also the Navy’s birthday as well , yesterday was the Marine Corps birthday.

    Semper Fidelis
    JP Moreno

  89. Thank you for your service and thank every woman who has ever served!! Thank you each and every family member and friend that supports our military.

  90. I have a great respect and appreciation for all veterans alike. America has benefited greatly from all the sacrifices. No words could ever match this level of patriotism. GOD please comfort and reach these honorable veterans. Thank you very much.

  91. Thank you Dorothy for your service. Not everyone is willing to serve. It says a lot about you that you did.
    Fair winds and following seas.

  92. Hi,
    First I would like to say Thank You for your service.
    I am a Bosun ,US Merchant Marines , Ret. I spent 30 years going to sea. One of those who also went to war , but are not considered as Veterans. (Desert Storm, Desert Freedom, Just Cause). My fellow shipmates and I have worked closely with the military in any and all time of need. On one ship I spent six months in the Ready Deployment Fleet in Diego Garcia out in the middle of the Indian Ocean on a ship full of supplies to keep our soldiers in the fight.
    We would have sailed in convoy to wherever we were ordered to go and done so gladly!
    Our ships aren’t armed and at the most we get minimal small arms training nowadays on certain ships and missions.
    Since June of 1775 the U.S. Merchant Marines were the country’s first Navy taking action against the British warships and as blockade runners and smugglers bring in necessary goods and supplies to assist the ground war effort in our fight for independence.
    I fully agree with your article and ask that you also remember the rest of us working hard behind the lines
    Again Thanks to all of you who have served and are currently serving our Country. SALUTE!

  93. I want to thank you for all your service to this country. As a Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout Troop, I constantly tell the boys about our military personnel and the sacrifices they make for us. Thank you once again for all you have done for this country.

  94. Thanks. As 3rd Member of My Family to serve I would like to (also) say Thank-You to You as well, and also to ALL of the Veterans that have given, and preserved Our Freedoms in the Great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. May God Bless America.

  95. A very heartfelt message. Although I’m not a veteran my father and uncle both were and are now buried in los Angeles veterans cemetery. I thank you and all the veterans for your service and our freedom

  96. thank you Dorothy for YOUR SERVICE, women are a great asset to the military.men could not do with out them,they were a large factor to all branches of the military I am happy you were one of us, G B JAY SUTER aka JBIRD

  97. Great essay, we do forget that women through out history
    Played a big part in our military on the front lines and in support of fighting troops.

  98. For all the men and women who haved served and to all the men and women who still serve and their loved ones. . .thank you so much. To the author: thank you for a wonderfully written reminder of women’s contributions to the history of our military.

  99. Muchas gracias. Un abrazo a todos los que piensan que no sirvió de nada todo su sacrificio.
    Sirve todos los días y gracias a eso puedo escribir esta nota.

  100. As always I thank god we have so many brave man and woman. To serve our country. I cherish all the freedom I have. And thank our service men and woman for it. Truly from the bottom of my heart I thank you all.


  101. I once saw a t shirt that said. lf you can read this thank a teacher. If you can read this in English thank a veteran. Thank you to one and all of our veterans .

  102. I love it! THANK you so very much for your service to our great country! My father is also a veteran and I offer ALL vets my utmost admiration and respect! GOD bless you, Dorothy Nelson!!!

  103. Many thanks to you and all our Vets Women and Men alike for keeping our country and its people safe and most of all FREE.

  104. Bob, Dorothy, and all of our Fight Fast teammates,

    As a senior leader still on active duty in the combat ranks of our Army I want to thank you and especially Dorothy for reminding us of where we came from and where we are.

    As we all know the Constitution that we swear to support and defend gives our Legislative Branch the responsibility to maintain our Armed Forces. That means they set the rules for who serves, how they serve, and what they get for serving. It’s up to those of us who serve to enforce and operate within those rules they set. For me, as a senior leader, i’m proud to stand beside anyone who has the guts and physical fortitude to take up arms in defense of our country and our way of life. I’m glad to see that we as a nation have gotten over our issues with race, creed, gender, or any other discriminators for service. What matters is your commitment, courage, and professionalism.

    Thank you Dorothy for your service, your courage, and your commitment. We are all greatfull.

    “All it takes for Evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing”
    “Freedom sleeps easy because a handful or well trained and rough (people) stand ready to do violence on its behalf.”

  105. Thank you for your service, Women in are Military deserve the Top honors they work for, Keep up the good work, i am proud to say i worked with women in uniform. (staff Sgt TLB Ret)

  106. First off, thank you for your service to this country and our Armed Services. Without young people like yourselves sacrificing your time and energies to our military we wouldn’t have the military we have today!
    Secondly, thank you for your heartfelt statements. As a veteran myself I remain very proud of this country and our military and what they accomplish on a daily basis.
    Again thank you for your service and good luck to you on your future endeavors.
    God bless you and God bless America!!!!

  107. I am very proud of every woman who puts it on the line for our country,lets hope and pray they don’t have to do it here because of a narcissistic nincompoop who conned his way into the white House and currently threatens democracy.

  108. THANK YOU for serving your country Dorothy, and your pride is evident in your writing and company you keep. As a fellow vet (NAM) I have witnessed first hand the contributions women have made in our armed forces, and with the pride they showed in their work and camaraderie. It didn’t matter if they were wavs, wacs, wafs or bams , the women stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. GOD BLESS THEM ALL !

  109. I can not be more prouder of the wemen and men that served in the military. I was in a Militaey Police unit in 1956 till 1962. I can not a veteran. There was a fire were they kept the Military records and what was burnt was the years of 1942 to 1967. All that time I was waiting from some one from my unit to call me so I called them and all they could tell me is that they would call me to stay near a phone or some one near the phone in case they would call. But know one ever called. But I did get a call before all this and it was to report to fort ore and I did it was for basic training. I can tell you I was not proud it heart me very much and I am sill very inbarest. Good for you that you are a veteran. Thank you for listening to me. I uphold and am very grateful for the men and wemen that went to Veitnam and for the ones that made it back to a country that did not honor them and the help they did not get and are still not getting. God bless all of them. From Joe Silva Jr.

  110. I am all for women being a large part of our military…but have some fears, Women are not men and they are not built for the hardships that war demands . But since women are so determined to compete with men , I only hope that they know, that they will die on the battle field just like men.. But if women who are willing to fight and die for our country…. then I tell all of our brave young women …and u go girls and show us that women can be a tough enemy…and you don’t want to make her mad! Eileen

  111. Dorothy,

    Thank you very much for your service. Service to our country can be very fulfilling, but can also be very horrifying. Sometimes we do terrible things because we have to. Sometimes because we are scared stiff, and sometimes because at that moment, we think we want to. These things will be with us as long as we live. They do not make us monsters, only human. No other person has ever walked in our boots, nor can they. When as young men or women we go into Service, we are often brash and callow. In war time, that does not last long. Our experiences change us.

    When we come back we are different in ways our loved ones cannot always understand, but they still love us! It is hard to accept their love because they do not see us as we see ourselves. It is important to understand what we have gone through so we can understand ourselves.

    Stand tall and proud, Veterans! We are worth this day! We have done what we could to protect our Country and our Loved Ones.

    Happy Veterans Day!!!

    Johnie (Navy ’65)

  112. Thanks for your message to all of us.

    Thank you for serving and sacrificing for our freedom, our country.
    Thanks to all out veterans for preserving our freedom and our way of life.

  113. Thank you for your review of how far we have come in integrating both women and others into our military and basic economy. One thing we all learned during our military service was dedications to county, respect for authority, and tolerance. It is too bad and many of our countrymen and women have not also learned those talents. Those that gave our county, not government, but our county our blank check, asking only that we be given important contributing work to support the cause, now have a problem understanding certain current behavior of our countrymen and women. I wish that all American citizens would be allowed to obtain these wonderful talents. I feel proud of my limited service to this county, even though it was in peace time, and I feel blessed to be counted among the veterans that served much more than I did in areas that I did not have to serve in, encountering risk and hardships i can only image.

  114. People in my family have fought in nearly every war since World War 1 and I appreciate all veterans that stand up for this country the love and the hardships that we go through Carhartt but we must believe in this country and his Constitution and God bless America and you ma’am and all service people we must keep this Republic free

  115. Today more than days past women play an increasing role in the defense of our country. As a veteran of the United States Army which I served for, and as an E-8 First Sargent, the privilege to lead; I cannot express the level of respect and gratitude that I have for women who have/are serving in our armed forces; and this goes without saying to all vets. I had the privilege to lead many brave and courageous men and women in my time and especially in the theatres of Kuwait and Panama .

  116. Thank You for your service, it is truly a pleasure to have the women of the military in our Country. I feel like whether we served during peace time or war it is a great honor to have had the opportunity. Today we will all stand together as one!! God Bless America and God Bless our women and men who fight for the freedoms we have.

  117. Dear Vet.,I personally would like to congratulate you & a really big thank you for serving & protecting our great nation ! I salute you.

  118. To Dorothy and the Fight Fast crew what she has said is music to my ears .I am 57 yrs. old and was not in any of the military Due to some Birth defects that did not allow me to join, although I really wanted in the Air force most of all. I did however become very adapt at skills that I can still use today to Help PROTECT THOSE THAT CANNOT PROTECT THEMSELVES .I Admire her writing skills as I could not have said It any better GOD BLESS ALL OUR MILITARY WOMAN AND MEN and with GODS SPEED I TRULY WISH THAT ALL OUR MILITARY TO BE BROUGHT HERE IN THE USA TO HELP PROTECT US FROM WITHIN OUR OWN BOUNDRIES OUR FORCES SHOULD BE HERE IN AMERICA WHERE WE BELONG close to the loved ones we cherish so much and will always protect GOD BLESS OUR VETRANS AND protect them as they have HAVE PROTECTED US.

  119. Thanks Dorothy,
    Your words of encouragement will go a long way for the women who feel they don’t measure up to the stereotyped soldier and feel they will only be laughed at and not make the grade. It doesn’t matter what you will be in the military whether its combat or a cook. Your giving to this country and to another so we can all live free. Thats a gift comparible to none.

  120. Thank you to every Veteran for your service. I am so thankful for the freedom I and my family have every day. God bless each of you.

  121. I am a viet nam vet and to this day it brings me to tears when ever I hear a thank you for your service. I was and still am a very proud vet.

  122. Hello Dorothy,

    I for one, appreciate Those fine words. I know that there are many, many, others that feel the same way .

    Thank You!

  123. American women are smart tough as nails.
    I am a vet and also grew up in a military family
    my dad was a career army enlisted man.
    WW 2 and Korea when I was a kid. I know how tuff my mom was. I am a vet served in air force on a flight line operating a crash truck with foam did not see any war time
    duty. To young for trendsetters in Korea and out of the military by the time Vietnam War started

  124. Hello Ms. Nelson, First of all I want to Thank you and your sister personally for your willingness to put yourselves into harms way to protect our freedoms!!! I hold all Military Personnel in the highest of regards, as well as respecting every man and woman who committed to serve in the fight for the American Liberties!


  125. Well done sister. When I went into the Army back in ’71 the only women I saw were REMF’s or hospital staff (and thank heaven for them!). I’m quite glad things have changed for you since. Now if we can do something about the asshats whose only way to get any p***y is to take it by force, and either hand them their bloody nuts or do a better psych profile on folks enlisting. I don’t have any real answers, but something has got to be done about the current state of enlistment of gang culture. I understand they lowered the bar to fill slots, but maybe now they will quit letting in gang related ink ( yes sir, I swear I gave all that up to serve)- BS!

  126. Thanks Dorothy, it is great that you have spoken for the female gender and I bet with much pride. I have served with men and women of all races and very happy to do so. I was a corpsman striker and my mentor was African/American. He was very inteligent and kind. I really learned a lot from him and I miss him alot. When I was discharged I began a career that for the most part was for women. In the late 1960’s it was rare to see men in the nursing field. I had some really great teachers/instructors over the years and had a great time doing it. I was proud to serve and work with all of them.


  127. Every night….my daughter and I pray for the health and safety of our men and women in uniform… Thanks just doesn’t seem enough. We all MUST remember how and why we are still here in this great country… We only ask not to be forgotten and given our due support of a thankful nation.

  128. First thank you for enlightment of woman in the service of wars past n present GB all, and a heart true to our vets all and active service men and women THANK YOU! God Bles and salute to ALL.

  129. My God! What a e-mail!!! I TRUELY feel as if it is one that I can wholly identify with. I retired from the Navy in ’98. A male 1st Class Petty Officer. I was married through most of my career ( 2 separate marriages) having children with both. When I was at sea, they were left behind to not only raise our kids by themselves, but also take on the duties of making sure all bills were paid, grass was mowed, household repairs were taken care of, and the list goes on. Oh! By the way, they also had full time jobs! One also went to college during all of this achieving her Master’s Degree in Psychology! Purely amazing! All I did was float on a carrier (USS Saratoga CV-60) and rebuild jet engines. Something I really enjoyed doing. Who gave more? Me or these women?
    I now have a daughter 26yrs old, who recently earned her Doctors Degree and is now in the U. S. Air Force, stationed in Virginia. Do I even have to say how proud I am?

  130. I am 52, a student of history and I am proud to be an American. I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 45 of my 52 years. My point is although I personally could never serve I am immensely proud of all who have that have sacrificed of themselves to the point of giving their lives to protect the freedoms to many in this Great nation appear to take for granted now.
    To all who have served, supported or lost someone who served, I extend my gratitude, and heartfelt thank you for protecting this nation I love.
    God bless each and all.
    With admiration and pride. PDV

  131. First off, I for one am glad to informally meet one of our women that were in the military. Though I don’t know you personally, I am as proud of you as I am of my Brother who served in Bangkok But ended his tour of duty in NAM as a punishment by the Army cause he went over Chain of Command because while in Bangkok the Army brushed over an incident that cause a buddy of his that got killed and they did nothing to rectify it. But that’s another story for another time.

    Personally, my feelings are based on how from the very beginning had women in uniform, fighting shoulder to shoulder with their male troops. As a civilian, I salute you for your bravery and am proud to as a veteran and wish you the very best of luck weather you where you are or move on to new ventures.


  133. Hi, Dorothy:

    Thank you for your nice letter. It is an honor and a privilege to be a Veteran. My nine years in the Air Force were time well spent, and I don’t regret it. I hope that soon we will forge some kind of National Service requirement for all kids to spend a couple of years doing something (not necessarily military) for the country. Fix roads, build bridges, upgrade the network infrastructure, etc etc. What do you think about the idea? A number of my old 1960s friends have approached me about this.

    Once again, thank you for your service!

    Roger Edwards, Yukon OK

  134. Our great Country is only great because of the men and women who are willing to defend our Freedoms and allow this great experiment to continue to exist as the best country on the planet..the world often seems upside down and unstable but you have my undying support for defending our land along with promoting peace through strength. My gratitude may seem hollow for what many take for granted, but I want to express my unwavering support and thanks.
    Good Bless!- JR

  135. Nicely written. Thank you for your service and most of all Thank You for coming back alive
    Doc Johnson
    2nd MAR/DIV

  136. Dorothy Nelson I thank you for service, and your courage to enlist in the military, Has I thank all my brother and sister in arm’s, I to am proud to have service in the 82nd airborne ranger in 1974 to 1977. And I thank all who service, and proud to be in the family of the military’s. I pray always for all, may God Bless us all, I thank him every day. Happy Veterans day.

  137. I am a proud veteran who feels great knowing I am among some great men and women who served this country willingly or not but served none the less. I was not subject to some of the worst things that have happened to some but am damn honored to be considered with the ones that endured them. I feel the best that can be said is “ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL.”

  138. Thank you Dorothy!! Your services to our great nation are appreciated! God be with you and all other service men and women on this day and always. Prayers and love from my heart to all yours, Karen

  139. Hello Dorothy,
    It was wonderful to read your email. I don’t normally reply to these types of messages, so consider yourself honoured with a ‘first’ in this respect.
    A well written article carrying a powerful emotional-punch that really can only come from a female. Well done!
    From an old chauvinist in New Zealand.

  140. From the bottom of my heart I truly want to thank all our women veterans for there service on this OUR veterans day.
    You all have done such a great job at what you do or no mater what you do you do a great job. Us fellows veterans can’t
    thank you enough. God Bless and Semper FI.
    Jim W5CJB
    Semper Fi USMC

  141. As a military brat; then a military wife; and last but not least the mother of 2 sons in the military, I know and understand the hard work and sacrafice that you and the rest of our veterans and active military give from the bottom of your hearts each and every day to keep us safe and free. GOD BLESS YOU AND ALWAYS KNOW THAT WE ARE HERE FOR YOU AND PRAY FOR YOUR SAFE RETURN AS YOU LOOK OUT FOR US EACH AND EVERY DAY. Sincerely, Jan H.

  142. USAF TSgt (E6) retired (Vietnam vet). Thanks for the article. Good times and bad. Events I’ll never forget. I was lucky. No PTSD.

  143. Thank you Little Sister for your service to our Great Country. I had some of the finest females working with and for me while in the service. So yes, thank you to all our Veterans male and female.

  144. There is no way that we can ever, ever say thank you enough to all the veterans, men and women, who have fought for us every way possible. And yes the Families 2 have watched and waited as their loved ones served our country for us even though many of them never returned home. It is my prayer every day that God blesses all of our veterans and their families. They are the reason that we are still Americans

  145. yea i do understand there are alot of men and women that do not get the recognition that they deserve so i would be more than happy to send a great big huge thank you to all that have served and the ones that still are serving our country to make it the country that we are so grateful to live in today so i would be more than happy to say thank you and god bless you all.

  146. Amen !!
    “Thank You” to All veterans, each and every one for your service, AND – as Dorothy noted, to the Families of each and every one !! Absolutely an integral part of the amazing experience living a military life is ~
    God Bless You All ,
    Bryan T. Bowen

  147. Hey Squidly! Thanks for reminding all of us about our SISTERS -In-Arms! Many didn’t realize it at the time (1960-80’s) that Female Marines endured the SAME Boot Camp indignities, challenges (Mental and physical) and dangers as I and my Brother marines endured and overcame!

    Thank you for your service and the life saving maintanence you gave my Brother and Sister Marines and Sailor’s Aircraft. (Truth in lending here: After Aviation Structural Mechanic training at NAS Memphis, I was stationed at MCAS(H) Santa Ana, CA. for the duration of my enlistment, working on CH-46 Sea Knight Helicopters.)

  148. Wow! Well said Dorothy!! Thank you for your service as well as all the veterans out there. Thank you very much for you selfless service to our country!!

  149. Dorothy; My history and experiences are similar to yours. Mine was Air Force related. I joined in 1943 and continued active and reserves into 1973. My personal and professional growth seems immeasurable. I earned my rating of Pilot and over time held several slots, all good. As I continued I grew with the assignments and late in my time I became a unit commander (twice). My experiences and training meshed very well with my civilian fields in education–it was a two-way street. I retired after over 40 years of teaching, serving as a collage professor and department chairman. If I had to do it all over again, I would. There are those who have had some rough times in the military. I didn’t, I won.

  150. vets are the reason we have a free and prosperous nation. Thanks to all who have served and all who are serving. Semper-Fi

  151. Thank you for your sacrifices. Awesome you took the time to validate men and women who have served our great country keeping it safe.

  152. Hey Dorothy,

    From a fellow “squid”, I really appreciate that you took the time to write those heartfelt words. I retired from the Navy in 1998 and had an incredibly, non-stop exciting career. I was a Radioman (RM1 AW/NAC) that served on ships, shore, and after about 8 years in, became a TACAMO Commications Supervisor and flew for the remaining 12 years of my career. As I look back, like you I met some incredible people that profoundly influenced my life. Just about every time I go out in town today I see men and women in uniform and it does my heart good knowing how much each of them sacrifice everyday. I try to thank as many as I can for their service to their country because, let’s face it, being patriotic isn’t that popular today. My father served in the Navy and my mother in the Coast Guard during WWII. Although she didn’t talk about it much, my mother was very proud to have been able to contribute to the war effort back then when it wasn’t that popular a thing for a woman to do. In closing, just a quick “Thank You” for YOUR service to your country and Happy Veterans Day to you as well. God Bless!!

  153. As a child I met many veterans, mostly from WWII, Korea and a few from WWI. They told me about the WACS and WAVS (SP) and “Rosie”. Found out my friend’s mother was a riveter ! Her husband was a Marine Raider, a very tough man. I have felt I didn’t do enough, could have done more wanted to do more but the higher ups always say “Don’t Rock the Boat”in viet nam. I went out at night by myself as I couldn’t trust anyone. I wish I had a few good women to “walk” with then.

  154. Nice piece, JetMech. Always did appreciate you guys on the flt dk in pitching seas, rain – flashlight in your mouth – working in the dark to get the jet in the air. And that was in peacetime! Thanks for your thought & your service. Congrats on new job. Goat (Phantoms, TCats)

  155. Hat’s off to all the men and women who fight for our freedom! I have nothing but the upmost respect for each and every one of you! God bless America!

  156. God bless you Dorothy, and all men and women who put their lives on the line so that the world will be a better place! Primarily because of the sacrifices you make for the greater good of others!

    Thank you and God bless you all!!!
    Sincerely in your debt,
    Don Marshall

  157. Thank you for your service! and thank you for taking the time to write all of that. I would like to add that, as a man who went from being extremely active, and looking forward to the best years of my life, to being on 100% disability, I too know those dark feelings, and thoughts of taking the 158 grain way out. I have no answers, except to say that now, 14 years later, I am still here, and the dark thought/feelings are not as bad, nor do they come as often.
    I beg all of those having these feelings/thoughts to PLEASE get some pro. help. and NEVER give up!!!

    I wish a happy veterans day to all vets, their families, and loved ones.

    P.S. please excuse the bad typing. I do not have use of all my fingers…

  158. Dorothy I’m not very good with words and nor is my spelling. But my heart , love and prayers go to you and each and every service manual and women that fight for our country. And to those that gave up their lifes for us . You all do so much for your country and I got to say those of you that come home should always have a home and jobs to come ho.e to. Why I say that is cause there are those that come home and they have no one to come home to , some are forgotten . Dorothy thank you for all that you gave for us and done for your service men and women God Bless you all ………………………. lol see I told you I wasn’t good at speaking.. THANK YOU

  159. Women have been a major support to men since the beginning of time. it’s about time we support them. I didn’t serve actively I made in air refueling hose for the fighters during Vietnam war .l

  160. In my opinion the nurses in areas of action have never gotten the kudos they deserve. In some ways their service required more bravery than they would have needed to be hair on fire gunship pilots. Find one and give him or her a heartfelt thanks tomorrow.

  161. I am so Proud of you and all of the men and women who honorarily served our country with dignity and grace. For you see one of those men is my son,
    Sgt. James W Powell Jr. Who gave 15 years of service to his country. So to all of you in the military who served and are still serving “thank you” from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all and God bless America 👪👪👪👫👪

  162. From a USMC Nam vet, I thank you for your service to this great country. The 11th of Nov is also tribute to women as well. Happy Veterans Day.

  163. Congratulations!! This history is enlightening. Thank you. I’m glad you were able to do a job you were good at. I tested 98% foe mechanical aptitude and ability on a test once and I was told that I may get employment at an Auto Parts store!!! My Mom had a garage and cafe so I was able to work on cars and drive a tow truck as well as cook meals!!

  164. On this Veterans Day, I want to Thank You For Your Service and to Be Willing to Put Your Life on The Line to Serve and Protect the United States of America!!! May God Bless and Watch Over YOU in Everything You Do, and once Again…Thank You For Your Service!!!

  165. Thankyou very much. My husbands aunt died from inhaling welding fumes because they needed women to build the Navy fleets to go into combat
    What a horrible death she had to bear ,so young,but the boys out fighting left only women to build these ship, etc. They were not enrolled as a vet, but knew in their hearts, they were the last lines of defense for our great Nation

  166. Dorothy , thanks for sharing the history of women in the armed services. Thanks to you and the other women and men of the armed services for your faithful unselfish service to our country and all the sacrifices made in your service. Happy Veterans Day!
    From an Air Force brat

  167. Ms Nelson,
    We can never underestimate our women in the military. My parents best friends were a couple named Chuck and Lori, both Army vets in WWII (as was my Dad, WWII and Korea). Lori was a nurse in WWII and her field hospital was actually captured by Germans. She was one of the first females to be awarded a Silver Star. I was injured in Vietnam and the nurses there were absolutely amazing. When I got commissioned, I flew with women in Desert Shield, Storm, Provide Comfort, Yugoslavia and the Bosnia crisis. They were all great friends, officers and aviators!
    Our women today are serving at all levels, in virtually every career field all over the world. If anyone questions the role of women in the military, I suggest they Google Gen Lori Robinson, our Nation’s first female 4 star and combatant command, Commander!

  168. From a Navy Airdale (enlisted ATN) who flew 300 ECM missions over Vietnam (Laos/Cambodia where it never happened) I applaud you and all our fellow veterans

  169. To all the veterans at Fightfast, thank you for serving this great country, and thank all of the folks at Fightfast for caring enough to do what you do.

  170. Dear Dorothy,
    Thank you for your support and thank you for YOUR service. I appreciate and support any woman who chooses to enter military service. It is a long known, if not so often stated, fact that women are every bit as qualified to do the job as men. I come from a mostly military family. Both of my parents served during WWII. My father was in the Philippines in the Army and my mom served at Pearl Harbor in the Navy. I was in the Army in Vietnam. My sister spent 23 years in the Navy and was all over the world. I also have two brothers who didn’t serve, but I don’t hold that against them.
    Thanks again for your letter and for being a Sister in Arms.

  171. All Vets remember that your service to our country is appreciated more than you know. I served in the Navy flying F4 Phantoms during the Vietnam conflict. My time was spent with my squadron on an aircraft carrier in the Med. I never got to Vietnam .Just the luck of the draw.
    It is still hard today, even though that time was 50 years ago, to speak to vets who did serve in Vietnam about my efforts. But , I am still proud of my service because we were ready to go — 24- hours a day for any thing that came up in the Middle East during the late 1960’s to early 70’s.. So for those who served in a war zone then and those have recently served and are serving now, I salute you..

  172. Dorothy-
    Thanks for the well written article and letter. There was a fair amount of research involved, and it will be something I pass on to others. As a fellow Veteran, I thank you for your Service and hope you have found a good niche. I finally found one that is literally in competition with my fresh ground coffee, as to which one I like more- My coffee, or my profession. It is good to get out and experience many new things you have not done, and carry forward the knowledge, experiences and understanding that only us Vets (dysfunctional or not) can bring to the table. My family and I wish you well in all your endeavors, and pray it is fulfilling- Paul

  173. Awesome comments from a great girl! I live in Canada, and wanted to fly a fighter plane, but a ” funny noise” in my heart kept me out of the air. I have the highest respect for our military personnel, and any time I see them, I thank them for their contribution to our country. What a lot of today’s public doesn’t understand or want to acknowledge is the fact that hundreds of thousands of military people have died or been injured so we can be free. I thank all military personnel for their contributions to our way of life.
    David Rechlo

  174. To my knowledge no women in the family have singed up. I’d be proud if they did. Family history is Army, Navy, Marines and Army Air Corps. Military service dates all the way back to Civil War Texas Confederate Cavalry. As I chase the family tree into the past I suspect to find more that have served.

  175. Thank you my sister, from a four tour combat vet it’s what we do that makes us all stronger together as a team and family

  176. My family has served on Carriers subs, & on the ground pounding boots. Personally the commitment of service in the face of certian death, still run to help a fallen brother in trouble odds are out the window , and bring em back. Amazing commentment to service that I can’t express into wordz. Still Greatful 4 Uall find peace within, your worth it. THANK YOU for your Commitment for us.

  177. Dear Dorothy; You have done your research very well ! Once people have tasted True Freedom (Life , Liberty, etc.) …there is all ways some evil lurking in the shadows that wants to steal that gift of FREEDOM from you….(foreign OR domestic). The veterans who did service to this country (of ,for, and by the people) will never be forgotton, and the tribute paid on Veterans Day is a constant reminder that the price of that Freedom is allways hanging by the very same people that fought for it, served to maintain it, and yes gave their lives for it. This Must Be told to the next generation; so they also can appreciate the sacrifice of so many to preserve what we cherish so deeply. SO a big THANK YOU Dorothy !! We have the time to Honor those who gave to us our FREEDOM, we must protect this freedom or we will lose it forever. Jim

  178. To those who are currently serving, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment to the safety and security of this great nation. To those that have done their service and returned home, know that the vast majority of regular citizens like myself are both honored and humbled by the mental and physical sacrifices you have made defrnding America and our freedoms. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be getting through each day but we not only want you, we need you. Without your wisdom, experience and guidance the young people of today are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. Finally to the families of ALL of those that we have lost, your sacrifices are not forgotten.

    God Bless You All

  179. From that very special place in my heart thank you for all the hard work. The hard things, the hard paid sacrifice. That you and so many other have done for us.

  180. My respect and compliments to Dorothy Nelson for her thoughtful blog post and my thanks for her service, Veterans are a wellspring of national honor, and a source of inspiration for younger generations. The comradeship, dedication and fighting spirit of the nation’s veterans served well in times of conflict. The national populace would do well to emulate their magnificent example.

  181. Thank you for your service and this very informative piece! I am not a veteran, but my dad and uncle served in the Navy and I am very appreciative of all veterans! My little brother, as well as his son are both graduates of West Point, and my nephew still serves today! So I have a special place in my heart for all those who serve, and believe all who return wounded deserve much better than they have the last 8 years! Thanks again for all you did and do!

  182. I remember the nurse that helped when wounded in Nam, she was very caring and helped a very scared17 yr old. Thanks for your service. Semper Fi! Sgt USMC

  183. A hearty AMEN!

    My father who turns 91 on January 26, 2017 served as an infantryman in World War II in the Philippines and after the war served in the occupation of Korea. 1944-1946. He’s doing very well at his age. Acts more like a man in his 70’s. He still lives where he was born and still mows the grass with a push mower. We have 2 hilly acres with a a lot of trees. He even runs the snowblower in the winter!

    Thanks to all who served!

  184. I would like to thank you for your service, and for the fine words you wrote. My first mentor was a Marine, and he was not only a mentor, but a friend to the end. I have nothing but respect for the men and women that have served; I chose not to, but many of my relatives have. I am eternally grateful to them, and you.

  185. I served over 7 years in the Marine Corp and had some good friends that were Women Marines. They were given the same type of training as we got and made fine soldiers. In the Corp we were told that every Marine is your brother regardless of their gender, we are all one family – a Marine is a Marine. Semper Fi

  186. To a Veteran from a Veteran,

    Thank you Dorothy, for your eloquent words! Thank you for your service and…thank you to all Veterans everywhere for all your sacrifices and dedication.

  187. You and all people who serve are so awesome and deserve the best America can offer, I love your blog and absolutely we need to find ways to really get through to all showing how amazing and admired they truley are. God bless each and every one!

  188. Dorothy, thank you for your service to our country. I too served and thank every one who has and are currently serving. Fight Fast is an awesome company and I hope you enjoy the company your around.

  189. As Vietnam era vet with four and a half years active duty, I must honestly say that my time in the Air Force was less satisfying than what you seem to have experienced. Attending a tech school to learn how to maintain and repair ground equipment that supports aircraft was less an education than what I learned from meeting and working with my fellow Americans from everywhere in our country. Ethnic differences aside, our country is so vast that I was able to recognize various culture differences even though all of us were born and bred Americans.

  190. First, let me thank you for being an American patriot. I understand the roles, women played at home and abroad, as well as working as welders, machinists, etc., during our wars, when most of the able bodied men were in combat. Women veterans are truly brave and deserve all the respect as anyone. Thank you so much, for your words. They comfort me, in my darkest hours, and help me to cope.

  191. Anytime Dorothy,and I love to very much thank you and all the women that gave and sacrificed everything for our way of life,many times again thank you and all the women that served,all of you deserve the purple heart of life.Much love,Michael.

  192. Thanks, you are so right about women and how they have been overlooked in so many ways. Thanks for your service and all our service men and women. Thanks for taking the time to reminding us about the roles of women and how important they are to us. God Bless, and God Bless the USA.

  193. Blessings upon you Dorothy, and thank you for serving and protecting our Nation’s people! Given that you followed somewhat in your Sister’s footsteps, you might want to look far back amongst your ancestors to find yet others of both genders, to see if among them are other gallant ladies! My reasoning is that courage is an issue of the heart; the function of the heart is circulating blood; and life is in the blood; therefore your blood ancestors may likely have demonstrated courage in their lives as well!! It may prove a hidden treasure worth finding!!!! Semper Fi !

  194. Thanks for your service.
    I too am a female retired MSGT in the Marines, who started out as an aviation electrician . It is so different being a female veteran. We don’t fit the
    usual veteran idea.
    Regardless, all veterans need to know they can receive help from the VA. They are not fast, so as soon as you transfer out of the service and into the civilian world you need to apply for your VA status. Additionally, the American people could do a much better job of appreciating our veterans.

  195. bless your courage and compassion my sister. your a blessing to our entire planet. your heart is huge! shine on and keep lighting our path with your love! thank you for compassion.

  196. Hi Dorothy
    Fine words of examples of all these younger vets who should be ‘thought of’ ‘prayed of’ and ‘believed in’..they are the future of the military fighting machine from every task needed to keep a unit primed and ready.May these younger vets gain experience through people like yourself and prayed for to soldier on in these dark times.Im a uk Citizen and spent many years in the middle east including libya where i made very good friends with the militia protecting oil fields…i had more fun with them when they included me in thier Ak47 practice than i did at work ha ha
    A regimental fighting unit will always overcome with the guidance of experienced vets like yourself,May god bless you and all you serve with along with the british forces and may peace one day be god given.My prayers and thoughts to all servicemen and thier families

  197. Dear Dorothy. Thank you for (Your Service) As a member of the army from 1969 to 75. I will never forget. Thanks to all VETS every were.

  198. Dear Dorothy Nelson first and foremost thank you for your service! I am proud of you and all past,present and future military personnel who have served,serving or will be serving. Without all of you this nation would not survive. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives so that the rest of us can lead a free life. Again thank you for your service.

    With respect, David Tucker

  199. I cherish the experiences, the friends (both male and female) and comradery, that those who never served will ever understand. I still stay in touch, with several of the soldiers I served with, in my 24 years, in the U. S. Army. I think almost daily of the friends I lost in Vietnam and Desert Storm, knowing they give it all. Some in this great country of ours, loose track of the substantial sacrifices made by our Veterans. Hopefully tomorrow Veterans Day, will jog their memory and they will realize that Freedon is not Free. It comes with a very high price indeed.

  200. From an old Viet Nam brown water navy vet, “Thanks for your service” and thanks for your willingness to assume the duties of a responsible citizen after your formal service, your years in uniform, are done. For those who accept their responsibility to our country, it never ends. BZ, Maam!

  201. Thank you.
    In Australia today we refer to this day as Remembrance Day.
    On the 11 hr on the 11th day of the 11th month we shall remember them.
    For those that gave and continue to give the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of all the people.

  202. Dorothy ,your contribution to our country can never be denied you and every woman that ever served as a vietnam vet I know what it’s like to be shunned by your country. God bless you for everything you have contributed and all the women like you.

  203. While I complained then, my years in the Coast Guard were the best time of my life. At age 10 I was in command of a 40′, twin screw, twin engine boat in New York harbor. What other employer gives you that kind of responsibility?

  204. As I read this message, my eyes well up with tears and my skin gets goosebumps and I’m so appreciative of all men and women who put themselves in harm’s way for no other reason than the love of their country. To all veterans, a very heartfelt THANK YOU!

  205. Thank you for doing your part in protecting our Great Nation and making me and my family feel safe at night. I and hundreds of millions of Americans Love you for your dedication to our safety and our freedom.

  206. Thank you ,for I met some very good. Women doing a great job whenI was in the A F back on 49 to 52 thank you all. Al

  207. Thank you for your service. <3

    I am a Navy Chief's (RET) wife of 30 years. He retired after serving 22 years as an MTC E-7.

    I am also the Mom of an Army soldier who got out after serving 6 years. There is a lot of Military on both sides of the family, Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy. I am proud of them all.

    God bless you for answering the call.

  208. I humbly thank you for your service Dorothy. We men all too often overlook women in the military, thinking only of them as the ones at home waiting for their man to return. I am truly grateful for your sacrifice, along with all the other vets, whether they be male or female. Once again, thank you for your service.

  209. I joined the Navy went to UDT school in Virginia and continued my special training. Spent seven years total in Vietnam. After time in the hospital got the OK to return to a new command. Served for twenty five years and wish I could have stayed the rest of my life with this brotherhood of men and women that I feel were my only family. My 100% disability put me out for good but I will never forget the people I have met. Great to hear from a fellow Vet.

  210. Bless you. Even though I do not know you, I am proud of you and have utmost respect for your service and your testimony of all the brave women who have been so instrumental in making this a great country.
    With utmost respect.

  211. Dorothy,
    This all needed to be said years and years ago and how well you have put it. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your service to our Country.
    Most Sincerely
    Rod Mann
    MM2 (SS

  212. Dorothy;
    i am happy for you, and especially that you came back alive…
    I was in the British civilian communications area, and as such not allowed to enlist in the regular forces, but still admired those of you who could be on the battlefield.
    I hope you have a very successful re-integration into society, and I wish you all the best for your future.
    God Bless

  213. Dorothy – Thank you for your service! It is great to hear that you have joined the FightFast team and can give a woman’s perspective and insight to protecting ourselves and our families. I am fairly new to self defense and hope to learn a lot from this blog! Jan

  214. I come from a military family which has served in various services since the Civil War when my great-great-grandfather served in the Union Army out of Iowa. He survived, came back home, got married and had 23 children – WOW! Luckily for me, my great-grandfather was his 23rd child or a lot of us wouldn’t be here today. My great-aunt was an officer in the WAC (Women’s Army Corps) during WWII while at the same time my Father was an Army Air Corps pilot. His brother, my uncle, died in a naval battle in the Pacific, fighting the Japanese. Two of my brothers are retired Coast Guard, one brother is retired Navy, I’m retired Air Force and my two sons are Air Force veterans. So, we believe in military service to our ALREADY GREAT COUNTRY. Thank you for your service also and may God Bless and Keep You and all your family!

  215. A heartfelt thank you from Robert and Renae in Santa Fe Tx WE appreciate your service and by the way good pick on your civilian appointment

  216. Thank you for your service, young lady! I helped many young women advance their careers while on active duty. I took great pleasure in watching them advance up their pay grades. I remember when women were first allowed in the Navy. First one was an airman going for jet engine mechanic, boy it didn’t take long for her to realize she wasn’t capable of lifting the heavy hardware needed to remove and install jet engines in fighter aircraft. Back then, there was lots of resentment for women entering the Navy, primarily because they were not allowed on aircraft carriers. It took many years for men to accept the fact that women are going to do what it takes to prove they can do their job assignments just as well or better than men can. I remember one time while on deployment, I put a first class woman in charge of the avionics shop. You should have heard the men complain about that! I told them since I would have to write her appraisal after the deployment, and grade her for her leadership skills. she is going to be in charge and if they refused to work with her they will answer to me and the commanding officer. She was out standing in her performance and the men were quite surprised at how well she managed her responsibilities. I had 5 P3-C aircraft and they were kept at 100% mission ready the whole time of the deployment!

  217. I thank you for your service to me , and to our country !! I hope all the Best to you and your family! 🙏🏼🇺🇸👍🏼☝🏼️🇺🇸

  218. Thanks to all our veterans without you we could not be free! Thanks to the family I have lost in all of Americas war’s.

  219. Thank you for all you’ve done for our country. I really appreciate you. God bless you.

    Sometimes we forget that women put their lives on the line for the country too. Thank you again and may God be with you.

  220. As a veteran and a father of a woman soldier, Thank you for your service. I charish all the years I servied in the military. Thanks again.

  221. I truely appreciate the role women have contributed in the support and security of our great Nation in the armed services. Thank you all for your service. God Bless you and God Bless America.

  222. I to am a veteran 8 1/2 yrs. Many many moons ago and yes I say thank you to all the vets I meet.
    I also started my military career as an engine mechanic on jet engines then I went for the good stuff, Loadmasters on C-130 for the r minder of my time. GREAT JOB.


  223. My husband is a Viet Nam vet who served as a military police officer in Germany during the early 60’s. I’m proud of his service and the service of all my fellow Americans who have expressed their patriotism and gratitude to their country by donating years of their life and facing the risk of losing it.

  224. We have to reflect on our troops and veterans everyday and say a little prayer for their safety and a prayer of thanks. Our Vets should be treated like royalty.

  225. Every night before I go to sleep I thank God for the men and woman of are armed forces . Without thier service and sacrifice the Freedom and Liberty we share today would not exist . Though there are no words that can truly express my love and thankfulness to live in this the land of the free and the home of the brave I will never forget to give thanks for those who stand watch guarding those prescouse liberties that have come at such a high cost well always remembering the sacrifice of our military personal in the defense of this great nation of ours so may God bless are militarily men and woman and may God bless this the United States of America .

  226. THANKS: I was enlisted during the Viet Nam conflict. We were discouraged from wearing any military clothing off base. I am now touched by the appreciation for the military today. I hope and pray that our countrymen find real peace with God who is the CREATOR, and ultimate judge of all

  227. You are so right we pray for our veterans and our military plus the police,without there service we would not have the freedom we have today.Thank You and God Bless You

  228. Being a Vet myself, I couldn’t not reply to your message. I feel no shame whatsoever in telling you that your words resonated with me so deeply and completely that my heart is still spilling
    quietly down my cheeks. There’s no
    blubbering at all. It’s just my eyes acknowledging the absolute verity of your well chosen words. You women are, and have been, appreciated from the moment I entered military service.
    I served “where we weren’t”, so I had little interaction with WAF’s.
    Be that as it may, several of my dearest friends are alive ONLY due to the excellence and expertise of the care provided to them by both male, and female, staff during and after MedEvac. (There go my eyes again.) I can, and do, thank and appreciate you for your service more than you can ever know.
    As a veteran of that TO during the mid, to late ’60’s, nothing of what you have said was ever said to me when I came home. Thank you from the bottom of our (I wasn’t there alone) hearts, all the way to the top (and then some!!).

  229. I am truly proud of all the men and woman who serve our country. I have much respect for all. Each and everyone of you are a special breed and I am sure that God has a great reward for all of you.I greatly appreciate your service to our country and for all of Americas families.
    Thank you
    Angelia Page. 11/10/16

  230. Thank you for your service Dorothy. My two daughters were also in the Navy as Corpsmen along with their twin brothers, one of whom is still active. Bravo Zulu and welcome home.

  231. I too am a veteran and wish to thank all who have served regardless of the job they performed. God willing, I will attend the veterans service at our county veterans park in Springfield, Ga.
    I am proud of my service and happy my name is on the wall that commerates all who have served since the civil war. May God bless them all.

  232. I can only “attempt” to express my gratitude for ALL Women who have contributed to our Military Branches ever since they have existed. I personally have never understood why Women have been oppressed and discriminated against for so long. The y all have my support. They have come a very long way, but I fear a long way to go. STAY STRONG! Don’t give up! May God bless you exceedingly and abundantly for all you Ladies do!!

  233. I am still proud to this day for having served my country in the 1970’s in the USAF. I consider all vets and service members my comrades , and my brothers and sisters. Forever I’ve got their six. God bless us all. Thank you for continuing in the foot steps of the brave women and men who went before you.

  234. From a Veitnam vet i thank you for your service God bless i served fromm 66 – 70 as a flight mech. And scanner on a C-130. Loved every minute i was in the USAF. Once again Thank You for your service.

  235. Bravo to you your sisters. I retired after 2 years Army and 24 years Air Force. Those years are some of the happiest of my life. When questioned by younger post high school age children that appear to be at loose ends. I always try to interest them in the military.

  236. Thank you for your service and for the great message. As a Veteran I have a lot of great memories and many hard and sad ones as well. I would like to thank all of you at fight fast for the Great job you do for us.

  237. I cannot put into words the thankfulness I have for our veterans. For those who paid the ultimate price , the wounded , the survivors and all who serve behind the scenes. I personally have never served but have had family members and friends who have and some still are. No matter the gender I want all service personnel, current and former to know how much your contribution means to me. Thank you all so very much and God bless you all.
    With heartfelt thanks, Gerald Farless

  238. Dear Dorthy I too fill unappreciated as a vet , although I set here watching the protest an turmoil , people on the streets protesting after an honest election. This can be stopped , I hate to say it , this doesn’t,t happen in other countries , again I hate to say it , Pres Putin or other world leaders can deal with these people . God forbid , we,re looking at our futher leaders of this great country
    I fill only the one an only father in heaven can deal with our world problems. I hate to pull the religious card , but if we Don,t get a handle on it , civil unrest in inevitable , so bring it on . Love you an your service may GOd bless you an yours . Kenneth Goodwin

  239. I did 10 years in the Air Force. It cost me a lot personally, but I got back many times what I paid.
    Now I’m retired and I remember those years with pride.
    You be proud too.

  240. Thank you for your service!
    I to was in the military from 68 to 72 USMC. Sgt Tennent Military Police and Vietnam Vet. Will never forget any of the years I was in and to all the Veterans, Thank You All For Your Service!!

  241. To have the operatunity to be able to serve my country has been an Honor and a Privilege that I will never forget. To see the Amer I can flag waving in a gentle breeze and to hear the National Anthem means so much more to a Soldier. The emotions are so deep. When I see someone that has committed their time in service wheither in combat or in peace time, they are my Brother or Sister in Arms Forever. God Bless All Soldiers and Military. You are what America was built and founded on in the name of God.

  242. Three of my family served in WW11. Two brothers in the navy and a sister in the Waves. My dad and his brother served in WW1. I served in the cold war in Alaska watching my radar for the Russkies coming across the top. No combat for me but plenty for the afore mentioned except for my sis.

  243. Born in 1949 and honestly never had a problem with female equality. Maybe because I was raised by a single mother. Don’t even ask how I feel about my father !

  244. We live in a country that had its freedom bought and paid for with the personal
    sacrifices of all the men and women who
    served in the Armed Services of the United States of America.That is something we as Americans should be forever grateful for
    and never take for granted. I want to
    personally Thank You for your service and
    a job well done, and also want to pay tribute
    to those who gave their lives for the freedoms
    we as Americans have. God Bless

    lives for this Great Country.

  245. Well said. A simple thanks is never enough but no words can truly express the appreciation deserved by all who honorably serred in our military..

  246. As a Vietnam Veteran, I thank you for your service. Yes, it is with pride that I, like you, served ‘my’ country and its people with Honor and Commitment. Would I do it again? You bet…….in a heart beat. I will, if necessary, take up arms to defend the U.S. A. against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!
    America is not an accident that ‘just happened’. America is the Lord God Jehovah’s grand experiment and He showed us that with this election Nov. 8. We have been given another opportunity to ‘get it right’ by taking her down and elevating Trump to a ‘much’ higher position . We will prevail within our borders and around the world at all cost.

  247. Hello Dorothy,
    Thank you for your service.
    I am also a Navy Veteran. I served at several land based Naval stations and had the privilege of working with many great women sailors.
    I had one such young lady ( airman ABH) in my line crew, who could out work most of the guys. If I could have had just two more like here, I could have gotten rid of about five of the guys. She was a very beautiful young lady inside at out. She was also a member of our base shooting club that allowed us to buy and shoot our hunting rifles. She was a very good marksman and it was a challenge to shoot as well against her, in our competitions. I grew up with many aunts and my girl cousins, on the families ranches out in North Dakota. My aunts I think worked harder than my uncles as they were up before dawn getting food ready for the guys, then cleaning up after breakfast and collecting eggs from the hen house. Making dinners to go out to the fields, making sure all the chickens and hogs and cows where feed, Milking the cows and putting the milk through the separator. Of course all of us kids were working along with her. I just remember how hard the women worked and saw the same thing in the Navy, whether it was an airman or an officer, the ladies shined in their duties.
    So I would also like to thank all the woman, both in and out off the services for all they do.
    Thank you, from a son, a veteran, a husband, a father, and now a grandfather to my five wonderful granddaughters.

  248. Thanks for the very informative and heartfelt article. As a fellow veteran I’m proud to have served in the same cause you did. Our freedom.

  249. Thanks for all of the kind words and the remembrance of all that the women have contributed to our armed forces. I am proud to be an American veteran too, and when people start talking bad about our nation and messing with the American flag it makes me want to go and defend it. Those people need to respect that flag and what it stands for and all of the men and women that have fought for it.

  250. Thank you for that Dorothy and for your service ! Much appreciation and respect. In my business we have what we call our heroes program which is an effort to help those vets you referred to who feel hindered or are wondering what’s next for them. We are actively working with an American Legion and other various groups. Another way for us to say thank you.

  251. Thank you for YOUR service, Dorothy. Here in Albany Oregon we have the largest Veterans Day parade this side of the Mississippi. I will take up your challenge and be more proactive recognizing veterans, thanking them, and helping them to feel connected.

  252. I would personally like to thank you , and all veterans for your service to and for our country. You all have my utmost respect and admiration. I do support disabled veterans, and wounded warrior project.

  253. Thank you for your service. Glad you got training and a golden opportunity. As a Vietnam vet I too remember many I served with. One gave a foot for his country, others gave up to drugs or alcohol. Some never came back. Women were just starting to have service opportunities when I was in. Facebook has many sites that vets join to stay in contact with their service communities. I started one and belong to several others. Happy veterans day!

  254. I am a Marine and I have never differentiated between female or male, we are all Marines! And I would gladly serve with any I’ve ever known.

  255. Not a veteran myself, but I owe them a lot. But that photo of the gals in formation does remind me of an old Esther Williams film: Skirts Ahoy.