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Lesson Two of the Self Defense Mini Clinic

If you missed Lesson 1 you can find it here.

When it comes to street fights (any fight that happens without a referee) there are too many misconception to count, many of them can get you seriously injured or killed. Lesson Two is all about calling out the B.S. and setting the story straight.

Knowing the truth about street fights will take you a long way towards winning any fight. But first here’s a quick video tip from ex-gang enforcer Diallo Frazier showing you a technique that was designed to turn the tables on an attacker. Pay close attention to the interview at the end of the video where Diallo sets the record straight on one of the biggest fight myths of all.

Top 10 Fighting Myths

  1. Martial Artists Win Streetfights: Listen, I don’t like to “knock” the martial arts. They all have something valuable to offer. We owe them a debt of gratitude for getting us where we are today, and they’re better than nothing. BUT…unfortunately, many of the arts being widely taught today are ancient arts, developed for another time and place in history, for specific conditions and circumstances that simply do not exist in the world you’ll be fighting in today.Statistics show that your average “store front” black belt does not have a much better chance at winning a street fight than any other average guy.Shocked? Well don’t be. Most martial arts concentrate on discipline and complicated “fine motor” techniques that go straight out the window when the “adrenaline dump” hits.
  2. The 5-Minute Fist Fight: This is a big one and it’s important that you get this Hollywood version of fighting out of your head. We’ve all been exposed to movies where the hero is endlessly fist-fighting. Yes, one big-gulp and a large popcorn later, he’s still going at it.But here’s a reality check for you. Nearly every actual street fight lasts for no more than 3 to 8 seconds! That’s right. It’s all over with in less time than it took for you to read this paragraph. Once you understand this, you can appreciate just how little time you have to recognize what’s going on and take decisive action to win. The key is what you do in the time leading up to that 3-8 seconds burst.
  3. Two men fighting street fight

  4. The Man-To-Man Fight: Another grand illusion. Most guys imagine (and train for) a fight against one man. Well you can’t depend on that. Stats prove that more times than not your opponent will have “back up,” friends willing to help take you down and kick in your head. This is why it’s critical that you first make quick and effective decisions early on to end the as fight quickly as possible and prepare for more than one adversary.
  5. The Convenient Fighting Environment: Dojo training often lulls one into the sense that you’ll always have plenty of fighting room… that your opponent will calmly approach you, bow, and ask if you’re ready… and that the ground will always be nicely padded. The reality is different.I’ve found that most fights occur in tight quarters (a bathroom, between cars, etc), with little or no room for flying kicks or fancy moves. There will be little or no light, furniture will be in the way, and rough concrete floors to strip meat off your bones. Ouch!
  6. Most Fights Go To The Ground: Most guys are surprised to discover that this is a myth, but it is. In fact, most street fights and personal combat situations do NOT end up on the ground.
    Yes, someone ends up on the ground alright, and it’s the loser – with the winner (or winners) standing over him stomping on his head. So why is this myth so common? Well, it comes from the study of police reports. You see, most cops who struggle with an adversary end up on the ground.Now hold on – doesn’t that contradict what I just said? No, it doesn’t. Because the goal of law enforcement is to “contain, control, comply” (also known as the 3 C’s) – which, by the way, requires more skill than simply winning a street fight. In other words a cop can’t simply eye jab, ear slap, then move in for a knock-out head butt because a dangerous criminal is resisting him. No, an officer’s goal is NOT to end a fight in 3 seconds, but instead to use “reasonable and proportionate escalation of force” to control and contain his subject.I’m not suggesting you totally ignore ground fighting, but you should spend 80% of your time training to fight on your feet.
  7. Before we go on here’s another video, this one from weapons expert and security consultant Bob Taylor:

  8. Your friends will back you up: Ha! I’m sad to say this is not true. We’d all like to believe our buddies will back us up, but research shows that they’re more likely to pick their noses than pick a fight. In fact, crowd behavior studies show that the more friends and bystanders are hanging around, the less likely it is that you’ll get help in a fight.Now, on the other hand, if you have just ONE friend and no crowd of bystanders, you actually may get some help. But the facts have shown over and over that individuals inside a crowd are less likely to act.
    A “gang” mentality is different. They will back each other up because it’s part of their “job.”
  9. Ignore them and they’ll go away: This is a common tactic, especially with women who feel they’re being followed. They simply put on the blinders and hope for the best. “Oh goodness, I hope that bad man goes away.” Bad tactic. Don’t ignore a predator you suspect is “scoping” you. Believe it or not, your best bet is to let him know that you ARE aware of him.Look at him directly. Watch him. Let him know you’re aware of his presence. Once a predator suspects you know his real intentions, it strips away much of the motivation to attack since the element of surprise has been taken away – and surprise is one of the predator’s most powerful tools. He knows he can’t surprise you, and now you’re perceived as less of an easy mark.Of course eyeballing a bully will have the opposite effect and will probably result in the “what are YOU looking at?” response. So this tactic is to be used when you suspect a predator.
  10. All You Need Is One (Or Two) Fighting Techniques: This is a common theory that has some truth to it. But I want to dispel the foolish notion that knowing less is better than knowing more. This just isn’t true. Because following this kind of logic would indicate that, for example, you’d be better off using an uneducated bag-lady as your investment broker than a guy with a Master’s Degree in Finance. I’d put my money on the Master’s degree, but that’s just me.Well, the same is true with fighting techniques. You’re better off knowing more than less, as it gives you the flexibility of using multiple methods to attack specific targets. Remember… one of the most crucial keys to fighting and winning is proper target acquisition. In other words, you’ll be far more effective with a crudely executed, but accurate, kick to your opponent’s nut-sack than you’d be with a really pretty roundhouse kick that missed the mark.
  11. All Military Fight Systems Can Be Trusted: Let me tell you a “dirty little secret” about some military combat systems being sold today. Recently there’s been a rash of “experts” who’ve “trained” the military in their secret system.Here’s the scoop. They’ve offered a few military guys some free training in their system. That’s it. Free seminars or workshops to military personnel is almost always a marketing ploy and a “resume building” exercise. They can now turn around and advertise that their system is used by “military experts.” Keep your eyes open for this nonsense. Just because someone trained military personnel does NOT make their system special.Another thing, most soldiers will admit that much of the hand to hand stuff is absolutely worthless to them because 100% of their job is to fight at a distance using hi-tech weaponry — NOT hand-to-hand systems.This is exactly why I’ve personally sought out special military units that indeed depend heavily on hand-to-hand fighting.And believe me, these guys exist. I even got some of them to talk. They sneak around behind enemy lines quietly “taking care of business” without firing weapons and drawing a bunch of attention to themselves. Real live bad-asses that’d make Rambo look like a pussy.
  12. sport fighting vs self defense

  13. Sport Fighting Is Just Like Personal Combat: Many think that a trained boxer, cage fighter, Mixed Martial Artist, or kickboxer is the same as being a trained street fighter.Not true. Let me ask… who do YOU think would win a spontaneous street fight — a champion MMA fighter or some ex-con street-brawler raised in the toughest area of east LA?I’d put my money on the ex-con. Because as brutal as it may appear, an MMA fight really IS different than a street fight.First, a pay-per-view “cage” fight (also called a mixed-martial-arts or MMA fight) is about making money for the promoters. They can’t allow every fight to be over within 3-8 seconds. They’d lose their audience — and advertisers — fast. So, in an MMA fight there’s no quick “fight ending” moves allowed — which is what a street fight is ALL about.Also, promoters have got to take some effort to protect the fighters. They wouldn’t be “sanctioned” for long with a continuous stream of dead bodies being hauled out of the ring.So, here’s 16 moves that are outlawed in most sanctioned MMA fights – which also happen to be some of the most effective moves in street fights:
  1. Eye gouging.
  2. Groin strikes (the ever popular “sack-attack”)
  3. Throat strikes (which can easily be lethal).
  4. Grabbing the trachea
  5. Biting (alright… Tyson DID try this once).
  6. Clawing, twisting, or pinching the flesh.
  7. Stomping, kneeing or kicking a grounded opponent
  8. Strikes to spine or back of head (also easily lethal).
  9. Striking downward, using the point of the elbow.
  10. Head butt (think of a “bowling ball in the face”).
  11. Hair pulling.
  12. Kicking the kidney with the heel.
  13. Grabbing the clavicle
  14. Small joint manipulations (such as fingers)
  15. Weapons and improvised weapons.
  16. Multiple attackers (except in WWF).

In Lesson Three there’ll be two more videos for you and a lesson on picking the best fight moves and why total commitment is the only policy when it comes to winning a street fight. You don’t want to miss it.

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405 thoughts on “Lesson Two of the Self Defense Mini Clinic”

  1. Excellent defensive moves especially if someone gets the drop on you. Even though my son trains MMA I teach him these little sessions. We both feel that these are more applicable to everyday life. Many thanks!

  2. Great and informative video however the moves come from traditional martial arts. Keep in mind there is a difference between Kata (formal presentation) and Waza or application. The moves can be found in Heian Godan (single pant leg take down) and Kanku-dai (double pant leg take down).

    For my students I have them learn everything, master about twenty moves and use 4 or 5 go to techniques. Nothing will ever be dojo perfect so train with that thought in mind. Sport fighting is just that, sport fighting. There may be some cross over techniques but there is a big difference between winning by submission or tko and unleashing a can of whoop ass. There is nothing new in the martial arts (definition: arts for war) as there are only so many ways to fold, bend, or mutilate the human body. Best to KISS with your techniques and to stay away from locations and situations where you may be forced to fight.

  3. Dear Bob,

    These are the same techniques we personally have trained to peace officers for over 50 years. However, today cops are supposed to only shoot “marshmallow bullets” and wheeled “nurf batons!”

    It never ceases to amaze us that every nut job who watched a martial arts movie thinks their hands are “deadly weapons!” As you have show in this series of videos there is a world of difference between “MMA sport disciplines” with lots of safety rules and the “dark of night” fighting for your very life scenario, with no rules!

    Orrin M. Knutson
    Peace Officer Retired
    Survival Trainer and Author

  4. Vader will pay close attention to your info. You are fastly becoming my master teacher.sincerity is felt not spoken. Will be listing to you a lot. Et

  5. This Is 100% Percent True&Accurate, My Cousin Is A Former Ex-Con & Gang Member And He Told Me Most Dudes Who Say They Have Been Trained In The Martial Arts And Are Trained Black Belts And Know How To Fight Get Their Asses Stomped Into The Ground Because They Are Trained To Fight Only 1 Or 2 Opponents And Not Multiple Opponents. And They Also Get Stomped Into The Ground Because They Believe Most Fights End Up On the Ground, What Diallo Said Was 100% Percent True &Accurate, My Cousin Only Reinforced By Also Stating That Fights Do End Up On The Ground And Usually The One On The Ground Winds Up Getting Stomped And The Dude Standing Is The One Doing The Stomping And No One Coming To Your Aid Is Ugly Reality You Have To Face In The Real World Of Fighting Today.

  6. These are some moves I’m already aware of mainly the head lock& the strike to the wind pipe. Altogether it’s very instructive and I like it very much. I look forward to learning more.

  7. I loved paragraph 8! How do you know that the “bag lady” isn’t actually a PHD in finance who is down on her luck? These were wonderful techniques – i just have to find someone to practice with, but I feel safer knowing them.

  8. Extremely effective! I wrestled Varsity as a freshman, many times couple weght classes up to let some older guys compete. Maybe you’re keeping it simple but leverage and weight control was how I dominated guys much larger. Everyone realize on strength, making it easier to beat them. Someone grabs me and they will hold as much of my weight possible and I always payed attention to feet and legs. Even a 3 time golden gloves telegraphed his swing. I’ve caught so many in wide open swing, already pulling their knees in with head pressed in their sturnum. They were actually throwing themselves over my shoulders and second’s later I’d be holding their arms up helping them breathe. Not bragging at all! But 5’9″ and I dropped guys a foot taller and 100 pounds so quick and easy. The boxer went to beat up a table furious. No weight control and made him say uncle in 20 seconds. All I needed was a hand or wrist. 15 broken bones and back surgery, almost 50. This stuff is priceless! And probably saving many good men needless suffering. Good man! Excellent work.

  9. Hi!my second time reading makes me feel confident coming home at night after long hours of work in the kitchen.im a mother of a 17 years old boy with autism,and I feel that I must learn how to defend my family.im so glad I have found you and I can learn at anytime I want as much as I can.i salute you captain courage!thank you!

  10. Hello.
    I was attacked in the car-park of our local pub. I only had one free arm but I made full use of it, breaking the assailant’s nose and splitting both of hi lips. I walked back into the pub covered in blood, but it wasn’t my blood. Many people asked if I was okay I just replied”Fine thanks.s

  11. Good stuff! Real talk about the way it really is. I worked with a guitarist from LA who was a gang enforcer and everything he taught me was just what you said! Especially about the going to the ground. It’s hot on the ground! You’re either punching, kicking , or losing!

  12. The first one will only work if someone is wearing long pants, and the second one will be difficult for an attacker that has a shaved head.

    Grappling is difficult to do, most people are aware of you trying to “grab something” and are quick to snatch away. Unless they are drunk.

    I prefer to attack some soft tissue area as quickly as possible, if you do not gain the advantage first, you are on your way down. Time is of the essence. Angry people can take a lot of pain, and be very determined. There is a certain “mind set” you must have, It comes at a price.

  13. You guys rock. Thank you for clearing up the confusion. I like your practical approach, and i agree that we need to do what works on the street. Not what looks good. Interestingly enough, simply from a lifetime of watching organized fights, street fights, and fighting myself, I actually kind of figured some of this stuff out, but seeing someone on the internet actually be honest with people about the harsh reality of a real fight is a breath of fresh air. Thx for your insight. I am a loyal fan.

  14. Bob, this is for a all of your trainers “Who-Wah”.. I’m retired military and Sir, you All have my utmost respect.

  15. Easy to understand videos & explanations. Thanks for providing this information. Can’t wait for the next session.

  16. Awesome stuff my friends, as a disabled veteran, or as I prefer dysfunctional vet, I have to consider all threats of violence against me. With this in mind your traing videos are extremely helpful.

  17. You rock Bob Pierce!!! I got t tell you just one more method my cousin who served in the army, was in Viet Nam and got stabbed ending is military career. What he showed me was when you get caught in a full nelson just go completely limp. I know what you’re saying , what if the guy is 100 pounds bigger than you, well lets just say it worked for me. I of course like your ways better, I was just saying another way. Thank you Mr. Pierce.

  18. Thanks D. Frazier. I got to admit there once was a time when I wouldn’t of been messed with, only by people who knew me. But I have lost a minimum of 30 pounds so I am taking in everything you say.

  19. I learned some new things I took marsal arts for several years you have some of the same and some new ones the street fighting is the best I think it’s the most helpful thank you for time and effort in doing this for us YOU ROCK!!!!

  20. I’ve learned more in a week watching your videos than in my 59 years that includes two years in the Army and tai kwon do lessons. New hotlist member. You got one for life THANKS A MILLION!!! Andy

  21. Fight Fast techniques are so simple yet so effective and very practical, a great confidence booster. The demonstrations are easily remembered and applied, giving guaranteed results.

  22. Great techniques I am disabled but think with practice a couple of tactics to use to defend myself now .I got mugged the guys pushed me over and as I walk with stick I managed to get a punch in but wish I’d seen the ear slap or one of the others earlier he dropped some of the stuff but ran away after I hit him I couldn’t chase him unfortunately wish he had grabbed me the finger technique would have been handy thanks to all and yourself for sending appreciated Mike.

  23. I really like the idea of ending it very quickly, and/or causing him some hurtin’ so he’ll think twice about attacking you again. I’m 82 and I really have lost a lot of strength and agility, but for a few seconds, I think I can cause somebody a “HURT” !!! —— THANKS !!

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