Stunningly Simple Japanese Neck Throw – Fight Move

The “rag doll” grab is a very common fight move used by attackers who have blown there top. It’s often a way for them to “amp” themselves up to more damaging moves like punches and elbow strikes.

You don’t want to let that happen. That’s why I’m sharing this video clip with you.

Lucky for you the “rag doll” grab, where an attacker takes hold of you by your clothing and jerks you around, is a pretty easy one to defend against.

First off, both of the attackers hands are occupied gripping your clothing. This means you’ll have both hands free to take him out. Second, he’s probably so preoccupied with his emotions he won’t be ready for what’s about to happen to him.

As with many good self defense strategies it’s best to start off with a painful and quick distraction technique, in this case the eye gouge. His focus will go to the pain and fear this move temporarily creates.

In the mean time, you’ll be able to hit him with a kick to the inner leg, to take out his base. Next you’ll want to go back up top with a brutal self defense ear slap. Together these fight moves should have him dazed and confused, which is exactly how you want him for this devastating neck throw.

The neck throw may look difficult, but it relies on leverage, not brute force. It also works on taller attackers. Billy’s assistant in this clip is a good 4 to 6 inches taller than he is, and the self defense throw still works great.

Here’s how the neck throw works. The first step is following up the ear slap by putting him into a head lock. At the same time you need to squat down, lowering your center of gravity. At this point your arm should be hooked around the back of his head, while you grab his outside arm with your free hand.

Be sure that your feet are not too wide apart. They should be inside of his legs. While you squat down you need to tighten your arm around his head bringing him further over your shoulder. To complete the throw you simple stand back up while continuing to pull him over your shoulder. Standing up will take him off his feet and his body will “tip” over your shoulder, landing him on his back.

Once the attacker is on his back you can escape or follow up with whatever other self defense moves are necessary to end the fight.

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The Monkey Flip – Lethal Defense Against a Front Tackle

A front tackle is usually used by a bigger man who is using his larger mass to take the advantage. Trying to stop him in his tracks is useless if you are smaller, it’s just basic physics. That’s why you need a move like this that doesn’t require you overpowering him.

This move is pretty simple. You check him with both of your forearms against his shoulders. This ensures that he doesn’t get a tight hold on you and prevent you from getting the guillotine.

Next you get the guillotine hold and drop to the ground. It’s very important that when you get the guillotine hold you have your forearm against his trachea.

As you go to the ground you keep one leg bend so that your knee is into his abdomen. Next you utilize your momentum and a push from the knee that’s into his abdomen to flip him over.

This is where this self defense technique gets lethal. If you retain control of his head in the guillotine when you flip him it will break his neck. This is not usually the goal of a self defense situation, but there may be times when you have no choice.

Because this is a lethal technique you should never practice it full speed, there are just too many things that can go wrong. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend practicing the flip part at and speed unless you and your training partner are very experienced it’s just too dangerous. Once his weight and momentum sends him over in the flip there is very little you can do to stop it. You’ll also want to make sure you have training mats for this one.

This is a great self defense move but only when your life is in serious danger.

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