Sneaky and Brutal Rear Self-Offense Takedown

Sometimes for the protection of others it may be necessary to take down an attacker who is threatening someone else. In situations like these you need a self-defense move which removes the threat while not endangering people around you.

The video above is a perfect example of a quick and easy to learn technique that will take an attacker down very quickly allowing you and others around you to escape, or follow up with other self defense techniques if escape is not a practical option.

The instructor in this clip is 5 Time World Kickboxing Champion Kathy Long. She is not only a great fighter in the ring, but also knows the kind of simplified no-nonsense moves that can save your skin on the streets. After watching the video I’m sure you’ll agree.

There isn’t too much that needs to be explained for this self defense technique. There are just a few key points to make this fight move effective.

The first step to this self defense technique is to strike the outside and back of the attackers knee with a quick kick. It doesn’t take much force. This will cause him to lose his stability and lower his body so that if you are smaller you will still have access to his throat for the next part of the move.

Next you’ll be stepping forward while swinging your arm around to strike his throat with the bony part of your forearm. The goal is to put the attacker on the ground so if you have enough time to think about it striking down on the throat will help ensure that he falls as opposed to just stumbling backwards. Either one will work in most self defense situations but putting him on the ground gives you more time to escape.

The scenario at the end of this clip shows one of the many real life situations where this fighting technique can be used.

For more quick and devastating fight moves from Kathy Long check out her “Sneak Attacks” DVD package. It’s packed with more easy to learn and brutally effective fight moves just like the one shown above.