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A Trip to the Mixed Martial Arts Gallery By Mark Hatmaker

Recently a person skilled in their given art chose the receiving of a gift ceremony to cast aspersions and wax philosophic regarding matters that had nothing to do with her given craft, the gift received, or even to offer advice to those aspiring to do what she does so well. Free people being free, she gets to do this.

What anyone thinks of any given subject lives or dies in the quality of thought espoused, not on their personal reputation. The wise can say foolish things at times, and occasionally a fool will mouth profundity.

I would like to quibble with the narrow definition of artistry and correct what seems to be a dismissive evaluation of folks in the Mixed Martial Arts world.
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I’m not going to lie and say I’ve fought multiple attackers many times, but there have been a few. In this article, I’m going to share how I dealt with a couple of those attacks and how you can save your life should you run up against multiple attackers.

Athletes want results. Athletes want a leading edge that might spell the difference between razor thin victory and razor thin “Oh, what was the name of the guy who came in second?” To cater to these results countless tips and tactics have been offered to experienced athletes and novice athletes alike to gain this leading Read More

If you’re like me, that word “noyau” may be as unfamiliar to you as it was to me a mere six months ago, but once we understand the word and its wider meaning we begin to recognize it’s explanatory importance in global and everyday matters, not to mention conflict resolution.

This nit-picky pulling apart of the fight is coin of the realm this week as such post hoc ergo propter hocarmchair quarterbacking is easy pickings—we’re all experts once the deed is done. Or as a Viking might say: “Many are wise after the event.” From Fljotsdale Saga With that said, I throw my rear-view mirror Read More

My time as a Federal Agent in the government and military as well as serving in the Navy, Air Force and the Army taught me many things about the correct way to deal with an attacker. Every lesson I have learned, and subsequently taught to other agents as an instructor, has been extremely valuable. Some Read More