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One Strike Knockout…For Real! – Derek Smith

While an agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) I went through a defensive tactics instructor course that taught me a devastating blow that totally changed my perspective on one punch knockouts.

The strike I am speaking of is called a “Brachial stun.” The brachial stun is, without a doubt, the most effective and reliable stunning technique within the special agent combative system. Brachial stuns were designed to replace the necessity of hand strikes to the head, which could easily lead to a broken hand. In my course, I advocate not hitting someone in the head with your fist. This technique can be delivered with the back of the hand, the inside of the hand, the inside of the forearm, or the outside of the forearm making it a very versatile strike you can use from any direction. Read More

Yes, it’s ANOTHER trash bag survival tip.  You can’t go wrong packing a few of these babies in your bug-out bag.  This tip is all about making grommets on the fly and it’s especially useful if you are using a trash bag as a make-shift tarp, WITHOUT RIPPING HOLES.

George “Machine Gun” Kelly, was a Depression-era gangster with one of the most colorful names going. Let’s face it, it beats the hell out of Baby Face or Pretty Boy, or Creepy. Despite the formidable name Kelly was a little less deadly than the moniker belies, associates in Alcatraz where he spent 21-years of his Read More

In my special agent combative system, I attempted to include what I felt was the greatest thing missing from most martial arts and self-defense programs. That is a structured and systemized outline designed to help you easily learn a tried, true, and simple to learn, system of self-defense. Special agent combatives are not to be Read More

American Indians, scouts, and indigenous trackers the world over have been observed to survey terrain/territory in the following manner. A scan of the sky overhead, then towards the horizon, and then finally moving slowly towards the ground. The reason being that outdoors, what is overhead – the clouds, flying birds, monkeys in trees, the perched Read More

First and foremost, it is a damn shame that any human being has to take the time to seriously write an article with the above title, but the world not conforming to decency and honor at all times—here it is. The very nature of the chosen environments for the majority of suicide bombings (crowded venues) Read More