Kathy Long

Kathy-Long Self Defense Instruction

Kathy Long! Kathy-Long Self Defense Instruction

Kathy Long is one of the most well respected fighters of our time.

Kathy Long is a 5 time world Kickboxing Champion, a Master of Kung Fu San Soo, CDT Tactical Master Instructor, was twice inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame, is in the “Inside Kung Fu” Hall of Fame, Stunt Man’s Hall of Fame, and has been voted Kick Boxer of the Year”.

On top of all that, Kathy Long has worked as a bar bouncer for 3 years, trained with the secret service, has worked Middle Eastern “executive protection” for high profile businessmen, and has been a body guard for hot-shot Hollywood big-wigs.

Kathy Long has also been sought out by individual SWAT Cops, Navy SEALS, and Correction officers for private instruction.

Simply put, Kathy Long is one hell of a feared and respected fighter.  All women, children, teens, and adults will benefit from her unique teaching style and will learn to defend oneself against bigger, stronger, opponents!


Kung Fu San Soo -- Kathy Long
Kung Fu San Soo -- Kathy Long

The cool "runway guide" trick that allows you to make perfect throat-strikes for instant results. The easy sweep-step secret that will allow you to maintain your "base" while driving his head down into the pavement.

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"Sneak Attacks" + FREE "Lethal Defense" -- Kathy Long

A deceiving "hair grab" technique (it's not just “pulling” his hair) that actually takes complete control of his head. A very simple "curveball" method to expose all his most vulnerable centerline targets with almost no effort.

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