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Astonishing "Pirated" Video Package Reveals The Single Most Effective
"First Strikes" PLUS The Nastiest
"Finishing Moves" Of The
11 Most Feared And Successful Streetfighters In the World!

And it's all you'll EVER need to know about fighting to win against bigger opponents... multiple assailants... and attackers armed with guns or knives!
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From: Bob Pierce, President, TRS

Dear Friend,

I just gathered eleven of the world's most feared and dangerous hand to hand fighters... guys from Special Forces, government operatives, "black bag" assassins, illegal "cage" fighters and famous street fighters ... and got them to reveal their favorite "no bullshit" moves they actually use at the start of a real fight to gain an instant advantage... and... at the end of a real fight, when they want to put their opponent away.

For these brutal, experienced fighters-and for you, too, now that these secrets are about to be yours-that's exactly what a real fight is: Your move stuns your opponent and puts him into a world of nightmarish pain... and then your next move puts him down.

Two moves, a "starter" and a "finisher"... and the fight is over.

Sometimes you simply want to take all the fight out of him, and you settle for just making sure he stays down until you can leave.

Other times, you want to put a more long-term "hurt" into him... to teach him a lesson, or to make him afraid to ever fight again.

It's your choice. What's more... it's all yours to learn FREE, if you want.

Forget about all the training most fighters have to go through... forget about all the work you need to get good at difficult submission holds and grappling moves... and forget about spending a lot of time mastering the complexities of some fancy martial art The truth is...

It's All Much Simpler
And Easier Than You Ever Dreamed...

Just as you've always suspected... these world-famous streetfighters can actually tell you how to start and finish any fight, against any opponent (even if he has friends or is armed with a knife or gun)... and do it just... like... that.

A simple move to rock him back on his heels... and another simple move to make sure he wakes up in a hospital.

And all you have to do is ask for this DVD package... check it out... and in just two short hours, you will possess the most dangerous and effective hand-to-hand combat techniques that have ever been revealed to civilians. Ever.

Are you interested? You should be. There isn't a man on the planet who wouldn't give everything to learn these easy, life-changing "fast-finish" fighting techniques.

Without them, you will ALWAYS be vulnerable to losing a fight... and you can't afford that anymore.

Even trained martial artists are getting the shit beat out them these days, because the "bad guys" out there are getting bigger, meaner and more deadly all the time.

However... WITH these secrets, you will finally have the confidence to handle ANY dangerous situation that comes your way... KNOWING you have the skills to...

Instantly Stun, Hurt And Finish Off Your Attacker,
No Matter How Overmatched You Are!

That kind of confidence doesn't come any other way. You earn it by learning the secrets that really work... fast, simply, and in an easy two hour "session"... but this is the ONLY way you can get it.

Let me tell you about this amazing package: First of all, there is absolutely NOTHING like this available to civilians anywhere, for any amount of money. You just cannot get eleven of the most famous and feared fighters on the planet to come together like this. This is a once in a lifetime event.

It's a small army of fighters that we've put together for you, too... including former SEALS, Green Berets, Army Rangers, SWAT cops, Spec Op trainers, "insider" operatives with highly secretive government agencies illegal "pit" fighters, and famous Fighting Challenge winners you may have seen on pay-for-view slaughters in the cage.

Some of these guys don't like each other. All of them are pretty much "loners". And ALL of them are experienced fighters. On the battlefield. In the cage. In the back alley.

They don't brag much... but the scars on their knuckles and the healing bullet and knife wounds on there bodies tell the real story.

What these guys tell you comes from real fights, where someone got really hurt, and only one guy walked away to talk about it later.

They are, to a man, the best at what they do. If they ever fought each other, it's impossible to tell who would win.

That's why I call this a "pirate" video package. These guys were never in the same room with each other. None of them knew what the other ones were revealing... which means that each one made sure he gave out only...

The "Best Of The Best"
Techniques And Moves He Knew.

There's no "showing off" here. No screwing around at all. It's just first moves... and finishing moves. That's all.

Here's the lineup: Paul Vunak, easily the most notorious and respected street fighter in the business. Trainer of Navy SEALS, FBI agents, big city SWAT cops, and private bodyguards.

Chris Clugston, the backstreet brawler who showed how the "little Guy" could defeat multiple attackers as easily as doing the dishes.

Bob Taylor former Ranger with two front line tours of combat, and street fighter Randy Wanner... both "little guys" themselves, who are considered the Number one expert team in the world for disarming gun waving attackers.

Bennie Cooley, who teaches SWAT cops how to "want" the coming fight... so you're in the right "fighting mindset" to do whatever it takes to win.

More: Jim West, a brutal former Green Beret and "special project" field operative who is so revered in the U.S. military that he was invited-as a civilian-into the War Room during Desert Storm for his expertise.

Tony Walker, a "pure" fighter who knows the secrets of never getting hurt yourself in a fight.

Tom Proctor, a middle-aged "cage" fighter who routinely puts younger, stronger and more experienced opponents into the hospital after a two second bout.

Mike Goldbach, and underground "star" among west coast street fighters.

And Oleg Tactarov, the Russian "super fighter" who showed the world how a small man could demolish and undefeated monster like Tank Abbott in the Ultimate Fighting Challenge.

All of these famous fighters... in one DVD package.

There was no room for much talking... no room for boring training exercises... and no room at all or "theory" or for anything that wouldn't work instantly.

The bottom line is this: If you were going to get into a brutal fight a few hours from now... where your life was seriously at risk, and you HAD to win... simply watching this package would be exactly what you want to do.

When real streetfighters get into it, there's no dancing around, no trading of blows, no roundhouse kicks or fake out moves. There's just the first explosive "stun move" ... and then the finisher. That's how real streetfights happen...

Bam BAM,
And It's Over.

And... you better be the guy still standing. That's what these professional secrets are all about. This is only the BEST stuff from these guys' arsenal... the stuff that ALWAYS works.

Here's a "peek" at what you're about to learn:

  • A simple move that instantly puts anyone holding a gun to your head into a world of immobilizing pain... allowing you to disarm him like taking candy from a baby! (Yes, even when you're on your knees "execution style" and the gun is behind you! Amazing stuff that major police honchos tried to keep secret from civilians.)
  • How to slap his ear-just slap it, that's all-in a way that equals five solid left hooks to his temple! (He'll be dizzy, in serious pain, and as limp as a rag doll, waiting for you to finish things.)
  • The single most important move you can make to defeat multiple attackers!
  • A single "dirty trick" that is both an opening strike and a finishing move all in one simple motion! (Warning: Very nasty stuff. Not for the faint-hearted.)
  • How to "backload" tension into your arm so your punch is like a spring-loaded sledge hammer, even if you have "spaghetti arms" or are totally out-of-shape!
  • The easy yet devastating simple finishing move that cage fighters use... when there's no place to run and you must put him down for good!
  • How to turn your body into a lethal weapon... even if you're naked!
  • How to inflict more pain and damage in a single second than your opponent has felt in his entire life!
  • A "map" of the easiest and most effective "finishing targets" on his body! (Just this alone will give you an advantage that cannot be overcome-even if you're surprised from behind, overwhelmed by multiple attackers, or tied up... all you need is one second's opening, and the fight will be yours!
  • How to never get hurt-or even touched-yourself, no matter how long the fight goes on!
  • How to turn your leg into a baseball bat that will shatter every critical bone in his body before he hits the ground!
  • How to instantly humiliate and put down an attacker armed with a knife... with your bare hands!

And more. As you can see, this package is CRAMMED with nasty, brutal and super-effective fighting savvy.

More important... after years of serious fighting (in life or death situations)... each of these Masters has developed a favorite way to start... and then end any fight. And that's what you get here...

Only the Proven, "Tested-In Blood"
Favorite Moves of Each Fighter

These are the actual moves these guys USE in real fights... the moves they use when their own lives are on the line. The stuff they KNOW from experience will work every time!

Best part: once you see these secrets for yourself... you'll realize how SIMPLE most of this stuff really is!

It took centuries for warriors to break down the basics of hand-to-hand combat down to the easy moves that "insiders" use against bigger, stronger, taller and more experienced opponents.

A lot of big mouthed fighters swear you can't learn to fight without years of hard training in a formal art. And that's just bullshit. These simple, easy, yet deadly moves DO exist-the fighters you see in the package prove that, over and over. And now... the secrets are yours.

What's more... you can see this entire arsenal of fighting moves... absolutely for FREE, if you choose.

Here's the deal: like I said, this is a "pirate" package... one I had it put together with the uneasy cooperation of the most dangerous men on the planet. There are two videos one called "First Strike Moves", and another called "Finishing Moves".

This package was designed to be sold on the open market next year... at $139. I know we'll get that price too -- this is the fighting stuff...

EVERYONE Is Dying To Learn.

However... I doubt we'll ever make this package available to anyone else.

The guys on the DVDs are not happy about having their best secrets revealed too cheaply. Chances are... this is the ONLY time you'll ever hear about this package.

And I am making you a very special offer... solely because you're a "hotlist" member of mine. No one else will ever know about this deal. It's just too good.

I will immediately rush ship you this package for just $69 TOTAL. That's HALF the price, right off the bat. But wait... it gets even better.

You can take ALL of next year to put this package through your own "test drive". Watch the DVD, learn the moves, devour the information, however you choose.

And... at the end of the year... if you decide, for any reason or for no reason at all, that the secrets we revealed to you are not to your complete and utter satisfaction... then simply return the package (in any condition) for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked.

That means you will have seen the BEST "first strike" and "finishing" moves... of the BEST fighters anywhere... for FREE. I will have paid for your entire experience.

There's just one "catch": Because this package is "pirated" and the "talent" will cause me incredible trouble if too many of these packages get out --

I Have Been Limited
To Duping
Just 99 Sets.

That's it, and everyone in the warehouse has already got "dibs" on a package for themselves (which they're paying full price for).

That means there are actually LESS than 99 sets left... and you know for sure this webpage is seen by more than 99 people.

That means you have to hurry. I expect the entire batch of packages to be snapped up quickly.

Here's how to get yours: Hit the "Add To Cart" button right now.

Like I said, it's just $69, and I'll personally make sure it goes out to you by return mail. You can use your credit card.

Or, if you'd rather talk with a living person, just call my office at: 1-800-899-8153 and tell the operator you want the "First And Last Moves Package".

Or, if you'd rather pay my check or money order, (made out to TRS), just mail your $76, (that's $69 + $7 shipping and handling) to: TRS Direct, Dept. CM-301, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

No matter how you order -- as long as you do it NOW -- your package will be rushed out to you. And... you have that Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction, for the entire next year. No hassles, no questions asked.

That means...

You Can See Everything
Absolutely FREE If You Choose.

I'd go broke, of course, if everyone decided to return the package for a refund. But I don't think that'll happen... because this is the REAL THING, and I can't imagine the guy who wouldn't want to own this package for himself, forever.

What you learn here will change your life literally overnight.

Call right now, while you're thinking about it. There's nothing more important you could do.


Bob Pierce

Bob Pierce
Head Honcho, TRS

P.S. Remember... there are only 99 sets available, and I expect them to vanish quickly. There's plenty to go around -- but only if you order right now. So don't wait even another minute!

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