It may be the only time you ever get this kind of preferential treatment from an internationally-respected fighter of this caliber!

“Why is Chris Clugston Putting
YOU Ahead of Established
World-Class Streetfighters?”

From: James Curley
Special Project Director, TRS

Dear Friend,

I have set up a special “Hot List” account for you with $97 in it.

The “I.D.” number for your TRS account is your email address. If you got here by clicking on an email link, then no worries. The money has just automatically landed in your account.

This money is good only for your personal TRS “Hot List” account, and can only be used regarding this promotion. It expires in 48 hours.

Here’s why I’ve given you $97: I’m doing this so you can immediately move to the head of the line, and won't have to wait like everyone else (including established streetfighters with world-class reputations) to see the DVDs the entire martial arts world has been waiting for.

Chris Clugston -- the most sought-after professional instructor in the world right now -- asked me to do this for you.

You see, about half a million guys just discovered (through a “wild card” leak on the Internet last Friday) that we’ve finished editing the amazing new Chris Clugston “Advanced Camhrac Bas” fighting videos... and it’s like a BOMB was set off in the worldwide martial arts community.

The “insider” demand for this advanced fighting video has gotten nasty-sight unseen, the world’s “tough guys” who know and live streetfighting...

Will Do Almost Anything
To Get Their Hands On These Videos!

But... because you’re on the “privileged short list” here at TRS... Chris has insisted that I bend over backwards to make sure that you be FIRST IN LINE... and... that you get an outrageously better deal than anyone else, no matter who they are.

And he was very blunt about it. You get the best treatment, period. Thus... I’ve written you the above check for your “Hot List” account.

To all of us who already know about Chris Clugston, this surge in demand from fighting experts-simply on the strength of an Internet leak-is no surprise... for 3 reasons:

  1. Chris's astonishing fighting system is totally unique... and totally different from every other martial art out there. And that makes anyone who learns it dangerous beyond belief. Instead of relying on esoteric Asian skills - which are often tough for Americans to understand (let alone master) - this system continues the 2,800 year Western tradition of hand-to-hand combat. These are the skills that helped create the world we live in today - because, while ancient Samurai were practicing delicate arts with sword and hands (skills which do not "translate" very well to modern streetfighting)... European gladiators and soldiers and knights were in constant warfare, surviving ONLY by having the best killing arts. If you grew up in America (or Europe), you will INSTANTLY feel at home using these devastating fighting skills.
  2. Chris's first "Camhrac Bas" training video was a MONSTER best-seller four years ago, and changed the way both "regular" guys and hardened streetfighters fight and defend themselves all over the world. (Because Chris's system is so simple, and so easy to master, even if you've never fought or trained before. All the old rules about needing to train forever and change your lifestyle to do nothing but train were suddenly thrown out!) HOWEVER... Chris has not gone into the studio in four long years to shoot any more video! That makes the sudden discovery of these advanced videos HUGE NEWS among savvy fighters who have been starving for more from this "genius" warrior.
  3. And... Finally... as the Internet "leak" revealed just last week (did you see it?)... the amazing techniques Chris teaches here can turn anyone who sees them into a special classification of streetfighter - giving you the ability to quickly put ANY attacker down, no matter how big or vicious or trained, without breaking a sweat!

Already, about 3 of every 4 "testimonials" I get here at TRS (either by email or in a letter) are about Chris Clugston... and how the fighting skills he teaches have saved someone's life, or ended a serious threat.

Now, anyone who knows fighting can see that Chris's system is the REAL THING... so I'm not surprised I get so many rave reviews about his stuff. But what's really astonishing is that...

Any Of Chris's Moves...
They Simply WATCHED One Of His Videos!

My jaw drops every time I read another letter or email about Chris's stuff helping someone. These are regular guys, just like you and me, who are trying to lead a normal life... but who knows, deep down, that they'd better learn some good self-defense strategies to protect themselves and their loved ones.

But the kicker is... Chris's stuff is so SIMPLE... many of these guys just picked up a move or two on Chris's video, without practice, without any training at all... and then USED it to send an attacker down, crying in pain! (One guy - who never practiced, ever - remembered enough to stop three hard-core thugs from robbing and beating him up in New Jersey.

He had one thug on the ground, sobbing like a baby, while the other two turned and ran. (He "played" with the thug on the ground for awhile, to teach him a lesson, before finally letting him go.)

(Another good story, which ended up on the Rescue 911 television show: A young guy named Murphy who had only watched his brother's copy of Chris's tape was held up in a hotel room by a guy nearly twice his size.

Murphy used the only move he remembered... and the immediate pain he made the robber piss himself. The punk was actually happy to see the cops come, and save him from more misery at the hands of little Murphy!)

Other guys put a minimum of work into learning Chris's stuff, (and become the shortest and smallest bouncers, bodyguards and respected streetfighters in the world. These fighting skills have simply changed the way the world works. Never underestimate a guy who has seen Chris's techniques, no matter how meek or small he looks.

This is strong stuff. And that’s why every serious fighter on the planet is paying attention to what new techniques Chris has decided to reveal.

But this instant, sight-unseen demand from so many fighters is going to create the biggest log-jam of orders you can imagine... which is why I’ve set up this account for you. Here’s what the account does for you:

  • First, this check verifies that you are in the privileged upper part of our exclusive “Hot List”. (Don’t take this lightly-people beg me every day to be put on this list... it’s the most exclusive in the martial arts world!)
  • It “super-charges” your account with TRS... so you will pay less than HALF of what everyone else must pay for the hottest fighting videos to hit the market in four years! (The “standard” price for this special edition of Chris’s new advanced videos has been set at $194, plus shipping and handling... despite the fact it’s worth five times that amount. However, by using this special account, you can have it for HALF of the established price... and I’ll pay every penny of your shipping and handling myself, out of my own pocket!)
  • Plus... you get the entire “uncensored” GOLD EDITION of these videos -- the stunning “insider” version that...

Most People Will Never Be Allowed
 To See!

Let me tell you about this special “uncensored” GOLD EDITION DVD Package. It’s a breathtaking collection of advanced fighting skills that will rock your world. Here’s why it’s so special...

  • The editing has been personally supervised by Chris Clugston himself. This is the first we’ve ever allowed a fighter into our editing control room for any reason... but we respect Chris so much, we bent the rules. As a result, this is exactly the way Chris wanted these videos to come out-so his teachings are as close to what you’d get with personal instruction as humanly possible!
  • You get “bonus” footage the general public can never be allowed to see-so you get an honest “insiders” look at how the best fighters in the world learn advanced skills!
  • The special packaging of this GOLD EDITION... along with the “uncensored” bonus footage... make this a collector’s gem, too! And, anyone who knows fighting (and thus already knows Chris’s amazing international reputation as a fighter and a teacher) will instantly recognize your videos as the edition no one else got!
  • Finally... because you’re on the TRS “Hot List”... by using the account I’ve set up for you here... you get these “balls-to-the-wall” (and uncensored) fighting videos... for less than half of what everyone else must pay!

So what, exactly, makes these new DVDs so “in demand”? Just like you’d’s the skills you learn. Simple... devastating... super-advanced skills that are like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before.

And yet... because they’re an integral advance on the Western fighting arts our culture was built on... you can learn them so quickly, you’ll go from zero tone hundred almost overnight.

Chris has broken this “master’s class” down into 2 sections: Defense... and Offense. It’s just that simple-on one hand, you’ll learn how to create a personal “zone of protection” that no one can violate by attacking you... and on the other hand, you’ll also learn how to demolish any opponent (of any size or strength or skill level) as casually as you’d step on a bug.

Here’s a “taste” of what you’re about to learn:

  • How to immediately solve any problem that comes at you in the street... by “jump-starting” the Natural Warrior part of your brain (just like a real-life gladiator would) and putting the simple-yet-proven survival tools to work that have served men like you for thousands of years.
  • How to be flexible in how you respond to an attack... without needing to memorize or practice a single complicated strike or move! Instead, you will instantly “force feed” astonishingly simple skills into your system... which will give you options no other fighter can even imagine.

It Really Shouldn’t Be This Easy To Become A Top-Grade Fighting Man... But, With Chris’s Unbelievably Effective Fighting Techniques, It Is!

  • How to “connect the dots” of any fight-so you smoothly go from confrontation, to defense against attack, to taking him out... all in a blinding, smooth and natural blur of action he cannot defend against. And yet, still, you are not doing ANYTHING complex or difficult!
  • Exactly what “short set” of killer techniques you, personally, should have in mind in any fight. So there’s NEVER a moment where you aren’t absolutely positive what to do next. (I’ve never seen a fighting system before that you can turn you into a Total Fighter so quickly!)
  • How to NEVER FAIL in a fight.
  • How to take out a trained fighter who is attempting to go “high, low” on you. (This technique alone will “solve” 90% of the confrontations you get into.)
  • How to use paralyzing PAIN to immobilize your opponent, at any time you choose.
  • How to “lock ‘em up” tight, so they cant move, cant run, can barely breathe... while you decide what to do to finish the situation. Any way you want to...
  • Why you only need these five incredibly simple offensive moves... no matter what kind of fight you find yourself in! Plus... with Chris’s “personalized teaching”... you will finally know when and how to use each one. There are NO gray areas of doubt in the this fighting system-it’s comprehensive, yet so simple it can be yours overnight!

And a ton more. Forget all the “horror stories” you’ve heard about learning the advanced stuff in other martial arts. Chris truly has discovered the KEY to teaching breathtaking advanced fighting skills in such a simple format that ANYONE can “get it” quickly.

You don’t need experience... or size... or even speed.

In fact... the “experience” that most fighters have to learn over decades of risking life and limb in actual streetfights... has been “short cut” in Chris’s system.

So, where rookie fighters trained in “traditional” martial arts often PANIC when faced with a real, bloody fight... you will have the ABSOLUTE KNOW-HOW of advanced fighting skills that ensure you never panic.

It’s the difference between someone who doesn’t even know how to find the car trunk getting a flat, and not having a clue what to do next, and panicking... and someone who knows how to change a tire in sixty seconds. Once you KNOW what to do...

You’re Simply
 Dangerous Beyond Belief!

Here’s how to do now: You have three ways to get your hands on these amazing “uncensored” GOLD EDITION "Savage Streetfighting" advanced training DVDs. First, if you want to use your credit card, simply hit the "Order Now" button below:

Add To Cart

If you'd rather talk with an operator, call 1-800-899-8153, and ask for "Department SS-301, Chris Clugston's Savage Streetfighting". Remind them you've received received The $97 Hotlist Account Letter”.

You don’t need to send the check in -- we’ll credit your TRS “Hot List” account (the one in your email address) automatically.

The “standard” price for this package is $194... but for you, it’s just half that. And, since I’m paying all the shipping and handling myself, you pay even less than half.

Plus... you immediately go to the front of the long line waiting for this DVD package. So while everyone else has to wait (and yes, that includes even the “stars” of the fighting world who aren’t on this list) you get immediate service. (This log-jam of orders means other guys wont get to see these videos for up to six months and longer!

The third way is to mail a $104 ($97 plus $7 shipping) check or money order (payable to TRS) and send it to: TRS Direct, Dept. SS-301, Visalia, CA 93292. Include your email address somewhere inside so we can verify your account. You still get to the head of the line, and get the same deal.

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No matter HOW you order, you’ll be rush-shipped your “uncensored” GOLD EDITION DVDs. And because you’re on the “Hot List”, you get DOUBLE the time to watch them risk-free.

This is our GOLD EDITION 100% Money-Back Guarantee... for one entire year.

Order these DVDs... watch them, train with them, treat them as your own for a full year... and, if you aren’t completely happy (for any reason at all)... simply send them back, in any condition, for a full and prompt refund. No questions asked.

You’ll have seen the most anticipated fighting videos in the world... for FREE. I trust you completely-no one gets on the TRS “Hot List” without first having our unshakeable trust.

There’s just one “catch”: you must call (or mail in your order) before 5 p.m. in the next 48 hours. At 5 p.m., the GOLD EDITION package I had set aside for you will be returned to the warehouse, and offered to someone else... for full price!

The only person who will ever get this stunning half-off deal... is YOU. No one else.

So call right now, okay? The cut-off date is so close. You need to hit the Add To Cart button right now or phone right away and place your order (or get your order in the mail today).

Anyone who puts this off risks not being able to see this amazing stuff until next year!


Jim Curley

Jim Curley

P.S. Remember... because you’re on the privileged (and very exclusive) “Hot List”, you go to the head of the line... you pay less than half of what everyone else has to pay... and you get the uncensored DVDs (personally edited by Chris Clugston) no one else will be allowed to see!

But... you MUST order right away.

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