“It’s like carrying around your own personal sledgehammers...”

The Secret Behind
The Mysterious
Tai Chi “Death Blow”
Finally Revealed!

At Last! The Lid Has Been Blown Off
The Ancient Tai Chi "Heavy Hand" Method
To Snapping Bones... Exploding Internal Organs...
Even KILLING An Opponent – With Nothing More Than
A Single (Almost Innocent Looking) Bare Handed Strike!

From:  Si Gung Clear
       Tai Chi Expert

To:   TRS "Hotlist" Customer

Dear Friend:

If I were to fight and kill someone on the street today, I’d likely be charged with possessing and carrying a deadly weapon. That "deadly weapon" would be nothing more than...

My Bare Hands.

Because my lethal Tai Chi “Heavy Hand” striking skills can easily snap through the arm of a huge man, or blast his internal organs to a heap of bleeding jelly, or explode his eyeballs like raw eggs -- with just one simple deft stroke of my hand.

This is no joke.

My name is Si Gung Clear and this ancient Chinese secret has been handed down to me by Tai Chi masters. I’ve traveled to far away exotic lands around the world and worked very hard for over last 30 years to uncover these secrets.

And now...

I Want To Show YOU These Secrets...
For FREE If You Want.

You’re about to learn a much coveted skill that few people on earth really understand – even experienced fighters and accomplished martial artists.

I realize that you may be skeptical. Most people are.

Because it simply seems impossible that such an innocent-looking open-hand strike, (almost a "touch" really), can shatter bones like dried pretzels... defibrillate and stop a heart... rupture eyeballs, testicles and internal organs... or simply scramble your opponent’s brain and knock him unconscious in an instant.

But it’s all true.

I learned these skills from “deep” inside the martial arts world. The most respected masters from China know who I am. I’ve trained with over 40 senior masters including several of China’s Living Treasure’s, (their top 100 living martial arts teachers).

One of my instructors and mentors was Liu Wan Fu...

Winner of China’s Last
Full-Contact "Death Match".

International pressure has since stopped these brutal death matches, but what I’ve learned from the champions who survived this will transform your life, like it has mine.

My expertise has also landed me a gig as the technical advisor for the History Channel’s “Human Weapon” series... I’ve appeared on Fox News “Hannity and Combs”... had glowing articles written about me in Inside Kung Fu Magazine... Tai Chi Magazine... Millionaire Magazine... and a host of newspapers and sports magazines around the country.

I've also been sought out to train Spec Op soldiers heading overseas... U.N. Weapons Inspectors... SWAT cops... undercover FBI and DEA agents... SOCOM Air Force pilots... and even members of Rudy Giulianis’ staff in the months following 9/11.

This isn’t coincidence. These professionals understand something you may not -- knowing the secrets to a simple and instant barehanded “death blow” is ...

Pure Raw POWER.

If this didn’t work, people's whose very lives depend on their ability to fight and KILL wouldn't be taking my advice, (and there’s no way Bob Pierce would've allowed me write you this letter).

This is brand new instruction only available to you and a handful of other TRS hotlist guys.

Still skeptical? Good, because it gives me the chance to PROVE to you that what I’m saying is absolutely real.

Here’s how I’m gonna do that. See the photo to the right? Well Bob Pierce will send you a wooden training board exactly like it -- FREE!

It's a solid, 12" x 6” x 1/2" top-quality Eastern White Pine martial arts grade breaking board -- and it's as hard as a human skull (but thicker).

When your board arrives (like I said, it's included FREE with the package), I want you to hold it lightly in one hand and then try to break it with only the fingertips of your opposite hand.

Be careful. There's no need to go nuts and hurt yourself. Because unless you're an advanced student of Combat Tai Chi, you won't be able to break the board with your fingertips, (in fact it'll probably sting like hell).

Next... set the board aside and watch my astonishing "Street Combat Tai Chi" DVD package included inside the package.

Take your time – but a few hours is all you'll really need.

One of the main things you’ll discover is the secrets of Energy Transfer -- something most fighters don’t “get” but is absolutely critical if you want to...

Transform Your Bare Hands
Into Lethal Weapons.

Energy Transfer is the reason why a 120-pound martial artist can shatter a 4-foot thick stack of rock-solid bricks.

It’s not magic. It’s something that can be learned. And after YOU learn it (it'll take just a few short hours)... I want to you pick up that board and try it again. This time your hand will...

Pass Straight Through The Board
Like A Hot Knife Through Butter .

You'll be amazed. Really.

So will friends and family. Because it almost looks as if you’re breaking boards with NO effort. Like voodoo or something.

But that's not the point.

My instruction is NOT intended to teach you martial arts parlor tricks. For pete's sake, we’ve all seen eight year old yellow belts break boards, (although what THEY are doing is the exact OPPOSITE of what I'll teach you).

Nope. The whole point of my instruction is to teach you the secrets to using your hands as a dangerous, powerful, sometimes lethal natural weapon. Almost like...

You're Armed With Two Hammers
Where Ever You Go... 24 Hours A Day.

Think about that for a second.

I mean, what if you were viciously attacked by a larger, meaner more skilled opponent -- but you just happened to be holding a pair of ballpeen hammers, one in each hand.

Suddenly that big guy looks rather small and silly... doesn't he?

...He grabs for your arm... you break his arm.

...He bull-rushes you... you explode his liver.

...He dares threaten the lives of your wife and your kids and crack... an instant “lights out” forehead shot,(that maybe bursts his eyeballs too).

You’ll discover all this and more in my intensive “Combat Tai Chi” DVD package, including:

  • A critical “unhinging” of the shoulder (very simple and requires no special skills) that allows you to transfer body weight energy (the key to the most vicious heavy hands striking).
  • The secret to a “shock knockout”. This is how you shoot energy through his skull and brain and shut off his computer. It’s good night without the sweet lullaby.
  • A lethal "Clavicle Shot" that can inflicts massive internal damage (it’s like slamming a crowbar across his neck). Use this one only when your life is in danger (yeah, it’s THAT bad).
  • Specific “Shattering Arm” techniques designed to break the humerus, radius, and ulna arm bones with a very simple heavy hand stroke, (ends 99% of all fights right there).
  • How to “integrate” your body weight to concentrate a tremendous force onto a small area. Most people have their weight “spread out” – now you’ll have it focused like a military laser, (so even 90-pound weaklings can suddenly generate HUGE amounts of deadly power).
  • The secrets of “Power Transfer”. This is how you’ll snap bones and devastate organs. And I’m not just talking about the collar bone (which is EASY to snap), but major arm and leg bones.
  • Why a “flimsy” and loose style (unlike what most boxing and martial arts teach) is far superior in actual street combat. You’ll know more about delivering a true power-shot than 99% of all other guys out there.
  • The trick to striking over a DOZEN pressure points on the head at the SAME time (most fighters can hit just one), making a knock out virtually certain, (because it’s like hitting him with 12 shots at once).
  • A “Wild Horse Tosses Mane” heavy hand technique that opens him up to a nasty eye shot, an exploding testicle hit, or a lethal carotid artery loose-hand strike.
  • A simple Whip Hands method, the key to producing nuclear kinda power. It’s really starts as a slow, relaxed “snapping” motion of your limbs, (and the training of this is sooo easy). The end result is total tissue, nerve and bone destruction.
  • An “Arm Pull-Down” strike originally designed for people in wheel chairs but perfect if you’re ever confronted while in a seated position.
  • A simple (and very wicked) “snapping towel” motion you can use to deliver a powerful fingertips strike. I’ll show you how to use it for explosive shots to the eyes, throat, scrotum, sternum, or arm pit (a lethal shot too).
  • The nifty trick to developing lighting speed without requiring you to be coordinated or even in shape, (most experienced fighters have no clue about this and therefore are spent after just 10 seconds of fighting). This is how you’ll keep up a continual stream of brutal and vicious blows he simply can’t recover from.
  • How to achieve a maximum surface strike, (because most fighters are actually only hitting an area the size of a dime). This means massive shocking blunt force trauma (the secret to quick knock outs).
  • A very cool little trick to “funneling” your opponent’s attack so you can lure him straight into your power shot, (he won’t know you set him up like a bowling pin... until he wakes up).
  • Why a WIDE stance will actually strip power away from your strike, (yes, many dojos are teaching this WRONG). But I’ll show you the right way to do this (and strangely enough, it’s what tennis players use to stay in the game).

And a lot LOT more.

Like the five most effective “targets” on the human body... how to use your hands as another set of eyes (this really works)... how to develop super efficient “sneaky-fast” quickness... exactly how to defeat a “bull rush” (this is the one that’ll devastate your opponent’s liver and kidneys)... a simple move to crush his cheek bone and sinus cavities (very, very painful)... the silver dollar size spot on the back of the head that’ll shut down his brain like a light switch (again, be careful, this one’s lethal)... and on and on.

It just keeps going.

The “Mopping Technique” that protects your hands from damage while adding a huge amount of power to your hits... how the ancient “Golden Cock Stance” is actually the foundation for using Combat Tai Chi in an actual real world fight (simple, once you see how it’s done)... the secret to using your opponent’s energy and body weight AGAINST him, (seems like some kind of weird magic, but it’s actually just a simple trick)... and a LOT more.

This “Combat Tai Chi” DVD package is over 3 HOURS of solid information that you can learn today and use tomorrow (if need be).

The Chinese have gone to great lengths to keep this info inside their own exclusive circles so it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever seen anything like these astonishing secrets (most Americans still think Tai Chi is some sort of yoga).

But it turns out...

I’m The "Insider"
To Finally Blow The Lid Off This.

The beauty is that all the moves are fluid and simple – so even if you have NO size, strength or coordination, this will work for you, (which is why 90-year-old Chinese masters are still using this to kick serious butt).

Look... I'd love to try to explain this some more, but I can’t possibly teach you the secrets of Combat Tai Chi in a letter, (that'd be like trying to learn how to ride a bike from a book... impossible).

You’ll actually have to SEE how this is done to really “get” it. And to make that as easy as possible for you, Bob Pierce has arranged to give you a chance to...

Check Out My Incredible New DVD Package
Totally RISK FREE.

You’ll even get a couple free bonuses too.

Here’s how you get started right now: Click on the "Add To Cart" button below.

Use your credit card. Bob Pierce's company is handling all the orders and credit card processing. They've been doing this for almost 20 years and are completely trustworthy -- known throughout this industry for their quality products and generous guarantees.

They treat their hotlist like gold, so I couldn't be more pleased to have Bob Pierce and his staff backing me up on this project.

The price for this "Combat Tai Chi" package is just $97 -- an AMAZING price considering that people regularly dish out a cool $4,000 to attend my seminars where I teach the SAME material.

But you don’t risk a dime of the $97, because TRS is backing everything up with an iron-clad guarantee.

Here's how the guarantee works: If you can’t immediately use these devastating barehanded “heavy hands” skills to instantly snap that wooden board with a simple "touch" -- then I insist you send the package back to TRS for a fast refund of your purchase price.

In fact, you’ll get ONE FULL YEAR to see if you want to keep this. So you can take your time with this. View it at your leisure. If you decide over the next 12 months that you don't like it, you don't have to keep it. Simple as that.

That means you'll be able to check out these “death blow” secrets...

Absolutely FREE
If You Want!

Of course, you can order by telephone too. The TRS office number is 1-800-899-8153. Tell the operator you want "Clear's Combat Tai Chi" DVD package with the FREE martial arts breaking board. Have your credit ready. They'll take it all from there.

If you'd rather order by check or money order (payable to TRS), send your $104 (that's $97 plus $7 shipping and handling), to: TRS, Combat Tai Chi, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

No matter how you order, your package will be rushed out to you immediately.

Okay... here's one thing I want to be 100% clear about. You MUST be careful if you’re training this with a partner. Rookies especially. You CAN kill your training partner. One heavy hand shot to head or to the gut can kill in a second.

You’ve been warned.

Train this material with the same care as you would if you were using guns and live ammo. Total respect. No screwing around.

Even if you strike at only 25% power, you’ll be LUCKY to get away with only broken bones.

I’m absolutely serious about this. So serious in fact that I’ve insisted to Bob Pierce that -- until we can be certain people won't misuse this -- he only release this to his “hotlist” for now.

As a hotlist member yourself, you’ve been around the block. Bob knows and trusts you completely and is relatively certain you won't use this to randomly kill.

So here’s the deal: Bob’s agreed to make up 188 packages – LESS than enough to cover his hotlist.

So you’ve got 7 days to order. If the staff at TRS doesn’t hear from you, they’ll assume that you’re not interested and contact the hotlist guys below you.

I doubt it’ll ever get that far. If you and the rest of Bob’s “hotlist” are as savvy as I think, my gut tells me these 188 packages will be gone in 48 hours.

But wait... I have something MORE for you.

It’s another DVD called “5 Minute Knife Fighting” and, although it’s almost an hour long, you can learn the real “meat” of defending yourself against a knife-wielding attacker in just 5 minutes (maybe less).

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll learn:

  • A highly effective (but weird looking) “S-Motion” defense that makes you practically impervious to a knife attack (you gotta see this to believe it).
  • How to use a simple “body outline” to create a defensive shield around yourself (very easy once you see how it's done)...
  • Knife-fighting footwork tricks (not what you’d think), to ensure all your moves are lightning fast, (your life depends on it)...
  • How to create gaping holes in your opponent’s defense, allowing you easy access to his kill zones...
  • Simple “Heavy Hands” barehanded defense tactics that works like crazy against an opponent armed with a knife, (it's practically impossible for him to hang onto the knife).

And a lot more. Live full-speed demos (very brutal... we don’t hold back at all) so you can see how to use this in the REAL world, how to use the “Golden Cock Stand” to snap his Radius bone like a twig (for instant disarms), how to “guide” his attack so you’ll know exactly how to take him out, and a more.

This DVD is yours to keep for FREE. Bob will include it along with your “Combat Tai Chi” heavy hands package.

That means you’re getting a total of nearly...

Four Hours
Of Intensive Instruction!

This a VERY good deal my friend. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how Bob Pierce can afford to give all this away for just $97. But that's his business.

For now, you’d better order right away. The clock’s ticking...



Si Gung Clear

P.S. Okay... here’s a recap of everything you’ll get when you order right now.

  1. The Combat Tai Chi DVD package. This is where you'll learn the simple and easy to learn secrets of the Tai Chi "Death Blow" heavy hands striking. It took me almost 30 years to get this info.
  2. The special Eastern White Pine FREE breaking board to PROVE that everything I’m saying is absolutely true...
  3. A ONE YEAR guarantee. This makes it all RISK FREE in case you change your mind or aren't happy for ANY reason...
  4. My “5 Minute Knife Fighting” bonus DVD package, yours to KEEP even if you return everything else for a fast refund.

It’s a killer deal. But there’s only 188 “hotlist” packages to go around. You’ve got 7 days to order before your package and your free stuff is passed to the hotlist guy below you.

So do this now while the opportunity is still staring you in the face. There’s NO RISK and the bonus material is yours to keep.

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