These are the same secrets used by SWAT cops and Spec-Op soldiers!

World-Famous Streetfighter
Will Give You A

Just To Prove He Can Take It Away From You Barehanded
As Easy As Taking Candy From A Baby!

By Bob Pierce
Director, TRS/FightFast Civilian Fighting Division

Dear Friend,

I want to send you a free gun. (It is nearly identical in CAD-imaged specs to the standard military-issue “Red style” training gun.)

There are 2 things I want you to do when you receive it:

  1. I want you to set the gun aside, and watch the DVDs I will also send...
  2. Then, I want you to give the gun to the toughest, biggest and most coordinated friend you have... and ask him to

Point The Gun At You
And Squeeze The Trigger!

It is important that you choose someone who is larger than you. Preferably, he should also have some skill at fighting. A black belt karate master would be perfect.

Why am I asking you to do this? Because, I want to prove to you that what you see on these DVDs will allow you to instantly take that gun away (bare-handed) and put him down on the ground before he can move a muscle to squeeze the trigger! And once down, you will be able to keep him on the floor (and even slap him silly, if you please). You'll be in complete control.

As you will see in these DVDs, you do not need strength, or special agility, or even previous skill in fighting. You will see how even a small man (5'5", 140 pounds soaking wet) can easily disarm and take down a bodybuilder (6'2", 240 pounds) trained in judo!

It's an astonishing fact to learn, but it is true nevertheless. What you are about to learn are the identical "Disarm and Disable" tactics used by elite U.S. military personnel, big city SWAT teams, and high-profile security enforcement...

Which Have Been Kept Secret
From Civilians (Like You)
For Almost 20 Years!

Now, don't get the idea the "moves" you are about to learn are difficult, just because they have been held in secret by some of the most feared fighters in the world. ... yet utterly devastating when used against an armed attacker. You will be able to quickly take away your assailant's gun, and you will also learn:

What's more, you'll also learn how to disarm an attacker who has a knife... along with:

Plus, you'll learn the tactics of taking away a club or baseball bat from an attacker... and also

And, once you've disarmed your attacker and are facing him bare-handed... well, that's just child's play now. These DVDs will show you:

PLUS — and this is my favorite part of the package — you get an entire lesson on street-fighting "Dirty Tricks"... the same sneaky moves used by professional soldiers and cops who can't afford to waste time fighting by the old "rules of the street". You'll learn:

And more. A lot more, in fact. For example, you'll get simple exercises to specifically strengthen what's weak in your "falling muscles". (The identical conditioning exercises used by professionals!)

You'll learn how to train into mastery without breaking your partner's bones. These moves look simple (almost too simple)... but their devastating power becomes evident the first time your partner goes a fraction of an inch too far. (Don't worry, though — there are easy ways to make your practice sessions "fail safe"!)

You'll understand "Shotgun and Uzi" disarming techniques (many traveling Americans have found themselves in mega-armed terrorist situations overseas and here in the U.S.!)... How only 4-6 pounds of pressure can snap a shinbone... Why no professional would ever attempt the "spinning round house kicks" that are taught to every new karate student (and which take 2 to 5 years to learn correctly!)... How to "adjust" his attitude without doing obvious harm... A detailed "map" of anatomical targets (for example: where the thumb ends at the thigh is a crucial nerve point — reaction: numbing shock when kicked)... And, the most decisive move you can make to end any fight instantly!

As you can see, the secrets revealed in these amazing DVDs will give you a powerful new way of moving in the world, because...

You Will Never Again
Walk Your Streets In Fear!

Are you having trouble believing all this?

That's okay — I'm used to people being suspicious... at first. But the truth is, what you are about to learn is praised by professional soldiers, and law enforcement personnel all over the country.

In fact, U.S. military generals, big-city police veterans and even the publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine (who almost never gives endorsements). They all agree that this new system can be learned quickly and easily, and will work on the street under even the worst conditions imaginable.

Here is how we came to discover these "professional warrior" bare-handed fighting secrets: For a long time now, I have been connected to the "inside" of certain elite military and law enforcement circles. (Including the Navy SEALS — the most dangerous soldiers on the planet.)

My goal is to help civilians like you to understand the super-effective fighting skills that have been developed. I want my family to feel as safe and protected as possible, and I'm sure you want the same for your loved ones.

Anyway, through certain inside "contacts" (which I am not going to tell you about) I was approached by two of the most respected professional combat trainers in the world: Randy Wanner is a feared martial arts expert who for years has been training federal and state law enforcement agencies in "street survival fighting tactics". (He was also the former Martial Arts editor for Soldier of Fortune magazine.)

His name is well-known among the elite "warriors" of modern-day combat, and he has gone toe-to-toe with street fighters from all over the world to prove his techniques are superior to anything else out there.

Bob Taylor is considered one of the country's most experienced experts in counter insurgency operations; state, local and federal law enforcement agencies use him frequently for training. He is also a specialist in counter-terrorism for African, South American and Central American governments.

These two guys are in demand all over the world. Their clients include the U.S. military, big-city SWAT teams, international anti-terrorist squads and top security firms in 15 foreign countries. These clients hire Bob and Randy for just one thing:

Their Incredible Skill In Quickly Teaching Their Unique
"Bare-Handed" Disarming and Disabling Techniques For
Armed Attackers!

This new fighting system took over 20 years to develop. It was necessary because the techniques the police and the military used to use — based on centuries-old karate moves — simply were not effective in real combat conditions.

Soldiers and officers who were supposed to be disarming their attackers were, instead, getting shot and disabled themselves!

Randy and Bob decided to find out what was wrong.

There was only one sane way to do this. They used their connections within the military establishment to get "training" bullets for their weapons. These bullets (called "Red Jets") are almost impossible for civilians to get.

They are made of wax and polymer, yet are calibrated to fire from real weapons and can blow a hole in quarter-inch plywood from 15 feet. These training bullets were necessary for Bob and Randy's research, because...

They Used This Live Ammunition
On Each Other To Develop Their
New Disarming System

Let me tell you — it takes some kind of guts to face a gun loaded with live ammo. Those wax bullets travel at over 400 feet per second... and even if they don't tear up your body like real bullets, these guys have the scars to prove getting hit with them isn't pretty. (I personally saw Bob shred Randy's left earlobe during a demonstration of the "wrong" way to clear a gun! There was blood everywhere during the rest of the demo.)

No one else in the world has ever done this kind of live-weapon research!

The first thing they found out, of course, was that 99% of the disarming tactics being used by soldiers and cops (and still being taught by smug karate masters who have never had to face a loaded gun in person) DO NOT WORK!

This has to stop. It's irresponsible. It's stupid — especially when Randy and Bob have, after 20 years of tough research, come up with simple and easy-to-learn ways that do work!

Their discoveries have revolutionized the way modern professional warriors approach armed attackers — already, there are cops who are on record saying these new skills have saved their lives in the street!

Why do you — as a civilian — need these skills? Are you kidding? The whole world has gone psycho. The odds that you will be faced by an armed attacker — without a weapon of your own to rely on — are getting worse every day. This kind of advanced knowledge (even if it is easy to learn) isn't a luxury for American men anymore. The facts are staggering:

What's more, new studies show that women who fight back are less likely to be raped. And that learning some form of self-defense is your best bet against a criminal population who is prepared to use force and violence on a whim.

But there's a BIG problem here. The way most Americans are going about getting prepared to defend themselves is simply...

Not Going To Work!

Here are the facts, my friend: Most martial art studios are run by people who have never been in a real fight before in their lives... and you will probably be trained (in a huge class) by people who have been prematurely promoted to "black belt" just to handle the classes! These "store front" studios operate exactly like health spas — they lure in large numbers of people, and get the money up front. It's a business.

And the garbage being sold to women offers only the pale illusion of self-defense: Tear gas will not work on a drug-crazed attacker intent on harm.

You saw what police "stun guns" did to Rodney King on that famous DVD: Nothing.

Most rape-prevention seminars ignore the most common aspect of rape: The woman is thrown to the ground first, and then attacked.

She will seldom get an opportunity to try the fancy knee-to-the-groin trick the seminars teach — a move which, by the way, is usually taught completely wrong! (You may think a "ball kick" is easy, but it's actually a low-percentage kick, and hard to pull off.

There are several better and more devastating things to do, as Bob and Randy will soon show you.)

Even the fancy alarms and sirens people are "arming" themselves with are worthless in most cases of attack. (They don't protect cars, they don't protect houses, and they won't "protect" you either.)

In reality, you have only two choices: Remain a vulnerable "potential victim" who trusts that God will protect you... or learn the RIGHT way to defend yourself.

It's not hard to do. In fact, it's relatively simple...

Once You Understand
The "Inside" Secrets!

One of Bob's favorite hobbies is to attend the big conventions of gun enthusiasts. He will challenge 20 of them to line up with their favorite weapon (unloaded, of course) and, one by one, demonstrate how he could take the gun away from them before they could pull the trigger.

And then he would do it, bop, bop, bop, all the way down the line, never using the same move twice, never breaking a sweat, and never using any but the most simple skills.

Sounds like something you might want to learn for yourself, doesn't it?

Well, there's a "hitch".

You see, the only way to even get any personal training from Bob or Randy was to get into their heavily-monitored seminars. But to get in, you need 2 forms of official credentials and licenses (plus about $850 for the full board of instruction).

Only professionals — elite soldiers, police SWAT teams, high-profile security agents — have been allowed to learn this life-saving stuff...

Until Now!

Why now? Because, after about a year of intense negotiation, we convinced Bob and Randy to go into a studio and — taking as long as they needed — produce the first DVD package ever of their most trustworthy techniques for facing an armed attacker bare-handed.

And they did just that. After weeks of filming and editing, they created the only package in existence for people (like you) outside the world of professional warriors.

Yet they pulled no punches in presenting their new fighting system! What you get here is all their best techniques, best advice, and best training methods!

Here's what you get in this amazing DVD package:

But hold on – there’s MORE. I will include yet another DVD package known as “Advanced Weapons Retention”…


This subject is some of the most important martial arts tactic in "street level" SWAT work today. Why? Because 75% of all cops who are shot in the line of duty...

Are Shot With Their

That means criminals are wrestling guns away from cops and shooting them. The bad guys are getting so brazen that even when the cops think they are in control of a situation, they often end up eating one of their own bullets.

You need better training than the scum,you might be facing, if you ever must pull your weapon in defense of your home, your safety or your loved ones.

And right now -- as the smartest big-city SWAT cops know -- you not only need the skills to disarm someone holding a weapon on you -- but you also need to be able to hang onto your weapon.

This is a fabulous opportunity. If you're game, you will get to see the most advanced training anywhere on using your weapon against an attacker...without getting it taken away.

And...if you're faced with an armed attacker will know what the top cops know about disarming him.

This weapons retention training takes into account how the criminal world has changed and advanced...and concentrates on the new skills needed to KEEP your gun when you must use it.

No one else in the world understands gun disarmament and weapons retention like Bob. He is the UNDISPUTED top expert in the field...and there's NO ONE else who even comes in second place!

The price for this amazing Weapons Retention package (2 DVDs) normally retails for $69. And remember...SWAT cops will have to get their departments to shell out over $1,000 dollars to see this stuff first-hand from Bob at the planned special seminar that you, as a civilian, couldn't attend for ANY price.

And yet I will include this incredible “Weapons Retention” DVD package …


You won't see this training offered anywhere else, either. This is it.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! So is your privacy.

There's so much BAD information out there, that even cops are walking around with completely FALSE CONFIDENCE in their ability to control a situation with a gun. You've got to force that bad info out of your head...and replace it with what Bob knows about the real world of armed combat!

There is NOWHERE ELSE you can go to learn these skills!

Please be aware of this. Maybe a few years down the road, if Bob hand-picks someone else to do the training...and if stingy city councils finally start giving cops enough money to afford this advanced training... well, maybe then you can go downtown and find someone to teach you this stuff.

But until NO ONE else!

The techniques you will discover on these DVDs are the identical ones taught to elite soldiers, SWAT team cops and high-security personnel...

With One Important Difference!

In these DVDs, you get the incredible advantage of seeing everything via 3 separate cameras (mounted stage left, right, and overhead)... so you get multi-angles and slow-motion repetitions of each and every move!

This means you get an increased understanding... and you'll follow a faster "learning curve" than even the professionals get during a seminar!

This is no Hollywood B.S.... these are real techniques used by cops and soldiers! And make no mistake — this stuff should only be used when you are faced with what the professionals call "Condition Red":

The point where you have absolutely decided that your assailant has already made the choice to harm you.. and you must act to save your life!

That's what this DVD package is all about. You, ultimately, have to take responsibility for yourself, and for your actions. We can't do that for you. Neither can we guarantee that what you learn here will make you invulnerable to harm — that would be a stupid claim, and you would be a fool to believe it.

No, what you have here is an OPTION. You are giving yourself one more (powerful) choice in this crazed, dangerous world — the choice to not be a vulnerable victim who has no idea what to do... even though you know that certain harm is imminent!

I don't rob people. I don't like to hurt anyone, and I don't like to see other people get hurt. It sickens me that the criminal element has taken over our streets, and is invading homes with impunity.

That sucks — and I, for one, am damned glad to have tools like these to take back my little piece of the world.

And I believe you feel the same way.

That's why I've written this to you today. I want you to see these DVDs for yourself. Right now.

Here's what you need to do right now: Click on the button below. Right now. The entire process will take you no more than a couple of minutes of your time.

The cost of this incredible package is just $69 — that includes everything... and you have a...

Full 3 Month Risk-Free
Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with this package — for any reason at all — just send it back and I will rush your refund back to you. I trust your judgment here. I wouldn't be writing to you otherwise.

And, like I said, you get to KEEP the gun, and the "Dirty Tricks" bonus, and the $69 “Advanced Weapons Retention” DVD package… even if you decide to return the rest of the package!

Consider it a gift, just for giving these astonishing DVDs a "trial run".

But you do need to hurry! Even though we have many allies in the military and law enforcement "brotherhood" who support our attempts to "de-victimize" civilians, you should know there are many others who are scared to death with the idea of giving these secrets away.

We have already been "stopped" by the U.S. Navy for offering another product... and the truth is, there are no guarantees this product won't be "stopped" also.

If that happens, you won't be able to get this information at any cost, anywhere. So, you see, it's very important that you order now, while you have this letter in your hands... and don't risk having these DVDs withheld from you!

Bob Pierce
Bob Pierce
Director, TRS/Fight Fast

P.S. Just a you're clear about everything. Hit the "Add To Cart" button now and I'll rush you:

  1. My incredible "Fighting Chance" DVD package. Nearly 5 solid hours of advanced combat techniques for instantly disarming and disabling (bare-handed) any assailant coming at you with a gun, club or knife.
  2. The "Dirty Tricks" instructional DVD — sneaky ways that even trained street fighters twice your size can't handle (bam-bam... it's over for him).
  3. The “Weapons Retention” DVD package so you have the skills to hang onto your weapon. This is normally $69, but I want you to keep it for FREE.
  4. Plus, the FREE GUN -- nearly identical to the CAD-imaged specs to the standard military-issue “Red style” training gun.
  5. A iron-clad 90-day “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

I ask only $69, but the gun, the “Weapons Retention” DVD package and the "Dirty Tricks" DVD are all yours to keep no matter what. Of course you can always call at 1-800-899-8153 and ask for the "Advanced Fighting Change" package.

But do this now, while you can.