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From: Bob Pierce
President, TRS Direct/ Fight Fast

To: Fight Fast "Hot List"

This is advance notice on something that is gonna rip the martial arts world a new one. I can’t believe we got such a famous American war-hero to reveal this dangerous stuff.

It’s just killer fighting information.

Here’s the details: As you know, Dale Comstock is one of the most unique Spec Op soldiers in U.S. military history. He’s been in 8 major (and very bloody) combat missions… and I’m told that’s 7 more than almost 99% of the rest of the Spec Op world.

Dale has moved from the paratroopers, to Delta Force, to the Green Berets – anywhere he could guarantee being in…

The “First In” Combat Unit
During Every Recent “Hot Duty”
Hostile Action!

Did you see this guy’s war record?

Desert Storm, Granada, secret missions in Africa, Central America, the Middle East. Master sergeant in multiple bad-ass units.

Earned the Bronze Star, with that special “V” for valor (which translates to heroism under combat conditions). I lost count after reading about another dozen high-profile medals and combat awards.

This guy has been in the shit.

That story about leading long-range “deep” reconnaissance scouts 30 clicks behind enemy lines in Granada… and those “A” Team Spec Op guerilla missions in Africa. I mean… wow! I can’t believe Hollywood hasn’t grabbed his story yet.

THIS is the guy I want to train with.

Twenty-eight years mastery in different styles of hand-to-hand (including shoot fighting, boxing, karate, kick boxing, and all those years learning “speed-grappling” with the Gracies…).

He’s been in over 211 street fights, plus a dozen professional boxing matches as a 164-pound “light middle weight”... as a hobby.

Dale puts his face where his mouth is, that’s for sure.

(Try and get the name of that huge jerk with 8 black belts Dale pummeled a while ago. That ought to prove once and for all those fancy dojo talents aren’t worth a thing against this kind of simple street-combat savvy. I hear Mr. 8 Black Belts is still in shock, still recovering from the beating.)

I love what Dale calls this new style, too…

“American Combat

This “instant domination” training really fits with the way Americans think. A little boxing, a little grappling, lots of pure streetfighting smarts… and the simplest “menu” of end-the-fight-fast moves I’ve ever seen.

He’s taught over 700 students under secretive conditions, including tons of women and kids.

That’s great.

Proves you don’t need strength or size to master this stuff. And the SWAT and military guys he trains come back to thank him, tears in their eyes, for saving their lives with his teachings.

And you learn it all so FAST. It’s all about leverage, which is simple to learn. I am a changed man after just one viewing of his training tape.

That’s all it took.

This is perfect – and extremely nasty – training for anyone who isn’t big… doesn’t have much time (all you need, really, is an hour or so to “get” it)… and needs to be 100% positive these moves will work in the real world.

It’s like this secret “short cut” to becoming a truly dangerous fighter. Using only a few proven moves that have been tested, over and over, in real life-threatening combat.

American Combat Karate.

That explains it, all right. Did you know most really good pro boxers cannot even bench-press their own weight? They don’t need to be strong – because great punches come from your feet and the torque in your waist.

That’s how Dale has trained…

Women And Kids
To Slaughter Bigger Men
In Just One Or Two Seconds!

I think this is the best – and certainly the simplest -- training we’ve ever produced. I mean, God, you can learn devastating moves that will make you invulnerable against a larger opponent… and learn them in just a short afternoon of watching Dale’s training DVD package.

I’m thinking of marketing this instruction to the outside market for $129. It’s worth it, that’s for sure.

But let’s give the BEST DEAL we can to
That special group of guys on our Hotlist.

Ah, heck – I'll just give away the farm to you and a few other guys on our “Hot List”.

  • You can have the entire package, shipped out today, for just $69.
  • You can take 9 months to decide if you really wants it or not. No, make that a full year! All you have to do is return the hand-to-hand DVD package for a full refund if you're not absolutely thrilled. No questions asked.
  • Plus… you can KEEP the “armed combat” bonus, no matter what. (This is where all that juicy Spec Op weapons training is at. Must-see offensive and defensive stuff if you’re into guns and knives at all.)
  • What’s more… if you're not happy with the package you can get a prompt refund, no questions, no hassles.

But this special low price and guarantee on top is ONLY for “Hot List” guys like you.

EVERYONE else must pay full price, all right?

It’s just an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to learn…

How To Fight Like A Caged Beast,

Here are the ordering instructions: Use the "Add To Cart" button below right now to get your hands on this astonishing DVD training package.

You can use your credit card. The price is just $69.

Or, if you prefer you can call 1-800-899-8153.

Tell the operator that you're interested in the “American Combat Karate” instruction.

Or you can even pay by check or money order, (payable to TRS). Send your $72.99 payment (that's $69 plus $3.99 shipping and handling) to: TRS, Dept. AK-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

Of course, this is all on a rush-rush basis.

And this is important: In 7 days we’ll have to pull this low-ball offer. It’s because of “you know who” coming into town. We’ll have to hide Dale’s DVD masters to avoid a military crack-down on us again.

So in 7 days, this deal is over.

This training is the real thing. Dale is a total fighter – over 200 street fights, massive military combat experience with elite Spec Op units, a mega-respected teacher who boxes professionally for a hobby.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to fight… fast. Nasty, quick stuff that doesn’t require strength, agility or size.

I personally want to schedule a private lesson with this guy. This is the stuff I’ve been waiting for all my life.

Yours for knowing what was once secret,

Bob Signature

Do NOT delay.

P.S. Make sure you’re clear on this outrageous offer. A full year to examine the package, no risk whatsoever, full refund if not happy… KEEP the “armed” bonus as our gift.

I can’t think of another way to make it easier to see this amazing training, without risk or obligation. Can you?