America's Professor of Ground-Fighting
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That's right...prepare yourself to discover (and MASTER)
the most ruthless...savage...hellish...and unforgiving moves you could ever use -
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  • Leg locks that nobody ever expects!
  • Wrist locks that feel worse than being stabbed to death!
  • Chokes that will knock out anyone (of ANY size) in seconds!
  • Neck cranks that will make a BIG guy cry like a baby!
  • Strangulations that end the fight right now!
  • Muscle stretches that cause unbearable pain forever!
  • Tendon poppers that nobody can withstand - not even 300-pound muscle-bound monsters! ...and much, much more!
These moves are currently known to less than 150 guys on the planet. I'm serious!
But...just 2 days from now...YOU could be watching the ONLY DVD ever produced that reveals ALL of these mind-blowing submissions - in the simplest and clearest training session you've ever seen or experience!
There is no doubt in my mind that this will be THE most important video you have ever purchases from TRS. If you don't agree, I will refund ALL your money AND give you a $12.50 voucher toward your next TRS DVD!
This is too good to pass up. You must read on!

From: Bob Pierce
President, TRS Direct/Fight Fast

To: Fight Fast "Hot List" Member

Dear Friend:

Have you ever been in a really nasty street fight - the kind where you had to go to the doctor (or worse - to the hospital) when it was all over?

I hope you never have. It's the worst experience any human being could ever endure. Most of the time, the "average" guy is lucky if he survives.

But I want to tell you what happened to an "average" guy named Dave who works for me.

Now, Dave is NOT a "big" guy. He's just average size. About 5'9" tall, about 170 pounds (mostly fat, actually)...kind of a "sunken" chest, non-muscular arms, and pretty much what you'd expect from a guy who sits in a chair all day long and then goes home and drinks beer in front of the TV at night.

The most "athletic" thing he ever does is play softball. With his daughter.

Get the picture? Alright, well, if you were a street thug, let me just say this: You wouldn't hesitate to pick on Dave if you saw him on the street, in a bar, or at a roudy party.

He's the kind of guy who does NOT have a lot of self-confidence - and it shows. He's just plain ol' "easy pickins."

I'm telling you this because, one night not too long ago, Dave found himself in the middle of his worst nightmare...

A Really Nasty Street Fight
Right Outside Our Warehouse!

It was late on a Friday night, and Dave was finishing up some work on one of our new video projects. It was dark (before the Daylight Savings time change)...the streets were deserted...and the entire atmosphere was "very spooky" as Dave recalls.

Well, it seems that, as Dave was getting into his car, a couple of drunken "gang-bangers" from the North Side wandered down our alley from a local bar (we're located in a pretty tough part of town - especially after dark) - and these two guys decided to mess with Dave!

We think they wanted his car (he drives a brand-new VW Bug - the kind the gang-bangers around here really love, although Dave is not a gang-banger). They also may have wanted his money - because it was payday.

But Whatever They Wanted
They Sure As Hell DIDN'T Get It!

They got something else instead!!!

You see, Dave had just finished editing our new DVD featuring the WORLD'S GREATEST ground-fighting expert, Mark Hatmaker.

Dave was also involved in the taping of this DVD. He's seen it develop from start to finish - and he's watched it (during the entire 4-week-long editing process) about a hundred times.

So, even though Dave had NOT actually practiced what Mark Hatmaker reveals on this new DVD (his daughter has softball, you know), the moves that Hatmaker teaches on this tape were basically "burned" into Dave's subconscious...

Literally Like Burning A CD
With MP3 Music!

And as a result, when these two guys tackled Dave (totally by surprise) and knocked him to the ground struggling to beat him silly and take his keys and his wallet - Dave merely "reached back" into his subconscious mind a robot that had just been given a new software package in its 100-gigabyte "brain"...


When it was all over ( a whopping 5 seconds, according to Dave), he jumped intro his car and got the hell out of there - FAST!

He did NOT want to stick around for the police report - because he knew some liberal public defender would start asking "questions" about HOW in the world he was able to do such incredible, merciless DAMAGE to these two street-savvy gang-bangers who had attacked him!

When Dave got him, he didn't even tell his wife what happened. (First of all, he didn't think she'd believe him. And secondly, he didn't want her to worry about him going back to work here!)

In fact, I'm the only one who knows about this story - until now. But Dave agreed to let me tell you - because he knows he can trust you as a fellow "TRS-kicker" who would back up a friend when the chips are down.

Today, Dave is a new man. This experience totally changed him, from the inside out. He saw, deep down what you can do when faced with a seriously-violent confrontation...

IF You Have The Skills
To Come Out On Top!

That's why I'm so excited to be offering you this incredible new training video featuring Mark Hatmaker (a.k.a. "The Professor of Pain"). Once you have this DVD in your hands - and the skills it teaches you "loaded" into your psyche - your days of having anything to be afraid of are OVER!

You see, with all the attention that the Brazilian Jui Jitsu ground-fighters have received over the last several years (they're the alleged "royalty" of ground-fighting, you know), most people in the martial arts world know the ground game pretty well by now.

Or so they think!

The truth is, their skills don't even come close to what Mark Hatmaker knows.

Who Is Mark Hatmaker?

Mark Hatmaker, who weighs only 156 pounds and wouldn't intimidate a housefly, is probably THE greatest ground-fighting expert in the entire world.

(I don't give that kind of endorsement lightly - not when I've got the top martial artists in the country breathing down my neck, looking at every word I say! I simply couldn't say it if it wasn't true.)

Simply put, Mark is the only instructor in the world who scientifically proves ANY and EVERY technique for winning a ground fight. He won't ever teach something that hasn't passed his rigorous "12-point checklist" criteria for what works in the real world.

In fact, if a move doesn't have a 99% chance of effectiveness when "the chips are down" - forget it.
You wont see it in a Mark Hatmaker DVD.

He's known as "The Professor" - and he is by far the best teacher we at TRS have ever dealt with.

But what's more, Mark is the average guy's friend - because he's an "average" guy himself! As I mentioned, he's short, small-built, and lightweight. To look at him, you would never suspect that he's the top ground-fighting expert in the entire world.

But that's what makes him so good. He doesn't rely one bit on strength or power or size to give him the edge in a fight. He ONLY uses the absolute best ground-fighting skills - the ones he has proven in his laboratory to be 99% effective, all the time.

Mark also takes into consideration that whatever he teaches has to be simple - so that guys with NO experience in ground-fighting can execute it perfectly after just a few minutes of practice.

Mark Hatmaker is smart, intense, and incredibly good at what he does. You will be amazed at his skills when you watch his new video...

"Brutal Submissions" -
Your Key To Being Absolutely Undefeatable!

The ground-fighting moves you're going to learn form this video are unlike anything you've ever seen. They're far from the "basic" moves you learn from other people's tapes on the ground game. They're the real thing.

And when we say they're "brutal" - we mean BRUTAL!

These are merciless...unyielding... even (some might say) sadistic ways to conquer your opponent IN NO TIME AT ALL!

As you know, in a real ground fight (which is where ALL street fights end up), you don't have any luxury of time or "mercy". It's KILL OR BE KILLED - and I don't think YOU want to be the one getting killed!!!

That's why I highly encourage you to get this tape as soon as you can. (We can get it to you, literally, in the next two days, if you act fast.)

It will completely blow you away. Everybody who's seen the "sneak preview" copy has watched it with their jaws hitting the floor!

Let me give you just a few examples of what you'll learn from this hot, HOT new DVD...

  • The sweetest place to be when you're in the middle of a ground fight. Do this and you will always get there!
  • How to cut off BOTH carotid arteries at the same time - and cause your opponent to pass out in less than 2 seconds!
  • The secret of the world's most devastating chokes.
  • Ballistic moves that will make your opponent's head swim (or snap off!)
  • Ways to stop even the most brilliant counters. These are MORE brilliant.
  • How to choke your opponent with your LEG!
  • Several "superb" ways to finish your opponent off - "for good" if you wish!
  • Make your opponent cry for mercy just by squeezing him in a sensitive point with your knees!
  • The "Rodeo Ride" - a nasty way to send your opponent to the orthopedic surgeon in just three seconds flat!
  • What to do when you can't get both your "hooks" into your opponent.
  • What to do when you have someone on your back. How to get out of this dangerous situation - and come out on top!
  • Brilliant ways to give your body NEW and GREATER amounts of leverage - which you never knew you had!
  • Foolproof ways to prevent your opponent from getting the advantage over you.
  • The "Banana Split" - a brutal way to pull your opponent's groin apart!
  • What to do when your opponent is good at "rolling"
  • A new way to use the "Figure 4" - but this time, with your legs - and practically snap your opponent's ankle like a toothpick!

I could give you dozens and dozens more examples of what you're going to learn form Mark Hatmaker's "Brutal Submissions" DVD.

In fact, there are more moves on this DVD than you can count!

I'm serious. Mark decided to teach as many moves as he possibly could in the time available on this DVD. He knows you can stop your DVD Player, rewind it, hit play, and rewind it again - as much as you want so you can "get" what he's teaching you. So he didn't hold back. He gives you more than we've ever put in a training video before. Something like 180 different moves, all in the space of about 45 minutes!

Let me tell definitely get your money's worth with this video.

But, due to something that happened during production, you're going to get a deep discount on this fabulous DVD!

Our Goof Is Your Gain!

A video like this would normally sell for $69.95. BUT...due to circumstances beyond our control during the taping of Mark Hatmaker's intense training session, there's about 15 - 20 seconds of this DVD where the sound quality is below our regularly high standards.

We're not sure exactly what happened. We think it was a weak battery on one of the wireless microphones we were using. (It must have faded just minutes before we changed it.)

So, while this poor audio quality is barely even noticeable to most viewers, it bothers the shit out of me! And I feel honor-bound to sell this video at a discounted price. (It just wouldn't be right to sell it at full-price.)

Therefore, instead of $69.95 or even $59.95...I'm letting you order it now for just $49.00 (plus $3.99 shipping and handling).

That's an incredible savings. And you'd be foolish to pass it up.

But here's the kicker: You must order from our current supply of DVD's. You see, we're planning to re-shoot that one segment where the sound faded as soon as we can get Mark back in the studio. (He's in Tennessee, we're in California.) Our next video shoot with him is scheduled just one month from now. So, once our current stock of DVD's are gone, the price will go back up to $69.95 when we get the problem fixed.

So I highly recommend that you do NOT "put this aside" for later action. No way. To get this incredible savings, place your order right now!

As always, you take NO RISK because of our 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction. But this time, I'm going one step further and PAY YOU if you don't like this DVD!

With My Money!

If I were you, I wouldn't walk the streets anymore without these mind-blowing skills in my "arsenal" of martial arts weapons.

But, if after watching this DVD, you're not absolutely convinced that it's the BEST ground-fighting DVD you've ever purchased, simply return it within SIX MONTHS (that's right - take 6 months to decide!)....and we'll give you a FULL REFUND - no questions asked.

But that's not all. If you don't like this video (frankly, I'll be shocked but it's okay), just return it (in any condition)...get ALL your money back and I will send you a special "TRS Credit Voucher" worth $12.50 OFF your next TRS video! (At our normal prices, that's almost HALF OFF!)

I'm betting you won't even think of asking for a refund once you see how amazing Mark Hatmaker's new "Brutal Submissions" DVD is. Like I said before, it will quite possibly be the most valued DVD in your entire library. Once you have these skills in your arsenal, you WILL BE 100% unbeatable.

There is no doubt in my mind. But just to make sure you're covered, I'll send you a $12.50 Credit Voucher to use on your next TRS DVD. This way, you have nothing to lose by ordering.

So go ahead and place your order right now. Don't wait another minute to get these proven, infallible life-saving skills "under your belt".

We now have a "lightning fast" ordering-process and delivery service. So if you call right now, we can have the "Brutal Submissions" DVD in your hands in the next two days. And then, you'll thank me - and Mark Hatmaker - if anyone should mess with you form that day forward.

The number to call is...


If you prefer to pay by money order or check you can mail your payment (payable to TRS) to...

TRS Direct
606 East Acequia Ave
Visalia, CA 93292

Order online by clicking the button below to take you to a secure check out page...

Listen: These moves are so incredibly powerful, explosive, and "ballistic" - most people will NEVER see them coming. You'll have this "Element of surprise" on your side from start to finish, any time you need it.

What's more, they definitely live up to their name of "Brutal Submissions." They can only be described as "harsh"..."tough"..."relentless"..."ruthless"..."vicious"..."savage"...and "hellish". You'll feel like a new man the moment you watch this video.

And best of all, you'll soon be able to leave any attacker - even a 300-pound 7-foot linebacker or career prisoner - whimpering in pain and humiliation once you're through with him!!!

I'm serious. You've never seen anything like the "Brutal Submissions" that Mark Hatmaker is going to teach you. I don't care if you have every other ground-fighting DVD ever made, or if you personally train with the Gracie's...

You simply MUST get Mark Hatmaker's proven, simple, and utterly unbeatable ground-
fighting moves under your belt!

Because if you don't, someone else may get the best of you!

God forbid that some street thug gets HIS hands on this DVD and learns what YOU should have learned!

Are you dialing yet?

You're for total preparedness,

Bob Pierce, President TRS Direct/Fight Fast

Bob Pierce
President, TRS Direct/Fight Fast

P.S. One more thing. It's so important...

When you call, be sure to ask if the Hatmaker DVD with the 15 seconds of "poor sound quality" are still available. I have a very small supply of them in stock right now, and I'm NOT going to duplicate any more until we can re-shoot that segment where the sound faded. (At $49.00, I'm actually losing money.)
So don't be surprised if they're gone - if you wait too long to call.

The number you should be dialing right now is 1-800-899-8153. Don't wait another minute!