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13 New “Human-Crowbar” Secrets
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From: Bob Pierce
President, TRS Direct/Fight Fast

To: Fight Fast "Hot List" Member

Dear Friend:

Let me ask you a strange question. Here it is...

How would you open a new can of paint?

Because if you’d claw at it til your fingernails bled, well... maybe you won’t quite “get” what I’m about to tell you here.

But I’d say...

You’re A Lot Smarter
Than That.

I’m betting you’d probably grab a screwdriver and use it like a lever to pry the lid off... right?

Now if you can understand that, I’m 100% certain you’ll also understand what my new fight-fast DVD package “13 Crowbars” is all about.

No... it’s not about opening a can of paint – but it IS about discovering 13 nasty, brutal, and devastating “natural leverage” tricks – the equivalent of carrying a crowbar around in your back pocket.

I’m not kidding. These are simple, easy to learn and devastating skills that take very little force but generate HUGE power. Some moves take only 12 pounds of pressure (and a tiny "torque"), which means even a little kid could use this system to deliver brutal, (sometimes even lethal) results.

Okay... granted... I’m not suggesting that children should know this. No. In fact, do everyone a favor and keep this away from minors... okay?

My only point is this: your opponent’s size, strength, and experience doesn’t matter one bit. I don’t care if you’re a 110-pound bookworm up against a 225-pound gorilla of a man – he’ll be left dazed, confused and wondering what the hell happened. Getting vicious and ugly results from this is almost too easy.

Don’t believe it? Well that’s not a problem, because...

I’m Willing To Let You See It All For
FREE If You Want!

That’s right – it’s all totally RISK FREE to you.

Alright, now I get a LOT of flack from the “martial arts” world because of my “over the top” letters. Some will say that the “13 Crowbars” letter you now hold in your hands is over the top too.

But understand this... I get damned excited discovering new material like this. I know it’ll help guys like you protect yourself and loved ones.

It’s my goal in life to get stuff like this into the hands of good citizens... really.

Look... I got into this business 15 years ago out of sheer anger and frustration. “Kenny”... a friend of mine... a good friend... had his teeth knocked from his head --  kicked to a bloody pulp because some punks were looking for a cheap “thrill”. No joke...

That Was Their Reason
For Hurting And Humiliating My Friend.

A kind and quiet man by nature, Kenny was simply minding his own business... walking to his car and leaning heavily on the naïve idea that ALL his fellow citizens were “good” people -- that any problems could be worked out diplomatically without violence. Just a matter of reasoning with folks.

Later... as he lay alone coughing up his guts and broken teeth on the cold asphalt of that quiet terrible night -- Kenny’s life had changed forever. His optimism... sense of humor... mental security... belief in “good people” drained away as quickly as the blood flowing from his mouth.

I can feel my face getting hot just talking about it.

So all said and done...

I Don’t Give A Damn
What My Critics Have To Say About My Letters.

Sure... I get a little excited.

So what! I have a mountain of correspondence from guys like you who’ve used my quick-learn fight instruction to protect themselves and family.

One “little guy” wrote and thanked me after successfully using what he learned to “disarm” his buddy before he could commit suicide with a shotgun... or the letter from the lone security guard who skillfully left three attackers (who made the huge mistake of considering him an “easy target”), running for their lives... or the elderly father who used what he learned from TRS to destroy two thugs pounding and kicking his son... or... well, read on...

"This May while on patrol, I arrested two ‘bangers’. One was pretty docile, but the other sprayed me with paint and tried to stab me with a Buck knife! I used the exact moves I learned from Ray Ellingsen and knocked the suspect to the ground and took away his knife. I was amazed at how calm I felt. Rays Ellingsen's training made the life or death difference in the way I handled myself and the situation."
Bob Ramsey, Age 27, Deputy Sheriff Southern Ca.

"I wish I would have taken Ray Ellingsen's class years before when I was assigned to the jails, because it would have certainly saved me numerous dings and bruises. I work on a drug enforcement task force now, and I have had to defend myself several times in the duty. I have used the techniques and because of them, I have always come out on top!"
Paul Motilla, Age 34, Deputy Sheriff Southern Ca.

"As a film director, I've had to scout and work in some very dangerous locations around the world; places like Southeast Asia and some of America's toughest inner city neighborhoods. These locales are permanent ‘war zones’. In most foreign countries, if you are caught with a Glock in your belt it could be your ticket to some hellish jail time; so I needed a great hand-to-hand combat system. I have learned brutal ‘fight-stoppers’ that can take an opponent out in a heartbeat. I feel like I can defend myself if and when I have to; to any degree of force necessary. Ray has given me some amazing life-saving ‘tools’ I can take with me anywhere I go in the world."
Sean Entin - Film Director, Age 32, Hollywood, CA.

There’s more – thousands more.

These letters are from real people pouring their hearts out to me. They’re my success stories. I dare anyone to call one of these guys and tell them about my “over the top” letters. They’d get a reality check that’d make their head spin.

So my mission is pure... my conscious clear. I sleep well at night knowing that my simple “quick-learn” black-belt level instruction has saved lives. You should NEVER underestimate the power of knowing how to protect yourself -- and this new “13 Crowbars” is just the ticket.

Your instructor is Ray Ellingsen -- and I’ll tell you, you couldn’t be in better hands. He’s a veteran trainer of sensitive U.S. Military specialists and he honed his skills as a hot-shot "skip chaser".

Bounty hunters around the world have nothing but respect for Ray because he’s known for hunting down the nastiest criminals who skip bail in Los Angeles, the most dangerous "market" in the U.S. More than half of his take-downs are repeat violent offenders with rap sheets a mile long, thus ensuring that any arrest will involve serious violence.

Cops love Ray. His specialized training has saved the lives of countless police officers and federal agents. His secret fighting skills are what it takes to survive and win a fight against the "new" kind of criminal out there.

When Ray gets a call from the U.S. Marshall's office to bring in a "skip", he is almost guaranteed an adventure that would scare the piss out of you or me.

So frankly, this training...

Is Exactly What You Want To Learn For
The Dangerous Situations
You're Most Likely To Get Caught In!

Here's what you'll learn - fast - when you receive your “13 Crowbars” from Ray Ellingsen:

  • How to end any fight in seconds - even with an enraged attacker bent on violence, without getting hit yourself, without breaking a sweat, and without even getting your knees dirty when you take him down!
  • Eight amazing "Upper Body Leverage" points that will turn an angry attacker into a whimpering bag of beef at your feet! (Very simple to learn; devastating to use.) How to get someone off you, fast, if you are surprised and taken down! (You've never seen such a viciously-effective move like this before!)
  • How to use the astonishing "C clamp" bend to instantly drop an attacker twice your size!
  • How to win every fight... without ever actually fighting or throwing a blow! (this one’s a MUST if you don’t want to leave marks, or permanent damage... just end of the fight, when you choose!)
  • How to "freeze" an attacker with severe pain... so you are instantly in total control!
  • How to take out an attacker with 5 “Lower Body Leverage Points”...  (Very cool 2-second fight-ending moves that work like magic!)
  • A tricky “elbow hook” (you’ve got to see this one to believe it) that takes almost NO strength, yet is practically guaranteed to end the fight in 3 seconds or less, (lights out... game over).

And a LOT more. Exactly how to take total control of any confrontation using his shoulders, sternum, and hips (his head will be spinning one way... his body the other)... wickedly painful wrist locks that’ll have him instantly calling you “sir”... a potentially lethal (be careful with this one) rolling neck takedown (you determine if he’ll get back up)... dozens of effective soft tissue targets. And a lot, LOT, more.

The “crowbars” you’ll use are already hidden inside your opponent’s own body. Sounds weird, but you’ll be using his own “skeletal structure” against him.

So i f your opponent has bones, you’ll be able to use his skeletal structure as “levers” -- ending ANY fight in a quick and painful 2 to 4 seconds. It’s that powerful. It’s that wicked.

This is huge because it allows you to take on a larger attacker.

Here’s why that’s so critical: Over the last 15 years I’ve compiled mountains of evidence, (borrowed from CIA “white papers”... insider FBI crime stats... and shockingly detailed police reports), that PROVE without a doubt your attacker will almost certainly be bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than you. The reason is simple... punks always look for an “easy target”.

They’re cowards at heart who have no intention of getting hurt themselves. So they’ll rob... rape... and mercilessly beat a smaller person.

These stats don’t lie. It’s my job to know these things – which is why I’m very picky on what kind of material I get involved with.

It’s why this “13 Crowbars” fits perfectly into my company mission -- 13 easy tricks that can be learned fast by an inexperienced “average Joe” (even if you’ve never been in a fight in your entire life)... and used quickly (next day if necessary)... against a larger, more aggressive opponent.

PLUS... like I said...

I’ll Give You
Another DVD Set FREE.

That’s right! Call today and I will also rush you Ray’s astonishing “Jail Tactics” where you’ll learn all the inside secrets to Close-Quarters Combat!

Ellingsen demonstrates how to actually USE a space the size of a jail cell - just a bit bigger than a closet - to your advantage in a fight against a larger, more "pissed-off" adversary.

You will learn quickly the easy-to-learn restrain tactics, joint manipulation, pressure points, choke holds, "triangulation" - and other simple "Natural weapons" on your body to use during a close quarters fight.

  • You'll easily pick-up two breathtakingly simple ways to take down a larger and more aggressive opponent... and make sure he stays down! (Not a lethal move, but a great way to end any fight right now).
  • How to turn a bad situation in a crowded place - like a bar - into a "non-situation" by putting the bad guy on the floor! (The reason most karate stuff doesn't work in the REAL WORLD is that so much fighting happens in places where you have NO room to make your fancy moves and spinning kicks!)
  • Learn how sheriffs train to subdue prisoners in tiny cells -- the hardest type of fighting there is! (Sheriffs must spend two years manning jails... and the most common injury for them occurs in tight quarters.)

This is amazing stuff that can help you in a hallway, a small bathroom, or during a carjacking – and the best part is that it’ll be included in your package FREE! I’ve sold thousands for $39 – but I want you to have it... my gift to you for trusting me on this.

So here’s what you need to do now: Get your credit card ready and hit the "Add To Cart" button right now.

Call my office right away and tell the operator you want the Ellingsen’s new “13 Crowbars” package.

The purchase price of this entire package is just $69. Considering that you’ll receive nearly 3 hours (4 DVDs) of intensive cutting-edge training material, you’re getting a bargain my friend!

Or, if you'd rather order over the phone, you can call my office right now. That toll-free number is:


Tell the operator you want "Ray's 13 Crowbars" (that's Department CR-300). Again use your credit card.

Or, if you’d rather pay by check or money order, send your $76 payment ($69 + $7 S&H) to: TRS Direct, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

Either way your package will be rushed to you without delay. And like I said, it’s all covered by my generous 90-day money back guarantee. You don’t like it, you don’t have to keep it.

Take a full three months to watch it, learn it, and allow it to take hold. Believe me... when you see just how simple this is, you’ll understand completely.

But if you want to return it for any reason – even NO reason – that’s not a problem. Just send it all back and I’ll promptly refund every penny of your purchase price without question.

That means you get to see it all free if you want.

But no matter what you later decide, I want you to keep the “Jail Tactics” Close Quarters Combat for FREE. It’s yours no matter what. This is an extremely generous giveaway – one that won’t be available for long.
Because there’s only...

188 Packages Available...
And ONLY For My “Hotlist”

Understand that – as one of only 188 hotlist members – I want to make sure you get the hottest deals I can muster – so your package is waiting here for the next 11 days under your name.

After I’ll just assume that you’re just not interested and pass your “13 Crowbars” package and the FREE “Jail Tactics” DVD packages to the next hotlist member down the line.

Don’t let that happen. I may not be able to save Kenny from what happened to him, but maybe I can do something to help others.

Don’t pass on this. I’m doing everything I can to let you see this for nothing -- and even including a generous free bonus. I can’t stick my neck out anymore than this.

You’ve got nothing to lose and I guarantee it’ll change your life for the better.


Bob Pierce

Bob Pierce

P.S. Whoa... hold on... almost forgot, I’ve got MORE for you. Call right now, and I’ll also include Ray’s brand new “Improvised Weapons” DVD.

Discover tons of stuff that’ll allow you to create weapons “on the fly”. This will shock and delight you!

I’m talking about using your jacket (on and off) to shoo away a knife attack... exactly where to direct vicious pen stabs (hint: one shot is between his collar bone)... how to pull off a wicked “ice pick” stab with a set of plain car keys... exactly how to use your belt to whip and control an attacker... how a piece of cardboard and quarters can make one mean little “SAP” weapon... and a LOT more.

This is worth $49 all by itself but it’s also yours FREE – even if you later return everything for a prompt “no questions” refund.

P.P.S. Okay... let me recap all this. Hit the "Add To Cart" button for this new “13 Crowbars” package.

You’ll be rushed:

  1. The new “13 Crowbars” DVD set...
  2. The “Jail Tactics” close quarters bonus material...
  3. Plus another “Improvised Weapons” DVD package.

Everything is covered with a risk free 90-day money-back guarantee, but the “Jail Tactics” DVD set and the “Improvised Weapons” DVD package are both yours to keep FREE – just for trusting me on this.

There are only 188 of the FREE packages to go around, so I can only give you just 11 days to respond. After that it’s gone. So call now.