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If you’re NOT a TRS member...

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Because what I've got here is...

Nothing But Barehanded
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Good, then let's roll up our sleeves and get busy.

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Here’s the story: My name is Derek Smith. You may remember me from some weeks back. I sent you a letter about my “Special Agent Combat Course”... the SAME vicious training taught to advanced U.S. Special Agents.

But what you may not know is that...

I Purposely Omitted
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Get into the hands of kids... dangerous felons... or worse.

I didn't want that to happen.

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I feel confident about revealing this kind of deadly information to you without worry. (But you won't see this in any newspapers, magazines, or anywhere else... only on this "hidden" webpage).

And when it comes to lethal combat, I KNOW what the hell I'm talking about.

I've served in THREE of the armed services, (that's very rare). Navy... Special Agent with the Air Force top secret (and super elite) special investigations unit... and the Army criminal investigations division.

I was chosen to protect the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Presidents (more than one)... and to perform the kind of undercover, counter-intelligence stuff that...

Most Men Can’t Imagine!

I was up to my eyeballs in super-classified stuff the government sometimes has to do, (and that I can't legally talk about).

As a TRS “hotlist” member, you're in an elite fraternity... a rare group that's now getting a chance to see ALL my dark killing tactics.

Use this ONLY for life-and-death combat.

It CAN happen. You may be FORCED to use these deadly tactics if say...

...some toothless goon off his meds has you trapped in a public restroom with a broken bottle...

...or a methed-crazed gang-banger targets you and your family for his first "initiation-kill"...

...or a pissed-off lunatic who's been pumping iron in prison for the last 3 years decides he wants to use your wife as his personal play thing...

...you'll be damn glad you know this stuff!

That's what this nasty "Kill Moves" DVD is all about. Simple, easy to learn, and oh-so deadly. And does NOT require that you have a lot of skill or strength.

What I've got may shock the hell out of you. Here's just a taste of what you'll discover:

  • An effortless “rip and pop” method to tearing open the delicate tissues around the throat... as easily as popping through a plastic garbage bag... (very nasty, bloody, and highly effective)...
  • A wicked "wiggling thumbs" tactic that'll gouge through the skull and straight into the brain. Okay... this is total gore, but when your life is in danger...

This WILL End It Right There...

  • A shocking way to attack his heart, (it completely bypasses the protective layer of ribs and breastplate), without a weapon. (Sound impossible?... it’s NOT)...
  • The brutal bare-handed “voice box” shot that will instantly flood his airway and with thick, choking mucus, (he’ll be dead in seconds)...
  • One simple hand strike that’ll snap his spinal cord like a  pencil -- shutting off the nerves that operate his lungs, (and you know what that means)...
  • A nifty little “chin jab" neck-pop (it’s scary how easy this one is) that’ll instantly paralyze him and cause suffocation in less than 60 seconds...
  • The “termination temple smash” (you gotta see this one to believe it -- requires amazingly little force when done correctly). This will either kill him by shutting down the brain like a light switch... or simply knock him unconscious in an instant...
  • A little-known “V Target” that requires just a slight squeeze (using VERY little pressure) to completely cut off the blood supply to the brain...
  • The devastating one-two "bone shot" that’ll completely collapse his carotid artery and drop him like a sack of rice, (as the saying goes, “you kill the brain you kill the person”)...

...And a LOT more.

You won’t see this taught in a martial arts studio (they’ve never even SEEN these moves before)... or a $5,000 fight seminar (they wouldn’t DARE reveal this kind of killing arts)... or anywhere else!

This is about...

As Brutal And Nasty
As It Gets!

Okay... there's been THOUSDANDS of these "Kill Moves" DVDs sold around the world for $69 -- but you'll get all this for FREE when you check out my "Special Agent Combat Course".

This is easily the SIMPLEST fighting techniques you've ever seen.

Yet... it's also the most effective.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover in my "Special Agent Combat Course":

  • An oh-so simple way to get a dangerous opponent – even multiple attackers -- to back-off without a single word or move. This is tricky psychological stuff -- that digs deep into the minds of criminals and thugs -- and it really WORKS!
  • A simple alpha-male, military and special agent way to always "take ground" and keep your opponent on his heels. Works like crazy, even against larger opponents. This will save your ass (and has been proven to work in countless bloody encounters).
  • A very cool "Combat X" movement that allows you to cover angles of attack quickly and without a lot of fancy footwork, (hint: moving straight forward and back is a rookie mistake). Martial artists screw around with this stuff for YEARS, but I boil it down into a simple "gross motor skills" that can be learned and mastered (using only two pieces of tape), in under a minute.
  • An easy and very simple Special Agent Strike specifically designed to end it quickly (so you’re never in a long toe-to-toe fight) while still on your feet. Totally deadly, so use it only when absolutely necessary.
  • How to always maintain a “fight ready” position (whether you’re chatting with the mailman or a suspicious pan handler) without ever looking awkward or conspicuous. You're ready to go, whether he knows it or not (this is the "ready position" special agents now use when they're interviewing known dangerous thugs and criminals).
  • A HUGE concept I call the "Small Square" – and it’s an imaginary box from which all your fighting and defense takes place. This is very simple, once you “get it” – but an extremely powerful concept to fighting and winning against even the toughest and most desperate street criminals.
  • Exactly HOW to use the physical symptoms of fear and “adrenaline dump” as an automatic trigger to launching an attack (because most guys get paralyzed like a “deer in the headlights” when adrenalin hits their system). This is a simple way to use fear as a HUGE advantage.
  • A ridiculously stupid striking method that you should NEVER use in a real fight. I quickly dispel the myths and show you an easy tactic, (borrowed from an old boxing trick), to generate massive punching power with very little effort.
  • The proper way to penetrate his eyeballs, (you’ve NEVER seen this before). Yes, it’s very grisly (his eyeball will likely be dangling by the optic nerve), but when your life is on the line, you’ll be damn glad to know this.
  • “Visualization” tricks that allow you to quickly analyze your surroundings just like a seasoned combat hardened Special Agent. In a restaurant, in a shopping mall, at a club. Doesn’t matter, you’ll ALWAYS know what’s happening -- without exhausting mental preparation and 24/7 paranoia, (I’ll show you, like I did for U.S. Agents, how to make it all second nature).
  • A simple Warrior Stance. This is NOT martial arts or really ANYTHING you’ve ever seen before. There's certainly nothing tricky about it, but it'll guarantee you’re always in a fight position (looks perfectly natural... until you need it).
  • A very sneaky way to NEVER telegraph that you’re about to knock his lights out. He won’t have a clue what hit him (until he wakes up).
  • A quick and nifty "clamping" move that instantly forces his defenses down and out of the picture while you open him up like a can of pork n beans.
  • The simple methods to developing a "predator" mindset. No, you won’t become a serial killer, but you WILL finally learn to instantly flip the switch on that merciless warrior within you... exactly when you need it, (because most men have lost this skill – but don’t know that it’s still buried deep inside your genetic code).
  • A simple step-by-step method to building an arsenal of "gross motor skills" that will stick with you through fear, flames, and mortal combat, (the government figured this out long ago – now it’s your turn).
  • A very nasty and simple "Stun Strike" that jars the brain and instantly interrupts blood flow. In 99% of the cases it’s an instant "black out".

And so much more.

Everything I show you is the EXACT same cutting edge material currently being used to train U.S. Special Agents.

It just goes on and on.

A nasty little "web hand" shot designed to shock, stun but not kill (used in case the agent needs to glean some additional information)... a simple variation that will instantly turn this move deadly lethal... why it’s a rookie mistake to kick anywhere above his waist (leave this to MMA)... a cool shuffle step that allows you to step in and penetrate deep with a knee shattering front kick... an “Agents” version of roundhouse kick (very wicked)... an easy to execute leg-hook that’s perfect to stop a classic “bull rush”... and a lot lot more.

This is the kind of stuff that makes U.S. Special Agents so feared.

When these guys show up in their pressed suits and dark glasses it’s nothing but pure respect. The Feds don’t screw around. They WILL take care of business.

And now you will too.

Here's how you can get your hands on this now: Click on the "Add To Cart" button below right away.

Bob Pierce's little company (TRS) is handling all the DVDs, credit card processing, shipping, the whole works. I simply don't have the facilities.

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But no matter what you decide, I want you to...

KEEP The Grisly "Kill Moves"
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There's NOBODY in this industry willing to back up their products like Bob Pierce. Which is why soldiers, agents, and military men all over the world completely trust this guy.

His word is gold with us.

You can also place your order over the telephone by calling TRS “fight central” at:


Tell the operator that you want "Derek Smith’s Special Agent Combat Course” and the FREE "Kill Moves" package. Have your credit card handy. They’ll take it all from there.

Or if you’d rather pay by check or money order, you can just send your payment (add $7 for shipping and handling) to: TRS, Dept. KSA-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

Of course the fastest and easiest way to order is online.

You can also order over the phone. Get your credit card ready and call the TRS office at:


Tell the operator you want the new "Kill Moves" DVD package, (ask for "Department KSA-300"). They'll take it all from there.

You can also pay by check or money order. Just send your $104 payment (that's $97 plus $7 shipping and handling) to: TRS, Dept KSA-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

Your package will be rushed out to you the moment TRS hears from you.

Of course the fastest and easiest way is to simply order online right now.

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It's my soon-to-be-infamous "Lethal Weapons" DVD.

This is where I go DEEP into the subject of weapons. Specifically guns and knives. You'll discover:

  • The ONLY way to HOLD your knife (and stand) during a real combat knife fight. Forget all the fancy martial arts crap. This is how you'll hang onto your knife and WIN in the REAL world.
  • What KIND of knife is BEST for real world combat. Less chance of breaking, cutting you, and by far the most deadly to your opponent.
  • A very useful method to ALWAYS protect your weapon from being taken away. This "live hand" technique also opens him up for a vicious counterattack. It's NOT something most martial arts teach, but it's been...

PROVEN On The Battlefield
And In Deadly Street Combat!

  • How to control his LEFT side to make all of his most vulnerable targets available to you. Sounds weird, but it's absolutely CRITICAL to a quick kill, (don't worry, I explain it all in detail).
  • A very slick "Lead Hand" and "Rear Hand" tactic that's super effective if your opponent tries to grab a holstered weapon. Hint: The trick is to lock-down his hand while you deliver one nasty strike...

...Hint #2: most guys make the mistake of concentrating on their weapon. Wrong. The key is to focus on taking out the opponent, (and I show you exactly how it's done).

  • How to take advantage of one of the stupidest mistakes most attackers make while trying to get your gun. You must know this because it's so common -- and so easy to counter.
  • The one trick to avoiding "brain freeze" when facing down a weapon, (an easy way to stay clear-minded and totally focused).
  • The 3 different ways to disarm a thug stupid enough to stick a pistol in your face. This gives you total control over the gun while automatically forcing him to fire the weapon into his own chest or gut, (he won't be able to stop it).
  • Why Filipino knife fighting (although pretty and flashy) is NOT the way to approach real world knife combat. (Those fancy martial arts "slice and dice" methods do NOT finish your opponent quickly). I'll show you down and dirty techniques that kill in an instant and don't require practice.
  • A simple "vertical slash" that uses your body weight and gravity to open up his thoracic cavity...

And Gut Him
Like A Thanksgiving Day Turkey!

  • Why you should avoid a straight-in stab. Big mistake. In real combat you'll want to add two little "tweaks" to the straight thrust (a simple U.S. Marines trick) to make ONE stab instantly deadly (so he will NOT keep fighting).

And much, much more. A vicious reverse thrust, (a very fluid and efficient stab-slash motion that'll end it quick)... a simple one-two knife shot that'll instantly eviscerate his throat and windpipe... the classic "Marine" stab under his clavicle (tried and true)... a front knife kill shot into his soft "sternocleidomastoid gap" (you gotta see this)... and a whole lot more!

This "Lethal Weapons" bonus is crammed with so much useful information you'll be giddy. Easy to learn, super deadly.

But the best part is that this bonus...

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This is being offered to YOU first, but if TRS doesn't hear from you within 7 days, you're package will be passed along to the next hotlist guy below you.

Don't let that happen!

You're getting a lot of stuff here. The "Kills Moves"... the $30 off... the one year guarantee... the "Lethal Weapons" bonus.

Frankly, I don't know how Mr. Pierce does it.

Granted... this is not for everyone.

But if you're interested in knowing what only a handful of the most dangerous "insiders" on the planet know -- hand-to-hand and weapons fight knowledge that can KILL in an instant -- then you shouldn't sit around thinking about this.

There's no risk to you... and you may never get another shot at this again.


   Derek Smith

Derek Smith
Former U.S. Special Agent

P.S. Okay... let's just recap what you'll get when you order right away.

  • Special Agent Combat Course: 2-1/2 hour “Special Agent Combat Course” that took many YEARS to develop and perfect.
  • A generous One-Year guarantee: If you're not happy, for any reason, just return it for a full refund...
  • The "Kills Moves" DVD package: Jammed with 14 of the most wicked hand-to-hand kill techniques that work in seconds -- yours FREE even if you return everything else for a full and fast refund...
  • The "Lethal Weapons" DVD bonus: Also yours to keep for FREE. It's chock-full of useful tips, tricks and PROVEN gun and knife tactics that work in the REAL world of bloody combat.

But keep in mind... there are only 177 of these special packages made up. You've got just 7 days to respond.

After that, the "Kill Moves" and your "Lethal Weapons" bonus disappear forever.