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The Shocking Story Of How A
Combat-Hardened Special Agent
Was TERMINATED For Revealing
The Secret... Vicious...
 Downright FILTHY Fight Secrets
Of U.S. Federal Agents!

And How YOU Can Now Learn
These SAME Nasty Secrets Too... For FREE If You Want!


From: Derek Smith
Former U.S. Special Agent Dear Friend:

What I'm about to reveal is all true.

And it's gonna piss-off some very powerful government fat-cats too.

Frankly, I don't give a damn.

Here's what's happening: I was a U.S. Special Agent who helped develop and TEACH the most nasty, vicious, and filthy fight system ever employed by the U.S. Government.

More brutally effective than Japanese Ninjutsu... more vicious than Israeli Krav Maga... more lethal than Chinese “Poison Hand” Dim Mak... and way more simple than ANY of them (or anything else out there), because it can be learned in mere hours!

Simple. Quick. Easy. And yes...

Often Deadly!

Perfect for U.S. "field" Agents who can't afford to screw around.

One simple move and the bad guy's on the ground. Sometimes dead. Sometimes just writhing in pain and ready to talk.

Either way he's NOT getting back up.

And then one day it happened.

Some buddies (probably much like yourself) wanted to know some simple, useful moves to protect themselves. I would've been a jerk not to help them out.

I gladly gave them a few vicious little tips. Stuff that took only a minute to learn but would END the fight right there.

Problem was, when word got out that I had "leaked" these tactics to a small handful of people...

The Government

Just threw me out... a 23-year vet... one of the most trusted and respected "official" bone-crunchers in the U.S. government.

And now I'm ready to blow this whole thing wide open.

What I've done may shock you.

You see, I've packed all the secret hand-to-hand fight moves that the government doesn't want you to know into one neat little "Special Agent Combat Course”. And for the next 7 days, it's...

Yours For FREE
If You Want.

My name is Derek Smith.

Bob Pierce said it was okay to contact you.

I've served in THREE of the armed services, (that's very rare). Navy... Special Agent with the Air Force top secret (and super elite) special investigations unit... and the Army criminal investigations division.

I was chosen to protect the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Presidents (more than one)... and to perform the kind of undercover, counter-intelligence stuff that'd just plain...

Scare The PISS
Outta Most Mortal Men.

I really DID work for super-secret top-level government security joint and was up to my eyeballs in super-classified stuff the government sometimes has to do, (I legally can’t talk about THAT stuff).

I love martial arts too.

I have a black belt in Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do, with deep training in 7 other disciplines.

But what I'm about to teach you -- the SAME filthy fight secrets that I taught to other top-level U.S. Special Agents...

Has Almost Nothing To Do
With Martial Arts.

Nope -- this is a much simpler, entirely unique mini-set of proven moves... which you can use (with almost NO training), to drop someone, take them out, or dominate the situation.

Okay... you can probably understand why the Feds are upset.

They were more than happy that guys like you were getting this wrong.
Because it meant that...

Not One-In-A-Thousand Black Belt Fighters
Would Stand A Chance Against These
Ultra-Vicious "Special Agent" Hand-To-Hand Secrets...

Even against a rookie agent who saw these “quick-learn” secrets just ONCE.

This is easily the SIMPLEST fighting techniques you've ever seen.

Yet... it's also the most effective.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover in my "Special Agent Combat Course":

  • An oh-so simple way to get a dangerous opponent – even multiple attackers -- to back-off without a single word or move. This is tricky psychological stuff -- that digs deep into the minds of criminals and thugs -- and it really WORKS!
  • A simple alpha-male, military and special agent way to always "take ground" and keep your opponent on his heels. Works like crazy, even against larger opponents. This will save your ass (and has been proven to work in countless bloody encounters).
  • A very cool "Combat X" movement that allows you to cover angles of attack quickly and without a lot of fancy footwork, (hint: moving straight forward and back is a rookie mistake). Martial artists screw around with this stuff for YEARS, but I boil it down into a simple "gross motor skills" that can be learned and mastered (using only two pieces of tape), in under a minute.
  • An easy and very simple Special Agent Strike specifically designed to end it quickly (so you’re never in a long toe-to-toe fight) while still on your feet. Totally deadly, so use it only when absolutely necessary.
  • How to always maintain a “fight ready” position (whether you’re chatting with the mailman or a suspicious pan handler) without ever looking awkward or conspicuous. You're ready to go, whether he knows it or not (this is the "ready position" special agents now use when they're interviewing known dangerous thugs and criminals).
  • A HUGE concept I call the "Small Square" – and it’s an imaginary box from which all your fighting and defense takes place. This is very simple, once you “get it” – but an extremely powerful concept to fighting and winning against even the toughest and most desperate street criminals.
  • Exactly HOW to use the physical symptoms of fear and “adrenaline dump” as an automatic trigger to launching an attack (because most guys get paralyzed like a “deer in the headlights” when adrenalin hits their system). This is a simple way to use fear as a HUGE advantage.
  • A ridiculously stupid striking method that you should NEVER use in a real fight. I quickly dispel the myths and show you an easy tactic, (borrowed from an old boxing trick), to generate massive punching power with very little effort.
  • The proper way to penetrate his eyeballs, (you’ve NEVER seen this before). Yes, it’s very grisly (his eyeball will likely be dangling by the optic nerve), but when your life is on the line, you’ll be damn glad to know this.
  • “Visualization” tricks that allow you to quickly analyze your surroundings just like a seasoned combat hardened Special Agent. In a restaurant, in a shopping mall, at a club. Doesn’t matter, you’ll ALWAYS know what’s happening -- without exhausting mental preparation and 24/7 paranoia, (I’ll show you, like I did for U.S. Agents, how to make it all second nature).
  • A simple Warrior Stance. This is NOT martial arts or really ANYTHING you’ve ever seen before. There's certainly nothing tricky about it, but it'll guarantee you’re always in a fight position (looks perfectly natural... until you need it).
  • A very sneaky way to NEVER telegraph that you’re about to knock his lights out. He won’t have a clue what hit him (until he wakes up).
  • A quick and nifty "clamping" move that instantly forces his defenses down and out of the picture while you open him up like a can of pork n beans.
  • The simple methods to developing a "predator" mindset. No, you won’t become a serial killer, but you WILL finally learn to instantly flip the switch on that merciless warrior within you... exactly when you need it, (because most men have lost this skill – but don’t know that it’s still buried deep inside your genetic code).
  • A simple step-by-step method to building an arsenal of "gross motor skills" that will stick with you through fear, flames, and mortal combat, (the government figured this out long ago – now it’s your turn).
  • A very nasty and simple "Stun Strike" that jars the brain and instantly interrupts blood flow. In 99% of the cases it’s an instant "black out".

And so much more.

Everything I show you is the EXACT same cutting edge material currently being used to train U.S. Special Agents.
These are busy people who don’t have a lot of time to screw around with some martial arts that won’t work in real combat.

Okay... what I’ve told you about is just the tip of the iceberg. Really. There’s a lot more material. All simple, super-effective, and easy to learn too.

Don’t believe me? Well then here’s some MORE of what you’ll discover:

  1. The SEVEN target areas around the face and neck that make ANY strike wickedly effective. Most guys just “aim for the head” and end up getting hurt in a long brawl -- but the smart fighter looks for one of these specific targets and turns ONE punch into an instant knockout. So much easier and cleaner.
  2. A little known but highly effective shot that requires almost NO effort to instantly snap a very specific (and amazingly fragile) bone and put an immediate END to the fight (he won't be able to lift his arm at all). Agents like this one because afterwards they can continue to calmly “interview” the opponent without danger of attack.
  3. Why the “blade chop” is the most misunderstood strike, (mainly because of Hollywood bull), and how you can turn it into your very own secret weapon to attack specific target areas. A brutal and effective show stopper.
  4. How you can quickly generate HUGE power in a very small area without having to "wind up" and telegraph your intentions (very good for when you need to strike fast and end it).
  5. The MOST effective and devastating strike in close quarter combat (when he’s in your face) and it has NOTHING to do with your fist.
  6. A variation on a crafty little Filipino “cutting-strike” that uses and American style blunt-force trauma with maximum penetration, (and I’ll show you a simple "brushing the teeth" training drill that will install this in your muscle memory in an instant).
  7. A natural close quarters trick that takes advantage of a rarely guarded “instant knock out” target (and I’ll show you a simple "combing the hair" drill to install this deep into your gross motor skill set in just a few seconds).
  8. A huge mistake most guys make in close quarters head butts (okay... I'll clue you in. They head butt while their opponent’s head is facing downward). Big mistake. I show you a quick and easy way (even a little sneaky), to get his head up and into position for a head butt knock-out.
  9. How to absolutely devastate someone who's foolish enough to "bear hug" you from behind (a common tactic used by multiple attackers or by a big guy on a smaller opponent). Very simple, very bloody, sometimes lethal.

And it just goes on and on.

A nasty little "web hand" shot designed to shock, stun but not kill (used in case the agent needs to glean some additional information)... a simple variation that will instantly turn this move deadly lethal... why it’s a rookie mistake to kick anywhere above his waist (leave this to MMA)... a cool shuffle step that allows you to step in and penetrate deep with a knee shattering front kick... an “Agents” version of roundhouse kick (very wicked)... an easy to execute leg-hook that’s perfect to stop a classic “bull rush”... and a lot lot more.

This is the kind of stuff that makes U.S. Special Agents so feared.

When these guys show up in their pressed suits and dark glasses it’s nothing but pure respect. The Feds don’t screw around. They WILL take care of business.

And now you will too.

Here’s what you need to do right now: Have your credit card ready and click on the “Add To Cart button below:

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You’ll be rushed my intensive 2-1/2 hour “Special Agent Combat Course”. The price is just $97 – a real bargain considering that this took many YEARS to develop and perfect (and it’s being handed to you in one tidy package).

Okay... last I checked I was still covered by the First Amendment, so I'm perfectly within my rights to teach you this.

And they sure as hell can't stop YOU from receiving these insider secrets either.

But I don't know about Bob Pierce and his little company.

You see, he’s handling all the DVDs and orders, (I’m not set up to do it), and everyone knows that the Feds have been screwing with him for years.

Kind of a cat and mouse game.

When things get too hot... when the Feds start really putting the screws to him... Bob pulls the title and locks it away in a vault until the lawyers can sort it all out.

Which means...

This Whole Special Agent Combat Course
Could Just "Disappear" At ANY Time!

I suspect that will happen soon.

Because if they threw me out as a U.S. Special Agent just for talking about these secrets, you can imagine the pressure they’ll put on TRS when this is released.

Which is why Bob made up just 144 of these packages and is giving you just 7 days to order. He just can’t afford to get “caught” with more than that if the government shuts this down.

So you'll want to jump on this right away.

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And of course your $97 is entirely covered by TRS’s famous iron-clad guarantee. If you don’t like it for ANY reason, just send it back and they’ll rush you a full refund without questions or hassles.

Which means you can see all my secrets...

If You Want!

There's NOBODY in this industry willing to back up their products like Bob Pierce. Which is why soldiers, agents, and military men all over the world completely trust this guy.

His word is gold with us.

You can also place your order over the telephone by calling TRS “fight central” at:


Tell the operator that you want "Derek Smith’s Special Agent Combat Course.” Have your credit card handy. They’ll take it all from there.

Or if you’d rather pay by check or money order, you can just send your payment (add $7 for shipping and handling) to: TRS, Dept. SAC-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

Of course the fastest and easiest way to order is online.

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But Bob’s ready for the Feds to lower the boom on this at any time, so you must hurry.

This could be your ONLY chance to learn the handful of brutally effective and super-lethal moves that U.S Special Agents rely on in the field.

Where the rubber meets the road.

Warm Regards,

       Derek Smith

               Derek Smith

       Former U.S. Special Agent.

P.S. You are GUARANTEED a package if you order right now. But it's important that you understand this really may be the ONLY time you ever get an opportunity to witness this particular kind of super-classified, proven in blood, kick-ass (simple) fighting secrets.

There are just 144 packages available and you’ve got just 7 days to claim your "Special Agent Combat Course".

So do this now.

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P.P.S. Still don't believe me? Then just listen to what guys who KNOW are saying about my new "Special Agent Combat Course":

"OK I admit I was skeptical. I've seen a LOT of fights, learned a lot about fighting, studied some martial arts, and thought I knew something about real street fighting. Boy was I wrong. This 'Special Agent Combat Course' is the BEST I’ve ever seen and the most simple way to end a fight in a second or two. I am impressed – and that’s not easy to do!"
-- V. Diaz, Auto Manager, Oxnard, CA.

"This is so easy to learn I wasn't sure how effective it'd be -- until a neighbor got in my face. I didn't kill him (thank God), but let's just say he'll be calling me 'Sir' from now on."
-- D. Zahn, U.S. Army (Retired), Kenosha, WI.

"Thanks Derek. I live in kind of a bad neighborhood and your material really gave me a new sense of confidence. I feel sorry for the guy I gotta use that 'web hand' shot on. Ouch!"
-- L. Garcia, Mechanic, Central Valley, CA.

"Wow... totally fascinating from beginning to end. You have delivered a lot of great material my friend..."
-- H. Andrews, Retired, Pensacola, FL.

"Derek, you are the MAN. I absolutely LOVE this. So simple but so brutal. This is serious fight knowledge that I can use. I don’t really want to hurt or kill anyone, but when push comes to shove a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. And now I know exactly what to do!”
-- R. Pimentel, Engineer, Oakland, CA.

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