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Why Is This Super Humble
Decorated War Hero Showing You
His Most Advanced (Yet Easy To
Learn) "Severe Survival" Secrets?

The Answer Is Simple! This Former Delta Operative Has Survived Dozens Of Meltdowns Around The World...
And Knows From Deadly Experience That Typical
"Bush Craft" Skills Will NOT Save You
When It Hits The Fan.

It's Time You Discovered Some Hardcore Military-Style Survival Skills PROVEN To Work In The Real World – Allowing You To Thrive With Total Confidence
Throughout The Most
Nightmarish Situations Imaginable.

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Please allow me to rush you the most cutting edge short cut secrets that'll put you far ahead of everyone else during any kind of real crisis.

Instead of being clueless and frightened, you will suddenly have what it takes to control your own destiny with total confidence.

American Bad-Ass Survival is the leading-edge in modern "Severe Survival" instruction that spells out advanced, yet easy to learn "total preparedness" secrets.

It means suddenly gaining complete command of even the hairiest situations imaginable -- using nothing more than your wits and knowledge.

And for now, I'll even allow you...

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Plus, I've included an additional bonus DVD package. American Combat Karate is 32 wicked Special Forces hand-to-hand moves designed to end any fight in 4 to 7 seconds!

These are nasty U.S. Special Forces techniques that can be learned in only a couple hours. And man do they work, no matter what your size and strength.

Even if you know nothing about fighting. Even if you have never been in a fight before in your life.

I'll tell you more about this in a second. For now, don't close this window or you'll lose your free American Combat Karate package.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast.

For the past 25 years, we here at FightFast have been showing average guys simple tricks to protecting yourself and loved ones.

Which is why it really bothers me to know that most able-bodied American men will be left helpless as a toddlers during any kind of real crisis.

Can you imagine
when it really hits the fan?

Which is why some very smart people are advising civilians to have some secret skills and tools tucked away before it hits that fan.

Former Special Forces Operative Dale Comstock

The good news is these secret skills and tools are NOT difficult to get your hands on.

That's what Dale Comstock brings to the table.

This man is the real deal.

With over 30 years of experience, Dale's a former Special Forces "A-Team" Green Beret. He served with the 82nd Airborne as a Long Range scout living for months in the field...

Under Conditions That Would
Kill A Billy Goat!

After that it was ten long bloody years in Delta Force as an Assault Team Leader.

He was also an instructor for Delta's Operator Training Course — teaching self-defense -- including sentry take-outs, close-quarter combat fighting, and expert weaponry.

Dale was twice decorated for Valor, and turned down the Silver Star because he was "just doing my job". Given the Bronze Staranyway, with the "V" for valor.

This hero kicks major league butt and his resume reads like a Hollywood action movie.

He's just recently concluded 9 years as a much feared and respected paramilitary contractor for our government, helping hunt down and eliminate bad guys all over the world.

Let's just say when it comes to terrorist thugs...

Dale Is Very Effective
At Taking Out The Trash.

His 3 decades of surviving in the field and facing down bloody combat have honed Dale's survival skills to a razor's edge.

He knows better than anyone else the ugly truth about what really happens when a country is thrown into chaos, the power is shut down and regular folks like you and me start to run out of food and water.

Good news is that some people band together to help each other. But the bad news is that most others panic. The animal instinct takes over and they resort to looting, brutality and even murder to survive.

Look... our own government estimates that a shocking 90% of urban Americans will die within six months of a massive power grid failure.

You can imagine how desperate and dangerous things will get.

Which explains why Dale is utterly disgusted with so-called survival experts who teach nothing but bush craft skills -- as if a post-crisis America will be something like an extended camping trip.

This Kind Of "Pie In The Sky"
Thinking Will Only
get you killed.

Dale insists that knowing how to start a fire with sticks or what tree bark is good to eat will NOT be enough.

So when we decided it was time to create a true "survival" video for civilians, we turned to Dale because HE is one of the most respected and sought-after experts in the field.

We convinced him to let us film him, revealing the amazing secrets and material and ultimate survival knowledge that he acquired over 30 years in the most screwed up places on the planet.

Kuwait City... Mogadishu... Bagdad... Panama City... the jungles of Central American... the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan... and dozens and dozens of other hornet nests around the world.

This is where Dale sharpened his survival skills to a razor's edge.

Honestly, when it comes to living off your wits in a hostile environment, Dale is the guy I'd trust more than anyone. He's the by far the most qualified person to teach you how to stay alive if something goes terribly wrong.

His FightFast Gold Level DVD Survival package spells it all out for you. This isn't Dale teaching you how to catch fish or anything like that.

No. This package is over SIX HOURS of intense and super practical "how-to" survival skills that can absolutely save your life if, heaven forbid, modern society ever does melt down -- for whatever reason

Because, after witnessing many meltdowns around the globe, Dale knows better than anyone that your survival will depend on more than just knowing which berries are safe to eat.

Which is why he explains stuff like:

  • How to conduct a fighting withdrawal from your home, or to escape a hostile environment, with military efficiency. These are high-level combat skills not one in a thousand civilians understand. You'll be one of the few.
  • Also, high-speed tactical driving techniques, including how to blast through road blocks by targeting very specific parts of the roadblock. I'll give you hint – you don't want to hammer through like in the movies. No, this will only disable your car and leave you at the mercy of the thugs. The correct way is actually easy once you know what you're doing. And it means breaking free without damaging or wrecking your own vehicle.
  • You'll also learn how to easily spin out another car without tearing up your own vehicle. These highly effective pit maneuvers are perfect for wiping out anyone who's messing with you on the highway or is trying to stop you or force you off the road.
  • Also, you'll discover a very cool "thresh-hold brake" counter, in case you run into someone who understands combat pit maneuvers and is trying to spin YOU out. You'll be able to instantly turn the tables and send him reeling into the ditch before he knows what hit him. Puts you in total command of the road at all times.
  • A blocking tricks to dominate a high-speed car chase like highly a trained driver. These are effective offensive and defensive driving techniques used by Dale – a certified high-speed tactical driver himself – in actual deadly combat.
  • A 15-point "mobile security plan" -- including 7 "PAX" load-out strategies and preloading tricks for your car or truck... a simple "combat" trick for fast getaways... military caliber armed withdrawal tactics to get you into your vehicle fast even while under attack, and a lot more. This is how your vehicle becomes an integral key to your survival plan.
  • What you must know about firing through a vehicle's safety glass (hint: Hollywood has got this dead WRONG). This knowledge seems to go against common sense, but it's the right thing to do and will save your butt if, and when, the bullet start flying.
  • Exactly how to orient your weapons from the driving position, shotgun or back seat. Your vehicle will be bristling like an armed assault vehicle.

There's plenty more too.

  • Like how to create your very own PACE plan. This is just a simple blueprint to handle an escalating crisis. Starts with defending your home – or what Dale calls your Alamo – all the way through bugging-out to preselected link-up points. It's a precise military-style plan that automatically places you and your family in a ready-set-go position without a lot of fuss. Easy, because Dale does the planning for you. No guesswork. In just a couple hours you'll be one of the few guys who actually has a workable game plan. Talk about confidence.
  • You'll also learn about three communication tactics perfect to clandestinely alert loved ones to primary, secondary and tertiary rendezvous and rally points -- even if the power is down and phones aren't working. Much of this is based on low-tech but highly effective Special Forces surveillance and espionage tactics that really work when the chips are down. Again this is easy and doesn't require any military knowledge or special skills. Just watch and you'll have it.
  • Also, 5 tips to maintaining operational radio security, including pre-established "Pro Words" and secret "Brevity Codes" to ensure you never accidentally telegraph specifics to anyone secretly listening in. This is crucial knowledge especially when your very survival hinges on working undercover and being exceptionally careful.
  • Seven very sneaky CIA "street craft" communication tactics – tricks typically used in unconventional warfare – including specially-timed "dead drops", covert signals... far-and near-recognition markers that communicate vital intel to anyone who may be separated from the group, and a lot more.
  • Also -- because it's imperative that you have "night eyes" – Dale will give you crucial tips about night vision optics, infrared illuminators, and surveillance devices. This vital intel will allow you to operate covertly at night while others are groping in darkness.
  • A special rig that allows you quick access to a pistol straight from your rifle. This gadget so impressed Dale he recently began employing it in combat situations.

And so much more.

I'm just scratching
the surface here.

You'll also learn about preparing your Bug-Out bag and Ruck Sack bag. These two packs go well beyond your ordinary day pack.

Keep your Bug-Out Bag in your trunk in case a catastrophe forces you to hit the hills with NO time to get back to home base.

The Ruck Sack on the other hand remains at your home. Its purpose is to allow you and family members to live in the field indefinitely at a moment's notice.

Look... as a long range scout and Delta operative, Dale had to actually live long term out of bags just like these. Did it for over 30 years, so he knows what he's talking about.

Most times he survived comfortably from his Ruck Sack, or what he calls his "camper". But Delta was the brain child of the Bug-Out bag after the British SAS were ambushed during Desert Storm in 1991.

Dale was right there during the debriefing of the only Bravo Two Zero patrol member who wasn't dead or captured by the enemy.

Point being, some highly trained guys had to lose their lives to prove that your odds of survival go way up when you have both a Ruck Sack and a Bug Out Bag.

Of course most people don't have anything like this ready. Or they load up these sacks with the WRONG equipment and survival gear.

These mistakes can cost
you your life.

Which is why Dale dives deep and shows you exactly how to prepare your adaptable "Bug-Out Bag" and your Ruck Sack -- and which items need to be continually "rotated" in and out to ensure they're always in tip top shape and ready-to-roll.

Here's some more of what you'll discover:

  • How to create your own Special Forces "soap dish" survival kit. This amazing compact kit – about a dozen items -- small enough to fit inside a plastic traveler's soap dish. It's a marvel of preparedness.
  • Also Dale shows you a simple and super lightweight "water management" system to ensure you always have a back-up supply while on the move.
  • Another thing: The proper way to use iodine tablets. This isn't what others are teaching or what you may have heard -- but this one trick will help you avoid the kind of cross contamination that leaves rookies and arm chair experts sick and dying of dysentery.
  • Also, two vital facts you need to know about a camelback water system before even considering this option.
  • Another thing: A simple 3-minute shelter that will keep you warm, dry, and protect you from the elements. This is a must, because it's so fast, effective and lightweight.
  • You'll also learn the TWO most important tools you need to carry. Even if you lost everything else, these two items will practically guarantee your survival. Everything else is just icing on the cake.
  • Here's another: A hardcore battlefield medic sponge that can stop major bleeding fast – even from gaping wounds. Most civilians on't know about this, but it's now available to average folks, weighs just a few ounces and really works in an emergency.
  • Also, Dale shows you a specialized all weather hat that's far more protective than any ball cap. Can protect your head AND neck from sun... ventilated in warm weather... and very effective at holding in heat during cold weather. This one is a must have for your bags.
  • Also, a quick and simple way to get at least 3000 calories in a single meal – more than you'd need in a full day out in the field. You'll actually emerge from the bush well fed.
  • Also, why you want a sleeping bag that not only zips, but also buttons. This can prove to be a life saver – Dale explains exactly why.
  • A very simple and compact emergency candle tool that provides light and life-saving heat without the fire hazard. Low-tech solution that's perfect for temporary hide huts.

And a lot, lot more.

Things like...

  • The last -- and most important -- item you should put into your pack... "streamline" tips to avoid becoming entangled in dense brush... a little known "backflow" water collection trick to keep your drinking water clear of debris... three amazing tricks to make yourself invisible as a "chameleon"...
  • Three ways that simple mosquito netting can be used to replenish food supplies... multiple methods to keep warm, using lightweight materials, even in extremely cold climates... Three big "no-nos" that will make you a quick target in a crisis...

And much, much more.

The skills Dale will teach you are an intense combination of both ancient wisdom and modern variations.

You can learn everything just by watching the DVDs. No practice or training necessary — these are "see it, and do it" skills he's honed over a lifetime – and he's trained hundreds of civilians this same material literally in hours!

But hold on...

There's MORE!

Like I said, for anyone smart enough to check this out today, you'll also receive a very useful bonus – Dale Comstock's American Combat Karate.

It's an amazing DVD program that'll show you – step-by-brutal-step – exactly how to take care of business with total confidence in just about any confrontation.

I gotta say, much of this material isn't pretty, which is bad news for your opponent.

Because when it comes to armed combat, or hand to hand, or just some simple bam-bam he's out kind of tricks, Dale Comstock is the guy you'll want to train with.

He's spend over three decades mastering shoot fighting, boxing, karate, kick boxing, even "speed-grappling" with the Gracies.

American Combat Karate is "instant domination" training that really fits with the way Americans think. A little boxing, a little grappling, lots of pure street fighting smarts... and the simplest "menu" of end-it-fast moves I've ever seen.

And you learn it all so FAST. Perfect for anyone who isn't big... doesn't have much time – since all you need, really, is an hour or so to "get" it -- and needs to be 100% positive these moves will work in the real world.

It's like this secret "short cut" to becoming a truly dangerous fighter. Using only a few proven moves that have been tested, over and over, in real life-threatening combat.

Okay... this entire Gold Level American BadAss package is over six hours of some of the most practical and eye-opening training you will ever encounter.

Normally I'd sell this for $198. And the American Combat Karate bonus would cost you $76 if you tried to order right now from my website. So that's a combined total of $274.

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That's more than generous. It means you can see it all for free if you want, with a $76 bonus to keep as a free gift just for giving this a chance

American Combat Karate is some of the best training FightFast has ever produced. Devastating moves -- that can learned in just a short afternoon – to make you invulnerable against a larger opponent.

This is perfect material for us guys who may be a little passed our prime and looking for a leg-up against younger, stronger, more aggressive opponents.

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For anyone truly interested in being prepared, and protecting their loved ones, this is truly an astonishing deal.

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