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This High-Tech Survival Water Filter
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Dear Hotlist Member:

I’ve got to get something off my chest before I explode.

And to prove to you that I’m absolutely serious about this...

... and that FightFast has your best interest in mind...

... and that we really DO want to make sure you’ve got the tools and knowledge you’ll need to survive and thrive throughout even the most hellish melt-down...

... then with your permission, I want give you a boatload of free survival stuff, just to make my point.

Hi, it’s Jimbo over here at FightFast, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew. For 30 years we’ve been teaching average guys just like you the simple secrets to protecting yourself and your loved ones.

We give you only what you need, whether that’s in a handful of simple dirty tricks to end a confrontation in a couple of seconds against a bigger, meaner dude…

...or some crucial tips and clever gadgets to save your hide when it hits the fan.

Over the years, we’ve built a solid gold reputation as being the company that gives away lots of free stuff to hotlist members.

This astonishing water filter is just one more example.

The HFC1500 is the most effective water filtration system you can carry in a pack. This is no ordinary run of the mill filter. Nope, it’s our own design. You won’t see this anywhere else.

Uses a very slick high-tech hollow fiber membrane and premium activated carbon -- made from coconuts -- that not only filters out bacteria and microbes, but, unlike most other survival filters also removes toxic chemicals like chlorine, benzene and pesticides.

Because, as you can imagine, you do NOT want to get sick when it hits the fan. And you don’t want your loved ones getting sick.

Believe me, you want this filter because you can 100% depend upon it.

I know, I’ve tested it myself on filthy contaminated water that I would never in a million years have considered drinking. But this filter made that cesspool taste like I was drinking water straight from fresh mountain stream.

And it’s fast too.

Filters water at an impressive 550ml per minute.

Means you’re not waiting around dying of thirst filtering water one drop at a time.

Nope, the HFC1500 delivers fresh water very quickly.

Plus it even has an attached navigation compass and signal mirror too, so you’re never lost and always able to signal someone if need be.

It’s very compact and super lightweight - perfect for traveling to places where the water may be suspect, or to stash away in your bug out bag, just in case.

If you could find a portable water filter like this, which you can’t, but if you could, the HFC1500 would sell for at least $49.

But today, I want you to have it as...

My Free Gift To You.

Keep it no matter what.

I’ll tell you more about this astonishing filter in a bit.

Plus, because you’ve managed to find your way to this special hidden webpage, I have also stuffed an incredible $177 into your hotlist account.

And there’s bonus material on crucial real world survival tricks that nobody else is talking about, but are vital to anyone who has any interest in being prepared.

But just know, if you close this page, there’s simply no way to get back here. And you will lose your HFC1500 water filtration system, the $177 I’ve just arranged for you, and all the other bonus materials.

More about all that in a second.

First, let me tell about what I needed to get off my chest.

It’s about the brutal realities of extreme survival.

Because, with all due respect, most people haven’t a clue on just how ugly and desperate things will get if and when it ever does hit the fan.

I mean, picture a total meltdown. Cities without electricity. Stores with no food. No drinkable water available anywhere.

Imagine the people who live around you, and how desperate and dangerous they will get once they realize they’re facing the chance of dying from thirst and starvation.

History shows that some people band together to help each other. Unfortunately most others, even good citizens, will turn to robbery and even murder to stay alive.

Which explains why U.S. Special Forces survival instructors can only laugh at the so-called “bush craft” survival experts.

Because they know these boy scouts will be among the first to die in any real crisis. And if you buy into what they’re teaching, then you too will probably end up seriously dead when the meltdown hits.

Because the truth is, no matter how sharp you think your outdoor skills are... matter how fast you can start a fire with a bow drill... matter how well you’ve prepared your bug out bag...

You Are Still Not Ready
For An Extreme Survival Situation.

For now let’s just forget about all the other clever survival gear and high-tech gadgets.

Because when it hits the fan, and the real horror and chaos of an actual meltdown sinks in, you’ll suddenly realize you’ve been thrown back into the stone age.

There are barely a handful of men in the entire world who know how to survive such a total breakdown... who know exactly what to do when everything collapses into a smoldering heap.

One of them is former Green Beret and DELTA operative Dale Comstock.

And if you care at all about learning his most extreme level survival secrets then you should listen carefully.

Because like I said...

On top of the $177 which I’ve just stuffed into your own hotlist account...

...and the free water filtration system that I’ll send you...

...there are some other free bonuses too.

Stuff that’s also yours to keep no matter what... including a handful of the most useful rope knots that you can have in the field.

At the very least you’ll be able to use these around the house, or while camping, or just to impress family and friends with your new found skills.

But in a real survival situation, knowing these can save your butt.

Your other free bonus is a detailed lesson on Prusik climbing.

You may have never heard of this before, but it’s the bread and butter of search and rescue teams. A simple way to use sliding monkey grip knots to climb up a long rope as easily as climbing a ladder.

Works like magic, even if you know nothing about climbing. Even if you have very little strength. It’s actually easy and fun...

Just Gotta Know
A Few Key Secrets.

There’s more free bonus material too, which I’ll tell you all about in just a second.

For now, just know that nobody else but you and a very select “short list” of some special and highly qualified people have access to all this.

And again, closing this page means you will permanently LOSE out on your $177 and your free bonus material.

Because for almost 30 years now FightFast has been teaching average guys like you how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

You’re about discover how to get your hands on some extreme survival skills. This is top-level stuff that almost nobody else is talking about.

I hope to God you never have to use it.

But let’s face some facts here. The complex systems in which we all rely on for our survival are teetering like a house cards, aren’t they?

I mean consider for a moment our shaky financial system, our vulnerable electric grid, our law enforcement that can’t even control a mediocre riot, all the way down to the delivery of our food and water.

Former Green Beret and DELTA operative, Dale Comstock

Anything goes terribly wrong with any this stuff, and the whole system that makes our modern lives possible suddenly comes crashing down.

For the last 30 years, as a Green Beret, a DELTA Force Operative and a Paramilitary Contractor, Dale Comstock has personally seen this happen many times, in many places.

Including Panama City, Mogadishu, Baghdad, Kuwait City, and lot more.

The Stories He Tells Are Frightening...
But True!

And sadly consistent.

When it all comes tumbling down, most people are caught with their pants down. In the chaos, some people band together and try and help each other.

Unfortunately many others do not. They simply panic and do whatever it takes to get food and water.

If that means killing you and your family to get it, then so be it.

And the cops? Yeah right. As Dale points out, when it all goes south, there’s nobody around to stop the goons from doing whatever they want.

YOU will be the only thing standing in their way. You must know how to outwit them.

This is why...

You Must See Dale’s
"Extreme Survival" Instruction.

You’ll discover dozens of advanced Special Forces tactics that allow you and your friends and your loved ones to operate as an armed combat team just like a Spec Op military unit... to build and set up early warning devices -- using nothing more than cardboard, string, some wires, and a 9-volt battery -- to quietly alert you when someone is approaching your camp...

...sneaky stealth-mode secrets to cross hostile terrain without being discovered... to navigate with pinpoint accuracy even across miles of rugged unknown territory so you’re never lost and always end up exactly where you planned...

... how to disappear inside your own temporary underground hide site making you and your family literally invisible... and so much more...

...including lethal moves that can kill anyone in two seconds using nothing more than your bare hands.

Like I said, this isn’t what others are teaching. Nope. This is the last word in survival. The stuff that works in the real world.

It’s super intense material. Some of it is ultra-vicious. But when everything goes wrong...

You’ll Be The Guy
Who Knows Exactly What To Do.

But it’s not for everyone! Especially the lethal combat secrets. Grisly stuff which you may choose not to have in your home.

I understand and respect that.

But when crunch time hits, you’ll be damn glad you saw this instruction. It’s simple, easy to learn, and devastatingly effective tactics that could save the lives of you and your loved ones.

Really. That’s why it’s so important to you.

Please, just give me a couple of minutes to explain everything you’ll get. It’s a big package with a lot of stuff -- over 5 hours of some of the most fascinating real-world survival tips and tricks that you can’t find anywhere.

Only here at FightFast can you get instruction like this. Nobody else has dared reveal this and “higher ups” in our own government have tried to shut us down.

A little something called the First Amendment stopped that cold. We’ve been here for 3 decades, and we’re not going away anytime soon.

So let’s dig in: First we’ll teach you about operating as a military team.

Because if we’re talking about a real meltdown here, at some point your home will become indefensible. You’ll need to get out of Dodge and move to a hidden retreat that you’ve already picked out.

We’ll talk about this retreat in a bit.

But if your chosen hideout is in a remote location, away from homes, roads and people, as it should be, at some point you’ll eventually have to abandon your vehicle and move to it on foot.

This Will Of Course
Be Perilous.

The world will be a dangerous place for you until you can make it to your retreat. Again, this isn’t paranoid thinking. It’s what Dale has personally witnessed every time a technology dependent society collapsed.

Remember New Orleans? In only a matter of days it sunk down to looting, rape and murder. Imagine for example if some catastrophe took down our entire electrical grid for a year or more.

Knowing how to start a fire with sticks will not be your biggest concern.

Point is, when moving to a secure location you must face the reality that you may get caught in a firefight.

Which is why you must know specific military combat tactics.

So Dale will show you:

  • First, a fighting withdrawal called the "Reverse Peel". This is how Spec Op combat units keep constant pressure on an enemy -- even when surprised or outnumbered -- while pulling back out of danger. It’s an armed retrograde with verbal commands that indicate exactly where to regroup. It works through coordination of the team to ensure there’s always bullets flying at the threat while the team moves to safety. The trick is to alternate so there’s always one gun firing while the team “peels” back. Dale also demonstrates a variation called the banana peel where you can dogleg off to one side or another. This is high level maneuvers that you cannot learn anywhere else. Only FightFast dares to bring this to you.
  • You’ll also learn the "Lateral Peel". This is different. Instead of moving back, the team makes a coordinated move laterally to the right or left while again keeping a continual stream of lead firing toward the threat. Allows you to methodically move your team to a more defensible position while keeping up the pressure. Every team member has a job. This is how small units of U.S. Special Forces can take on and defeat a much larger group. Very advanced stuff here, but easy to learn.
  • Also, discover how to "Break Encirclement". This is for when you are surrounded by hostiles. It’s an organized aggressive forward motion tactic that slices a hole through the circle around you using constant alternating fire. Team members move forward while keeping the enemy pinned down and panicking, convinced they are facing a much larger and more skilled force.
  • Also, why your 6 o’clock guard must maintain security even with a firefight going on in the forward position. Smart tacticians know that the forward attack could be a diversion with the real attack coming from the rear.
  • Also, why you must understand something called "Overlapping Security". This is vital in case a member becomes tied up with navigation or heaven forbid, is taken down during armed combat. Ensures the team is always protected during any event.

There’s a lot more too.

Like what distance to keep from one another while on patrol. Here’s a hint: It depends on what kind of terrain you’re traveling.

Also, how to alert a sleeping team member to potential danger without compromising your safety... a clever and simple way to conduct a headcount when on the move in the dark...

...why zipping yourself up in a sleeping bag could prove lethal. Dale shows you a much safer option. And a lot more.

Also, most civilians haven’t a clue on how to travel on foot as an armed unit. They make horrible noise and leave a trail a blind man could follow.

But once you understand some simple secrets, operating with stealth is actually quite easy. And...

It Gives You
An Enormous Advantage.

Which is why Dale shows you:

  • Specific hand signals – to be used only with your non firing hand -- that allow you to communicate with the team without having to say a word, including “freeze”, “Hold Up”, “take a knee”, “go prone position”, “all clear”, “danger”, “threat ahead”, “rest”, “eat” “draw together”, “continue forward” and others. These hand signals let you talk without talking so you can avoid drawing unwanted attention.
  • Another thing you need to know is what pace to move at as an armed unit. It’s probably slower and more methodical than you’d imagine, but this is how experienced combat teams glide deliberately through hostile territory without detection.
  • You’ll also discover vital tips on remaining hidden during extended stay breaks including specific tactics to draw together, stay warm, dry and camouflaged while taking naps and still maintaining tight security.

Another thing: While moving across desolate terrain to your hide site it’s easy to get lost.

That Mistake Can
Cost You Your Life.

So Dale covers some advanced fundamentals of navigation.

You’ll discover what 3 items are essential for terrain association navigation. With this you’ll be able to cross even rugged wilderness terrain with total confidence, because you’ll always know exactly where you are.

  • Also, Dale covers the essentials of map reading and why you want a 1/100K MGRS terrain map with a grid reference system. You’ll discover how much area each square represents, how to use a protractor for pinpoint accurate navigation and more.
  • Also, how to make sense of the various scales, legends and conversions listed at the sides and bottom of any typographical map. It’s easy, but you gotta know this for it to make sense.
  • Another thing: What a declination angle is and why it’s critical that you know this – especially if you’re traveling a long distance. It has to do with true north vs magnetic north and how to compensate for this while dead reckoning to a small target location like a cache or a hide site.
  • You’ll also learn when dead reckoning is a smart method and when it’s not the best navigation solution.
  • Also, a very simple low-tech and precise method to keep track of exactly how far you’ve traveled. It’s an old trick that goes back thousands of years, but it still works.
  • Also, when Orienteering Navigation is a much quicker method of navigation and when a more methodical method should be used.
  • An easy way to find the North Star using the big dipper and how to use that to plot a straight line north. Use this in coordination with dead reckoning as a simple and quick way to keep you continually oriented while on the move.

And so much more. Like how to navigate using nothing more than a map and the stars... How to use a protractor to shoot a straight-grid azimuth line for super accurate dead reckoning... how to hold your compass and map together so that you never get off course while on the move and more.

Okay... if some of this sounds complicated don’t worry. Dale explains it all. Just know that once you understand this, you’ll be able to expertly travel through remote wilderness...

As Easily As If It Were
Your Own Back Yard!

Another thing you’ll learn about is building temporary and permanent hide sites.

A Shallow Temporary Hide Site is a huge secret to remaining hidden while traveling clandestinely to your more permanent retreat.

This is mega important. Because when it hits the fan, millions will be left stranded without supplies -- starving, dying of thirst, and absolutely desperate.

As Dale points out from decades of experience, when the power goes down and the food and fresh water start to disappear, people get crazy.

A lot of regular good folks will suddenly do anything to save themselves and their loved ones...

Including Looting And Killing.

So as you can imagine, your life depends on staying invisible. In the U.S. Special Forces, Dale and his team survived in underground sites just like this behind enemy lines, where discovery meant death.

Or at the very least a lively fire fight.

He insists that a post crisis America will be just as dangerous, and so again security and secrecy are absolutely imperative to coming out of this alive and on top.

So, let’s first talk about the temporary hide site. Dale will show you:

  • First, how to construct a relatively roomy 3-man underground hide site very quickly, using only a field knife, a rain poncho, and stuff laying around the woods. Okay, it’s not gonna be the Hilton, but it’ll get you out of the elements and only takes an hour or so to build. In no time you’re safe, snug and out of sight. It’s also perfect for caching away food, water, supplies, weapons, hiding casualties, or just to avoid all contact with people, dogs, surveillance aircraft and drones while on your way to your permanent hide site.
  • You’ll also discover the 7-step method to getting in and out of your temporary hide site without being compromised. Because as a one-time 82nd airborne long range recon scout serving in hot combat zones, Dale stresses that it's the entry and exit from your hide site where you’re most vulnerable. He spells out a proven procedure to get you safely in and out of your hide site, smelling trouble from a mile away while maintaining steely-eyed “full coverage security”.
  • Another thing: And this is important. How to keep your temporary hide site invisible. This is cool because even a determined enemy standing a foot away won’t be able spot your site. One tip is to throw excess dirt from the dig onto a poncho and then spread it evenly over the surrounding landscape or quietly spill it into a nearby stream. Insures there’s no mounds of fresh dirt to draw unwanted attention. There’s a lot more too, including clever camo tricks, light and noise discipline tactics and a lot more.
  • Another thing, why contingency plans and bonafides signals are critical to avoid potentially deadly mistakes while maintaining tight hide-site security. These are tactics that will keep your team protected from infiltrators while eliminating any chance of accidentally engaging in combat with friendlies.
  • Also, the one most critical bit of information you must have before leaving your temporary hide site -- especially if you’re leaving loved ones or vital supplies inside. Knowing this will help you avoid a lot of trouble and heartbreak.

You’ll also learn how to set up a Permanent Hide Hut.

Because unlike the improvised temporary hide site, the permanent underground hide site is your ultimate destination -- a hidden retreat where you’ll settle in for many months. Maybe longer.

The key is planning.

Dale will walk you through it, from site selection to construction. But even if you choose not to construct your underground retreat ahead of time, you should at least know how to scout out a location.

I’ll give you hint. It should be a remote place, on defensible ground, near a water source. Dale will spell out everything else you should consider. And not all of it is as obvious as what I just mentioned.

The planning and implementation is actually fun and easy. But it’s not common sense...

You Won’t Figure This Out
On Your Own!

So Dale will provide you all the logistics. Like:

  • What to do when you finally arrive at your permanent hide site. It’s a methodical carefully orchestrated operational military approach to ensure you don’t get ambushed.
  • Next, tips about the actual construction itself. Materials, how big you should make it, how to best conceal it, the whole works.
  • Also, a list of the essential supplies you should have cached away at your permanent hide site location. Some of it is what you’d expect. However much of it will surprise you since -- unlike bush craft -- Dale’s survival tactics lean heavily on maintaining stealth and security. So there’s a lot of unorthodox gadgets, including clever early warning devices that I’ll talk about in a minute.
  • Another thing. And this is important. How much fresh water you’ll need to keep on hand and clandestine methods to replenish that supply.
  • You’ll also learn what kinds of food you should have stored away at your hide site and why you should avoid stocking up on the delicious stuff you enjoy most. Sounds weird, but Dale explains exactly why, and his reasons may surprise you.
  • Also, what you must know about using a generator in your hide site. Few people are talking about this, but ignoring this one important point will quickly compromise your position.
  • You’ll also learn about a simple “backup” tactic that can save your life in case your underground site and supplies were discovered and pilfered before you even arrive. This is a kind of “Plan B” safety net so that you’re never left without options.
  • And a lot more. Like how much coverage dirt to pile ontop your hide site... one nifty trick to keep the latch permanently camouflaged no matter how many times you open and close it... simple secrets to make your site so hard to spot that a bystander could literally stroll right over the top of it and never know it was there. Really. This will blow you away.
  • And there’s more.

Like the Early Warning Systems I mentioned earlier.

Because even if you’ve located your hide site in an extremely remote area, there’s still a good chance for desperate intruders to stumble across your camp. You’ll want to be alerted well in advance that someone has breached your territory. Which is why knowing how to build simple low-tech early warning devices is so important.

This is how you’ll “McGiver” together sophisticated trip wire warning mechanisms using nothing more than...

Clothes-pins, Rubber Bands,
Brass Thumbtacks, Scraps Of Cardboard,
Fishing Line, Wire, And A 9-Volt Battery!

This is stuff you should have already stashed away in your bug out bag.

You’ll learn the little-known craft of placing hidden trip wires at strategic pinch points around your camp. When the wire is tripped, a blinking red light or a quiet beeping alarm goes off inside your hide hut. Outside, a flashing led light alerts anyone who’s pulling exterior guard duty.

Just place the trip wires in key avenues of approach that an intruder would naturally walk and you’ll instantly know how far away they are and from which direction they’re approaching.

This is how you’ll get the jump over anyone stupid enough to try and sneak up on you.

Dale shows you how to put it all together. Very simple. Doesn’t require a lot of money. In fact Dale shows you how to put together an entire perimeter security system for less than $10.

You don’t need much power either. The entire system can function indefinitely with a handful of solar-charged batteries.

Dales also shows you how to string your trip wires so that critters don’t trigger false alarms. When your lights and buzzers go off, you’ll be certain you’re dealing with a potentially dangerous intruder, and not a curious raccoon.

This is priceless information guaranteed to keep you and your loved ones a step ahead of the game. It’s the same stuff Dale used himself...

To Survive The Most Dangerous Places
Around The World.

It’ll keep you safe, hidden, alive and in control.

Are you beginning to understand how crucial it is for you to know this kind of material?

I mean, imagine if you were the one guy that women, children, even other men could completely rely on no matter what happened.

The guy who knew exactly what to do, even through the most mind-boggling melt down.

Because the sad fact is that when and if it hits the fan, most Americans, will simply panic, starve and die.

That's insane... especially when the secrets to thrive indefinitely, through the worst kind of situation imaginable, armed with nothing but your wits and knowledge... are so astonishingly simple and easy to learn.

And yet, armed with this knowledge, you suddenly become the go-to guy.

And Dales’ handing it all to you, on a silver platter. Tactics and strategies that will put you miles ahead.

Plus, like I mentioned, you will also get that cool HFC1500 water filtration system included, for FREE.

This is a big deal.

Because I want you to imagine this: Picture yourself and your loved ones in a survival situation. You’re in charge, on foot, trying to get everyone to a safe location.

You run across a stagnant stream. It looks suspect, but you need the water.

Think about this.

Because it’s here where serious trouble often begins.

Drinking contaminated water means you’ll suddenly have a bunch of sick people on your hands. Maybe even yourself. A difficult but manageable situation instantly becomes an unmanageable lethal nightmare.

And this is where your HFC1500 really shines. This one filter can process 1500 liters -- that’s 400 gallons of water -- more than enough for you and your family. Means you can carry less water and filter from sources along your route.

And unlike most other so-called survival filters, the HFC1500 will remove harmful microbes and dangerous chemicals.

The prefilter assembly keeps large debris and gunk from clogging up your filter while transforming even the filthiest water into a refreshing drink.

You can drink on the go straight from a water source using the straw, or filter the water for storage.

The unit can attach to a standard soda bottle but a ½ liter collapsible water bag is included.

Just fill a pop bottle or the included bag with the contaminated water and drink from the convenient straw. Or if you want pour into another storage container, like your canteen.

This is fast.

The secret is the Hollow Fiber Membrane: Kinda weird but it’s super high-tech and really works.

Lots and lots of tiny hollow straws containing thousands of pores.

The result?

An Amazingly Filter.

I honestly wouldn’t trust anything else. This is 99.9% effective at removing waterborne protozoa -- like giardia -- and even more effective at removing bacteria, like E. coli.

Dirty contaminated water enters one end, and crystal clear drinkable fresh water comes out the other. 400 gallons of it.

And the premium activated carbon removes pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and hundreds of other harmful chemicals.

It also dramatically improves the taste of water.

And there’s a 4-foot long silicone tube that fits perfectly as an extension hose so you don’t have to crouch down to access water. Also allows you to get into crevasses or other hard to reach places.

And don’t forget about the attached compass and signal mirror. These are standard items in a survival kit, but now they’re integrated with your filter to save space.

Means you can navigate your way from water source to water source while working your way toward that safe haven.

Look...this entire package is worth it's weight in gold. This package is crammed with stuff that nobody outside the U.S. Special Forces has ever seen. I could talk about this for another two hours.

But I won’t, since you can see it all for yourself right now.

Here’s how to get your hands on this incredible Extreme Survival Package.

Just click on the button “Yes, I Want The Extreme Survival Package”. Get your credit card ready.

Yes I Want The Extreme Survival Package Now!

What’s the cost?

Well, as you can tell, it’s a big package with a lot of stuff. Normally it would retail for $299 plus another $7 for shipping and handling. That’s $306. Even at that price, it’s a bargain.

But as “hotlist” member, you won’t pay anything like that.

Not $306.

Not $250.

Not even $199.

Nope, because I’ve just stuffed $177 into your hotlist account -- the price for you right now through this special hidden web page, is an insanely low $129.

Plus there’s no shipping and handling charge.

Considering that this material could save your life and that of your family, and that you only have to watch it once to really get it, that is a pretty sweet deal...

Wouldn’t You Agree?

But the best part is that you don’t even risk a penny of that $129.

Because if you don’t feel that this is the most useful survival instruction on the planet, if you don’t think that Dale has given you simple steps that will keep you in total command throughout even the most nightmarish meltdown... if you don’t feel a surge of new found confidence, knowing that...

You Will Be More Prepared
Than Just About Anyone Else On Earth!

Then I insist you send it back for a full and prompt refund.

I will even give you one full YEAR to decide. Study this amazing material for a full 12 months before making up your mind.

If after a year you still aren’t happy for ANY reason, even NO reason, just return everything and get every penny returned to you.

I even promise to refund every penny of your purchase price within 24 hours of receiving your package back into the main FightFast offices.

Nobody does that.

It’s why FightFast has managed to thrive for nearly 30 years. We treat hotlist guys like gold.

But hold on... I still need to tell you about the free bonuses I’ve arranged for you.

The first free bonus is a DVD on the most useful rope knots and climbing techniques. This is vital information that you’ll use for traveling over steep terrain, or to get in and out of tall buildings, or to descend with heavy gear and more.

One of the most useful techniques is something called Prusik Climbing.

This is an old mountaineering trick still taught to search-and-rescue teams and U.S. Special Forces.

It’s Fast, It’s Simple,
And Most Importantly It Works!

You don’t need to be a mountain climber. You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment. You don’t even have to be in shape.

It’s just a matter of understanding how to tie an end of the line bowline knot and a monkey fist knot. Simple stuff that allows you, or anyone, to climb a 100-foot rope within a couple of minutes as easily as if you’re climbing a ladder.

Very safe too because you don’t have to hang on. The slide and grip knots do all the work for you.

Dale will provide with all the know-how. I think you’ll be shocked at how cool and simple this is.

You’ll also learn other essential knots, including the extremely sturdy water knot, the classic square knot., which you may think you know, but one which most guys get wrong, the Figure 8 knot and others.

The key is that these are easy to learn. Easy to tie. Easy to untie. And yet they create strong foot loops or tie-downs or anchor points that won’t slip.

They’ve got a million uses, so you’ll probably start using these immediately around the house and shop. But in a survival situation they are a must.

Dale also walks you through how to create a rappel seat from a 12-foot length of rope and a Swiss seat from a 6-foot loop of nylon tape.

These Seats Are Imperative
For Safe Climbing!

You may never have to rig up a seat like this, but it’s good to know in case you’re ever forced to short cut across steep slopes, over cliffs, or even to ascend or descend tall buildings.

This is how it’s done.

There’s a lot more here too. Like the Special Forces spider hang technique used to quickly descend a straight drop of 15 to 20 feet -- like off a second story building for example -- without having to use a rope and without having to jump or risk injury.

There’s so much more too.

Like the 2 to 3 person assisted climbing techniques that allow even small women and children to assist a large man up a sheer cliff or wall... actual rappel and belay demonstrations from a 3-story building... how to avoid the common but potentially fatal “West Point rope Hookup”...

...what type of rope you should have in your rucksack and what kind you should never bet your life on... open gate vs close gate carabiner and which one Dale prefers...

...and a lot more.

But hold on...

I Want To Get Crazy Generous Here.

So I’m including a third FREE bonus. It’s a free guide called “Secrets To Building An Underground Hide site”.

This is a very useful supplement to the DVD instruction. A booklet that spells out the simple steps to building an inexpensive 15 by 15 foot underground retreat.

This guide is packed with photos, illustrations, even video links that cover such topics as site location, soil and water runoff considerations, material choices, excavation, floor, wall and roof construction and a lot more.

You don’t have to be a construction expert to understand this.

It’s simple and to the point, spelling out everything you need to know to build your own permanent hide site in a remote area without drawing a lot of attention to yourself.

Just following the simple steps and you will have a safe retreat for decades to come without costing you a lot of money. One where you and your loved ones, if need be, can lie low, safe and comfortable.

But hold on... there’s even MORE.

Yeah, I’m going way over the top here.

Like I keep saying, the world will be a desperate, dangerous place during any kind of a real meltdown. Which means you’ll also need to know some ultra-vicious techniques to “take care of business” -- just in case.

So I’m including a DVD package called “Lethal Termination Tactics”.

You’ll discover a ton of wicked little hand-to-hand combat tricks. These are last resort moves that you can use in case you’re discovered, threatened, and need to end things quickly, in a couple seconds, on your terms.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

First, how to drive shards of cartilage and nasal bone into the brain. Most civilians think this is bull, but trust me, my Special Forces contacts who’ve been-there done-that assure me this move can kill in an instant...

Also, the amazingly simple hand-to-hand method of punching gaping holes through the front of the skull like a piece of old drywall. This one is VERY bloody, and deadly effective...

Also, the Tiger Throat-Axe strike that suffocates a man to death by instantly shattering his windpipe. This is NOT the punch you see in so many Hollywood movies. No, you MUST have your hand in the “Tiger’s” position for this to work. And man does it work...

Another one is the instantly lethal “ball peen hammer” strike -- done with your hand, not a hammer -- for immediate lights out...

And a lot more. Like the "Sternum Buster", kills with just a stick or an improvised weapon... the lethal hand shot behind the ear, you gotta see this one to believe it... the simple and easy to master "Skull Crusher", a couple ways to do this one, you'll learn them both... and a whole lot more.

Plus there’s a second part of this DVD package called “Wicked Fight Enders”.

It’s more Special Forces moves – but designed to simply end a fight without killing. This is actually fun, at least I think so, because it’s all "bam-bam and he’s out" kinda stuff.

For example, you’ll discover:

A nasty “Fist Breaker” move designed to shatter the bones of his hand instantly, which 99% of the time will END it right there.

The nifty little “Monkey Snap” that pops his elbow like a chicken bone with just a few pounds of pressure. You’ll be shocked how easy this can inflict horrible pain – even against a huge man with arms like tree trunks.

A very brutal and effective “Plant & Snap” technique that will instantly snap his knee backwards. His football career is over and your opponent will always regret messing with you – because he’ll have a permanent limp for life.

TWO filthy moves I call “Hammer Time” that will instantly knock your opponent unconscious – no matter how fat his head may be... it’s good night Irene.

The wicked “Ridgeback” strike that uses your arm like a steel crowbar against his melon. Use it as a quick knockout technique, or to open up his neck for a more deadly throat strike. It's always nice to have options.

And there's a whole lot more. The “Palm Leader” that allows you total control of your opponent. Hint: where the head goes, so does he... the devastating “Face Crusher”, which CAN sometimes be lethal... a close-quarters “Knee Whip” that’ll shatter the delicate cartilage and ligaments in his knee, so he’ll drop like a sack of potatoes... and so much more.

So you get the lethal stuff for when you absolutely positively need to kill – and the non-lethal, for when you simply want to end it – on YOUR terms – in a couple of seconds or less.

Look, nobody wants everything to meltdown. But if it does, YOU will be the one with the skills. The guy with the answers. People will look to you for help and protection. Especially women.

Best Part: You can learn everything just by watching the DVDs! These are "see it, and do it" skills you can learn for yourself in a matter of hours.

You don't have to be a superman, or have any previous skills. It's simply like having an expert take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know... in such easy terms that you can use them any time, anywhere, under any circumstances.

And... you don't need to change anything about the way you live your life! You can still be the sweet smart guy that you are right now. Keep this to yourself if you choose. If you never need it, great. But if you do, it’ll be there for you.

Like A Cocked And Loaded Weapon,
You’ll Be Ready.

These are the easiest and simplest skills you will ever learn. Yet... they will save your butt if you are ever faced with surviving off the grid for any length of time.

I’ve made this an easy choice for you. Insane low price. No risk. Lots of freebies that are yours to keep. It doesn’t get any better that this.

Hit the Yes button now, while it’s all still on the table.

Yes I Want The Extreme Survival Package Now!

This is Jimbo, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew, signing off.

Jimbo Curley

But before I go, let’s do a quick review of everything you’ll get when you click the “Yes” button now.

  1. First, you’ll receive Dale Comstock’s "Extreme Survival" DVD package. Military grade survival tactics PROVEN to work when the chips are down.
  2. Two... you’re getting a one YEAR guarantee on your purchase price. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep it.
  3. Number 3... You’re receiving the HFC1500 filtration system. This is incredible. A Hollow Fiber membrane with a premium carbon filter and all the accessories makes this the most compact and effective portable water filter on the planet. It’s worth $49, but it’s yours free. Keep it, even if you take advantage of the generous guarantee.
  4. Number 4... you’ll receive the rope knots and climbing bonus. Valuable skills you’ll probably start using right away. This is worth $49, but it’s yours to keep for free, even if you return the rest of the package for a full refund.
  5. Fifth... is the "Building An Underground Hide Site" illustrated guide. This is a blueprint for your permanent hide side. It’s worth $29, but it’s also yours to keep.
  6. Sixth is the "Lethal Termination Tactics" DVD package. This is nearly 2 hours of some of our most intense hand-to-hand combat instruction. Simple, easy to learn, but devastatingly effective. I’ve sold this all over the world for $97, but it’s also yours to keep.
  7. Seventh... you’re getting FREE Shipping and Handling.
  8. And finally -- On top of everything else, I’ve placed $177 into your hotlist account to be used toward this incredible package. Which means while everyone else is paying over $300 for this package, you will pay just $129.

That is an amazing bargain.

And the guarantee means you can actually see all this for free if you choose -- while still keeping $225 worth of bonus material.

My accountant thinks I’m nuts and swears I’ll be ripped off and lose my shirt. But I don’t think so. I trust you and other members of this unique hotlist completely. I want to make sure you’re treated better than everyone else.

I’ve agreed to limited this insane offer to just 500 packages. That’s not a lot. When they’re gone, that’s it. We will never do this again.

And if you choose not to take advantage of this and simply close this page, you’ll lose the $177 I’ve arranged for you along with all your free bonus material.

So hit the yes button now, while the deal of a lifetime is staring you in the face.

Yes I Want The Extreme Survival Package Now!