• "This Baby Does Everything"

    "Awesome construction and design. This baby does everything and then some. Thank you for sharing with us!"

    M. Cain

  • "Lighter Than My Military Issued Bag"

    "The bag is great. It is lighter than I expected. As a matter of fact it is lighter than my military issued bag I was using."


  • "Works Great With The Concealed Holster"

    "I am using it as my range bag to start with. It works great with the concealed holster. Now I just have to create a trama kit to go into it."

    D. G. Wilson

  • "DVD Was Very Helpful"

    "Love this bag it's light, looks & feels great and the dvd was very helpful I recommend it to everyone."

    T. Kelly

  • "Love The Look And Design"

    "I love the look and design, particularly the body armor and hidden holster. My son, former U.S. Marine, is quite impressed! I cant wait to get it into the field, these days, wilderness hiking, etc."

    S. Clough
    Retired Law Enforcement

  • "Enjoyed The Video"

    "I have played the video from Comstock and enjoyed the video and found the bullet proof testing very impressive."

    W. Synyard

  • "Will Last Me A Long Time"

    "It's big enough that I can use it for hiking or bike riding, and be able to carry my weapon and the items that I need for my outings. It is very well made and it will last me a long time."

    B. Cardona
    Retired Police Officer


A Decorated U.S. Special Forces Combat Soldier
Has An Important Message... For You, And For
The Eyes Of Other FightFast Hotlist Members Only!

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Dear First Tier hotlist member:

Maybe you've heard the vicious rumors.

The ones about a new military-grade bugout-bag that not only equals, but actually far surpasses anything currently used by the U.S. Special Forces.

Well turns out those crazy rumors...

...Are All True!

I should know. I'm looking at one of these beauties right now.

And oh my God, it's nothing like you've seen before. Be prepared to have your socks knocked off. Really, because one of the many very cool features of this bag is that it's...

... Completely Bulletproof.

It's true.

You can thank American workers for that, because it's made right here in the U.S.

And if you stick with me for just a couple minutes I'll even allow you to test drive one of these custom-made Bug-Out Bags...

...for FREE If You Want.

Stay riveted to your seat. You're in for a wild ride.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

As you probably know, for the past 30 years we've been providing the simple, easy to learn, and devastatingly wicked secrets to allow average guys like you to protect yourself and your loved ones from the many dangers you'll face on today's mean streets.

Over the decades we've been lucky enough to build contacts deep inside the martial arts industry and especially inside the U.S. Special Forces, giving us a peek into a shocking world of personal combat secrets that few civilians outside our hotlist have access to.

This astonishing new Bug-Out Bag is just one more example.

A Huge Notch In Our Belt.

And we salute the brave combat soldiers who had to die on the battlefield in order for this kind of bag to finally get the attention it deserves.

I'll tell you all about that hair-raising true story in a minute.

For now, just know that these bags are here, in the FightFast warehouse, and we couldn't be more thrilled. You're one of a very small exclusive group of hotlist guys we're even telling this to.

Let me give you a little background.

This pack was designed from the ground up with the help of...

A Former DELTA Force Operative.

Former DELTA Force Operative, Dale Comstock

The man I speak of is Dale Comstock. This guy is a true American badass. I'm just glad he's on our side.

As we speak, Dale's on active duty, putting his life on the line taking out terrorist thugs in deadly combat. I know. I've just seen some secret videos of him in action.

One incident took place just a few weeks ago.

Exciting and disturbing video footage. Dozens of armed goons shooting at Dale from rooftops while he blows the door off a safe house, then maneuvers inside to...

Finish Off The Bad Guys
With An Automatic Weapon!

Dale then manages to bolt from the compound just seconds before the whole place explodes into pieces. Wow. I felt my heart pounding out of my chest the whole time just watching this footage.

This was not a drill. Dale had a couple of Navy SEALS with him and thankfully they all managed to get out of there alive

Except of course for the bad guys.

Look, Dale's got a long record of service. 31 years to be exact. Mind-blowing credentials. 82nd Airborne. Long range recon scout. DELTA Force Operative for ten long bloody years. And now for the past decade, as a paramilitary contractor.

Twice decorated....

He's The Nicest,
Most Normal Guy You'll Ever Meet.

But frankly this dude is living inside of a Hollywood action movie...

...except for the fact that the bullets are live... the blood is real... and the thugs he takes out don't get back up. Ever.

Which makes Dale more qualified than anyone else on earth to pass along this vital message to you.

And what he insists I tell you is this: Your bug-out bag had better perform in the field where it counts...

...Or You're Dead!

Skeptical? Good. Because when it comes to the lives of you and your loved ones, you should be.

But maybe this will help convince you.

Not even DELTA has a bulletproof bug-out bag. Or even one that can match the insanely high standards we've designed into this new bag.

Dale demanded it because he's putting his own name on this. It's the bag he himself carries overseas, directly into the killing fields.

And as you can imagine a lot of higher ups won't exactly be happy when news of this slips out.

I mean, think about it for a second.

A famous combat vet forced to go outside to the civilian world to custom design his own bag… to fit his own needs... to help him survive and thrive in the most deadly places on the planet...

...the same kind of environment all of us could someday face in a true meltdown.

Yeah, this is gonna...

Ruffle Feathers All
The Way To The Top Brass.

Especially since it was DELTA who originally developed the Bug-Out Bag in the first place.

The tale behind that is a shocking and heartbreaking one.

Perhaps you're familiar with it. They've written a couple books about it. Even made a movie.

The Year Was 1991.

The place: The deserts of Iraq.

It was here, during the First Gulf War, that an eight-man British SAS long-range patrol was compromised and engaged by enemy forces.

Dale was right there during the debriefing of the only Bravo Two Zero member who hadn't been killed or captured during the incident.

Turns out a big part of the problem was that these SAS troops were lugging around heavy rucksacks. And when it hit the fan, they were forced to drop the heavy gear, but didn't have a well-prepared go-bag as a backup.

DELTA Paid Attention And
Learned From That Deadly Mistake.

What they developed would dramatically improve the odds of survival for their own special forces -- the Bug-Out Bag.

You may already have one of these stashed away in your garage. Or maybe in the trunk of your car.

That's good. You're thinking.

Problem is, if you're like most, it's probably a school-boy's book-bag. Or maybe something for camping.

That's bad. And it's a mistake a lot of people are making.

And It Could Cost You Your Life.

Look... as a long range scout Dale actually lived out of a Bug-Out Bag. Did it for years.

So when he got a chance to design his own, he knew exactly what worked, what didn't, and what kinds of bells and whistles would help him stay alive -- even through the most nightmarish combat and meltdown scenarios.

What Dale and FightFast dreamed up is breathtaking. We didn't compromise. We spared no expense. We just wanted the best.

And... finally... here it is.

May not appear all that earth shattering at first. That is until you take a closer look and understand why this is beyond a doubt the best Bug-Out Bag ever created.


It's Mind Blowing Really.

Here's just taste of what makes the new Comstock "Bullet-Stopper" Bug-Out Bag so very special.

First, like I said, it's bullet proof. With all due respect, most guys don't have a clear understanding of the difference between cover and concealment.

Concealment is easy to find. A bush. A car door. A wall in your home.

Problem is, it may conceal you, but bullets go right through it.

Cover on the other hand will stop bullets.

But it's tough to find.

So if you're surprised out in the open by some armed thugs, you only have seconds to find cover or

You Can Kiss Your Butt Goodbye.

That is until now. Now you'll be carrying your cover with you.

I tested this bag out for myself -- with Dale -- on the shooting range.

We shot the hell out of this pack. That single bag stopped everything we threw at it. Multiple shots with a .22 LR... a .380 ACP... a .45 ACP... a 12-gauge shotgun... even a .44 magnum.

Nothing got through it. Nothing. This bag stopped them all with its super durable NIJ IIIA Body Armor.

Plus, it's made right here in the good ol' U.S. of A by American workers.

It's the highest level of protection you can get in soft body armor. It's what's experts choose for high-risk situations because it's so effective.

Your Comstock "Bullet-Stopper" Bag can stop not only pistol projectiles but also 12 gauge and OO buckshot, right out of the box. You don't have to do anything.

It's Ready To Go.
And It's Super Lightweight Too.

Plus it minimizes blunt trauma injury.

Means it'll not only stop a round dead in it's tracks, but also absorb and disperse the energy, so you're not dazed from the impact, allowing you to...

Return Fire Fast,
With A Completely Clear Head.

We even left plenty of room in the ballistic pouch to fit a ceramic plate just in case you wanted to boost your protection. You know, like if you wanted this pack to stop a 30-06 rifle shot.

This can do it.

It's The Only Bullet Proof
Bug-Out Bag You'll Find.

Brag about it to your buddies if you want. Or, if you're like me, just keep it yourself knowing you're covered wherever you go, whenever you need it.

The armor is hidden and inconspicuous. Completely covert. It's not metal so it won't set off alarms. Meaning you can carry this bag anywhere with total confidence...

Even Through An Airport.

It's not illegal and nobody will be the wiser.

But you won't just be stopping bullets with this bag. No. You also be returning fire using another exciting feature -- the integrated holster system.

This is very cool.

Because in a crisis situation you'll need every unfair advantage you can get your hands on. That includes a fast and easy way to get at your weapon.

So we designed a very clever gun pouch right into your bag. It's large enough for a full sized handgun and extra magazines. Inside, the universal gun holster can secure anything from a cute little .380 to a Glock 19.

Even A Full-Sized .45 Cal 1911 If You Want.

That's what Dale uses it for.

The outside of this particular pouch has a zipper with a special lanyard, so you always know which pouch holds your gun, even while keeping your eyes on your target. Even in the dark.

If you sense trouble, simply unzip the pouch and allow the special magnetic closure to keep the pocket closed and securely holding your gun inside.

Means you won't risk exposing your weapon inadvertently to the public while still keeping it secure.

The rare earth magnets will last over 100 years and are strong enough to hold the pocket firmly shut, but will instantly part when you slide your hand inside to get at your pistol.

You'll have your weapon out and firing in less than two seconds. Making this the only quick-draw backpack in the world. Which is why this pack has already grabbed the interest of a very large metropolitan police force who wants one for each officer.

I Told You This Would
Knock Your Socks Off.

And like I said, this is part of a system. Works in conjunction with the quick release body straps.

Check it out: Just a slight squeeze, and the shoulders straps instantly release.

As Dale demonstrates, it takes mere seconds to get the pack off your back and swung in front of you for ballistic protection, while at the same time drawing your weapon and firing back.

Your Opponent Will
Regret Ever Crossing You.

There's other benefits of the quick release straps too.

Let's you instantly drop the pack in an emergency. Like if you fell into a river. Or had to make a fast escape from a bear. Or got tangled in some brush.

And the interior of the pouch is lined with PALS webbing, which means you can remove the universal holster secure another PALS accessory. Like an ammo pouch. Or a first Aid bag.

Nice to have options.

But for just a moment, let's set aside the fact that this is bulletproof and has an amazing holster system.

Because I Need To Make
Another Important Point.

Here it is: Most guys place their entire focus on the contents of their bugout bag. However, without a killer pack like this, those items become useless.

So there are three other vital factors that you need to consider.

Number one is fabric. The military uses 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon. That's exactly what the Comstock Bugout Bag is made of. The best quality money can buy.

Beat it. Abuse it. Almost impossible to rip. Water resistant. Super high abrasion resistant. Tough as nails.

The bottom of this Comstock Bugout Bag is even further protected by an indestructible waterproof vinyl, allowing you to set your pak down in wet and muddy conditions without worry.

If you already have a pack, check it. If it's not 1000 Cordura do yourself a favor and...

Just Toss It In The Trash.

Better yet, give it to someone you don't like.

Because in a crunch, it'll only let you down. It'll bust open and fall apart in the first hours of any rigorous use. Leave you stranded. Heartbroken, carrying what you can by hand and wishing you had listened to this advice.

Please, don't let that happen.

Okay... moving on to vital factor number two: the stitching.

You can have the best fabric in the world, but if the stitching is poor, it'll fall apart at the seams like wet toilet paper.

Which is why this baby was stitched together using the most heavy duty nylon available on the planet. We went beyond extreme here. You will not, you cannot, find heavier stitching that this in ANY bag, anywhere.

Dale insists you stay away from those pretty hunting packs sold online or down at your local sporting goods store. These will only bust apart at the seams.

This pack on the other hand...

Will Take Any Punishment You Dish Out.

Beat it up, jump up and down on it, drag it behind your pickup down on a gravel road and it will still hold together like the day you got it.

Alright, your third vital consideration is: zippers.

Dale knows from bitter experience that this is the achilles heel of most packs. Even good packs. The zippers burst under pressure, or break teeth and get jammed, or snag hopelessly on the material.

It's why we spent so much time and money to get this right.

We used proven concealed-coiled non-fail zippers.

Go ahead and overstuff this pack with 100 pounds of gear if you want. The non-fail zippers can handle that and a lot more.

And the Cordura material around each zipper is perfectly trimmed so that it keeps the dirt and mud away while never snagging or getting caught up in the zipper.

This Is Painstaking
Labor-Intensive Craftsmanship Here.

We held nothing back because we know that someday your life could depend on it.

Dale even demanded extra-large zipper pulls. He's experienced the biting cold mountains of Afghanistan and the crisp desert nights of Iraq, so he knows you need zippers that are easy to manipulate, even with thick gloves.

And since dehydration is also a big concern in a survival situation, we made your Comstock Bugout Bag ready to accept a standard Camel-Back hydration pouch. Nice option.

There's a flap on the top of the bag for the hose exits and loops along the shoulder straps to secure the hose and mouthpiece.

And there's so much more. It goes on and on. So many cool features designed into this bag including...

...the PALS Ladder System so you can easily attach holsters, magazine pouches, radio pouches, knife sheaths, or any one of a hundred different options using a widely accepted military standard...

...3 super reinforced carry handles that will never tear. Allows you to securely grab this bag from any position while on the run with zero risk of ever ripping...

...nifty compressions straps that let you attach a rain poncho or sleeping roll and cinch everything down to make your pack as tight and low profile as possible. Keeps you from ever getting snagged up on twigs and branches while in the bush...

...meshed pockets to make it easy to see what's inside...

...High contrast international orange on the inside to make it easy to see interior contents in low light. Easy to keep hidden if you want to avoid attention, or to serve as an emergency signal if you need.

And so much more.

At a 10 and a half inches wide by a foot and a half long this bag is the perfect size -- small enough to keep neatly tucked away in the back your truck and large enough to carry everything you'll need if things go south.

A Smart Survivalist Could Live
Out Of This Bag Indefinitely.

Look, I'm obviously pretty excited about this, so I could talk about this amazing Comstock Bullet-Stopper Bug Out Bag for another two hours, but there's no need, since you can test drive one for yourself...

...Completely Risk FREE.

Plus, I will include our world-famous 325S Tactical Survival knife for free. I'll put it right inside the pack. Keep it there, because, as Dale points out, a knife is THE most essential tool you can carry.

Your 325S knife is a real beauty too. Razor sharp sturdy stainless steel blade, serrated edges for cutting rope and bone, spring assisted open so you can have this out and ready to use in a blink.

It also has a glass breaker, which is also a nice way to gets someone's undivided attention without having to use the business end of the blade, a seat-belt cutter, an aluminum scallop handle that gives you a solid grip even when wet, and so much more.

I've sold this knife for $97, but I will include one for FREE.

Plus, I will also include TWO free "Survival Shammies". Backpackers and survivalists around the world are starting to toss their crumby old pack towels and are replacing them with the Survival Shammie.

Very lightweight, cool to the touch and super absorbent. Allows you to have a way to dry off quickly, or stay cool, or to gather and filter water. So many uses around the house too, that I can't go into them all here.

But you'll want at least one tucked away in your Comstock Bug-Out Bag.

These are worth at least $15 apiece. That's $30 for the pair.

But I Will Include Them For Free.

Boils down to this. If you suspect, like a lot of people do, that someday, somehow the world as you know it now will go sideways, and that the only thing standing between you and survival is your wits and what you prepared ahead of time...

...then it is your obligation to get the best.

It is your job as a man to think of this stuff ahead of time. With all due respect, pretending nothing will ever go wrong and ignoring the evils that men without limits can inflict, are the luxuries of women and children. Not men.

If You're Going To Be Prepared,
Don't Do It Half-Assed.

We developed this bag with Dale knowing the lives of good folks like you and your loved ones would depend on this.

Here's how you can get one right now.

Just click the button below. The one that reads "Yes, Let Me Test Drive This Bag Now!"

If you were to try to create a bag like this yourself, which you couldn't, but if you tried, the ballistic body armor, the holster with the magnetic closure, the insanely high quality zippers, stitching, the 1000 Cordura fabric and everything I just talked about...

...would cost you over $1500.

That doesn't even include the precise craftsmanship that goes into each custom made bag.

But I'm not asking for $1500.

Or 1000.

Or even 500 bucks

Nope the price for you is just $399.

Considering everything you're getting, and that you cannot find a bag like it anywhere, and that you're owning complete bragging rights to the best Bug-Out Bag ever created...

...that is a bargain.

But I said that as a "hotlist" member you could test drive this if they wanted. And I meant it.

So here's what I've arranged for you:

Get this bag into your hands. Fill it with as much gear as you like. Use it for camping, fishing, for whatever you like. Beat it, bounce it around, use it, abuse it, let a grizzly play with it. Do whatever you want to it. You can't hurt this thing.

Do That For ONE YEAR.

If, at any time during the next 12 months you don't agree that this is the most awesome Bug-Out Bag on the planet...

...if your friends aren't frothing with jealousy, threatening to steal this from you...

...if you're not happy for ANY reason, even NO reason, then I insist that you simply send it back for a full and fast refund of all your money...

...but KEEP the 325S Spring Assisted Pocket knife and the two Survival Shammies as my gifts to you just for taking the time to check this out.

I even promise to refund your money within 24 hours of receiving it back into our main office. That is how serious we take this.

I really do want you to just test it out. I trust you completely. That's how confident I am you will love this, and never want to let it out of your sight.

But there is one big problem.

There were just 200 Comstock Bullet-Stopper Bug-Out Bags ever made.

Frankly, Dale designed this for himself.

But since I'm lucky enough to be on the inside, I found out what Dale was up and paid for his pack and a production overrun for our hotlist guys.

That was expensive. And the Homeland Security hijacked all 200 and held them hostage in a Los Angeles warehouse for a month.

The packs are of course perfectly legal, so we managed to finally get them out of there. Because, unless I'm mistaken, this is still the United States and America and they haven't outlawed the constitution yet, have they?

Okay, my point is, these are so expensive, and so hard to make and the process ties up so much of my company's time and resources, that...

We Probably Won't Do This Again.

So this may be the first and last time you ever hear about it.

Which is why this message is so urgent.

And confidential too. I ask only that you keep the existence of this bag a secret for now. I'm serious. Please, let's just keep this between us.

You're an insider. Regular civilians will just have to remain clueless for now.

You won't hear about this anywhere else. You can't Google it, because even Google doesn't know about it. You won't find it on Amazon either.

You won't even hear the libs screaming about this on MSNBC.

Nope. Because this special hidden webpage is the only place you'll find this for now. You're the first to hear about it. You and a very small select group of other hotlist guys.

It's the finest, toughest, most durable Bug-Out Bag you'll ever get your hands on. The only one anywhere on the planet that can stop a .45 round. The only one with a clever quick-draw holster system built right into the pack.

And It's Only Available
Right Here, Right Now.

You can test it out for one year, you're taking no risk whatsoever, and the spring action knife and survival shammies are yours to keep, no matter what.

There's only 199 to go around.

Oh, and one more thing...

There's a DVD package too.

It's 2-1/2 hours of intensive footage with Dale explaining every detail about the bag, the pouches, the fabric, the holster system, the PALS system, the ballistic properties, everything.

He also demonstrates on how to best use the "quick release" shoulder straps and magnetic holster for blazing fast draws... how to best use this pack for ballistic cover from multiple shooting positions, even a very cool demo with Dale firing many different weapons into the pack.

Plus, Dale covers the most essential items, one by one, and some of these items may surprise you, that you should keep tucked inside your Bug-Out Bag.

It's eye-opening knowledge that you don't want to miss out on.

And I'm Including This
Amazing Bug-Out DVD Package, For Free.

So click on the "Yes" button now. There's no risk and there's a ton of very cool bonus material that's yours to keep.

This is Jimbo, signing off, but before I go, let me do a quick recap. Hit the Yes button now, and I will rush you.

  1. Comstock's "Bullet Stopper" Bug-Out Bag. 1000 Cordura Fabric. Never-fail zippers throughout. The thickest stitching in any pack. IIIA soft body armor, made right here in America. A quick-draw holster system. It's custom made designed to NEVER let you down, even in the worst of conditions. The normal retail price on this will be $1500. But not for you.
  2. You're getting one year test trial. Use it. Abuse it. If after twelve full months you aren't 100% happy, just return it for a prompt refund.
  3. I'll also include the 2-1/2 hour "Bullet-Stopper" DVD package. Shows quick draw tricks to getting the most out of your new Bug-Out Bag as well as a comprehensive list of items Dale includes in his own Blowout Bag. This is easily worth $100, but it's included for free.
  4. You will also receive our world famous 325S Tactical Survival Knife. Amazing quality. Spring Action blade. Glass breaker. Cord cutter. Amazing quality. Yours to KEEP for free, even if your return everything else for a refund. We have sold this knife all over the world for $97, but it's included in your package for free.
  5. I also will include two free Survival Shammies. The high-tech PVA material is perfect to keep you dry, clean, cool and comfortable in the field.

    Keep one in your Bug-Out Bag. Use the other around the house for your boat, car, to stay cool doing yard work, and a million other things. These would normally sell for $30, but they're also yours to keep for free.

So you're receiving almost $1800 worth of vital survival equipment and knowledge for just $399. An over the top bargain.

But this is only for First Tier hotlist guys. I'm making NO money off of this, which is why this is restricted to a very exclusive and small group of  hotlist guys.

Just hurry. There's only 199 to go around. And I doubt we will ever go down this road again.

So click the Yes button now, while you still have a chance at this killer deal.