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For My "Most Favored"
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From:   Jim Curley
Special Projects, TRS

Dear Friend:
Were you contacted by my office recently?

If not... and if this is the first time you’ve heard about this information... then you must HURRY. What I have to tell you is extremely urgent, set to expire almost immediately.

Here's what it's all about: You know we've put out (for over 25 years now) the most sought-after martial arts training videos in the world. Our staff of experts includes the most respected and feared streetfighters, soldiers and Spec Op specialists anywhere.

Sometimes, however... we get stuff that is...

Almost Too Hot To Handle.

This is one of those times.

We have a very deep connection to DELTA Force Special Operations, through Dale Comstock. This man is the real thing. Ten long, bloody years in Delta Force (as surgical explosives expert, and Team Sergeant on a Delta Assault Team).

He was also an instructor for Delta's Operator Training Course — teaching, yes, self-defense (including sentry take-outs, close-quarter combat fighting, and expert weaponry).

He was trained as a weapons expert in the Green Beret. Twice decorated for Valor, and turned down the Silver Star because he was "just doing my job". Given the Bronze Star anyway, with the "V".

A shy and super-effective hero, who kicks major league ass.

But this time...
He May Have
Gone Too Far!

We've been shut down before by mysterious "higher ups" in the U.S. military, for revealing things they DON'T WANT REVEALED.

Civilians simply do not clearly understand how the real world works — I know we're sitting on a powder-keg that could explode at any second.

The truth is... I think we're being "cased" by operatives who want to screw with us. We're giving away information they want kept secret.

That's why we're trying to keep a low profile on this. We have to protect ourselves. And we're pissing off people who don't take it sitting down.
YOU MUST CALL MY OFFICE IMMEDIATELY. (Or at least reach us through First Class Mail.)

If you wait, I cannot predict what will happen.

This may be the last time we are able to offer you this incredible material. This project may be gone forever as soon as this week.

Listen up: Dale Comstock has been busy in our studios, putting as much "insider" information and tactics as he can on video while he still can.

This man has cojones the size of basketballs.

He isn't afraid of anything — not the enemy he faced in lethal combat, not the terrorists he's taken down, not even the paranoid yahoos in the "black ops" world who are screaming for his head.

Dale has simply decided he's gonna get this information out to civilians. He wants to help protect "non-military" people like you and me — and he knows the ONLY way to do that... is to reveal what the best operators in the world know about real-world "in-close" fighting and self-defense tactics.

He's created a killer DVD package for you. We call the series "DELTA Mojo", because it's such spooky stuff — including super-advanced skills and bad-ass "jerry rigged" security devices that he's used all over the world to create safe havens for himself and his loved ones... and to quickly take out anyone who screws with him.

You know how Hollywood loves to use special effects to make actors like Tom Cruise look so tough and sophisticated (like in "Mission Impossible")?

Well, most of that stuff is pure bullshit... but it's based on exactly this super-secret know-how that Dale reveals here!

You won't be Spiderman — but you will (finally) possess the ultra-shrewd, super-lethal skills of the best operatives on the planet!

This is real-world self-defense, offense and "booby trap" security.

And you can see for yourself why so many people want to KEEP it all a secret.
Take the "GOLF" program Dale just completed, for example. It's my favorite: "Early Warning Systems", built in seconds with junk laying around your house. Like:

  • "Tension-release" low-tech security devices you can rig up using clothes pins, fishing line, wire, thumb tacks and 9 volt battery. Doesn't matter if you're protecting your home, or your outdoor campsite — no one gets through without alerting you instantly!
  • Rig drawers in your home or hotel room with simple alarms... and how to camouflage your work so even "black op" agents cannot detect it! (Very cool way to foil even world-class burglars.)
  • Easy but super-effective "trip" alarms using empty soda pop cans... wire... little 9 volt batteries... even plastic water jugs.

And a ton more.

Like using parts from a $6 flashlight to make pressure-sensitive switches that are triggered by anyone walking in the area, and special "mousetrap" homemade devices to cover huge areas (like the outer perimeter of your home or campsite).

Amazing stuff that works like magic, fools EVERYBODY, and yet can be set up in minutes using material you can find anywhere in the world.

This genius-level info lets you go into any country with nothing, stop by a local liquor store... and suddenly arm yourself with the most advanced (yet homemade) security devices available!

Undetectable, too, even by experts.

If anyone moves in your direction, you'll know it, instantly.

And what will you do, once alerted? That's where the "BONUS" DVD training comes in. It's all about super-advanced subduing of suspects, restraints that barely allow him to breathe (let alone fight back)... and searching him for weapons or other things.

For example:

  • Did you know there are legal handcuffs available to civilians? All you need to know is where to find them. And the laws of "citizen's arrest" tactics that cover you when you have to wrap someone up tight.
  • Plastic "flexi-cuffs" are small enough to carry in your shirt pocket... yet strong as the old metal cuffs! Plus: How to quickly "snarl up" an opponent bigger and meaner than you, in seconds.
  • How to completely "control" a subject DELTA-style! (Very detailed insider tactics that leave your subject totally under your command.)
  • Quickly search him for dangerous stuff. When to use "aggressive verbal commands" to force him to obey. And... Where experts hide knives, razor blades, small guns, and everything else you need to find, quick. (Hint: Inside hat bands, belts, lining of his jacket, more...)
  • Painful "locks" to escort him from one place to another as easily as carrying a small dog.
  • Quick "flashes of pain" tactics (on knuckles, elbows, shoulder and neck for instant maximum compliance) to remind him who's in charge when he fidgets or tries to get away. (Even SWAT cops are just learning these DELTA tactics!)

And a ton more.

Then there's 2 more programs on DELTA-style weapons handling. The "ECHO" program reveals:

  • Expert ballistics knowledge of your weapon (including climb, recoil and natural mechanical hesitation specifics that ONLY top weapons experts ever learn)!
  • How wind, humidity, temperature and gravity will affect your weapon. (Skip these secrets and miss your target half the time — know them, and up your accuracy to "black op" levels overnight!)
  • The best guns to choose, how to handle all the options of every gun available... and the best ammo for "tactical home use". (Includes how to prevent wall-penetration of ammo.)

And more: Safety tactics the professionals use (that amateurs never learn) to ensure maximum control even under extreme stress... Spec Op tricks to rig your clothes for fastest possible access to weapons (like using fishing weights)... best targets to choose in any situation (hint: head shots are almost always a bad choice!)... And why hitting a subject with a single shot may only piss him off. (Unbelievable things about real-life combat you could ONLY get from someone who's been in the shit!)

Next: The "FOXTROT" program... the real "down and dirty" aspects of using weapons in a real firefight:

  • Tricks for shooting in low light! (And why you should keep the lights OFF when you discover an intruder in your house!) Plus: The secrets of quickly adjusting your eyes to low-light — while others need at least 30 minutes! You'll be like a cat, while your intruder stumbles, blind and at your mercy.
  • How to feed your shotgun during intense combat! (That precious extra fifteen seconds will save your life.)
  • How to walk and shoot at the same time. (Seems obvious... but you'll finally understand why DELTA agents spend so much time practicing this exact secret! Instantly puts you in World Class Shooting category!)
  • Super-advanced stabilization secrets that allow you fire from any position without suffering normal recoil (for insanely-accurate shot placement).

Plus: Speedloading tactics you won't learn at the local range... tactical house searches using flashlights and a weapon (rookies end up shooting themselves!)... How to keep your weapon in "condition one" during firefights (even dirt-covered shotguns)... and how professional soldiers feed ammo constantly in combat.

This is like a...Just You And A Top DELTA Trainer!

This is all about creating maximum security from scratch... handling intruders by instantly (and painfully) subduing them... knowing your weapon like a DELTA firearms experts... and using it like a combat veteran!

Here's the deal: You can see why some people want us shut down over the release of this material.

I have exactly 80 sets of this material — and pre-orders have eaten up about half of that already. Are we gonna dupe more videos when these sell out? I simply do not know. The staff here is nervous, and like I said... I'm convinced we're being cased.

We've mysteriously lost video masters before. And when "black op" dudes break in, you DON'T find evidence.

You just lose stuff.

Thus, the extreme urgency. YOU MUST HURRY!

Look — you don't risk a penny checking these amazing videos out for yourself, and seeing what all the fuss is about.

All you need to do is hit the "Add To Cart" button right now:

The price is normally $129, which is a killer deal in itself. But as a member of my "Most Favored" e-hotlist, I'm slashing this practically in HALF. The price is just $69 for you.

You can use your credit card. But you don't risk a penny of your purchase price because...

You have a...
100% Money Back Guarantee
For 1 Full Year!

That means you can order this stuff, treat it as your own, try out the tactics... and if you’re not completely happy just return everything for a fast refund of your purchase price. It’s that simple

No questions asked.

I don’t care what condition the DVDs are in or if you wait the entire year to do it. We trust you completely here.

That’s the only reason you’re even hearing about these DVDs. Because we trust you.

Here’s what I recommend you order, right now:

You can get all four programs shipped to you immediately for just $69. That's a super-generous price with a golden guarantee too.

Plus... I will include a super valuable FREE GIFT -- a CD audio we just did with Dale called “Delta Mojo Mind Tactics: Psychological tricks to make even a cocky S.O.B obey you instantly, under any circumstances!” when a Delta-trained operative tells someone to sit... they SIT.

It’s all in how you say it. It isn’t about yelling, or looking angry, or showing your teeth.

What it IS about will shock and delight you.

These are super-insider secrets that will instantly add confidence to your personal "tool kit" of tactics and weapons.

Just hurry, all right?

Order right now, while it's on your mind. This will not wait. We've removed ALL risk for you. You don't risk a penny by ordering this amazing stuff right away.

However... you DO risk missing out if you wait even another day. So please... HURRY!

Jim Curley
Special Projects Coordinator, TRS

P.S. Don’t forget you're getting ALL FOUR programs for less than HALF of what everyone else paid. But you must hurry to get in on this.

Order right now... while you got this in front of you.