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FightFast Pepper Spray Pen
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Here's The Simple Way to Bring down Bigger, Meaner Thugs!
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Why Is This World-Famous
Personal Combat Company
GIVING You A "Sneaky" New Weapon That Takes-Out
Any Attacker... of Any Size
Within 3 Seconds (Or Less)...

Why? Because A New Generation Of Criminal Punks Are More Violent And Brazen Than Ever.

And As A Member Of This Special "Hotlist" You're Now Part Of A Free "Market Test" To PROVE There's An EASY Way To INSTANTLY Bring Younger, Stronger, More Aggressive Goons...

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Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

You're lucky to be on this special hotlist. I'm about to make you one very happy and confident man.

FightFast Pepper Spray Pen

Because right now, today, with your permission and with complete regard for your privacy I will rush you – for free -- an innocent looking "pen" that will drop anyone of any size – even multiple attackers – without a fuss.

They won't see this one coming... until it's too late!

Just remove the cap and this "pen" becomes a cocked and loaded weapon capable of firing a laser-like stream of pepper spray -- straight and true -- for a full 12 feet.

It's over with in a few short seconds. Probably less.

Suddenly he's in blinding pain, as helpless as a baby, and completely at your mercy. Boy did he just screw with the wrong person.

And if you act now, I will send you this very cool and reliable Pepper Spray Pen along with an instructional DVD – for FREE.

It's the perfect solution for protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Means you don't need size or strength to stop and attacker. You don't need to know anything about fighting or martial arts. And you don't have to have any special skills either.

With this Pepper Pen tucked discretely in your pocket, you'll have the confidence to just smile and walk away from silly confrontations.

He doesn't need to know that you've let him off the hook and how much pain and agony he's just dodged.

But if things do get serious and you're in real danger, you can just end it right then and there, on your terms, without breaking a sweat or even getting your hands dirty.

FightFast has been teaching simplified self-defense tricks like this for more than 25 years now.

Over the decades we've managed to convince some of the most feared and dangerous men on the planet to get on camera and reveal their most treasured and simple fight moves.

I'm talking about scary dudes here. DELTA Operatives and SEAL Team Six members with "deep combat" military backgrounds... black-bag spec-op killers who work with ski masks hiding their identity... and grizzled streetfighters, knuckles corded with scars who prowl the back alleys of big cities just aching for a brawl.

This is serious. I've spent millions and millions of dollars hunting these guys down from all over the world just teach you simple moves proven in actual deadly combat. Stuff that really works.

Our products are some of the most respected in the industry because everything is easy to learn and yet devastatingly effective. Moves that can end a fight in a couple seconds.

That's why our new FightFast Pepper Pen is such a perfect fit. Let's you fight from a distance. Means you're never forced to actually engage in fisticuffs, kicking or grappling.

Look... I dunno about you, but I'm getting a little too old to go toe-to-toe with some drooling gang-banger who's been pumping iron from behind bars for the last three years.

I don't have anything to prove, so I'd rather just end the threat right then and there in a couple seconds – so I can get on with my day.

That's what this is all about. Giving you a fast, simple and legal way to drop an attacker in 3 seconds or less, without putting yourself in harm's way.

So let's take a closer look at your FightFast Pepper Pen.

  • First of all, it's just over five and a half inches long and weighs LESS than an ounce. That's almost exactly the same size, shape and weight of a standard pen. But unlike a normal canister of pepper spray – also known as OC Spray -- you can carry the Pepper Pen with you every day, whether you're in the office, on a construction site, or out jogging -- without people asking silly questions about why you're carrying pepper spray or accusing you of being paranoid.
  • And because it's clandestine, you'll inflict immediate shock and awe over an attacker who's pegged you for an easy mark. As any of our instructors will tell you, surprise is one of the most powerful tactics in self-defense. Gets him back on his heels and panicking, allowing you a quick escape, or, if need be, to easily put him down using self-defense tricks you'll learn in the DVD.
  • Also, the cap is easy to remove with just one hand. Lets you get it ready to rock and roll without a lot of movement that could alert your opponent that you're up to something. Gives you a sneaky, almost unfair advantage over him.
  • Another important feature is that the Pepper Pen sprays a tight and narrow stream with incredible accuracy – even from 12 feet. Means you can easily hit his eyes, nose or mouth from a safe distance without worrying about the spray blowing back at you.
  • The Pepper Pen is loaded with 18% OC solution, so powerful it will actually force your opponent's eyes to slam shut involuntarily and reduce his breathing down to "life support" levels. In short, this will END the confrontation fast, in a few seconds, with you ontop, going back home to your family, and without anyone getting killed or even permanently injured.
  • Also, the high pressure cartridge provides at least five 1-second bursts, more than enough to take on a single attacker and any of his worthless buddies foolish enough to jump into the fray. Takes 'em down one by one like bowling pins.
  • We've also added a purple dye that does not wash off – just in case you want to hunt down an assailant who's run off. Won't be hard for the cops to spot the guy with the purple face. At the very least he'll have a tough time explaining his new look to friends and family for the next month or so.
  • Your Pepper Pen also works on dogs. This is especially useful for joggers who are actually more likely to be attacked by a dog than a person. Puts him down fast and prevents you from getting bit, even from the most vicious canine, without causing the poor dumb animal any long-term injury.
  • The active ingredient is a natural, nontoxic red pepper. Wicked stuff. But even though it may feel as if he's going to die, it won't kill your opponent or even leave him with any permanent injury. This is what makes OC Spray a better self-defense weapon than a gun or a knife – which obviously can result in permanent injury or death and can land you in legal hot water. Of course you must check the laws in your area, but your Pepper Pen is perfectly legal to carry in most areas around the country.

It's also made in the U.S.A. by U.S. workers. So there are a lot of good reasons to get your free FightFast Pepper Pen right now. Especially because the market test your now a part of has such a strict time limit.

But hang on, there's more. Like I said, for anyone who requests this today, I will also include – for free -- the DVD package "Fight Fire With Fire". This ups your game to the next level by teaching you advanced, yet easy to learn tactics you can't find outside of elite SWAT Team training camps.

Your instructor, Mr. X, is a guy who values his anonymity but who was willing get on camera and reveal insider tricks that'll make this Pepper Pen your weapon of choice. He's chosen not to reveal his identity for reasons I can't legally discuss.

But here's what I can say. Mr. X became a streetfighter before he turned 13, growing up in the meanest streets of southern Los Angeles county. There's blood on his hands.

He has the best credentials of ANY fighter I've ever met -- certified personally in Brazilian Ju Jitsu by Rickson Gracie himself... full instructor status in JKD and Filipino Kali... full certification in close-quarter handgun combat... and head instructor at a secretive "lethal force" school.

Most of his clientele are high-ranking black belts, SWAT cops, Drug Enforcement agents, private club bouncers... and Level 4 prison security guards (the guys who hold the line in maximum security prisons).

These men are the best trained professionals in the world... men who must fight against trained killers who love to hurt and maim... and who never, ever fight fair.

They seek out Mr. X because he's one of the best hand-to-hand fighters — and best combat teachers — in the country. And now that I've seen him personally do his thing, I have to agree 100%.

You must understand... I have seen the GREATEST in the world. I've trained with them, fought with them, walked the street with them. And, for my money, Mr. X beats them all for the ability to teach -- in the shortest time humanly possible -- the fighting skills you need in lethal hand-to-hand combat.

And yet strangely... he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. But the vicious training he dishes out will blow your mind. Simply astonishing.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover:

  • First of all, you'll learn the proper way to grip your Pepper Pen. Most people get this wrong. Mr. X shows you the right way allowing you to hang onto your pepper spray while still being able to use hand to hand combat tactics if necessary.
  • Also, you'll discover the basic "OC Guard Fight Position" you must take when a threat has presented itself. Not what you'd think. It's a kind of modified boxing stance with a "tucked" canister guard position. Very cool because you're totally protected, in control, and ready for action throughout even the most dangerous situations.
  • Also, why you should NOT hose down your opponent with a continual stream of OC spray. A smart fighter can simply "duck under" that. Mr. X shows you the right way. One that's guaranteed to hit your opponent where it counts. He's not getting away from this.
  • Another thing. This is cool. How to integrate simple footwork techniques with a tricky "step and spray" tactic when dealing with a violent attacker who's really coming after you. Keeps your opponent confused and guessing while he's being blinded and put through excruciating pain.
  • Also, a clever foot pivot and Z-pattern barrier spray. Open up avenues of escape for you while at the same time throwing up an impenetrable wall to make it near impossible for him to pursue you. Believe me, he won't want to pursue you anyway. The only thing he'll want to do is stop the burning.
  • You'll also learn the 3 critical "Threat Recognition" tricks to ensure you NEVER get caught off guard, including understanding "blind angles" – a place where criminals love to lurk.
  • Also, the four delivery systems for pepper spray – which are the stream, mist, fog, and foam -- what you must know about each one of them -- and which one Mr. X strongly recommends you carry at all times.

Another thing to consider: Your Pepper Pen an "escape-based" weapon and so moving and maintaining distance is critical. Mr. X demonstrates this by spraying a willing student with REAL pepper spray, then showing how, even though blinded and in pain, he can still grab hold of his victim

You gotta see this one to believe it. Very powerful lesson.

Point is, you'll need to know some personal combat moves just in case. Mr. X shows you some of his most wicked and simple, including:

  • A rear leg "Door Buster" kick. Doesn't require anything fancy or even any strength. Uses your opponent own forward momentum to knock him back on his butt and keep him off of you. Just aim this simple kick at his front pant pocket. Buys you 5 to 10 precious seconds to allow the Pepper Spray to really take hold.
  • Also, you'll discover a simple "straight-arm" move. Like the Door Buster kick this straight arm uses his momentum to keep him off of you, but in the opposite direction. You'll see what I mean when you get the DVD. It's easy, because you need zero strength and it doesn't require a lot of skill, and you've got 3 choices of where to target it. Best of all, it really works to keep him away while you're dousing him down.
  • You'll also learn when pepper spray can actually be lethal to your opponent. It's rare, but under certain circumstances it can happen, so it's important that you know this.
  • Another thing you'll learn is how to deliver a very brutal one-two "hit and spray" punch. Poor sap will be getting it with the OC spray while receiving some nasty knock-out shots. It's lights out, game over.
  • Also, you'll discover a devastating shin kick. Uses your own Femur like a baseball bat to hammer on his thigh, calf or Achilles tendon. Very painful... for him. Easy for you.

And more. A lot more.

Like dealing with multiple attackers. Because the safest thing you can do is to assume that your opponent has got a couple buddies just itching to back him up. There was a time when men who disagreed duked it out one on one.

Not anymore. Younger generations have no problem beating on you two or three at a time.

Which is why Mr. X teaches you how to instantly know which person to spray first. After that, it's a simple "rainbow" move to blast a second or even a third attacker. It's actually hilarious, because this clever move knocks down multiple attackers like a line of dominos.

The Fight Fire With Fire is training you can't find ANYWHERE else. Mr. X has no axe to grind or products to sell. He's just a concerned expert who's tired of seeing good people becoming victims of the kind of criminal scum now roaming our towns and cities.

He wants you to make sure you have the most current and pragmatic tools available.

I can't think of a more simple solution to protecting yourself and your loved ones than this Pepper Pen.

The spray is so ultra-hot it triggers an instant and severe burning and irritation of the eyes, nose, mouth, skin and lungs. Instant incapacitation, so you can either get out there, or finish the job with some simple follow up techniques if need be.

One thing's for sure. He'll wish he never messed with you or your family.

Here’s how you can get in on this deal now.

Just click the "Yes, Give Me My Pepper Pen Now" Button right now.

The Pepper Pen is free.

All I ask is that you pay a very reasonable $9.95 to cover the shipping and handling. You're not joining a club. You won't see any sneaky reoccurring charges or anything like that

This is a one-time shipping and handling fee only. That's all it is.

I figure that if you're not at least willing to pay to get this amazing Pepper Pen and the instructional DVD, to your own door, then you're probably just not that interested in being part of this market test.

That’s perfectly fine.

But if you are interested in a simple and powerful solution to defending yourself and your loved ones, one that doesn't require strength and skill, and yet can effortlessly drop the biggest, ugliest, most determined stone-cold predator in his tracks...

...then you'd be crazy not to jump on this now.

Especially since this is your one and only shot to get all this for free.

But you don't even risk a penny of that shipping and handling fee.

Because if you aren't 100% thrilled with your new Pepper Pen package, if you don't experience a new surge in confidence knowing you can "take care of business" quickly, against any size man, without fear, then just contact my office by phone or email and I will promptly refund your shipping and handling fee.

But you can still KEEP the Pepper Pen and the Fight Fire With Fire DVD package.

So you can see, this really is a free deal. You gotta admit, that's more than generous.

So hit the "Yes" button now, while you still can.

But hold on, there’s even more!

For anyone who acts now... and I mean right now... I will also include a priceless training guide to supplement the DVD package.

This Fight Fire With Fire training manual is a 20-page, fully illustrated "full on" training guide that will take you from rookie to advanced pepper spray expert in the shortest time humanly possible.

Tons of vital intel, including:

  • Threat recognition tricks to spotting trouble well in advanced. A fast and far-reaching system that'll keep you ready, without being paranoid.
  • What you need to know about Fog, Stream and Foam delivery systems and their specific SHU "heat" standards. This is how you customize a system or multiple systems that are perfect for you.
  • Also, real-world tactics to properly using your Pepper Pen, including the quick draw, the correct stance, command presence verbal warnings that can often end a confrontation before it begins, burst spray techniques and more.
  • Tons more. Fast decontamination secrets in case you get exposed to OC Spray yourself... How to take on multiple opponents... expert tricks to dealing with various ranges... how to end it fast even if you're on the ground... I could go on and on.

This entire package is as far-reaching and comprehensive as a 2-day SWAT course. It's that powerful.

But you must act now.

My business partners have agreed to create just 500 of these free packages. I expect them to be snapped up pretty quick. And when they're gone, that's it. We will have all the info we need and the market test will be complete.

After that, the price is upped to $97.

Point is, if you wait around, you'll almost certainly miss out.

This is Jimbo over here at FightFast signing off. But before I go, allow me to do a quick recap of everything you'll get. Hit the "Yes" button now, and I will rush you:

  1. Your very own Pepper Pen. A covert weapon that nobody will know you're even carrying. So powerful it can take down any man of any size in an instant. Enough for multiple attackers too.
  2. Fight Fire With Fire DVD. An astonishing instructional package that will show you advanced yet easy to learn tricks to making this Pepper Pen the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.
  3. That SWAT Level OC Spray Training Manual. A 20-page full color, fully illustrated reference guide. A complete overview of what you’ll need to know to become an expert.

The only thing I ask is that you take care of the shipping and handling.

Just $9.95.

And even that is covered by a guarantee. You're not happy with the package for any reason, even no reason, just contact my office and we will refund your shipping and handling fee, but you can KEEP the Pepper Pen, the DVD package, and the reference manual as my gift to you.

But you must act now. This is all part of a test marketing plan, so there’s just 500 to go around. That's not a lot. If you wait, even for jus one day, you'll almost certainly miss out.

So hit the "Yes" button now.

Free is about as good as it gets