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    "The dvd was easy to follow. After watching I grabbed an old lock, wow it was just as easy as shown. Very happy and carry it in my wallet. You will love this."

    G. Cobbett.

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    "I have bought several items from Bob and have been blow away with them. Even better than I expected. In this day and time with what all is going on in this world, you need to be prepared."


  • "Excellent"

    "Took a chance. Paid off. Excellend. Smooth. Feels great. Perfect balance. Thank you."

    J. Pilz

  • "Really Like The Lock Picks"

    "As a retired old lady in Des Moines,IA, I appreciate the useful little devices that fit into a purse or pocket. Thank you for offering us the knowledge to survive. One never knows which idea or device will be the one called for."

    N. Morrison

  • "SUPER SUPER Deal."

    "Thank you Bob!"

    L. Caldwell

  • "I Had The Lock Open In Seconds"

    "The video is very informative. To my surprise, the first time I tried it I had a lock open in seconds. So far everything I've received from Fightfast has been top notch quality."

    B. Stark

  • "I Am Amazed"

    "They aren't those cheap tin flea market style picks, they're actually well made dense metal. I've used them twice now on cabinets for a job site super that couldn't find a key for access. I'm very happy to have found these and will be purchasing a few more for my techs to have in their kits."

    C. Schroeder

  • "The Picks and Tutorial Are High Quality"

    "Recieved the lock pick kit and DVD, and after watching the DVD l successfully picked my front and back doors. I have gotten my time down to less than 30 seconds now."


  • "Made Very Well"

    "They are made very well and although I haven't got the hang of them yet, I did get my door unlocked once with them. Thank you."

    J. Williams

  • "Explanation Made It Easy"

    "I picked my first lock in about 20min. On my first try. The step by step simple explanation made it easy. This is a skill that I feel can help me and my family in an emergency."

    B. Keding

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I Want To Give You These Amazing
"Survival Lock-Picking" Secrets
Which Include A Set Of Lock Picks
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It's True! This Incredible Lock Picking Package
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Dear "Hotlist" Member:

With your permission, and with complete regard for your privacy, I will now rush you a set of top quality steel lock picks – along with an instructional DVD package to teach you exactly how to use these tools – absolutely free.

I'm not joking! This is everything you'll need to easily and quickly pick open just about any lock.

It's worth $97, but just say the word and I'll shoot you this stunning package right away.

If you've ever wanted to know precisely how to pick open a lock – I'm talking about the vast majority of door handles, dead bolts, even combination locks and pad locks -- then you'll be absolutely thrilled with this free “Survival Lock Picking” package.

It means suddenly owning the skills to...

Walk Through Locked Steel Doors
Like They Weren't Even There.

Quickly and quietly too. This is secret agent Ninja kinda stuff guaranteed to shock and amaze.

Why am I doing this? Well, it's just my way to get you -- and a handful of other guys on this special hotlist -- to start thinking outside the box about what it will really take to survive a post crisis situation.

Stay with me here. Because, like I mentioned, there's additional bonuses too, like a video that shows you exactly how to track men and animals across even the toughest terrain and another that dives deep into hardcore survival tactics as taught inside the U.S. Special Forces.

I'll tell you more about this bonus material in a minute.

For now, please pay close attention.

It's Jimbo over here at FightFast.

We've been teaching average guys like you the simple tricks to protecting yourself and your loved ones for more than 25 years now.

Over the decades we've spent millions scouring the globe hunting down the most qualified personal protection experts on earth to show you their most valuable secrets.

I'm talking about DELTA Force combat vets, Navy SEALS, Black Bag Operatives, master trackers who can follow a trail like a bloodhound, experts who can make deadly booby-traps out of junk lying around the house, and a lot more.

We give away the kind of instruction our competitors are scared to death to touch. Yes, some of is lethal, but all of it is...

Focused On "Saving Your Bacon"
When Crunch Time Hits.

This "Survival Lock-Picking" package is just one more example of material we dare to provide select people, like you, to make sure you remain on top.

You may be skeptical, but lock picking really is considered to be a highly effective survival tool. There's a reason they are included in military survival kits.

I mean, let's say it does hit the fan, as many experts now believe is inevitable. The low hanging fruit will be snatched up pretty quickly. Desperate and unprepared mobs will sweep through smashing windows, raiding homes, and getting their hands on whatever they can.

And unless you've got a nice little place in the woods to run to, with plenty of game and a fresh water stream, the only remaining pockets of food and water will be left inside difficult to access areas protected behind locked steel doors.

An abandoned warehouse for example.

Being able to walk through those doors quickly, quietly, and without drawing a lot of attention to yourself would be a rather handy skill to have...

Wouldn't You Agree?

Well that's what "Survival Lock Picking" is all about.

An abandoned warehouse could provide you with lifesaving food, water and shelter. The warehouse here at FightFast, is a perfect example. This is a brick building with a steel door and no windows.

Yet inside, as it sits right now, there's at least 15 gallons of fresh water sealed in bottles near the water cooler.

There's also a few cans of beer left over from the company party, a case of soda, snacks like peanuts and beef jerky inside airtight plastic packages and plenty of other supplies.

This would also be a relatively safe and dry place to sleep and regain your bearings.

So, all things considered, this would be nice place to hold out for a while you plan your next move.

And all it requires to have access to all this is a set of tools small enough to fit inside your wallet,along with some simple skills – which are actually easy to learn -- all of which I'll now send you...

For Free!

Plus, as an added bonus, you'll also discover a fast and easy method to popping open pad locks in seconds using a clever little tool called a shim. I'll even show you how to quickly make your own shims in the field using nothing more than beer can and a pocket knife.

But hang on... I'm just getting started. Like I said, there's more.

The second part of this package – which I will also include for FREE– goes deeper. Much deeper. It spells out powerful tactics, virtually unknown to anyone outside elite U.S. combat units, that'll keep you and your loved ones safe and sound even throughout the most nightmarish meltdown.

Because when it all goes terribly wrong you can bet your life on one thing...

Desperate People
Will Do Desperate Things.

This isn't just some theory I cooked up. No. This is straight from the mouth of a combat vet who has seen, first-hand, on many occasions, how modern societies like ours can melt down into brutal and violent chaos.

Former Special Forces Green Beret, Dale Comstock

His name is Dale Comstock

This man is the real deal.

With over 30 years of experience, Dale's a former Special Forces “A-Team” Green Beret. He served with the 82nd Airborne as a Long Range scout living for months in the field...

Under Conditions That Would
Kill A Billy Goat!

After that it was ten long bloody years in Delta Force as an Assault Team Leader.

He was also an instructor for Delta's Operator Training Course — teaching self-defense -- including sentry take-outs, close-quarter combat fighting, and expert weaponry.

Dale was twice decorated for Valor, and turned down the Silver Star because he was "just doing my job". Given the Bronze Staranyway, with the "V" for valor.

This hero kicks major league butt and his resume reads like a Hollywood action movie.

He's just recently concluded 9 years as a much feared and respected paramilitary contractor for our government, helping hunt down and eliminate bad guys all over the world.

Let's just say when it comes to terrorist thugs...

Dale Is Very Effective
At Taking Out The Trash.

His 3 decades of surviving in the field and facing down bloody combat have honed Dale's survival skills to a razor's edge.

He knows better than anyone else the ugly truth about what really happens when a country is thrown into chaos, the power is shut down and regular folks like you and me start to run out of food and water.

Good news is that some people band together to help each other. But the bad news is that most others panic. The animal instinct takes over and they resort to looting, brutality and even murder to survive.

Look... our own government estimates that a shocking 90% of urban Americans will die within six months of a massive power grid failure.

You can imagine how desperate and dangerous things will get.

Which explains why Dale is utterly disgusted with so-called survival experts who teach nothing but bush craft skills -- as if a post-crisis America will be something like an extended camping trip.

This Kind Of "Pie In The Sky"
Thinking Will Only get you killed.

Dale insists that knowing how to start a fire with sticks or what tree bark is good to eat will NOT be enough.

You'll also need to know critical things like:

  • How to set up low tech booby traps and early warning systems using string, clothes pins and a 9-volt battery to alert you when others are approaching your home or your camp.
  • Exactly what kind of weapons and ammo you should seriously consider and which ones you should forget about. This information surprises most civilians, especially gun owners.
  • You'll also need to know how to conduct a fighting withdrawal from your home, or to escape a hostile environment, with military efficiency. These are high-level military combat skills not one in a thousand civilians understand. You'll be one of the few.
  • Defensive and offensive driving tactics, including how to hammer through road blocks by targeting very specific parts of the roadblock. Again, it's easy once you know what you're doing. And it means busting free without damaging or disabling your own vehicle.
  • Another very cool thing to know. How to easily spin out another car using highly effective pit maneuvers. Sounds like James Bond kind of stuff, but it actually works like crazy against anyone who screws with you on the highway or is trying to force you off the road.
  • Also: Light and noise discipline tricks used by the Special Forces that allow you to remain completely invisible to others -- even when you're right under their nose.
  • How to quickly build a dry, comfortable and undetectable hide-hut out of almost nothing. In minutes you'll be safe and out of sight.
  • Three military techniques for pinpoint-accurate navigation while on foot. Perfect for crossing unknown hostile territory with total stealth.
  • Also important: Simple tactics to have your family and friends operate as a tight knit combat team if you're ever surprised by armed thugs. These are more super-advanced – yet easy to learn – Special Forces maneuverers never before revealed to the public. And it means immediate dire consequences for anyone who dares mess with you and your family.

And much, much more.

Like how to handle simple and clandestine dead drop communications... military hand signals that allow you to work as a cohesive team while maintaining complete silence... three of the most important rope knots you'll need to know and how to use these to create a Swiss rappel seat in seconds...

...and a lot, lot more.

All of this is actually easy to learn. That is, when you have a guy who knows what he's talking about.

Which is why I was thrilled when Dale Comstock finally agreed to spill his most treasured real-world survival secrets on camera.

The result is an astonishing instructional package we call...

The “American Bad Ass Survival Guide”.

I will now include Part One of this amazing DVD package right along with your Lock Picking Package – for FREE.

It's a full two hours of some of the most unique, stunning and intensive survival instruction anywhere.

Stuff you've NEVER seen before. The first section deals with advanced home defense tactics:

  • Like which gun is best for home defense and sight alignment tricks that ensure lightning fast engagement with this weapon. Again, it's not what you'd think or what most others are teaching. This is based on Special Forces training and Dale's years of deadly house to house combat experience.
  • Also, why you NEVER want a home security system that's on WiFi – which is what practically everyone else is doing. These system can be easily hacked by just about any computer geek. Dale will show you an un-hackable “wired” system that won't compromise the safety of you and your family.
  • You'll also discover advanced passive home defense techniques. This isn't boring common sense stuff, like how to lock your windows and doors. Not. It's payloads of tricks that few people know about. Provides you with multiple inexpensive controls over the protection of your castle and it will open your eyes fast to things most people overlook.
  • Also, the only five ironclad firearm safety rules as taught by Delta and Navy SEAL trainers. Vital information that'll save you and your family from silly and potentially lethal, accidents.
  • Simple real world training drills and tools including an inexpensive device that allows for realistic “Live Fire” training inside your home with total safety. Perfect high-level practice for eliminating fear while placing you in total command and on offense when seconds count.
  • What kind of home defense ammo means maximum damage without the worry of over penetration and how a specific magazine can ensure you never unexpectedly run out of bullets.
  • Precise strength control and positioning techniques for holding a pistol when you're clearing a room or searching for the bad guys. Delta calls it the number three position and it's completely different and a lot more effective than the crap you've seen in Hollywood movies.
  • Also, the most effective targets around the human body to incapacitate an opponent and why some – including a shot to the heart – may actually leave you vulnerable to a counter attack.

You'll also learn some simple tricks to keep you prepared at a moment's notice. Doesn't require constant mental energy, hard training or expensive equipment, but it can really save your hide in a pinch. Stuff like:

  • Which 15 items you should always carry with you inside an ordinary small back pack. You'll still have plenty of room in your pack for other ordinary things like books, a laptop, a lunch, or whatever -- but these 15 items – totally legal to carry -- are vital in case things ever go terribly wrong – and it's not what other survivalists are telling you.
  • The biggest thing to consider when choosing a day pack and why knowing this will save you a lot of trouble.
  • A small, simple and inexpensive tool available in any convenience store that will instantly transform your day pack into a floatation device. Takes up practically no space, and yet is perfect in case you need to cross open water in an emergency or if you're just stranded in flooded conditions.
  • Why your brand of shoelaces (of all things) can be of critical importance. Sounds weird, but Dale explains how this can make a huge difference.
  • The one most important survival tool you absolutely need. Without this, your chances of surviving in the field drop off dramatically.

And a lot, lot more.

This is as good as it gets. Real world skills designed to put you at the top of the food chain if anything goes seriously wrong.

Look, Dale knows what he's talking about. He's been in Somalia, Kuwait, Panama City, Bagdad -- and dozens and dozens of other places – and witnessed firsthand how polite streets can instantly be transformed into the playground of murderous goons who loot, rob, rape, beat, and kill the minute the lights go out.

This is heartbreaking stuff.

But it won't be for you.

Most Americans like to think this couldn't happen here.

But what we now know about government FEMA camps... the brutality inside the New Orleans Superdome just days after Hurricane Katrina...and the killing and looting following recent highly-charged court battles... tells a different story.

The media doesn't like to talk about this, but it's true.

Owning this knowledge doesn't mean you'll become some paranoid gloom-and-doomer preoccupied with the end of the world.

No, just the opposite.

Watch this just once and you'll suddenly you'll experience a surge in confidence that's only possible in someone who knows exactly what to do during a crisis.

This is the kind of survival confidence that gives men instant respect. It shines like a searchlight in your eyes. Other men, without this confidence, can smell it on you.

And women intuitively know that you are a guy they can rely on. Really, really rely on.

Here's How To Get Your Hands
On All This Right Now.

Just hit the “Yes, I want this Free FightFast Survival Kit” button now. More than two hours of instruction... along with the set of lock picks… are yours free.

All I ask is that you pay a very reasonable $9.95 shipping and handling fee. That's it. You will never be charged anything else. You're not joining a club or anything like that.

This is a one-time shipping and handling fee only.

But You Don't Even Risk A Penny Of
That $9.95 Shipping and Handling Fee.

Because if you aren't convinced this package is the deal of a lifetime, if you aren't thrilled knowing how to pick open just about any lock, and stunned at the depth and uniqueness of Dale's survival instruction...

...then I insist you call my office and get your entire shipping and handling fee refunded to you.

You're taking zero risk. It's all on my shoulders.

I just want to prove to you that this is a legit deal and hope that once you see how good this is, you'll come back to FightFast for more.

But hold on, I've got something else for you. For anyone smart enough to snap up this offer today...

I Will Also Include
A “Tracking” How-To Video.

This free bonus footage is by a famous "insider" tracker named Owen Couch. Owen has devoted his life to tracking wild animals, for hunting and for sport... and for finding his way out of the wilderness.

He's so good... that several West Coast search and rescue operations hire him to find people. Both the good people who get lost accidentally... and the bad guy fugitives who are trying to escape the law. The most dangerous "game" in the wild.

World-class tracking is all about learning to "see" like a predator. You will learn to see the floor of the forest or desert as well as your own living room.

And everything you find will seem familiar... and mean something very important. The evidence of what -- or who -- is around you is not only fascinating... it will open your eyes to a whole new world of wonder and danger you never knew existed before!

Most humans blunder through the world making horrific noise and staying utterly ignorant of the bustling life around them.

No more, for you. One viewing of this DVD, and you will forever see the world with new eyes...

Confident Eyes.

The eyes of a man at home in the wild. And it stays with you forever.

But there's a catch. I've agreed with Owen to include this free tracking footage in just 177 packages. That's it. Once they're gone, they're gone.

And the rest of the package – the Lock Picking and Dale's Survival instruction – won't be around forever either. We're testing this out with very select groups just to see how much guys want this.

If it proves successful, we plan on making it available to a wider audience for $97.

Either way, this won't be free for long. So you gotta hurry.

Because heaven forbid if it ever does hit the fan... and one day, for whatever reason, it all goes south... you will be damn glad you learned this.

Everyone who has seen this material has raved and flipped over it. It really is the best of its kind — deeply intense, very cool... and yet so simple and easy, you can learn it just by watching the DVD package.

It means you and your loved ones will survive and thrive... under the radar... calm, confident, secure, and living in relative comfort.

Few others will be so lucky.

This really could save the lives of you and your family.

It's Jimbo over here at FightFast signing off.


But before I go, allow me to do a quick recap of everything you'll receive when you hit the “Yes” button now.

First... you'll get Survival Lock Picking” DVD. Learn the easy way to pick open just about any lock, including dead bolts and pad locks.

Second... a top quality set of steel lock picks. Includes everything you'll need to get started, including a handy credit-card sized pouch so you conceal these tools securely inside your wallet.

Third... you'll get that bonus on how to build your own beer-can shims to easily pop open just about any padlock in seconds.

Fourth... is Dale Comstock's “American Bad Ass Survival Guide” DVD Package. Dozens of advanced military techniques and tricks to surviving and thriving in a post crisis environment.

Fifth... is that very cool tracking instruction taught to you by one of the most respected trackers on earth. Note that only the first 177 packages come with this footage. There's plenty to go around right now, but not for long.

You're getting all this for free – as part of a testing program FightFast is now conducting. The only thing we ask is that you cover the shipping and handling fee.

Just $9.95. We figure that anyone who doesn't want to pay to get it into their own hands probably isn't that interested.

But the shipping and handling fee is covered by a money back guarantee. You don't like this, just call and get your $9.95 back, and KEEP everything for your trouble.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But, for now, that's the deal.

Just hurry, okay?

I'm more than happy to do this for you, but it should be clear this generous giveaway is costing our little company a small fortune.

It simply can't last for long, so hit the “yes button” now, while there's still time.

You may never see this again.