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What You Don’t Know About
Getting Clean Water During A Crisis...

...Could KILL You!

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Here Are 7 Clever Tips
That Will Save Your Butt!

Dear Hotlist Member:

I’m not trying to frighten you, but if you have not yet prepared a reliable method to get safe drinking water during a crisis -- one that could last for months -- you will not survive it!

Which is why this message is so important to you. I’m about to reveal seven crucial tips to getting as much fresh water as you’ll need -- even from sources you might consider “undrinkable”.

Plus, I’ll even give you a “test-drive” of our new water survival kit that will make it all possible for you...

...for FREE if you want!

This could save your life!

Hi, it’s Jimbo over here at FightFast on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew. For thirty years now we’ve been showing average guys like you simple and easy to learn tricks that can save your hide in a survival situation.

And we all could be there...

In The Blink Of An Eye!

I mean, imagine if something as simple as the electric grid went down. There’s a number of reasons that could happen. A storm, a terrorist attack, the collapse of our economy, a civil war, an asteroid strike, whatever it may be.

No electricity means no gas, no food, no water distribution.

Even if you’ve got some bottled water stashed away, it won’t last long. Which means you’ll eventually be forced to drink water from contaminated sources.

Which means...

You WILL Get Sick!

Think about that. You’re smack dab in the middle of a crisis, the biggest test of your life, and you get sick from drinking bad water.

And I’m not just talking a little tummy ache here. No, we’re talking projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea sick. The kind of sick that would normally land you in a hospital.

The Kind Of Sick That Could Kill You!

That’s what drinking contaminated water can do.

This isn’t something I’m making up to scare you. Citizens in third world countries see this everyday. Over a half million of them die every year from bad water.

Even here at FightFast, one of our own instructors, a former long range recon scout, had his entire platoon become deathly ill from contaminated water...

Right In The Middle Of A Combat Zone!

Thankfully they managed to escape with their lives. You might not be so lucky.

Point is: You don’t want to get sick. Period.

So you gotta be prepared ahead of time. You gotta have a plan.

But even if you’ve tucked away some iodine tablets or have a straw filter in your bugout bag, you’re still dangerously unprepared. And you’re leaving yourself and your loved ones totally vulnerable.

That’s why you need to listen up. I’ve got 7 vital tips that’ll protect you and help you establish a reliable way to get as much drinking water as you need...

Vital Water Tip Number One:
Never drink any untreated water.

Ever. Not even a sip. No matter how tempting or convenient it may be, don’t take the chance. Because there’s a high probability it will be contaminated with e-coli and/or dangerous chemicals.

Heck, even a freshwater stream, if you were lucky enough to find one, will contain giardia and dangerous protozoa. Even a small taste just to wet your whistle could make a bad situation a whole lot worse.

Rookie mistake.

Again, getting sick in the middle of a crisis dramatically reduces your odds that you’ll survive it. Avoid it at all costs. And if you keep listening, I’ve got a great solution for you. One that will keep you completely safe.

Vital Tip Number Two:
You’ll need a lot of water.

Probably more than you think. Because even under spartan conditions an average person will need 1 or 2 gallons of water per day. If you got a family of four, that means you gotta have at least 5 gallons or so a day.

Which means to stay alive for a couple months, you’ll need a way to treat at least 300 gallons. Point being that you must have a simple and easy way to clean lots of water without a lot of fuss.

Vital Tip Number Three:
Forget About Iodine Tablets.

Okay, if you’re caught with your pants down and this is all you’ve got, it’s better than nothing. But not much.

Because let’s imagine that the only water you can find is some stinking muddy ditch-water. Yes, the iodine tablets will kill the microorganisms, but you’ll still be drinking stinking muddy ditch-water.

And the chemicals in those tablets are not good for you.

Which is why the U.S. center for disease control insists this method is NOT a healthy solution, and why the European Union has actually banned iodine pills from being sold to the public.

Yes, it’ll work in a pinch. And yes, it’s better than dying of thirst. But stick with me, there’s a better plan.

Vital Tip Number Four:
Use a filter.

This is your long term solution, but again, you need something that’ll works fast, so forget the slow drip Britta-type filters.

Heck, a man could die of thirst waiting for a cup of water from that. Besides, those are intended for tap water that’s already been treated. So you can’t use it for say, filtering water from a lake.

And it won’t remove e-coli and other nasty microorganisms. You need a special kind of filter. Which brings me to...

Vital Tip Number Five:
Your filter should have dual functionality.

In other words it should be able to remove both microorganisms AND chemicals. Most filters do one or the other, but not both.

For example, those clever “straw” filters you see everywhere? Well, those can filter bacteria, but not common fertilizers, pesticides, benzine and other chemical contaminants you’ll almost certainly experience inside cities and around farms.

To make matters worse, the straw filters were developed to be dirt cheap. The idea was to distribute them to third world countries to help lower the death rate from waterborne illnesses.

A noble cause, but do you really want the lives of you and your family depending on a 4 cent filter that “probably won’t kill you”?

I didn’t think so. There’s a better solution.

Vital Tip Number Six:
Your Filter Should Screw Onto A Standard Pop Bottle.

Sounds weird, but hear me out on this. Makes all the difference in the world. Because you can find a plastic soda bottle just about anywhere.

If your filter fits, then you can just fill the bottle with contaminated water, screw on your filter, and then squeeze clean filtered water directly into your mouth, or into a canteen or some other fresh water container.

Most guys don’t think about this until they’re out in the field on their hands and knees desperately sucking dirty water through a tiny straw.

And I ask: How are you supposed to fill a canteen like this? You got it. By spitting the filtered water into your canteen!

Yuck. Forget that. Again, there’s a better way.

Vital Tip Number Seven:
Biofilm can kill you.

This is important because almost no one, even experienced survivalists, considers this. Once contaminated water is run through most water filters, it forms something called a “biofilm” deep inside the filter.

This is dangerous because the wet and dark environment inside the filter is a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. Which means the next time you use the filter, it’ll be churning out contaminated water.

So you think you’re protecting yourself and your family when, in reality, you’re actually only guaranteeing that you’ll all get sick.

Again, there’s a better way.

Which brings me to our latest product...

The Amazing HFC1500
Water Filter Kit!

Nobody else has this. This is our design. Our own product that we developed specifically to address all the issues I’ve just discussed with you.

Here’s why you want this:

First, this is one of the most effective water filtration systems you can carry inside the pocket of a backpack. The HFC1500 is small, lightweight, and compact.

It uses a very slick high-tech hollow fiber membrane that contains lots and lots of tiny hollow straws each with thousands of pores.

Plus the HFC1500 contains premium activated carbon -- made from coconuts -- that not only filters out bacteria and microbes, but, unlike most other survival filters, also removes toxic chemicals like chlorine, benzene and pesticides.

And It Works Fast Too!

Filters water at an impressive 550ml per minute. Means you’re never waiting around just to get a drink of water.

And your HFC1500 can clean a LOT of water. This one filter can process 1500 liters -- that’s 400 gallons of water -- more than enough for you and your family.

Means if you’re on the move, you can carry less water and filter from sources along your route.

There’s also a pre-filter assembly to extend the life of your HFC1500. Keeps large debris and gunk from clogging up your main filter.

The filter unit also screws right onto a standard soda bottle but the kit also includes a one-half liter collapsible water bag just in case.

Just fill the bottle or the included bag with the contaminated water. You can drink it straight from there using the convenient straw. Or, if you want, simply pour the clean water another storage container, like your canteen.

I Honestly Wouldn’t Trust Anything Else!

This is 99.9% effective at removing waterborne protozoa -- like giardia -- and even more effective at removing bacteria, like E. coli.

It also dramatically improves the taste of the water!

And the HFC1500 contains Nano Silver Coated beads to eliminate that nasty biofilm I was describing earlier. These miraculous beads ensure that harmful microorganisms cannot grow inside your filter.

Talk about peace of mind.

Dirty contaminated water enters one end, and crystal clear drinkable fresh water comes out the other....

400 gallons of it!

And there’s a 4-foot long silicone tube that fits perfectly as an extension hose so you never have to crouch down to access water. Also allows you to get into crevasses or other hard to reach places.

Plus this kit comes with a backflushing system. Allows you to further extend the life of this filter by simply rinsing it out occasionally.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also an attached compass and a signal mirror. These are standard items in a survival kit, but now...

They’re Integrated With Your Filter
To Save You Space!

Because as any serious survivalist knows, the more weight and space you can save, the better.

The compass allows you to navigate your way from water source to water source while working your way toward that safe haven.

It’s an amazing kit. One that you can take camping, hunting, to protect yourself while traveling to another country, or just to stow away inside your bugout bag, so you’re always ready in case anything goes wrong.

You will be more prepared than everyone else. And that kind of confidence and surety is hard to come by these days.

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