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World-Class Handgun Champion
And SWAT Trainer
Reveals Little-Known Shooting Secrets
That Will Save Your Life
If You Ever Use Your
In Self-Defense!

If You Own or Carry a Handgun For Self-Defense,
This Is Probably Going to Be the Most Important Letter You've Ever Read.

From: Ben Cooley World Champion Competition Shooter
and SWAT Team Trainer; c/o Bob Pierce

Dear "e-Hotlist" Member

It's true! If there's even the slightest possibility that you'll have to use your gun some day for self-defense, then this is going to be the most important letter you've ever read.

I'm not kidding.

So please do yourself a favor: Go some place quiet, close the door, and tell everyone not to disturb you for the next 5 or 10 minutes.

Done? Good. I'm only asking you to do this because I want you to carefully absorb and consider what I'm about to share with you. It really could save your life someday.

So let me begin. First of all...

I Have Some Good News
And Some Bad News

The good news is, you're very smart if you own AND CARRY a handgun for self-defense -- because today, the gun is the "martial arts" of the 21st Century. All the criminals and gang-bangers are carrying. If you're not...

You're At A
Serious Disadvantage!

But that's not the bad news. No. The bad news is, even if you carry, chances are you don't know how to use your gun properly in a real life-or-death confrontation!

I don't mean to offend you. I'm only saying this for your own good. Bennie Cooley knows what he's talking about. He's trained with hostage rescue teams for a living. He's also a 3 Time 3-Gun World Champion at the Soldier of Fortune competition and other high-level competitive events. (More on that later.)

So please believe me when he tells you that there's a lot more to combat shooting than sight-alignment, target identification, stance, and trigger pull. A lot more!

In fact, all your training at the range shooting paper targets will do you no good if you're missing the key element I'm going to explain in this letter, and which you will learn on Bennie's video DVD training course, "The Fighting Mindset".

You see, what's more important in combat is what's going on in your head -- and how you convey that in your words, your physical movements, your attitude toward your adversary, and your willingness to shoot him.

Hollywood Will
Get You Killed!

Tragically, almost everyone alive today learns their so-called "fighting skills" from what they see on TV and in the movies. I say "tragically" because everything you see on TV and film is absolutely the opposite of what you should do in a real-life armed confrontation trust me Bennie teaches you why!

And yes, I know it's almost "heresy" to say it, but...

These Hollywood Hotshots Wouldn't Survive
The First 2 Seconds In A Real Gunfight

How does Bennie Cooley know? And who is he to be attacking the revered Hollywood dream factories?

As I mentioned a moment ago, he has over...

  • 21 years in SWAT Operations...
  • 3 Time Soldier of Fortune 3-Gun World Champion...
  • 5 time USPSA National 3-Gun Champion...

And numerous other titles that are too lengthy to list here.

When Bennie is not working with Elite SWAT Teams, he is traveling around the country as one of the top competitive 3-Gun shooters in America.

And Now He Can
Teach It To You!

The reason I'm writing to you today is because Bennie has completed a life-long dream of his: To take everything he knows about combat shooting and teach it to the average, hard-working American guy who carries a gun for self-defense and the protection of his home and family.

And these days, let's face have to carry. Crime is so out of control that you can't even take your children to the local park without being in fear of some gang-bangers coming in and shooting innocent people. It happened just recently in a small town in Central California. Two people dead, one little girl wounded because a 15-year-old gang member started squeezing off rounds at someone he didn't like!

In another incident I saw on the news, an elderly man was taking pictures of his grandchildren at a playground. Two thugs walked up to him, demanded he give them the camera, and proceeded to beat the hell out of him -- hospitalizing him with severe head injuries!

I'm sure you see plenty of this on the news wherever you live. It's everywhere -- not just in the big cities anymore.

It's Enough To Turn
A Regular Guy
Into A Raging Vigilante!

No, I'm not suggesting you do that. But I am saying that your best choice is to protect yourself. The police can't protect you anymore. Just ask them!

And these days, the gun is the martial arts of the 21st Century. Don't let anybody tell you that you're "over-reacting" if you carry a gun. It's the smartest thing you could ever do.

But to be really smart, you have to know how to properly use that gun in a real-life hostile confrontation. And as I said, unless you've already received special training from someone like Bennie, chances are you're going to act the way you see "Hollywood cops" move around and shoot their guns on TV and film.

And if you do that...

You Might As Well Call The Mortuary And
Make Your Funeral Arrangements Now!!!

I'm not kidding. Unless you've already been trained, chances are you don't know how to act and react in a hostile life-or-death confrontation with an armed aggressor.

The truth is, there are some very special skills you need to know. They don't come naturally. In fact, what comes "naturally" is what will get you killed. You actually have to train yourself to overcome your natural instincts, fears, hesitancy, desire to escape, etc.

In all honesty, there's nothing "magical" about these skills. They all make perfect sense. But unless you're trained by an expert, you'll probably never figure them out on your own.

That's why I'm so eager to share Bennie's training DVDs with you. This is a 2 DVD, 4.5-hour video "training course" where Bennie explains everything you need to know to survive and fight successfully in virtually any hostile confrontation you find yourself in.

Taking the skills Bennie teaches to SWAT and Hostage Rescue Teams Bennie provides you with a no-holds-barred "crash course" in the physical and mental aspects of combat shooting. He calls it...

"The Fighting Mindset"

You see, what really makes the difference in a lethal struggle is your mindset. If you don't have the emotional structure to be able to fight in a lethal confrontation, you're going to lose. That's the honest truth.

No matter how big your gun is... no matter how many rounds it holds... no matter how much money you had to pay for it or how accurate it is, you need this specialized training.

And you can't get it anywhere else that I know of, because this is the first package of its kind where someone with Bennie's background comes right out and "tells it like it is" on DVD so you can know what SWAT teams across America know about combat shooting.

What Will You Learn?

Plenty. More than you could ever imagine. More than I could even describe in this letter. But let me give you some of the more important highlights...

First, Bennie starts off with Equipment Selection. You'll be amazed that the vast majority of expensive, "sophisticated" guns on the market today are actually bad for you in combat. They'll cost you valuable reaction time!

And you'll discover what Bennie regards as the single most effective weapon to use, bar none. It's used by the best combat shooters and hostage rescue teams in the world. Anybody who knows what they're doing uses this type of gun. So should you

  • Bennie gives you the most important rule to remember in a gunfight.
  • Should you carry a revolver instead of a semi-auto? You'll learn the general rule on how to make this crucial decision.
  • You'll learn why you should be able to function your weapon with only one hand. It shouldn't take two.
  • Bennie explains what a good holster should and should not have. Officers and soldiers have gotten killed because they had the wrong equipment. He will also give you 7 "MUSTS" for any holster and magazine pouch you buy. This information alone is extremely valuable.
  • There are no one-second "quick-draws" on the street. Bennie will show you what to do instead.
  • "Intermediate Force" weapons such as batons: Do's and don'ts to consider.
  • If you shoot a motivated opponent in the heart, he can still survive for 10-15 seconds and fight you -- even kill you! Bennie thoroughly explains what to do in this type of situation!
  • The best, most effective kind of tactical flashlight to use -- and why it's so important to have one.
  • The right way to hold your flashlight and your gun at the same time. Other ways are simply not effective. They're too hard to do, and they cause you to waste too much time getting your sights aligned on the target. But the method Bennie teaches you lets you illuminate your target and keep full control of your gun at the same time. This one little technique alone could save your life in a night fight.
  • He will even show you the right kind of ear protection to use during practice and for real-life situations in your home. You might think earmuffs don't matter, but these are especially important to have when an intruder is in your home and you have to investigate the noises you hear.

As you'll see when you watch Bennie's DVD, he has a very important rule when it comes to equipment: Don't rely strictly on your equipment as it is not the Warrior you are! The most important weapon you have -- and indeed, the most dangerous weapon you have -- is right between your ears. If you don't learn how to use that in a real fight, you can have every gadget in the world and you're still going to lose.

That's why, throughout the rest of the video training course, Bennie meticulously explains everything you need to know to overcome any mistakes or misconceptions you're now carrying around in your head.

Bennie will also train you in the proven techniques of gun-retention and gun take-away methods.

For instance, if someone tries to take your gun away from you, he will show you an unbeatable way to keep control of the gun. It surprises the hell out of the person attacking you. Many other methods currently taught to people are extremely dangerous and ineffective. But with this simple method, you will win every time you use it. You can even use it if someone attacks you with a knife.

Bennie also teaches you how to take their gun away -- even if they're holding it in your back or if they have you kneeling on the ground, "gangland execution"-style!


Even though criminals look for victims instead of opponents, sometimes it's smarter to look like a victim! Bennie demonstrates in detail how to do this and fool your adversary so you can take his gun away from him before he even knows what hit him!

  • To help you become better at shooting, he will show you how to master the details -- even the "small" stuff such as a proper grip. Bennie also shows you a "natural" way to grip the gun that automatically increases your accuracy without any effort on your part!
  • He teaches you how to keep from accidentally putting the gun on "safe" when you're under pressure in a gunfight! (It happens more often than you think -- and it has cost a lot of people their lives!)
  • The tactical reload: Proper techniques that allow you to safely and reliably change magazines under pressure without skipping a beat.
  • Action vs. Reaction: It takes the human brain two-tenths of a second to process the information and react in response to someone else's action. You will be taught in detail how to use this "natural law" to your advantage in any hostile situation.
  • Most criminals travel in pairs. Here's how to take this fact into account when attacking the first one.
  • In any type of conflict, your mind will operate at "light speed" beyond your physical capability. Bennie breaks down this fighting barrier and teaches you how to make sure this doesn't work against you in a real fight.
  • How to go from fear to controlled anger in your response to a hostile threat.
  • How to train your subconscious mind to act properly under the pressure of a surprise attack.
  • How to get your enemy to immediately do things for you that he doesn't even know he's doing. You'll use his human nature against him!

This is all good stuff. But one of the most crucial things you'll learn from this DVD training course is...

The Vital Importance of the Reactionary Gap!

Here's what it means: The average person can travel 14 feet in one second, and yet it takes a second and a half for you to react to their initial action. Bennie shows you how to train with this lethal "law of nature" in mind.

For instance, you might think that the guy with the knife in his hand is far enough away from you that you'll get your gun out in time to shoot him while he's running toward you. Think again! On this DVD, you'll witness a dramatic demonstration of the eye-opening reality of "the reactionary gap".

And since everybody's reactionary gap is different, he tells you how to know what yours is!

From here we move into...

The Blood-Chilling Realities
Of Room-Clearing!

And yes, it is blood-chilling. As stated by Bennie: "The hardest thing SWAT teams ever have to do in a hostage-rescue operation is walk up to that front door, ready to go into action. No one wears a cape in our business. We're all human. We all want to live to see our families, or see the next day. So what we do for a living -- coming up against bad guys who want to kill us -- requires that we damn well better know what we're doing!"

Here Are Some Of The
Key Things Bennie
Teaches You

NOISE: What to listen for before you enter a room -- and what to do when you don't hear anything. (WARNING: In this case, silence can be deadly!)

  • How to "pie" a room -- the one right way, and several wrong ways that would get you killed.
  • What to do once you see the intruder in your home. How to engage him properly and still protect yourself against a "surprise" threat from his partner.
  • The truth about "double-tapping": Should you or shouldn't you fire two shots at each person?

In one segment, Bennie actually shoots the camera in order to demonstrate the proper technique and effectiveness of the room-clearing methods he teaches you!

Now, some of these techniques are "obvious." But Bennie teaches that most techniques are what he calls "counter-intuitive." That means they're the opposite of what you think you should do.

Further along in the course, Bennie devotes a considerable amount of time to teaching you...

The All-Important Rules
Of Action Vs. Reaction!

In this fascinating section, you'll get to see a studly, 6'4", 240-lb. asskicker turn into a quivering tower of jello as Bennie comes into the room in a simulated attack that dramatically demonstrates how you should employ the very same methods he is teaching you on this life-saving video.

You'll also see a 3-man test that demonstrates the proper use of Bennie's techniques: 3 "bad guys" are standing together on the street, the way gang-bangers do. One of them has a gun. How do you deal with them? It makes all the difference in the world -- whether you live or die. Watch this segment over and over again and ingrain it into your subconscious, and practice it with friends.

Bennie also provides you with a "crash course" on the laws regarding the use of deadly force by civilians, such as...

How To Acquire
The Survival Mindset!

Bennie teaches us how we are basically in a survival situation right now.

That's how bad crime has become in our society today. You have to think about survival virtually every hour of every day, whether you like it or not. That means you have to prepare yourself for any possibility. Unfortunately, nobody is going to come up and tap you on the shoulder and say, "Hey, two weeks from now, there's going to be a guy down at the convenience store and he's going to pull a gun on you and try to shoot you." Or "He's going to break into your house or car and try to rape your wife."

If you don't start preparing for these things today -- both mentally and physically -- then you're losing already. Your attitude is too passive, and it will get you killed. Bennie's DVD package will teach you...

  • How to obtain "the survival mindset" that will enable you to act and react properly when the shit hits the fan.
  • Two lethal attitudes that destroy the survival mindset. How to keep yourself from falling victim to them.
  • The number one thing you have to do to win any fight.
  • How to react properly to pain and not let it defeat you.
  • Once the "losing" mindset has set in during a bad situation, you cannot reverse it. Here's how to prevent it from taking hold in the first place.

Bennie shows you things you're doing with your gun and with your physical movements that directly sabotage your chances for survival during a hostile encounter. You're doing them and don't even know it, because it's human nature.

You must learn what these are, understand them, and then purposefully avoid them in training so you don't commit these fatal mistakes in real life.

That's what Bennie's DVD course is all about. He has put virtually everything he knows into it to make you a highly-competent individual in the area of armed self-defense.

For instance, he also trains you in...

The Highest-Level Skills
Of Tactical Survival!

How to be alert to your environment at all times without being paranoid. Bennie explains the "color code" system which you can in your everyday life for optimum security and self-reliance.

The most important thing to pay attention to when observing a stranger and something doesn't "feel" right.

  • How to tell if someone is packing a gun.
  • The proper psychological and physical response to the threat of violence.
  • Why you should ALWAYS "draw a line" for your adversary to cross.
  • FACT: Criminals will normally attack you first. They have the initial surprise. But Bennie will show you 3 ways to surprise them and re-gain the tactical advantage.

Bennie makes this point load and clear: Nobody's "super-human" -- not the criminals, not SWAT one! We're all subject to human nature. Most people unknowingly allow it to be used against them! But once you watch these DVDs, you will understand where the "pitfalls" are -- and how to use human nature (yours and your enemy's) to your advantage.

You Get To "Attend" One Of Bennie's
Rare Training Courses - Free!

Finally, for the advanced Room-Clearing section of the course, you'll be taken inside one of Bennie's rare Training Courses for civilians.

People just like you paid thousands of dollars to attend the Training Course that you're going to see on this DVD package. But you get to "be there" for a fraction of what it cost them.

You'll see the students going through exactly what he teaches on the DVDs. You'll learn from their mistakes. You'll see Bennie teaching them, which is the next best thing to being there yourself and going through the course.

You'll see Bennie going through the drills, showing the exact right way to do the room-clearing techniques he teaches you, including...

  • The best way to secure your child's room in your house.
  • How to use cover and concealment in your house -- and how to assess your house and know the difference. What you can rely on, and what you can't.
  • The most fatal mistake people make (thanks to TV and movies) when entering a room with a gun.
  • Why SWAT teams and hostage rescue teams wear balaclava's -- and how to use this fact to your advantage.
  • What police officers are required by law to say to a suspect -- but you AREN'T! Once again, TV and movies teach you the wrong thing. If you do it in real life, call the mortuary.
  • The right way to move when confronting someone if you've got a gun in your hand. Most people do it all wrong, and they'll get killed because of it.

As part of the Room-Clearing session, Bennie also gives you in-depth training on...

The Do's And Dont's Of
Doorway Entries!

Let's say you come home late at night and you think someone's inside your home who's not supposed to be there. What do you do? Bennie teaches you the surprising techniques to this question.

  • He will show you how to properly open a door if you have to enter with your gun. Most people make several critical mistakes because of TV and movies. But Bennie shows you the way he trains SWAT teams and police officers to enter the room to gain the maximum advantage over anyone who's inside, and get immediate control over the situation.
  • What to do if someone grabs your gun. This simple technique will enable you to keep control of the gun, fire two shots at your attacker, and then finish him off if necessary!
  • The pitfalls of entering a room slowly.
  • The legal aspects of who you can and cannot shoot, when, where, and why.

The bottom line is that you will be in control of the entire situation, from beginning to end. And that's what it's all about.

Listen To What Experts Say
About This
Level Training.

How good is the training you'll get from these DVDs? Here are some comments from respected individuals whose lives depend on proper training...

"Ben Cooley's ideas and teachings are down to earth and they make sense. This stuff works in the real world. Since taking Ben's course, I have improved my handling of firearms on the range and on the job. I am a firearms instructor, and I try to impart Ben's techniques and philosophy to the officers I teach. I highly recommend The Fighting Mindset to civilian and professional alike."
- Gary Clark – Police Officer and Investigator – California

"I've seen almost everything in police tactical training, and not a lot of things impressed me -- until Ben Cooley came along. I was very impressed and saw a lot of new techniques and ideas. Ben's ideas are ground­breaking, new, and unique, and he always gives the reasons behind them! By the second day of training, my tactical team was inspired and transformed, and returned to the job more confident and aware."
- Jerry Lites – Police Officer and Leader of Special Response Team – Sebastopol, California

"I've been a police officer for 32 years, and I have been through a lot of courses. None of these have compared with Ben Cooley's course on The Fighting Mindset. Learning these techniques could save your life in many life-threatening situations. It already has for me!"
- Steve Abbott – Police Sergeant and Rangemaster – Visalia, California

"I found that Ben Cooley's course dealt with real-life situations in a practical manner. His teaching deals with the brutal realities of confrontation scenarios and house searches. It has given our SWAT team valuable and proven techniques that work for real and save lives. I can't recommend this course enough!"
- Daryl Smith – Police Officer and SWAT Team Leader – Fayetteville, North Carolina

"Many instructors are knowledgeable and competent, but Ben Cooley truly knows how to communicate and inspire. Ben is one of the top shooters and teachers in the country, and he can talk to novices and professionals alike. What I've learned from Ben -- especially the firearms retention drills -- has stuck with me. The aggressive stance and shooting on the move are very state of the art."
- Jim Wall – IPSC Shooter – Parma, Idaho

"The biggest change Ben Cooley internalizes in people is that the mind is the best and foremost weapon. A lot of courses tell you that if you have certain tools, you'll win. Ben comes around from the other side and shows you that your mindset makes all the difference. You'll learn to be in charge of the situation from the beginning. Nobody comes close to teaching what Ben Cooley teaches!"
- Mike Voight – Professional Shooter and Teacher – Mesa, Arizona

With statements like those, I hope you will give Bennie's new DVD training course, The Fighting Mindset, an honest try.

It's 2 DVDs, 4-hours+ long, and it's available normally for $131.00 plus $7.00 shipping and handling (total: $138). But for this special one-time introductory offer to "e-Hotlist" members we're offering the complete set for only $69. That's over $69 OFF! (This offer will not be repeated).

No doubt you've spent several hundred, even thousands of dollars on your weapons and equipment. Doesn't it make sense to invest a little bit and get the training that will make those weapons pay off in real life? It's a small price to pay for saving your life.

Even so, you take no risk when you order because of...

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Of Satisfaction.

When I send you this DVD package, I want you to watch it over and over until the things I teach you become second-nature to you.

I think you're going to be thrilled with what you learn.

But if for some reason you're not, I don't expect you to pay for them. In fact, you can take up to 90 days to decide if what I teach you is "the real thing" or not.

Train with these techniques. Practice them and see how they feel. If you don't believe they're worth many times the price you've paid for the course, you can return the DVDs within 90 days and I'll send you a complete refund of every penny you paid.

I can't be any fairer than that. I want you to be completely satisfied, or you don't pay.

So frankly, you have nothing to lose by giving this course a try.

Use your credit card on our 100% secure and encrypted website.

Your package will be shipped out to you within a few days, and I urge you to start watching them as soon as they arrive. You never know when you're going to have to use the life-saving techniques and strategies I teach you.

If you employ what you'll learn on these DVDs, you won't make mistakes that can cost you your life (or the lives of your loved ones).

It's all about the tactical use of your MIND instead of just your equipment. That's why I call the package "The Fighting Mindset."

You'll call it the most valuable set of DVDs you've ever owned. Order now.

Sincere best regards,

Bob Pierce

P.S.Here's another testimony from one of Bennie's students on how effective this training is...

"In the second day of Ben's course, I got called out on a search warrant with the Special Response Team unit. I was the scout lead-man and the first one into the residence. When I went in, I encountered two men, one of whom held a bottle of crack cocaine. Because of what I learned from Ben Cooley, these guys were totally helpless. They were immediately on the floor, and they knew I was serious!"
- J. Taylor – Police Officer and Trainer – Whiteville, North Carolina

Students have paid thousands of dollars to attend these courses. Now you can get the same training on DVD for less than a Ben Franklin.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime, risk-free opportunity that might not be offered to you again. Don't pass it up.