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Spy Cap"

To secretly hide cash...
valuables... or any
urban survival
gear you want kept
away from prying eyes.

Best Part: I will now
rush you this amazing
stash-hat -- at a steep discount nobody else gets!

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Plus -- as part of this incredible market test -- I'll even include a
mini razor-knife and a solid brass handcuff key... both of them easily
hidden away inside the cap... as a FREE Gift to YOU!

Dear Hotlist Member:

You're going to like this. We've just come out with another new product-test opportunity for select members of this special hotlist.

It's called the TRS "Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap".

Here it is.

Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap

Looks like an ordinary ball cap, doesn't? But it's not.

This Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap has four deep secret pockets sewn right into the extra thick liner.

The Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap

Which means, with a little spare change, it can actually shatter brick.

Imagine what this'll do
to anyone
enough to mess with
you or your family!

It's also super effective at hiding things. How effective?

Well, the hat in the photo is currently hiding $500 cash, a credit card, an ID, some diabetes medication, water purification pills, a lighter, a set of lock picks, a razor-knife, a handcuff key, a diamond wedding ring, and a gold necklace.

I'm not kidding. It's all inside the cap you're looking at right now.

And yet, there's nothing strange or unusual about the appearance. Nothing to indicate that there's anything hidden inside the cap at all. Nothing that says this is anything other than a standard ball cap.

The Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap

And that's exactly the point. Your Conceal-And-Carry Spy Cap was cleverly designed to...

Keep valuables and vital
out of sight!

Nobody will suspect a thing.

And today, with your permission, and with complete regard for your privacy -- I will now rush you the Spy Cap at rock bottom price and include the razor-knife, and the brass handcuff key...

...for FREE!

I'll tell you all about your cap and the other two free bonuses in just a minute.

For now, just know that this is a time-sensitive offer that will not be around for long.

So please listen carefully.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast and TRS Survival on behalf of my business partner Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

For over 30 years now we've been developing self-improvement products and pragmatic survival gear specifically designed for the man who wants to be confidently prepared with quick solutions just in case things go sideways.

Whether that's knowing how to expertly navigate stark wilderness with military precision while staying well-fed and hydrated... to simple skills that'll drop a man twice your size like a slab of beef... nifty gear and dirty little tricks to help you survive the mean streets of our inner cities or the chaos of an entire urban meltdown.

And that's what this is
all about
and why it's so
important to you!

The Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap is another simple way for you to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Stash a handful of change in the hidden pockets and you're busting bricks... or knockin-out bad-guys.

It's also how you'll manage to secretly hang onto folding cash and other vitally important items and valuables in a bad neighborhood, or another country, inside a FEMA camp, or during an emergency where...

You may just have to
get outta Dodge fast
carrying only what
you've got on you!

The Spy Hat ensures that you've always got a devastating undercover weapon on you as well as critical essentials safely tucked-away -- just in case.

Okay... let's take a closer look at the Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap.

First of all, the hat is constructed from a tightly woven cotton poly-twill fabric. It's very tough. The pouches can hold and strike with a lot of weight without tearing.

We went the extra mile and expense to ensure that this quality hat would last you a long, long time.

The structured bill is ⅜ths inch thick -- about twice as thick as a standard ball cap -- meaning that it'll stand up to a lot of punishment. We assumed you may be wearing this outside, everyday, in blazing sun, wind and rain.

So we made it extra durable so that it'll survive the elements or an occasional good scrubbing -- and especially...

This Spy-Hat will endure
a beat-down
in a self-
defense situation!

The mid profile design means this is a comfortable hat that won't push down or pin back your ears. Makes it look nice too.

Of course the meat and potatoes are the four secret pouches inside.

The opening for each pouch is about 3-inches wide, plenty big to fit a drivers license or some folded bills. Each opening has a sturdy velcro strip that seals the pouch closed tight, so...

Everything stays put,
safe and sound no
if you're running, swimming, or
doing jumping jacks!

There's also a very clever 1-inch wide triple stitched flap that neatly folds over the whole works to conceal all the internal pouches.

This really finishes it off and...

Makes all the pockets
invisible to the
naked eye!

Even if your hat is removed for inspection -- the flap keeps the secret pockets so well hidden that they're nearly impossible to detect just by looking inside the hat.

This is our own design and it took over a year and a lot of money to finally get this right. But we got it. And I know you'll agree that it's more than worthy of being called an official spy cap.

It's that effective!

Notice too that we kept it plain black with no fancy logos or anything like that. Yep... pretty boring looking.

We did that purposely. And I advise you to keep it that way.

Because after 3 decades in this industry, we have a ton of surveillance and countersurveillance research showing that if you're ever in an escape or evasion scenario or a situation where you're followed or targeted for a search...

The smart spy avoids
anything that
stands out!

People around you are naturally drawn to logos and bright colors. So, in this case, boring is better. Means that -- even if you're being searched -- there's a much greater chance that...

This hat will blend in and simply be ignored!

That's what you want.

The Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap is completely adjustable with a velcro back so that it'll fit comfortably no matter what size your head.

There's no plastic snaps to break. There's no screwing around with clunky belts and buckles that often fail or dig into the back of your scalp.

We even eliminated the "button" you see on top so many other ball caps, which means there's nothing gouging the top of your skull when wearing headphones or ear protection at the shooting range.

Your Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap is a well-thought out design focused not only on ultimate concealment, but also on your comfort because in a meltdown or survival scenario you may need to wear this everyday!

Interested? I thought so. Why wouldn't you be? Especially knowing that you and a handful of others can now get this amazing Spy Hat at a steep "hotlist member" discount.

To get it rushed out to you today, just click the "Yes" button below. Do that right now.

The regular price for the Spy Cap is $39. You can't find this anywhere else. Only here at TRS. But as part of this hotlist promotional deal I'm slashing the price almost in HALF for you.

You can get right here from this special hidden webpage for only $19

saving you a cool $20 off the top!

But hold on... you don't even risk a penny of that already low-low price. That's right...

If you don't agree that you got the bargain of a lifetime on yet another hotlist market test item... if you don't feel safer knowing you can clandestinely instantly sap down anyone who threatens you or your loved ones... or to hide valuables from sight whenever you need to...

...if you're broke buddies aren't blown away when you magically produce beer money from your cap... fact if you aren't happy for any reason, even no reason, then just return the cap in any condition, even if you've worn it ragged, and I will refund every penny of your purchase price... no questions asked.

You gotta admit, that's pretty generous.

But hold on, I'm about to get more generous. Because as I mentioned earlier, there's also two additional bonuses that fit neatly into the secret pouches of your Spy Cap.

You're gonna want these.

One is a very tough mini razor-knife. The other is a solid brass handcuff key that, unlike most other handcuff keys out there, actually works on the most common types of handcuffs.

Let's first talk about the razor-knife.

This is an...

concealable folding

Granted, it's not fancy. It's not a big beefy pocket knife. But it's more than capable to get big jobs done.

From cutting rope, to slicing canvas, to sharpening sticks for a snare trap, to skinning a deer, this baby can do it.

The blade is two inches of razor sharp stainless steel made right here in the U.S.

The open length is a full 4-½ inches and the tough molded nylon sheath has a stop that allows you to put plenty of downward pressure on your cuts.

When folded into the sheath, it's just two and half inches long with a total weight of one quarter of an ounce...

Allowing this little dude
to be
easily hidden
inside your Spy Hat!

If you've been paying attention at all to what military scouts and survivalists are all saying, a knife is considered to be one of the most important tools you can carry with you.

Meaning if you've got this tucked away in your Carry-N-Conceal Cap, you won't ever be caught without one of your most essential survival tools.


Your next bonus is
a solid brass
handcuff key!

If you're familiar with any of the novelty handcuff keys that were recently sold or given away as promotional items, then you know why solid brass is so important.

Anything else is too
cheap and simply
won't work!

They don't conform to the extreme tolerances required to actually open a set of professional level handcuffs.

Point is heaven forbid some goons ever have you or your loved ones in a warehouse cuffed to a radiator...

That's not the time to
find out
your handcuff
key is a phoney toy!

We assume that your life may someday depend on this, so we did this right, keeping three vital considerations in mind.

First, like I said, we make if from solid brass. It's more expensive, but it allowed us to manufacture at much tighter tolerances -- which is exactly what you need in a key. Any key.

Also -- unlike steel or pot-metal handcuff keys -- brass will not corrode and get out of spec even if exposed to the elements.

Brass is a very
stable metal!

Second, this key can open professional law enforcement grade handcuffs. Works on both Peerless and Smith & Wesson brand restraints -- the two most common brands in use in the world.

The TRS Handcuff Key also has a universal pin for setting and unlocking the double lock on professional grade handcuffs. This is very important.

Because cheap novelty handcuff keys don't have this feature, which basically makes them useless because you can't get around the double lock.

And I assure you...

Any kidnappers or
thugs holding you and
your family
double-lock the cuffs.

This key allows you a way outta that!

Third. The TRS handcuff key weighs just an 8th of an ounce and easily fits inside the Spy Hat. Which means you can keep it in your Conceal-N-Carry Cap and just forget about it.

That is until, heaven forbid, you ever need it.

These two bonuses -- the mini razor-knife and the professional level brass handcuff key -- are both included, right inside your Spy Cap.

That's right, they are
also yours to keep...
for FREE.

So hit the yes button right away.

But you must hurry. If you're familiar with my little company at all, then you know that we occasionally run these market test and giveaways to hotlist members. Sometimes we reorder more product for new members. Sometimes not.

Point is, you may never
see this again!

I've got just 500 of the free Conceal-N-Carry Caps to go around. All of them include the free razor-knife and the free brass handcuff key.

Now... 500 may seem like a lot of free packages to go around. But this message has just been sent to over 10,000 hotlist guys like you.

So if you want a package, even if you're only curious, you should hit the yes button now.

The Conceal and Carry Cap with the four secret pockets is yours for a steeply discounted $19. The razor knife and professional grade handcuff key that fit neatly in the spy cap are also free.

Your reduced purchase price is covered by a generous 100% money back guarantee, but the razor knife and the handcuff key are both yours to keep, even if you decide to return the cap for a full refund.

It can't get any better than that.

But with only 500 to go
you gotta
act fast!

So hit the "Yes" button now, and let's get started.

This is Jimbo, signing off.

Oh wait, there's one
more bonus
I've got
for you!

It's a free video that walks you through some important points. It's only about 15 minutes long, but it's packed with tips on the most efficient ways of loading up the secret pockets... to properly open and seal the velcro strips, concealment tricks for anyone inspecting the Spy Cap... a brief overview of your razor-knife, how to use the handcuff key for unlocking cuffs, how the universal pin can set and unlock the double lock on professional grade handcuffs...

...and a lot more!

It's not complicated material, but once you see it you'll agree that it's a total confidence booster to have a clear idea of how to use the razor-knife, the handcuff key and the spy hat as a stash-cap for self-defense and for hiding vital gear.


This video is also
included for FREE.

Yeah, wow. It's a lot free stuff packed into this kit. This is not available to the general public and if you wait around you'll almost certainly miss out.

So click on the "Yes" button now and I'll see you inside.