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As small and handy as a pen, this amazing diamond-hard "Pocket Sharp Pro" can...

Quickly and easily restore
an ultra-keen edge on
ANY blade!

From a standard pocket knife to your garden shears, chain-saw or even your lawn mower.

In less than ONE MINUTE you'll transform that old tomato smasher into your favorite and sharpest kitchen knife.

It's worth $19, but today...

It's my GIFT to you.

Plus -- as part of this "Diamond Sharp Kit" there are TWO more bonuses waiting for you... also yours for FREE!

It's an incredible offer now available ONLY to you and other exclusive "Hotlist" customers!

So if you're interested in maintaining an amazing crisp, clean cutting edge whether you're hunting, camping, fishing or in your kitchen or around the shop...

...then please keep reading.

Dear Hotlist Member:

If you're anything like me and a lot of other guys you may just have...

A secret love affair
with knives!

I don't know what it is, but for me there's a sense of pride always having my pocket knives, kitchen knives and garden tools as sharp or sharper than the day I purchased them.

If you want that too, then I've got some very cool stuff waiting here for you -- including the pocket knife sharpener you see here -- that I will now give you...

...for FREE!

I'll tell you all about this Pocket Pro and your other free stuff in just a minute.

Here's the story: This all started a few months back when I friend invited me to dinner. I noticed he had a large kitchen knife that was so dull, his wife was having trouble just slicing celery sticks with it.

When I pointed it out, my somewhat embarrassed friend said this:

"Yeah... I gotta get a new set of knives."

Wow. I was a little shocked.

He would sooner throw
away a dull knife
than just resharpen it!

Turns out that is not unusual. I know because after that dinner party I went home and did some research. As a business man who sells man-stuff, it's my job to pay attention to things like this.

What I discovered is that a high percentage of people are indeed simply trashing a dull knife rather than resharpening it!

Why? Simple. It's because for the last 50 years we've all been told knife-sharpening is a difficult skill that lands roughly...

Between piloting the
space shuttle
and knowing
how to transplant a kidney!

Well... that's dead wrong!

Keeping every blade in and around your home razor sharp is actually fast and easy with some simple tools and know-how.

And I'll even PROVE it to you by giving you this pocket pro sharpener and a how-to DVD package for FREE.

You see, I've been down this road before when -- some 30 years ago -- my little company took on the self-defense industry.

Because just like the blade sharpening industry, the martial arts world had somehow convinced every man on earth that learning how to fight required years of intensive study, hundreds of hours getting your brains pounded out on the matt, and of course thousands and thousand of dollars for all those fancy belts.

Well, we proved that was
all absolute nonsense!

Defending yourself -- even against larger more aggressive opponents -- is actually easy, once you understand a few key secrets. Secrets that can be learned in a few short hours.

Suddenly it's bam-bam and he's out, with you on top.

No years of training. No complex moves. No fancy belts.

Same thing with knife sharpening. Somehow it's gotten to the point where a reasonably intelligent man will toss an expensive knife into a dumpster just because it has lost its edge.

Again... who can blame him?

We've all seen the equipment that they tell us we need... the 5 stage progressive whetstones... the special blade grooming oil... the six angle clamping system that requires the steady hands of a neurosurgeon...

...the 2-stage power grinder that's almost guaranteed to completely screw up your knife... or those mystifying ceramic criss-cross gizmos that never seem to sharpen anything.

It's no wonder the
average guy
throws up
his hands in frustration!

And the result is either tolerating a knife that's about as sharp as a spoon... or spending $50 every few months to have someone else sharpen up your stuff... or like I said, just throwing your dull blades into the trash and buying new ones.

Not anymore.

Because you're about to discover that sharpening everything from knives, garden shears, scissors, lawn mower blade to even your chain saw is actually quite EASY.

Yes... you can do it yourself!

And like I said I will prove it to you by rushing you the Pocket-sized sharpening tool you see here and an instruction DVD package... for FREE.

I think you'll agree, this Pocket Sharp Pro is pretty cool. Let's take a closer look.

First of all, the Pocket Sharp Pro is a retractable diamond encrusted hone. Diamonds as you probably know are the hardest substance in nature, which is why...

This is able to sharpen
even the world's
toughest steel!

There's two sides with a total sharpening length of five inches. The 320 grit side is excellent at refurbishing a blade. It's a little more aggressive, so it can quickly remove small amounts of material to restore a hopelessly dull edge.

The other side is 600 grit. This is perfect for tuning up a blade and creating a fine finished edge.

The rounded surface and tapered end works on blades big and small and...

Allows you to even
tune up serrations!

Or get into tight areas to restore the cutting edges of chain saw or a hand saw... or even just to use as a general file to zip away metal burrs or clean the surface of a battery terminal for example.

This is a serious tool, very durable and able to withstand industrial level work.

There's also a flat side that's...

Perfect for scissors and
pruning shears and the like.

And there's a slot engineered to regain a sharp tip on an awl or ice pick. I like to use it for my fishing hooks. At $5 a pop for a decent hook, it makes a lot of sense to restore an old hook rather than throwing it away.

The handle is a generous 4-¾ inches, very good even for big fat hands like mine. The sharpening implement itself can retract entirely into the rust proof aluminum housing. It's tough and yet lightweight, with a total weight of just 1.24 ounces.

Allows you to carry this important tool almost unnoticed...

In your tackle box, camping
gear, toolbox, bug-out bag!

Or even just clipped firmly inside your top pocket.

And like I said, this is yours to keep... as my gift to you.

It's all part of a larger package I call the "Diamond-Sharp Kit".

The real meat and potatoes of this kit is the big daddy -- a large 15-inch 600-grit TRS Diamond encrusted sharpening hone.

Okay... allow me a minute to explain why this large diamond hone is the preferred choice among chefs and knife enthusiasts.

First of all...

It's simply superior to
using a sharpening stone!

A stone typically requires oil or water and can be rather messy and time consuming. Stones can easily crack or break, and it's very easy to wear a concave dip into your stone, which means uneven sharpening of your blade. Something you definitely do not want.

This TRS Diamond hone on the other hand requires virtually no clean up. You can't wear a problematic groove into the diamond hard surface. And the diamond are of course tough, which means it'll last a long, long time.

Maybe you've seen chefs or kitchen wizards using a knife-steel rod. This is fine to straighten out edges -- but it won't actually resharpen a dull blade since it's not designed to remove material.

So knife-steel is fine for a blade that's already pretty sharp. Problem is, once a knife becomes truly dull a knife-steel rod won't help.

In fact, it's useless!

Your TRS diamond hone on the other hand is both a sharpening tool and a hone. Meaning it's gentle enough to quickly re-tune an edge just like a knife-steel rod, but can also re-sharpen and restore a completely dulled-out blade.

Okay... what about those electric power-sharpeners. Well, all I can say is that this is...

A great way to
ruin a good knife!

The typical counter top models removes material way too fast, which means unless you're a trained expert, you'll simply wear a funky wave pattern into your edge.

And fixing that is not easy. It's why serious chefs and knife enthusiasts refuse to use these gadgets.

And forget about the complex multi-angled clamping systems. These gizmos -- if you can figure them out -- require a ridiculous amount of time and precision just to accomplish the same thing you could get in a minute with your TRS Diamond Hone.

Because I'm guessing you have better things to do with your time than spend 30 minutes sharpening a single blade. Again, way too complicated and time consuming.

I dunno know about you,
but I like things
fast and simple!

Then there's those draw through tools.

This is okay for an absolute beginner who isn't looking for a real sharp knife. I've tried a lot of them in my time. Some are rather complicated, others don't seem to sharpen anything.

Plus, with the TRS Diamond Hone you don't have to worry about adjusting for the cutting angle of the blade.

If you're not exactly sure what that means, no worries...

I've got a FREE
training DVD package
that explains everything
for you!

Keeps things very simple. I'll tell you all about it in a second.

First... let's take a closer look at the TRS Diamond Sharp Hone that's waiting for you.

Here it is:

The overall length is a full 15-inches. That's big. Big enough to handle any knife or blade you have. The base is a rust free stainless steel covered with a generous layer of diamond dust -- the hardest substance in nature and...

The first choice among
for maintenance of
your knives!

The rod is hollow, which keeps the weight at just 5 ounces. Unlike the solid steel version, the TRS Diamond Hone is easier to handle with less fatigue. You'll thank me later when you're sharpening a whole set of knives at once.

And the oval shape gives you both a generous sized flat area and a thin edge. The flat area is perfect for large knives and the extra length...

Allows you to work fast
with long steady strokes!

The thin edge is excellent for working notches, serrated edges -- even as a file to smooth out rough metal edges or even mow through PVC, and other heavy-duty work.

It's tough enough for manly shop work but gentle enough to create a fine edge.

Keep this in the kitchen for all your knives, or use it around the home and shop for a million other things.

The handle is a full five inches, giving you plenty of room even for large hands. It's made from a practically indestructible molded nylon with a fine texture to avoid slipping even when wet.

There's a lot more features that makes this TRS Diamond Hone something special. Details that other sharpening hones don't bother with.

Like the handle notch so you hang this on or pegboard, the rubberized "safety bumper" tip and the extra large reinforced nylon guard that protects your blade from accidental gouging as well protecting your hands.

Other guards are made from steel, which not only adds unwanted weight, but can also damage your blade.

And of course the instructional DVD that shows you exactly how to use this. Even if you've been sharpening knives for years, you're still going to want to see this instruction because it covers the advanced fundamentals of manual knife sharpening.

In this DVD package you'll discover:

  • First, why these diamond hones are so much faster and easier than other methods.
  • You'll also learn how often to hone your blades and what to do with an extremely dull knife verses a knife that's just not cutting as well as you would like.
  • We also provide you a demonstration on the basics like how to hold the hone... how to sharpen various sized serrations using both the pocket sized and the large hone...
  • ...which direction you should draw the blade... the correct way to switch sides... and more.

Follow along and...

In minutes you'll know more
about keeping a knife sharp
than you learned in all your
years on this planet!

  • You'll also discover slightly more advanced techniques that'll have you understanding knife sharpening on a level that few other guys will ever reach.
  • Like how to avoid "rolling" the edge... a simple "rocking" trick to finding the secondary grind angle...
  • How to use a black Sharpy to ensure the most precision honing of your secondary grind... how to stay off the primary grind to keep your blade always looking crisp... how much pressure you should apply, and it's probably less than you think...
  • ...why you should forget the blazing fast movements you see in cooking shows and Hollywood movies... exactly how to sharpen serrations, something most hones can't do...
  • ...a simple "over and under" technique that sharpens both sides of the blade while saving time... and more!

This is how you'll get up to speed fast and...

Look like you've been
as a New York line
for the last 20 years!

We also cover some specifics on using the very handy Pocket Sharp Pro. You'll discover:

  • How to use the tapered shape for serrations both large and small... a demo on how to sharpen a fishing hook... how to loosen and adjust the hone and properly tighten and lock down the collar...
  • ...why you want to "fall off the edge" when sharpening a blade rather than stopping short... when you want to do multiple strokes on one side and when you should alternate more often. A lot of guys get this wrong. Now you'll know the right way.
  • A fast "nail dragging" method which can instantly determine how sharp a really blade is, how to tell if the blade edge has "rolled" and a lot more tricks that'll make you look like a seasoned pro.
  • Like a trick to making the process faster by alternating less often... why you should forget about using a stone to resharpen a recurve surface... how to sharpen a karambit with a trick to keeping the point sharp as a needle.

And so much more. The DVD is just 35 minutes long, but it's an intensive 35 minutes...

That will almost instantly
make you
the local
Knife-Sharpening expert!

And once you see how easy this is, I swear you'll go around and sharpen everything in your home and garden shed. After that you can impress the neighbor lady who is sure to get weak in the knees when she sees just how fast you can sharpen up her knives.

You'll look damn cool in the process too. To outsiders it may look difficult, but you'll see that it's almost impossible to this screw up.

You can't hurt your knives and you won't hurt yourself. And in less than ONE MINUTE you'll take a blade that's squashing tomatoes to one that zipping off slices so thin you can practically see through them.

Suddenly sharpening up
has actually become...
dare I say it... fun!

Here's how you can get your hands on this Diamond Sharp Kit right now.

Just click on the "Yes" button below.

I'll rush you the large TRS Diamond Hone, a Pocket Sharp Pro and the instructional DVD for a killer price.

But hang on... that's not all.

For the next ten minutes I will also include...

A second Pocket Sharp Pro!

Means you can have one in your kitchen, and another for your shop or tackle box, glove compartment or backpack.

This is also yours for FREE!

Okay... so how much?

Well, as you can see, you're getting a lot of stuff. The large hone, the instructional DVD package, the two Pocket Sharp pros.

Added all together, it's worth well over a hundred dollar. But you won't pay that. No, the price for you and other hotlist members today is just...


That is a killer deal.

But you don't even risk a penny of that purchase price because if you don't feel like you got the deal of a lifetime... if every woman in the neighborhood isn't pounding down your door to sharpen up her knives... in fact if you aren't happy for any reason, even no reason...

...then just return the large TRS Diamond Hone for a prompt refund of your entire purchase price...

But KEEP the two Pocket Sharp Pros
as my gifts to you!

They're yours just for taking the time to check this out.

That is a very generous offer, wouldn't you agree?

But you must hurry!

I've limited the free bonus material to just 500 packages and you can't the FREE Pocket Sharp Pros anywhere else except this special hidden webpage.

If you close this page... it's gone.

You're not only saving some serious money here, but the free Pocket sharpeners are yours to keep.

So click on the "Yes" button now... and I'll see you inside.