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"It's shocking how effective this is... and how FAST you can learn it. Which is why it's the preferred weapon among 'bug-out' experts!"

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Dear Hotlist Member:

Hey... it's Jimbo over here at TRS Survival.

If you're interested Survival Gadgets and Weapons that not only work like crazy, but can be also be a lot of fun, then listen to this.

I've got another new product that I want you and, a handful of other hotlist guys, to test out...

For FREE If You Want!

Some people call it a slingshot. But it's not a slingshot.

It's better. A lot better.

I'm talking about the TRS HotShot Wrist Rocket -- the most powerful, accurate, reliable and durable folding wrist rocket on the planet.

How accurate and powerful? This accurate and powerful.

Yes, those are coconuts. These shots were made from over 100 feet away.

I gotta say, it's a lot of fun to target practice with this.

Absolutely Deadly-Lethal
As A Hunting
Weapon Too!

Now hold on... you may be skeptical thinking maybe perhaps you've seen or even owned something similar to this.

You haven't. The TRS Hotshot is different. It may look similar, but...

This Is NOT Like Other
Wrist Rockets!

It's our own unique design. Our own engineering. We took the basic folding wrist rocket, stripped it down, then rebuilt it to make it bigger, more accurate, powerful, and reliable than anything else out there.

If you know TRS Survival and its products, then you know that for the last 30 years we put a lot of time and thought and effort into making sure our products are always top quality and something that you can consistently depend on.

The TRS Hotshot is no exception.

Because we assumed that your life could someday depend on this.

That in the future, things could go sideways, and the world as we now know it could come to a screeching halt, leaving you to survive on nothing but your own wits and the gear you've managed to stash away in your bug-out bag.

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to realize that, in such a dire meltdown, a quality wrist rocket would be...

A Priceless Survival Tool
To Have In Your
Little Arsenal!

Especially the TRS Hotshot.

It's super lightweight. Folds flat to easily fit inside a pack. All the ammo you need to make this a lethal weapon is lying around on the ground. (They're called rocks.)

But the Hotshot package...

Also Includes A Supply Of

I'll tell you about that in a bit.

Either way, the Hotshot kills efficiently and silently. And it's perfectly legal here in the U.S.

This is one of the most awesome survival tools you could own, once you know a few key secrets. That's why we also provide you with...

A FREE Instructional Video
To Quickly Make YOU
A Dead-Eye Marksman With This!

Frankly if you're only experience has been shooting a slingshot, then you don't know what you're missing out on here.

The Hotshot is much easier. It's a weapon that, once you discover the vital tips we'll provide, you can master in less than an hour.

I'll tell you all about this bonus video in just a second. For now, rest assured that the TRS Hotshot will be a valued addition to your survival kit.

I should know, because years back me and my crazy camping buddies used to hunt and live off the land with these. We quietly took down rabbits, birds and squirrels.

Especially Squirrels!

And we did it without firing off guns and drawing a bunch of attention to ourselves. Exactly what you're gonna need in a survival situation.

Plus it was fun. We spent the day bagging small game and as the sun went down, we sat around the campfire roasting meat, yucking it up and eating like kings. (Man, I miss those days.)

Point is, the TRS Hotshot is the real deal, made to withstand the most rugged conditions you can throw at it. So it's not only perfect for hunting, but it's very effective for self-defense too!

Believe me, in an urban survival setting where you may not have access to a gun or ammo, or where firing a weapon could draw unwanted attention...

You'll Be Damn Glad You
Got Something
To Keep The Dogs And
Zombies Off You!

I gotta say, with all due respect, you take your chances with the other cheap wrist rockets out there. They don't make them like they used to. And frankly, everything I've seen will almost certainly let you down in a hunting or survival situation.

How can I be so certain? Well, we did our homework and ordered all the folding wrist rockets we could find out there. What we got time-after-time was something like cheap plastic children's toys.

There's no way you could use something like this. They're too small. Or the band would snap after one or two uses, or the cheap plastic handle cracked and separated, or the arm brace broke, or the firing girth was way too narrow for accurate shooting, or the ammo didn't shoot straight... on and on.

Basically we had to start over. Go back to the drawing board and rebuild the folding wrist rocket from scratch. One that was not only powerful and accurate enough for protection and to kill small game, but also durable enough to stand up to the rigors of the great outdoors.

Thus the TRS Hotshot was born. This was made specifically for hunting and protection. This is NOT a child's toy.

A Well Placed Shot Could Easily Kill A Man!

Or at least send him running for his life, so you gotta be careful with this.

And small game and birds? Well, forget about it. They're already in your frying pan.

Okay... so let's take a closer look at this beauty.

  • First of all, let's talk about the arm support. In case you're not familiar, this is what makes the wrist rocket so superior to a standard slingshot. The brace stabilizes each shot without placing all the torque on your wrist. Allows you to take careful steady aim and fire shots with 300% more velocity. When we designed the Hotshot, we had your comfort in mind and so replaced the standard metal support bar with a very durable and comfortable lightweight nylon material. Gives you a solid base that's easy on the arm, allowing you more practice time and longer hunting adventures without irritation.
  • Next, we equipped the HotShot with an extra-tough "high-velocity" band. This isn't the band you'll find on a standard wrist rocket. No way. This one is very special. We had to practically blow up the factory and take hostages to convince the material engineers to get this right. After almost a year, they finally developed the right blend of power, flexibility and durability together in one band. Now, I'm not gonna say it will never break on you, but I can say that this is simply the longest-lasting and toughest and band on the market -- one that can launch ammo at a higher velocity than anything else out there. We poured our money and time into where it counted most. So while everyone else got this wrong, we got it right. And I gotta say I'm pretty proud to provide you a band that's absolutely reliable.
  • Another thing is the ammo pouch. A lot of cheap bands use a crumby plastic pouch that does NOT properly hold the ammo, so you have zero accuracy. Or it can tear, or it just slips out of your fingers, especially if it's wet. We on the other hand have used a very tough suede that will never rip or slip from your fingers. It's 25% larger, which means it's easier to handle and grips the ammo with more authority, dramatically increasing the accuracy of all your shots. I just love simple improvements that can make such a huge difference in your experience, don't you?
  • We also made the handle with a thicker and more durable polymer, making it not only waterproof but practically indestructible. This will never crack or shatter. Even better, we added a series of ribs inside the handle to prevent the handle from torquing and twisting while you're firing -- which is a big reason why other wrist rockets lack power and accuracy. The TRS Hotshot on the other hand holds steady as a rock...

Making It Pinpoint
Accurate And Lethal
From Over Half A
Football Field Away!

  • And talk about convenient, this folds up to around size of a slice of bread. This feature was a must. We wanted to make sure you could include it in your bug-out bag. Yes, you can get wrist rockets that don't fold, but they're not any more powerful than the Hotshot and yet they take up over 700% more space. The TRS Hotshot folds neatly to easily tuck away inside your go bag, a glove compartment, heck, even in your back pocket. It's amazing that something so deadly effective can be this convenient.
  • Okay, I'm bragging about how it folds small enough to fit in a pocket, but here's the thing -- when it unfolds, the TRS Hotshot is a lot bigger than most other folding wrist rockets. It was designed for bigger guys, not children. I've got large fat hands myself, and the Hotshot is plenty big for me to use with total comfort.

And it goes on and on. Like wider firing girth...

...that dramatically increases the accuracy. Means landing more shots on target with dead-eye accuracy.

And the tough carbon steel skeleton that's 25% thicker for more stability and power... the powder coating that protects this from weather and moisture so it will practically last forever, and so much more.

Okay, I gotta admit, I'm having the time of my life with this thing.

It'll Be The Most Fun
And The Least Expensive
Target Shooting
You Ever Do In Your Life!

But again, this is a professional level survival hunting tool, not a kid's plaything like everything else I've seen out there. So rest assured that this beauty will allow you to quietly bag game without a lot a fuss.

So while everyone else is eating tree bark, you and your loved ones will be laying low and living off the fat of the land.

Here's how to get your very own TRS Hotshot Wrist Rocket right now:

Just click on the "Yes" button below. Do that now.

This is normally a $60 item. That's what we're selling it for right now on Amazon, which is actually a darn good price considering that the Hotshot is superior.

But as hotlist member, you get treated better than everyone else. So you're not going to pay $60. No.

For you and other hotlist members, the price is now just... $29.

Yeah, That's A
Killer Deal!

But you don't risk a penny of that purchase price because it's 100% covered by an iron-clad ONE YEAR money back guarantee.

If you aren't laughing and having a great time target shooting, or feel more secure knowing you have a perfectly legal survival tool and weapon of protection for use against stray dogs and stray thugs... fact, if you aren't happy for any reason, even no reason, then I insist you return the Hotshot for a full and prompt refund of your purchase price.

That all means...

You've Got A Full
To Test
This Baby Out For
FREE If You Want.

But hold on. As part of this special promotion to my hotlist, I am also including four free bonuses included with your HotShot.

Free Bonus #1. I'm including an extra band. This is the same bullet-proof quality band that comes already installed on the Hotshot. The same one we spent so much money, time and effort to get right. You'll get an extra one because, honestly, this is such a vital backup. When it comes to survival, we wanted to do what the military guys do and provide you with a plan B, just in case, to make sure you were completely covered.

Free Bonus #2 -- We are including a bag of 55 caliber marbles. These are just the right size for landing game. Any bigger could lose distance and accuracy. Any smaller and you'll be fumbling around and dropping them while you're hunting, especially if you're wearing gloves or your fingers are are getting cold.

Free Bonus #3 -- I'm also including a handful of smaller steel shot pellets. I'm giving you these so you could at least get a feel for using steel shot. Personally I don't use this size, but you may discover that you like these better. So I wanted you to at least have a chance to try them out.

Because frankly, you probably don't want to be lugging around marbles and steel shot in your bugout bag.

So use the marbles and the steel shot to practice up. The free video I'll send you shows you how to make a simple target that catches your ammo so you can use it again and again.

Gives you a chance to get comfortable with your new Hotshot before moving on to rocks and stones.

Free Bonus #4 -- The "Hotshot How-To" instructional video. It's about 30 minutes on the advanced fundamentals of using the Hotshot, including... exactly how to hold and aim the Hotshot!

Most guys get this wrong, and it's why they can't hit the broad side of a barn. You, on the other hand, will discover how to take down small game at half a football field away, using...

Pin-Point Accurate
Shooting Tricks
That'll Make You A Dead-Eye Shot
Very Quickly!

You'll also get some expert hunting tips on landing squirrels, birds and rabbits. There's various strategies that can dramatically increase your odds, so you'll want to know this.

Means always having a way to get dinner, even in desolate wilderness.

Also, you're going to learn how to...

Use The Hotshot To
Shoot An Arrow!

That's right, just like a bow and arrow.

It's as powerful as a bow and arrow, and so you're going to be able to take down large game.

Ok I'm not suggesting that you're going to take down grizzly bears with this, but you're at least going to be able to take down game like deer and antelope and things like that.

Also, learn how to make a target that retrieves your ammo. This is slick because it saves you time and money while practicing up your mad skills. Means never running out of ammo while target shooting.

There's a lot more too, including a demonstration on replacing a broken band, yes, there's a right way and a wrong way so you need to see this... tips to using the Hotshot as either a lethal self-defense weapon or just as a non-lethal eye-opener, to convince any bad guys you're not to be messed with... and more.

It's nearly 30 minutes of some expert advice you can't get anywhere else.

Even if you've never used a wrist rocket before in your life, this will get you comfortable and up to speed fast.

So hit the Yes button below.

But you gotta hurry.

I've had my crew put together just 500 packages at that special price and with the four free bonuses. That's just enough to cover my first tier hotlist.

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So click on the yes button now.

This is Jimbo, signing off. But before I go, allow me to do a quick recap.

Hit the yes button now and I will rush you:

  1. A TRS Hotshot wrist rocket -- the most reliable and durable survival and self-defense folding wrist rocket anywhere on the planet.
  2. A whopping 50% discount. This is for hotlist members only. While the normal price is $60, you and other hotlist members can get it here right now for just $29.
  3. A ONE YEAR guarantee. If you don't like your new Hotshot for any reason, even no reason, just return it for a full and prompt refund.
  4. You're also receiving four free bonuses -- including one additional extra tough band, a bag of 55 caliber marbles, five steel-shot practice rounds, and a 45 minute instructional video showing you insider shooting and hunting tricks, including how to use this as a bow and arrow. These bonuses are yours to keep, even if you take advantage of my generous guarantee.

But you must hurry. There's only 500 packages to go around with the steep discount and the four free bonuses. I expect very soon they'll all be snapped up and gone. When that happens it's back to full price and the bonuses will no longer be available.

Avoid the regret of missing out, and hit the Yes button below right now, while this incredible hotlist deal is still available.

You've got nothing to lose and 4 free bonuses to gain.

I'll see you inside.