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You're About To Discover A Boatload Of Nasty And Totally ‘Illegal'
Street- Boxing Dirty Tricks...
Too Vicious and Brutal
For The Ring!

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Hi it's Jimbo over here at FightFast and TRS on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

You're about to discover a small arsenal of some very effective and wicked boxing tactics and tricks that can end of a fight, on your terms, very quickly.

There's not a lot of fuss because there's nothing real fancy about this. Doesn't require you to skip rope or spar for hours in the gym or anything like that.

Nope, this is all dead simple "wham-bam" and he's out kinda stuff. You'll still be on your feet. He'll be on the ground gurgling and wishing to God he'd never messed with you in the first place.

Best of all, I'll even allow you to learn all these filthy moves for yourself on my dime. That's right, if you want, you can see them...


Okay... I'm not gonna beat around the bush here. I know your time is valuable, so let's get into it.

Here's what happening.

You probably already know that, in a real street brawl, having some boxing skills can certainly help you. In fact a good boxer can often...

Clean Up In The First Seconds Of A Fight.

Problem is, most guys either have zero formal boxing skills, or they learned gentlemen's boxing. You know, the kind meant for the ring.

With all due respect to the sport, that's not what you want. Ring boxing has a lot of rules. They are put there because the goal of the promoters is to have a long exciting fight.

That's understandable.

However, on the street, you're goal is to win as quickly as possible. You don't want to screw around dancing and jabbing for a half hour.

No. In fact, if you can end it in the first couple of seconds, with you on your feet, and your opponent unconscious as a slab of beef at your feet, well, that's as good as it gets.

Which means you need to strip away all the niceties and take it to the next level with nasty and exceptionally unfair techniques that are absolutely forbidden in the ring.

Brutal, vicious stuff that would get you disqualified and thrown out of any civilized match.

And that's what I've got waiting for you here.

Moves that go way beyond regulatory standards and conventional boxing rules for the most effective real-world, hard-as-nails, self-defense you can bring to today's means streets.

ILLEGAL BOXING will introduce the entire 15 point arsenal -- taking great pains to show you each and every detail of every strike, wrench, slam, crank, and pop.

Each technique will also be placed into tactical context showing you the how, when, and why of each shot. Because, as you well know, it's not enough to know how to hit but when to hit.

Every technique is introduced with an eye on the big picture. In other words, assuming that your boxing base is sound, you'll be able to turn one of the most grueling of sports on the planet into a whole new breed of animal.

Enough preliminaries, let's take a look at what you will learn on this DVD package:

  • First of all, you'll discover THE LOUISVILLE SLUGGERS, which show you how to use your forearms as the go-to weapon after missed punches.
  • You'll also suddenly understand the proper use of HAMMERS and learn how they can cause damage even through focus mitts. You'll receive 3 ways to hit with HAMMERS as well as a sneaky variation of a painful SHORT RIBS shot.
  • Most fighters understand how to use the forearms as a clubbing weapon but do you know how to turn it into a "CUTTING" WEAPON? Once you understand the HACKSAWS, every missed jab or cross is an opportunity to inflict a cut.
  • Also, once you master the HAMMERS it's time to add the AX punches which, if anything, add even more torque to an already HARD shot.
  • Learn to use your thumbs the correct way inside the clinch as well as using them as soft-tissue digs with the HITCH-HIKER series.
  • Also, if you want to hit someone with a shot they'll never see coming let in the clinch and hit them with something known as the POPPER. It's so easy it can be learned in 5 minutes and once you combine it with the natural follow-ups your fight is more than likely done.
  • Another thing you'll learn is how to use shoulder SHRUGS as a brutal addition to your inside work to keep your opponent on the defensive and guessing.
  • Okay... every MMA fighter respects the elbow, and for good reason. The elbow accounts for more damage than ANY other tool in the unarmed striking game. However, the elbows of ILLEGAL BOXING differ from those found in Muay Thai. You'll discover the HOW'S and WHY'S of those differences as well as all EIGHT ILLEGAL BOXING ELBOWS.
  • Another thing... we all know that FOOT-STOMPS can turn the tables in your favor very quickly, but there is much more to the foot stomp than just stepping on one another's toes. We'll show you THREE different ways to add ankle-shredding stomps to your game with the STEP RIGHT UP, THE SHOVER, and THE HIGH-STEPPER. This is how you can regain command and control of the fight very quickly.
  • You'll also learn the right and wrong way to throw the most crushing of all shots -- the low blow. Once you understand the timing and technique, it's actually quite easy to down a larger opponent with a single shot. We'll even show you a little variation called THE SLAPPER that will make him wish he'd never laid eyes on you.

Alright... in the boxing game most people are head-hunters. That is, they swing and swing at the head hoping to land one on the button. Good boxers know "Kill the body and the head will follow," deadly boxers know how to work the THROAT SHOTS.

But there's more to throat work than you think. Here you will learn the proper ways as well as a few "dirty" tricks to tricking him into an instant knockout and how to hit at the proper angle.

HEAD-BUTTS are illegal in most competitions but still they happen. Here you will learn how to both deliver a HIDDEN HEAD-BUTT as well as defend against the head-butt.

Never fear the tie-up again with two easy ARM WRENCHES from inside the clinch. You've got to watch closely to catch them, but once you've been hit with them it's too late.

Also, we know that in the street, often the fight ends up on the ground so in ILLEGAL BOXING we show you how to adapt EIGHT of the stand-up arsenal tools to the ground environment making them, if anything, more effective by the leverage provided by the planet earth.

ILLEGAL BOXING contains the entire arsenal, all of its variations as well simple drills that will allow you to a way to nail everything down if you choose to take it to the next level and actually train this material.

It's not required, since the instruction is actually quite easy to understand. You really only have to watch it to get it.

This video is the best presentation of the entire ILLEGAL BOXING curriculum on the market. I'm proud of this work and know that you will want to add this to your own arsenal of dirty tricks that really work.

Interested? Good. Here's what you need to do now.

Just hit the "Yes" button below. Do that now.

The price is just $49. Plus there is NO shipping and handling. That's right, it's FREE. I'm taking of all that for you.

But you don't risk a penny of your purchase price since it's covered with a generous...

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

There's no risk whatsoever. Name another company that does that!

So what's the catch? There is none. That's how FightFast and TRS has worked for over 30 years now. We want to bring you the best instructional material that we can at the best price that we can with no risk whatsoever to you.

So hit the "Yes" button now and let's get started.

There is no reason at all not to order and add the ILLEGAL BOXING material to your arsenal.

As a matter of fact, if you order now we have 100 copies of an audio interview with the man himself -- Mark Hatmaker. He provides some insights into the training and fighter's mindset and the differentiation of combat environments: ring, octagon, street, etc.

Now we've only got 100 of these interviews so order now to receive this free gift. By the way if you decide not to keep ILLEGAL BOXING -- and we're betting that you will, it's that good -- send it back for your full refund and keep the audio bonus anyway.

This is Jimbo, signing off, but before I go, if you still aren't convinced, take a list to a small sample of testimonials concerning Mark Hatmaker and his work.

Here's one from Sgt Randall Davis of Ft Lewis, Washington. He says:

"Mark Hatmaker has changed the way that I train my men to fight. When I was setting up my hand-to-hand combat program I researched many so-called reality fighting systems. All of them failed our requirements except Mark's. His simple yet extremely effective moves negate your opponent's size, strength, and ability advantage."

Or Michael Fost, a 37 year old Zoo Keeper from Lilbum, Georgia:

"Mark's instruction is top-of-the-line. He gives every last detail of each move and shows how the move would be used. There is no "fluff" in his instruction. Just non-stop techniques from every needed angle."

Or Joey Hixon from Rayville, Louisiana. He said:

"Mark is one of the most outstanding instructors I have ever met. He is to the point and very easy to follow. I am limited in my knowledge, but Mark made it easy to understand. For the past few months I have been training in my home with a few close friends using Hatmaker's videos and would recommend his material to anyone of any skill level."

Or Dennis Hill who wrote:

"I purchased Mark Hatmaker's Extreme Boxing videos and they are great. I was looking for a simpler but effective striking style. I certainly found it with Mark's instruction. Keep up the great job!"

I could go on for another two hours. There's a lot more just like these.

What are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose and ton's of information to gain. Go ahead and hit the "Yes" button now. I'll see you inside.