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Combat Training!

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Dear Hotlist Member:

If you're interested in an easy and extremely effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the most common armed attacks, then this may be the most important message you ever receive.

Because today, more than ever before, you and your family face the real threat of becoming victims of an armed assault.

You've seen the news. It's getting absolutely nuts out there.

Which is why I've just arranged for you and other hotlist members to get a killer deal on my most popular IIIA Level Bullet-Stopper Inserts.

The TRS Bullet Stopper insert fits discreetly into just about any backpack or bookbag or tactical vest, inside a briefcase or sewn directly into a jacket if that's what you want to do.

The insert is super lightweight -- less than one and a half pounds -- and yet it's so powerful and effective it can actually stop multiple close-quarter shots from any handgun on earth.

Yes, even a Dirty Harry .44 magnum!

It's constructed from high-quality ballistic Aramid material sewn neatly inside a rip stop nylon pouch. And unlike most other inserts, it's longer, providing you up to 25% more coverage to protect your liver and kidneys.

Because I don't know about you, but I like my liver and kidneys.

Plus there's a combat training DVD package to show you exactly how to deal with an active shooter or shooters...

That I want you to have
for FREE!

It's my gift to YOU.

Because frankly there's more to protecting yourself against an armed attack than just having ballistic cover.

I mean for pete's sake -- even though they're protected with bullet proof material -- we wouldn't dream of throwing our Special Forces into combat without training.

Same goes for you.

Look, I'm hoping you're never actually faced with an active shooter bent on killing you. But if it hits the fan, or you somehow end up in a crossfire situation like so many other Americans recently have...

You'll not only have a way to stop bullets,
but you'll also have some
serious skills up your sleeve!

Like how to make it impossible for him to get a bead on you... or clever escape strategies if you're pinned down... or brutally effective methods to take him out -- sometimes permanently -- using only your bare hands.

This is powerful information. Three solid hours of some intensive combat training from a world-class expert.

Seeing it just once means you'll be as ready as a cocked and loaded weapon -- armed to the teeth with some serious skills that few other men outside the military even know about.

Hi it's Jimbo over here at TRS Direct on behalf of my business partner Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

As you can probably tell I'm pretty excited about our new Bullet Stopper inserts. It all started about a year back when we first launched our now world-famous bulletproof bug-out bag.

Soon after we began receiving emails from hotlist guys all over the country asking if they could simply get the ballistic material all by itself for their tactical vest, or their briefcase or business satchel or a favorite backpack so they could create their own bullet-stopping cover in whatever fashion they wanted.

Well, the TRS Bullet Stopper Insert
finally here!

At 9-½ inches by 15-¼ inches, it's bigger than other inserts. Frankly most soft body armor is meant for the comfort of cops and security guards and guys who have to wear it everyday.

Yes, it can protect their immediate kill zones, but it doesn't protect most of the gut area.

On the other hand...

We designed the TRS
Bullet Stopper
for maximum protection
and coverage!

It's specifically for a guy who wants serious bullet-stopping power in case of a social upheaval or a sudden emergency.

The longer size means coverage from the upper lungs all the way down to the kidneys which many standard inserts leave exposed and vulnerable.

Yes, you could survive a bullet to the liver -- if you get immediate medical attention. But in a full blown crisis or meltdown or in the middle of a survival situation...

Getting wounded isn't
an option!

First of all, you can forget about a medi-vac to the hospital. But more importantly, your family will be left on their own without your protection.

And obviously you don't want that. Get the longer insert to protect more of your vital organs. If you've already got a smaller insert -- I'd encourage to get something larger, like this, for better coverage.

The TRS Bullet Stopper is very flexible and lightweight allowing you to still move around very comfortably.

Okay... let's talk about the Aramid... the material that actually stops the bullets.

This is the material of choice in soft body armor.

It's field-tested and proven to save lives!

There's a lot of cops and security forces that owe their lives to this stuff because IIIA soft body armor can stop a bullet fired from virtually any handgun or shotgun, which -- according to the FBI -- are responsible for nearly 97% of all gunshot deaths.

And we purposely stayed away from using the cheaper polyethylene body armor -- also known as UHMWPE -- because frankly that material doesn't have a good track record.

It's been shown to weaken over time and severely degrade when exposed to heat -- like inside the trunk of your car for example.

I'm guessing you wouldn't
want to bet the lives
of yourself and your loved ones
on a cheap insert
that may or may not work just
when you need it!

You want something top quality -- absolutely stable and proven -- like Aramid.

It's becoming difficult for businesses like us to get a hold of Aramid these days because it's time consuming to manufacture, but the higher quality and reliability make the effort well worth it.

The TRS Bullet Stopper is neatly covered with a flat-black rip-stop nylon cover. I've seen companies selling the loose Aramid material all by itself. You don't want that either.

The best inserts keep the layers of Aramid contained inside a thick high-quality non-rip nylon cover.

Again, my advice is that you not skimp and take chances with the loose material if your goal is to stop bullets and save the lives of people you love.

The TRS Bullet Stopper is easily hidden and inconspicuous too. Completely covert. In a backpack or briefcase it looks like part of the lining, so it blends in, doesn't stick out or draw attention.

There are no wild logos or anything announcing that this is ballistic material. There's no metal so it won't set off alarms. Meaning you can carry this bag anywhere with total confidence...

Even Through
An Airport!

It's not illegal and nobody will be the wiser.

And I tested out this ballistic insert myself on the shooting range -- with help from a former Green Beret combat vet.

We used just one insert, never replaced it, just to see how much punishment this thing could actually take. We shot the hell out it with a .22 LR... a .380 ACP... a .45 ACP... a 12-gauge shotgun... even yes even a .44 magnum.

Dozens and dozens of rounds pumped into it, and in the end...

Nothing ever got through it.

This super durable NIJ IIIA Body Armor stopped everything.

It's the highest level of protection you can get in soft body armor. It's what's experts choose for high-risk situations because it's so effective.

Plus it minimizes blunt trauma injury by absorbing and dispersing the energy. Means you won't be left dazed and confused from the impact, allowing you to keep a clear head, stay behind your cover and plan your escape or even to take the fight directly back to the enemy. You got more options that you may think!

Because most people...

Freeze up, panic and make
the wrong decisions
when the bullets start flying!

That's understandable. Almost no one outside the military has been trained on what to do when you're facing down an active shooter bent on killing.

Which is exactly why I'm also including my now famous American Tactical Survival instruction...

...for FREE!

This DVD set is jam-packed with military combat secrets specifically designed to protect civilians like you from the recent craze of insane gunmen shooting up concerts, night clubs, school yards, and places of employment.

Your instructor, the expert who'll teach you everything, is SGT Jim Wagner. Here he is on the cover of "Black Belt" Magazine (for the second time).

This guy has an amazing record.

A counter-terrorist expert (he's been on 146 missions), who taught and trained the world's most dangerous fighters including the:

  • U.S. Marines...
  • U.S. Army units...
  • U.S. Air Force Security Forces...
  • German GSG9 Elite Special Forces...
  • Israeli Defense Forces...

And the list goes on. The U.S. Navy... Finland's National Police Academy... the DEA... U.S. Border Patrol -- and more.

It seems almost impossible
that I'm talking about
ONE man here.

But I am. I'd need another 2 hours to give you a full list of his accomplishments.

Point is, you're in good hands with Sgt Wagner. This guy really knows his stuff.

And the exciting thing is that you'll discover the exact same "reality-based" system taught to elite Special Forces around the world. It's so easy... so quick... and so powerful that:

  • Each "concept" takes just two minutes to learn and almost no time to train.
  • It's practically impossible to forget. There are no kicks... punches... or "moves" that need to be "memorized" at all...
  • And there's no need to be in shape or have any military or martial arts training whatsoever. This is all straight to the point and easy to learn. It's no wonder why busy military guys absolutely LOVE this (and why YOU will too).

You'll discover:

  • First, why it's often very easy to attack and eliminate a crazed gunman. Wagner shows simple "ambush" techniques that'll take him out of the game (sometimes permanently).
  • Next, you'll discover why practically every martial arts is completely WRONG about how it trains for an armed opponent (most of this "dojo stuff" will get you killed). Learn the simple, fast, and easy methods to winning in actual "real-world" armed combat (forget about the crap you've seen on TV).
  • You'll also learn the easy secret to not allowing anyone to draw a gun or rifle bead on you (very nifty), making you practically untouchable -- even against an expert marksman.
  • Why there's really only THREE standing positions an opponent can possibly take, and how this simple fact can put you in total command -- even if your opponent is armed to the teeth! (It's what the Israeli's call "Kadeema"). Simple stuff that really works.
  • The easy "zig-zag", "button hook", and "crisscross" maneuvers that are extremely effective -- even against a "spray and pray" shooter with a fully automatic weapon. (SGT Wagner has actually used these techniques in the field... where it counts!).
  • Why understanding a weird little fact about rifles can give you a 30-35 foot jump on your enemy. It's a simple secret combat soldiers use to get their ass out of a "hot-zone" fast.
  • The simple secret to walking-away unscathed from a pipe-bomb or grenade attack -- even if it's detonated right at your feet! An incredibly effective trick known only by elite Special Forces (until now).
  • A point to point "kill zone run" that is the key to escaping right from under a gunman's nose with minimal risk (it relies on a little known fact about human reaction time).
  • A very cool "door-dash" secret super-effective for office shootings. It's the exact opposite of what you'd think -- which makes this a wildly effective (and a huge "ah-ha" experience for you).
  • 4 simple "noise discipline" tactics to avoid giving away your position while you wait for your chance to launch a vicious counter-attack.
  • What to do if you're cornered, including highly effective (and simple) surprise attacks... disarms (unlike anything you've ever learned before)... instant knockout moves... and how to quickly turn the tables on the enemy and become the aggressor. Vicious stuff that the enemy won't be expecting.

And a lot more.

Like an easy three-step process to pop-up off the ground (because you never want to be on the ground)... a simple "flip flop" knee-busting move that'll "knock out his wheels" if you do get stuck on the ground... how "talking with your hands" can have you in a attack-ready position without the enemy suspecting a thing... and tons more.

And I'm just scratching
the surface here!

Best part... this American Tactical Survival DVD package -- over 3 HOURS of simple, cutting edge, unique instruction from the world's most accomplished counterterrorist expert -- is yours for FREE when you check out one of my Bullet Stopper inserts.

It's sold for $197 all over the world so you're getting one heck of a free bonus here. These are the same secrets used by Special Forces soldiers to combat the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIS!

It doesn't just get any
better than this!

Look... I hope to God you never find yourself in a situation where you gotta use this stuff. But it's much better to be prepared just in case.

Makes you the go-to guy. While others are losing their heads and panicking you'll remain cool and in charge because you'll be armed with the know-how that you need to save lives and even take-out an attacker.

Here's what you need to do right now in order to get your hands on a TRS Bullet Stopper insert with the free American Tactical Survival DVD package.

Just get your credit ready and click the "Yes" button below.

The regular price for a single TRS Concealable Bullet Stopper Insert is just $199. Check around -- that is a darn good price for a large 9-½ by 15-¼ inch insert enclosed and protected with a sturdy rip-stop nylon cover.

But because you're a hotlist member and because you've likely got multiple family members to protect, you can get this Bullet Stopper insert for as low as $109.

That is a rock bottom price
for an insert of this quality!

But hold on... your purchase price is covered with a 100% money back guarantee. If your buddies aren't once again blown away that you're somehow always getting your hands on the coolest stuff...

...and if you and your family aren't feeling more safe and secure, in fact if you're not happy for any reason, even no reason, then simply return the insert for a fast and prompt refund, but...

Keep the American
Tactical Survival DVD package
as my gift
to you just for
your trouble!

Again, this DVD package normally sells for $197 -- but it's yours to keep no matter what -- even if you take advantage of that generous money-back guarantee.

But you must hurry!

I've only got 500 inserts to go around. And, like I said, Aramid is difficult to get a hold of, so I just don't know how long it'll be before my next batch of inserts arrive. Could be a few months.

Another thing...

There are only 100 Bullet Stopper kits that include the free American Tactical Survival DVD package. I dunno how long they'll last. Maybe until next week. Maybe as soon as end of day today. I honestly don't know.

But when they're gone, that's it. After that the price of the DVD bonus goes back up to $197.

Don't let that happen. Especially because you can get it right now for free.

So click on the "Yes" button now and get an amazing risk-free price on one the best quality ballistic inserts on the planet along with that complimentary American Tactical Survival DVD package.

This is Jimbo, signing off.

But before I go, please allow me to recap what'll happen when you click on the "Yes" button now.

  1. I'll rush ship your TRS Bullet Stopper Inserts. Very handy. Can be slipped into a backpack, briefcase, tactical vest, sewn into a shirt or coat for instant IIIA Level protection against any handgun or shotgun.
  2. As a hotlist member you'll get a full $70 off the regular price for the first unit, and added steep discounts if you order 2 or 4 units.
  3. You'll get a ONE YEAR money-back guarantee on your purchase price.
  4. You'll receive that American Tactical Survival DVD package -- 3 hours of simple, easy-to-learn and intensive instruction on effective military level responses to an active shooter all taught to you by a counter-terrorist expert.

    These are Special Forces secrets virtually unknown to civilians. It means you'll know exactly what to do if, heaven forbid, you're ever confronted by an active shooter.

    This DVD set normally retails for $197, but it's yours to keep, even if you return the Bullet Stopper Insert for a full refund.

But you must act right away.

There are only 500 inserts to go around and it will probably be a while before my next shipment arrives.

Plus there are only 100 packages that contain the free American Tactical Survival DVD package. When they're gone, this bonus will no longer be free and I'll remove all references to it here -- although this instruction will still be available for $197 on my main website.

There are a lot of
good reasons
to do
this right now!

A killer price, a gold plated one-year guarantee, and an amazing free bonus that'll make you as prepared and knowledgeable as any special forces commando -- worth $197 but yours to keep as my gift to you.

I just don't know how I could make it any easier for you and the rest of my hotlist to get this level of protection into your hands.

So hit the "Yes" button now, and I'll see you inside.