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in technology..."

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Is Inexpensive...
Extremely Effective...
and EASY For Average
Folks To Sweep For...

  • Hidden Cameras...
  • Listening "Bugs"...
  • Tracking Devices...

Dear Hotlist Member:

How safe do YOU feel in today's "wired" society -- where sex creeps... government snoopers... business competitors... and anyone with a grudge can easily...

Hurt and humiliate
you and your family!

It's becoming shockingly common. Average folks being spied on with wireless cameras... audio listening devices... small GPS trackers... and other electronic spy gear being secretly hidden inside of...

  • Hotel Rooms...
  • Business Offices...
  • Vacation Rentals...
  • Dressing Rooms...
  • Bathrooms...
  • Tanning salon...

The list is endless. It's gotten so you can no longer assume privacy no matter where you are -- even in your own car or home -- without wondering if someone is listening-in or watching you.

But there's a simple solution!

It's called the TRS K-18 "Bug-Buster". This will put your mind at ease... when traveling... in ultra-private meetings... or even inside your own castle -- because it's so easy to use and works so fast.

This high-tech K18 rechargeable unit may look complicated, but it's actually quite simple and can quickly root out:

  • Surveillance and hidden wireless pinhole cameras...
  • Secret listening devices...
  • GPS car trackers...
  • Mobile phone undercover software...

I love it because -- for me -- it gives me a sense of security anytime I travel. In hotel rooms, or AirBNB rentals or even business conference rooms where a fast sweep prevents sensitive secrets from falling into the hands of my competitors.

Or heaven forbid the government, who have been dying to shut me down for years.

Here's what makes the TRS K18 "Bug-Buster" so special:

  • Works FAST. Turn it on and sweep for audio bugs, hidden cameras, tracking devices and more. That simple.
  • Picks up commercial bug broadcasting in the most common frequency ranges of 1 MHz to 8 MHz, making this a very effective wireless RF bug sweeper... whether your adversary is a rookie using something as simple as a standard baby monitor... all the way up to a pro agent with super-sophisticated wireless security gear. Doesn't matter, the K-18 Bug Buster finds them all.
  • Advanced German technology detects SIM card tracking signals and 2G, 3G and 4G cellular devices and fully meets or exceeds military and law enforcement requirements. Finally makes it easy for average people to secure their own private space.
  • The unit has a much broader frequency detection range than other units while also capable of avoiding everyday electronic interference -- making the K-18 hyper-sensitive and yet so much more effective (and accurate) than other detectors of it's kind.
  • A dynamic adjustment knob and advanced CDMA technology can pick-up on extremely low transmitting power signals that conventional radio detectors cannot. Which means even the most sophisticated spy equipment can't hide from the K-18.
  • The circular red LED light emitter detects the smallest self-contained pinhole camera lenses -- even when they're not transmitting. This is yet another means to foil even the most clever surveillance.
  • Detects magnetically mounted devices -- the most common way snoopers mount their spy equipment, (especially tracking devices which used to be difficult to detect because they don't transmit until activated or "pinged").
  • The run time is 5 hours. Takes just 2 or 3 hours to charge. Includes a USB wall socket and charging cable. So you have everything you need to get started immediately.

I could go on and on and tell you tons more about the TRS K18 Bug-Buster, but I won't bother because the unit also includes a written guide -- and an instructional video.

This video walks you through
all the functions, Step-By-Step.

It's very simple. Even if you think you're the most technology-challenged guy on earth you'll still find this easy to use. The short video shows you all the features and how they work. Very easy, whether you're into spy equipment or not.

Finally, average Americans like you have a way to quickly and effectively detect even the most sophisticated spy and tracking equipment -- stuff that's becoming all too common and invasive in our society.

Here's how you can get your hands on this amazing TRS K-18 "Bug-Buster" right now. Just click the "Yes" button below. Do that now.

The price of the TRS K-18 'Bug Buster' is just $49.

That's an automatic $30 off the top because you're a hotlist member.

Considering the sophistication of the unit and all it can do -- including providing you with a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that you've reclaimed your privacy -- it's an amazing bargain.

But you don't risk a penny of that purchase price since it's all covered by my...

Solid-gold risk-free guarantee!

If you aren't happy for any reason, even NO reason, just return the unit for a full and prompt refund.

But hold on… there’s also a valuable FREE BONUS!

It’s a simple and easy-to-use guide that shows you…

How to become a human lie detector!

This is very cool because you’re about to learn, with a great deal of certainty, how to tell if someone is lying to you or telling you the truth.

Here’s just a taste of what you’re about to discover:

  • First: What his eyes are telling you. There’s no guesswork here. It’s all pure science that can be more accurate than even a polygraph test. Because there are 6 specific kinds of eye movements that indicate which part of his brain your subject is accessing. This is how you’ll know for certain whether he’s creating a story from thin air, or drawing upon true memories. It’s so simple and yet so profound, because once you know this…

It becomes shockingly
easy to read someone!

  • Also you’ll learn how to detect lies through body language, including face gestures, and how the hands move.
  • You’ll also learn to watch his feet and leg movements. Because the feet and legs are the furthest away from the brain and therefore difficult for him to consciously keep under control, giving you another powerful way to read what’s going on in his head.
  • You’ll also discover how to tell if someone is being deceptive through their handwriting -- advanced techniques so far only understood by law enforcement and military interrogators.
  • You’ll also learn about polygraph testing. Okay… now most people understand that it’s about measuring heart rate and perspiration, but this guide goes much deeper, giving you insight on the difference between control questions and irrelevant questions and exactly how they are combined to create a baseline. You’ll understand the lie detection process better than almost everyone else.
  • How to prepare for a polygraph test yourself, just in case you find yourself under the hot lights and on the wrong side of the detector.

These are tricks to passing a lie detector test --
whether you’re telling the truth or not!

  • Discover simple interrogation tricks just in case you’re forced to draw vital intel out of a subject. Like “behavior-provoking” questions to elicit a response, any response, from a subject who’s shut down. You can then use your lie detection skills to analyze what they’re saying and if they’re telling you the truth.
  • “Positive Confrontation” tactics to draw information from a subject by presenting him with moral justification. This is a very clever way to get information without even scaring or upsetting your subject. In fact, they will have no idea you’re milking vital intel out of them.

There’s a lot more here too.

Like multiple tricks to overcoming objections… why focusing on a theme will draw out the truth much faster than any threat of punishment… how to use physical distance between you and the subject to elicit an honest response… a very nifty tactic called the “alternative question” in which a dishonest subject entraps himself…

… and so much more.

In a very short period of time, you will literally become a HUMAN LIE DETECTOR. It’s powerful information that few people know. You’ll be one of the few.

Best of all, I will send you the link to this special report the second you formally request to receive a K-18 Bug Detector.

That’s right…

The amazing “Human Lie Detector” guide is yours for FREE!

That's a pretty amazing deal, wouldn’t you agree?

But you must hurry.

I am only including this free Lie Detection report in the first 177 packages. It’s a kind of ethical “bribe” to kick start some buzz and get people talking about the K-18 and the extra-fair treatment you’ve been shown here.

But after these 177 guides are gone, I will pull all references to it and you'll probably never hear about it again.

There are still plenty to go around if you act now.

Like right now.

So click on the "Yes" button below and let's get started.

But before I sign off, allow me to do a quick recap of everything you'll receive when you hit the "Yes" button now.

  1. The TRS K-18 "Bug Buster". It's stunning technology that allows you to detect even the most sophisticated audio bugs, hidden pinhole cameras, GPS tracking devices, and more. Simple to use and comes with written and video instruction to make things even more simple.
  2. $30 Discount right off the top! (This is for hotlist members only).
  3. A ONE YEAR guarantee. Use it for quick sweeps of locations where you want complete privacy... hotel rooms, AirBNBs, conference rooms, your car, your own home, and more. If you're not thrilled, just return for a fast and prompt refund.
  4. Human Lie Detector Guide. This is yours for FREE. I’ll send you the link the instant you request a K-18. It’s yours to KEEP, even if later decide to return the K-18 package for a full and prompt refund.

It’s an amazing deal. But you must act fast to get in on all this.

I'm only including the free Human Lie Detector Guide with the first 177 packages. After that, you won't hear about it again.

So hit the "Yes" button now.

You’re taking no chances what-so-ever and the Lie Detector Guide is yours forever as a “thank you”, just for checking this out.

I'll see you inside.