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Here's A Secret 'Neck-
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Dear Hotlist Member:

With your permission and with complete regard for your privacy I will now rush you this gorgeous genuine leather Neck Whip with a quick-release magnetic clasp...


This black braided leather beauty is durable and beefy and can be worn everyday, anywhere on the planet, without suspicion. As an attractive, dignified and manly accessory, it's sure to draw plenty of compliments.

But little do they know that...

It's also secretly a
combat weapon!

It's capable of instantly delivering shock, awe, and devastation on anyone who dares threaten you or your loved ones.

I'll tell you more about it in just a second.

You're gonna like this because it clandestinely adds yet another layer of security and confidence to your life, allowing you to walk the streets without fear.

And again... this awesome Neck Whip is a complimentary gift...

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But this free offer has a time limit, so if you're interested in a covert way to be always armed and ready, then please listen carefully.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

For over 30 years now we've been delivering the goods, showing average guys like you simplified personal combat techniques that really work in the REAL world, which is the only place that counts.

We call in the experts, like Navy SEALS, DELTA Operatives, pit fighters, infamous street brawlers and the like... pay them a boatload of money... and get them to reveal their most simple, easy to learn and devastatingly effective combat shortcuts.

Stuff that'll end a confrontation in a couple seconds, with you on top and returning back home safe and sound.

That's why this is so
important to you!

You're about to discover -- in less than one hour and with a respected expert as your guide -- the simple steps to mastering the lost art of using flexible weapons -- specifically this Neck Whip -- to defend yourself and your loved ones.

We're talking everything from a stunning non-lethal shot that allows you to escape all the way to a vicious flailing beatdown that leaves your opponent a bleeding pile of beef -- stunned, cowering, at your mercy, and wishing to God that he'd never messed with you in the first place.

Doesn't matter how
big or strong he
is either!

Your Neck Whip more than levels the playing field, meaning you're calling the shots. You're in control.

The magnetic clasp was cleverly designed to allow the whip to be pulled off your neck in a flash with one easy tug suddenly giving you a very wicked flexible weapon and an instant, almost unfair advantage.

Okay... this isn't a new concept. You're probably already familiar with the Bullwhip of the American cowboy... or the Japanese nunchucks made famous by Bruce Lee... or the steel chains of the 5-points gangs of New York.

These are all brutally effective flexible weapons proven in actual combat to kill, maim, hold off multiple attackers, or to simply to deliver mind-numbing pain.

Flexible weapons work, period. In fact, they have a category of their very own in most major martial arts forms.

Problem is, if you're like most guys...

You just don't
understand the art of
using flexible
weapons in combat!

If you've ever tried to use nunchucks you know what I'm talking about. And who has years to figure out the art form in some dojo?

Well, here's the the good news: Learning to use this new Neck Whip to deliver massive, powerful, devastating shots is actually EASY, once you know a few key secrets.

Secrets that you'll discover on a DVD program we've just released. It's called "Neck Whip Combat Secrets".

Your teacher, the guy who'll walk you through everything, is Mark Hatmaker -- a FightFast instructor for over two decades now.

I gotta say, I'm proud
to call this guy
my friend!

He's in his 50s now, but he's built like a 25-year-old streetfighter. Here's a photo of him taken a few months back at a Spartan event.

Yeah this guy's the real deal.

He lives, eats and breathes ring and street boxing, old school submission wrestling, the rough-and-tumble techniques of frontiersman and the American Indian and -- for the last 40 years -- has been laser-focused on systems and tactics verified and proven on the streets.

He employs the same mindset that made Bruce Lee one of the most respected and feared fighters in the world. If a technique worked, he used it. If it didn't, he tossed it.

Mark operates under this same mindset. Which is why he's such a big fan of the Neck Whip.

It's viciously-Effective
in the street... period!

Gives you the element of surprise, provides you a huge reach advantage, and of course is capable of inflicting serious damage.

What more can you ask for?

Mark is also the author of more than a dozen books in the field of boxing mastery, reality-based street defense, and the art of applying killer submissions.

He's produced and has been featured in more than 200 instructional videos and is currently a writer for Black Belt magazine and a contributor to many other martial publications.

This dude is not only
a warrior,
but he's
one of the best
teachers on the planet!

He's personally taught thousands of students. Bottom line: You couldn't be in better hands. You're learning from one of the best.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover from Mark on this DVD package.

  • The advanced fundamentals of drawing the Neck Whip -- from both under and over a shirt -- with maximum speed and agility. (It's actually quite shocking how fast this weapon can be drawn into play once you know the right technique.)
  • Mark also shows you the proper iron-grip for fast deployment and offensive ready position.
  • A small but important "twist move" that's one of the most important elements to brutal show-stopping strikes. This is how anyone, even tiny women and children or older guys, can effortlessly add enormous striking power to each blow while at the same time avoiding any nasty recoil. Mark explains it all, including how to properly strike in both right and left directions, simple footwork tips and more. But I swear learning this one twisting trick will prove to be your biggest 'ah-ha' moment on the entire DVD.
  • Another thing, you'll learn the one move that transforms your Neck Whip into what Mark calls, the "Iron Band". This is all about proper speed, momentum and arc. Mark explains it all in detail. As strange as it sounds, this is how to make your whip a rigid striking tool. Easy once you see how it's done.
  • Also, why it's actually foolish to entangle or "rope" your opponent's limbs, especially if he's armed. This is taught in a lot of dojos, but it's actually dangerous and dead wrong and could get you hurt or killed. Again, forget about stuff that doesn't work. Mark shows you a much quicker and more clever method to end it fast, on your terms.

There's also a section on simple flexible weapons tricks and tactics for use in an actual confrontation. This is where the rubber meets the road and where your Neck Whip is suddenly doing it's job to protect you.

It's in this section where you'll discover:

  • The only two major combat strategies you'll really want to consider. Because in the heat of battle you don't want to be scratching your chin pondering tactics. No, the trick is to keep it simple so your mind is focused. You'll discover two easy tripwire decisions that ultimately determine how you'll control the fight -- your way.
  • A detailed list of which 5 targets are most vulnerable to the Neck Whip and how to use an "offensive pyramid" to deliver forceful strikes to those targets with incredible consistency and accuracy.
  • The only four striking patterns you need to know, including The Lead Overhand Circle, The Cross Overhand Circle, The Downward Figure 8 and the Upward Figure 8. Many martial arts are too complex and dogmatic on this subject, which is unnecessary. Just nail down these 4 simple angles of attack -- and it won't take long -- and you'll quickly master the Neck Whip, or any flexible weapon for that matter, in a way that's far more powerful and efficient. (Again, this is about simplicity. Not a bunch of fluff that will be forgotten anyway in the first seconds of a fight.)
  • The two different lead-hand ready stances that leave your off-hand free to engage while masking the Neck Whip from sight. This is perfect for times when you know trouble is brewing and want to deliver an ultimate surprise and shock on your opponent.
  • Three simple recovery moves to deal with rebounds and dead-stops, which can happen in combat, depending on if you hit a soft or hard target. Knowing exactly what to expect and what to do about it means staying on top the ball, either retracting back to a safer stance-ready position or forward with quick repetitive strikes to keep your opponent back on his heels and panicking. This is cool stuff that puts you in command of the situation at all times.

Also, Mark devotes a lot of his substantial brain-power into teaching you simple drills and training methods that will get you up to speed fast.

In this section you'll discover:

  • Why you should actually strike targets during practice instead of simply whipping the air. Here's a hint: A shadow boxer is not really learning how to box. You gotta hit stuff. And this one tip means YOU will be far more prepared with knowledge on how actually deliver accurate massive blows.
  • How to train solo on a heavy-bag or a dummy, a roll of carpet, a wooden post, or even a tree trunk -- using pre-set patterns to develop proper mechanics and to ultimately control the recoil. It doesn't take long for these specific patterns and combinations to start sinking into your muscle memory and it's how you'll be able to react with cat-like reflexes when -- heaven forbid -- crunch time actually hits.
  • Why practicing using any safety equipment other than safety glasses, actually leaves your training at a serious disadvantage. Sounds weird, but Mark explains why. You may be shocked, but it's expert advice that means you'll be ready when others are not.
  • Fun ways to train with a partner to dramatically decrease your reaction time while avoiding the false sense of security that can come with training on stationary targets. Mark even shows you a simple replacement whip to keep it all safe too. Believe me, your training partner will thank you for this idea.
  • Three simple ways to avoid the "bite" -- or recoil -- when using your neck whip. This is where the instruction really pays for itself because you'll suddenly see how to deliver brutal punishment without the risk of receiving "blow-back". This is advanced know-how that very few people outside of the world of martial arts understand. You'll be one of the few.
  • Discover the step-by-step way to build your skills and speed. It doesn't take long, and if you follow this simple methodical process to working your way up the ladder, you'll shock family, friends, everyone around you, probably even yourself, on how blazing fast and vicious you can be with this Neck Whip.
  • Why you should forget about silly thrusting moves and worthless trapping techniques taught by so many martial arts studios. These are fancy defensive moves that look awful pretty in the dojo but don't work in the real world. Mark insisted on showing you ONLY what would work in the real world. Your Neck Whip is designed to be an offensive weapon, one that will end any confrontation quickly without any complex moves that go south in real combat. What you'll discover is proven stuff that actually works -- and Mark keeps it all simple.

Look... I'm just scratching the surface here, there's so much more.

Like how to create your own improvised flexible weapons from just about anything found lying around including, believe it or not, your own shoelaces...

...advanced whip parries... a stun and run technique to inflict maximum damage before getting the hell out... free-form entries that'll leave your opponent confused and guessing... very sneaky circling combinations... and a lot, lot more.

The total run time of the DVD is 106 minutes. But the real meat of it -- stuff to get you up and running -- you can pick up in less than an hour.

And it's this instruction that will transform your Neck Whip from a simple and innocent-looking decoration into a shocking combat weapon that can instantly deliver mind-blowing punishment on any thug who may have wrongly pegged you or your family as an easy mark.

Big mistake. A lesson he won't soon forget.

Interested? Good. Here's how you can get your hands on this Neck Whip package right now.

Just hit the "Yes" button. Do that right away.

Like I said, the genuine leather braided Neck Whip with the unique custom designed quick-release magnetic clasp -- a $69 value -- is yours FREE.

You can get it in any color you want, as long as it's black!

The normal price for the DVD is just $69.

So the full package, the Neck Whip and the ‘How-To' DVD, is a combined value of $138!

But you as a hotlist member, you won't pay anywhere near that.

You see, we're just trying to get the word out about this new product -- just to see if there's as much interest in this as we think there will be.

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But you don't risk a penny of that purchase price, because it's completely covered by a generous ONE-YEAR 100% money back guarantee!

So if you don't feel a new surge of confidence the moment you put this beauty on... if you're not suddenly walking the streets without fear, able to face-down silly confrontations with a smile...

...knowing deep down that any opponent of any size is in way more trouble than he may think because there's a very nasty clandestine weapon hiding in plain sight right at your fingertips... fact, if you don't like this for any reason, even NO reason, then just return the DVD for a full and fast refund, but...

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