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The Big Bad-Ass Knife That
Can Be Hidden Anywhere!

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Dear Hotlist Member:

I've got something here straight out of a spy novel or a Hollywood detective movie...

Except This Is For Real!

Here's what's up:

FightFast has just developed a gorgeous foot-long fixed blade knife with a unique harness and clutch sheath that allows you to safely mount this beast out of sight just about anywhere — vertically, horizontally, upside-down, sideways, in any position in any location where you may need instant access to a fearsome piece of weapon... beneath your dashboard, or under a table top, or stuck to the backside of your night stand, under the desk in your shop, or a thousand other handy locations.

Just a matter of grabbing the handle and pulling.

Suddenly the tables are turned and you have just become the most feared and dangerous guy in the room.

And as a hotlist member, I now want you to try this out for yourself...

...for Free If You'd Like!

It's called the TRS Ranger. We nicknamed it "The Hichhiker".

If you've ever wanted a big, nasty badass knife that can be used for both utility and to protect yourself and your family, with a way to secretly stash it exactly where you need for instant access then...

This Should Get Your Blood Going!

Your buddies are going to freak out with delight when they see this baby.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast and TRS Survival.

For the last 30 years it's been my job to always be on top of new methods that can keep average guys like you protected in the real world.

In the past, we produced a lot of gun training because, let's face it, a gun is a damn effective defense weapon.

But the fact is, a knife can actually be more effective than a gun. Here's what I mean by that.

  • First, in close quarters combat a knife can be drawn much quicker than a gun. That's a proven fact.
  • Second, a knife doesn't run out of bullets. Which explains why the U.S. Marines still use bayonets.
  • And third, a knife can be used for a lot of utility purposes around the home and shop and especially outdoors. Hard to trim branches with a gun.

Another thing is that you may simply not want a gun in your home or you just don't have easy access to one when you need it.

I mean, let's take the state of California for example, where my little company is located.

You can't carry a gun in your car or truck unless it's locked away or the ammo secured in a different location. In fact in many states... it's totally illegal to have a loaded gun in your vehicle!

Even in your home—your own castle—you are wide open for serious liability if you don't keep your handgun inaccessible and out of reach at all times.

But let's face it...

Crazed Drug Addicts And Criminal Scumbags
Don't Typically Give You Written Notice Do They?

No. They break into your home when you're asleep. Or smash a window and carjack you at a stop light.

That's how it works in the real world.

You've seen the news. These punks have gotten more brazen and more violent than ever before.

These days they're not happy to just steal your wallet. No they'll burn you with cigarette butts until you give up your PIN number so they can clear your entire bank account.

Against today's kind of heartless and ruthless thugs, you'll be lucky to get away alive. You simply need a weapon. But one that's not ready in an instant and at your fingertips isn't really going to do you much good, is it?

That's why this is so important to you.

That's what make this new Ranger so thrilling to anyone interested in being able to defend themself or loved one in a flash against a lethal threat.

Because the Ranger is not just a big nasty knife...

It's A Big Nasty Knife
You Can Hide Just
About Anywhere!

In any nook or cranny that only YOU know about.

The mounted sheath has a specially engineered leaf spring that holds the blade firm, thus allowing you to mount your Ranger in any position, even upside down.

And yet with just a light tug... the Kraken is released!

It took us a long time to get this right.

This system is actually superior to kydex because a kydex sheath typically has to cover part of all of the handle. The clever leaf-spring design on this Ranger means the handle remains unencumbered and completely exposed for a fast and full grip.

And because the holster also has the military PALS webbing system, it can easily attach to a backpack or a chest rig or a myriad of other equipment that uses the PALS system.

I swear once you get this into your hands, and see for yourself what I'm talking about here...

You Are Going To Be Blown Away!

Word is already out about this new Ranger, and it's generated a lot of buzz among truckers and taxi cab and Uber drivers and good folks who work late hours at gas stations and hotels and convenience stores.

My buddy Paul for example is managing 135 employees at a factory. As you can imagine he's has had to fire a few people in his time — some of whom have gone out of their way to threatened his life.

Disgruntled Employees Are No Joke!

Paul may wear a suit and tie, but he's always ready with a Ranger Hitch-Hiker clandestinely secured within arms reach right under his desktop.

He's got the second mount beneath his dashboard.

That why this is so powerful. One Ranger can have multiple hidden locations whether it's your car, your desk, your home, wherever... because the unique harness system allows you hide the Hitchhiker anywhere where you've placed a mount.

One Knife... Multiple Hiding Places!

I know Paul has experienced the kind of security and peace of mind he hasn't felt in years. You will too.

That's priceless.

Okay... let's take a closer look at this beautiful beast.


The Total Length Of Your Ranger Is Nearly
One Foot!

It's a full-tang design, so the quality stainless steel blade runs the entire length of the knife and even sticks out out the end of handle, allowing you a glass breaker or, what I like to call, a “skull buster”.

Some thug hops into your car uninvited and, boom, this can knock him unconscious in an instant. At the very least it'll convince him he's made a very bad decision — without you having to get lethal with the business end of the blade.

The blade itself is a wicked looking 6-½ inch tanto tip design that's a beefy ¼ inch thick.

That's almost twice as thick as any other comparable knife.

It's coated with a durable black carbonitride coating. That's not a paint. No, it's a permanent part of the blade. Not only protects the steel and allows for smoother slicing, but provides a glare-free camouflaged surface.

Looks Badass Too!

He just won't see it coming... until it's too late.

And yes, as the name implies, the Ranger is absolutely a killing machine... but it's also a very useful utility knife with a generous 2 inches of serration for slicing and hacking its way through tough material like bone and rope and thick branches.

The handle is made from a practically indestructible fiberglass reinforced nylon. This is tough stuff. Won't ever swell or crack. Moisture and chemicals can't hurt it.

It's even fire resistant.

We made the handle big too. A full 5-1/4 inches. Gives you plenty of real estate to grab hold of. Perfect if you've got big fat hands like I do.

It's designed to take the elements, which makes it excellent for hunting and fishing and camping or out on the ranch or on outdoor adventures or even for...

Heaven Forbid,
Survival Situations!

Very comfortable grip. Won't slip from your grasp, even when covered in mud and blood, and the pronounced finger guards protect your hands and fingers even during vigorous hacking, stabbing and slashing.

The entire knife has been balanced to perfection too. Makes it easy to throw and stick from 15 to 20 feet.

Some so-called experts will tell you that throwing a knife isn't the best defense solution in the world, but I'm a big fan.

I mean who could argue that sticking your target from 20 feet is not an effective way to stop a deadly threat. Plus...

Throwing And Sticking Your Ranger
Is Just Plain Fun Too!

I like to have a knife that I can throw if necessary, so I insisted that the Ranger be balanced and tough enough to do exactly that — just in case.

Okay... let's talk about the mounting system for a second. Because...

That's What Makes The Ranger So Different!

You see, there's a flexible and very tough nylon holster that adheres to any flat surface and then fastens to the scabbard with a strap-and-snap system.

Once in place, the hard-case sheath — which is made from the same tough-as-nails fiberglass reinforced nylon as the handle — won't budge. Stays firmly attached to wherever you secured the flexible holster to.

There's a video that walks you through it, so I won't waste your time and explain it all here. The video is free and I'll tell you about it in just a second.

Just know that mounting this is easy and that we provide you everything you'll need.

Very simple, requires no tools and takes less than two minutes. We even give you enough material to create two mounts. Meaning that, for example, you can stow this under your dash, then take the rig into the house and attach it to your night stand.

Goes on and off in seconds. You can of course wear it on your belt too.

And again, inside the sheath there's a clever and very unique leaf spring to hold the knife itself firmly in place. Which means the Ranger will stay put in its sheath in any position under any conditions...

Even Strapped Under Your Dash
An Off-Road
4-Wheeling Adventure!

And the leaf spring is adjustable. So if you want to wear this under your belt buckle in your next bull-riding competition, just tighten up leaf spring a little for a firmer hold.

Won't matter how far that bull throws you or how hard you land... your Ranger won't slip and will remain in place no matter what.

And yet you will always be able to draw the Ranger quickly and easily.

Suddenly that bull's in real trouble, isn't he?

Okay... here's how you can get your very own Ranger Hitch-Hiker right now.

Just hit the "Yes" button below. Do that right away.

The Ranger Is
Perfectly Legal!

At least here in the U.S. And it gives you a serious, almost unfair advantage over anyone stupid enough to threaten your life.

So how much?

Well, again, this is a top quality knife with a very unique holster and draw system. Top shelf material all around. You won't find this anywhere else. This is our own knife. Our own design.

It's not unusual for a custom knife of this caliber to sell for upwards of $500 or more. That's a reasonable price.

But you're a hotlist member. That means something. Namely, you get our best stuff for a price that nobody else can touch.

So This Isn't Anywhere Near $500 For You!

Not $500. Not $400. Not even $200.

Nope, the normal retail price is just $189.

But hold, as a first tier hotlist member you can get the Ranger Hitchhiker right now, as in today, for just...


Yeah... I am getting killed at that price.

That's $140 off an already low retail price.

Plus I'm even throwing in...

Free Shipping And Handling!

As you see our policy here at FightFast is to treat hotlist guys better than everyone else. I may be taking a bath on this one, but once you see how fairly and generously you've been treated here, I'm positive you'll be a customer for life.

That's just good business the way I see it. And treating hotlist guys like gold has kept us thriving in this industry or over 3 decades now.

But hang on, I said you could try this for free if you wanted. I wasn't kidding around. Here's how it works:

When you get this in your hands if you don't feel like you got the deal of a lifetime...

...if your friends aren't shocked and laughing their heads off when you suddenly brandish this from under a table...

...if you don't feel a new surge of confidence, knowing your home and your car and your shop and man cave are...

A Thousand Percent
More Secure...

...and if you don't find this to be an extremely useful utility knife for cutting and chopping and a million other things around the home and yard and on outdoor outings... fact, if you aren't happy for any reason, even no reason, then I insist you return the Ranger — in any condition — for a full and prompt refund.

I'll even give you one full year to make up your mind. That means...

You've Got A Full 12-months To Use
And Abuse This For Free If You Want!

I just don't know of a more generous guarantee than that. Do you? No, it doesn't exist. Only the crazy dudes here at TRS and FightFast dare to risk their necks like this.

Honestly I don't feel like I'm taking much risk at all, since I know you'll love this and will never want to give this up.

But You Must Hurry!

Like I said, the Ranger normally retails for $189. That's the price everyone will pay in 10 days. But for now, I'm letting my best hotlist guys get this incredible Ranger knife and the mounting system...

For An Incredible $140 Off!

So, you see, there's benefits to being on this hotlist.

Click on the Yes button now and let's get started.

Oh, wait... there's that bonus video I mentioned earlier.

Shows you step by step on how best to mount this knife wherever you need it. It's very simple. This is compatible with the PALS webbing system, so you can use that.

Or you can use the alternative iron-grip adhering system we provide you. Allows you put this anywhere, whether you have a PALS webbing system or not.

We show you exactly how it's all done, including a simple demo on how to adjust the leaf-spring tension. This is all very straightforward, so there's no confusion.

Watch it once and you'll get it right the first time, straight out of the chute. This is yours for free. You'll get immediate access to it the second you agree to your risk-free on year trial for the Ranger.

Click on the Yes button now.

Again, you should act fast.

I've Made Up Only 500 Packages At This Price.

When they're gone, that's it, this deal is over. That could happen anytime. And in just 10 days the price goes back to it's regular $189 no matter what.

For a safe life...

Special Project, FightFast/TRS

P.S. Allow me to do a quick recap of everything you'll receive when you hit the yes button now.

  1. You'll get the Ranger knife with the unique mounting system. Means you'll have one big mean knife hidden anywhere you choose, whether that's under your dashboard, or beneath a wall painting near your front door.
  2. As a hotlist member, you're getting a steep discount. $49, That's $140 off the normal retail price. Yeah, it's a little nuts, and it may mean losing my shirt on this, but that's the deal.
  3. You're getting a one year money back guarantee. If you're not tickled pink with this, just return it for a full and prompt refund.
  4. You'll receive FREE shipping and handling.
  5. You will get that how-to video that walks you step by step through all the features of this awesome knife and the mounting system that makes it more unique than anything else out there.

You must admit, this is more than just a generous offer.

But again, you must hurry. There's only 500 Rangers available at that price, so these may be gone as soon as tomorrow. But no matter what happens, it's back to full price in just 10 days from now.

Don't lose your chance at one of these. Hit the Yes button now while this deal is still available.