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The Shocking True Story Behind
How A Retired "Old Man"
Took On And Defeated
A Gang Of 40 Hooligans...
... Using Nothing More Than
A Simple (And Wicked)
"Kukri" Blade.

And Now YOU Can "Test Out" Our NEW
15-Inch FightFast Razor-Back Survival "Kukri"
For Yourself... For FREE If You Want!

Dear Hotlist Member:

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast Central on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

We've got yet another sizzling-hot new survival product that I want you to check out for yourself...

Absolutely Risk FREE!

It's called the FightFast Razor-Back. It's our own design. Our own engineering. And let me tell you, we developed one awesome piece of equipment here.

This marvel can chop firewood, clear brush and thick undergrowth, slaughter game, build a shelter, dig a hidesite, hammer stakes, saw through thick branches or bone... heck even hack down a 50-foot spruce tree if you want!

Of course it's a much feared and respected self-defense weapon too. Let's just say in a hunting, fishing, camping or survival situation...

Nobody's Gonna Mess With The Dude
That's Got THIS Strapped To His Side!

Because the damage it can inflict on an attacker is mind-boggling. And in a second, I'll tell you all about the shocking true story of how a retired gentleman used one of these to take on and defeat 40 thugs.

But before I tell you this intense and grisly story, let's first take a closer look at this gorgeous survival tool.

Here it is.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Right off the bat you'll notice the exoctic inward curved blade. This wasn't an accident or just to make it look cool. No, this is based on what's been PROVEN to work, over the centuries, by the most skilled and feared Gurkha soldiers in India.

Frankly, I'm surprised it took so long for folks on this side of the globe -- especially survivalists and preppers -- to recognize the genius of this design.

It took one rather amazing and brutal incident to finally get everyone's undivided attention.

Maybe You've Heard This Shocking Story Yourself.

It was all over the news a few years back.

Started with a retired army soldier named Bishnu Shrestha. A guy minding his own business on a crowded passenger train in India. Like many retired Gurkha soldiers, Bishnu carried a military issued Kukri strapped to his leg.

It was day like any other. Hot, humid, lots of good folks on their way to work. Or out shopping with their families.

But Then Things Went Haywire.

According to news reports, the train screeched to a halt and forty armed thugs piled on board and began robbing bystanders of jewelry, cell phones, cash, and laptops.

But even in the high drama of that hot afternoon, Bishnu remained cool. Though a highly trained fighter, he saw no reason to be a "hero" against 40 armed lunatics just to save a wrist-watch.

He calmly handed over his own possessions hoping nobody would get hurt.

But then these goons went too far. They pawed and molested a beautiful young girl as they tried to drag her off the train. Bishnu later said...

He Heard His Own Sister's Voice
In The Screams Of That Terrified Girl.

In a blink the Kukri was out.

With terrifying speed and efficiency Bishnu went to work, single handedly dropping eleven of the thugs, many of whom were armed themselves with guns and knives.

But they didn't stand a chance.

The other 29 paused for a moment, then seeing Bishnu hacking his way through their comrades, panicked, dropped the loot, and fled for their pathetic lives.

Police later recovered 200 cell phones, 40 laptops, a large amount of jewelry, and nearly $10,000 in cash.

Most important to Bishnu was that the young girl was not hurt. She was shaken up, but unharmed.

And for one shining moment, Bishnu became a national hero. Received a medal for bravery, and another for gallant conduct.


That News Story Hit FightFast
Like A Freight Train.

We immediately put our team of designers and engineers to work on creating our own version of the kukri.

The idea was to keep the basic blueprint, but improve upon it to make it easier to use and carry as well as a more effective long-term survival tool.

Well, it's been a number of years in development, but the blood, sweat and toil has finally paid off. We just received 500 of these TRS Razorbacks into our warehouse.

It's absolutely gorgeous.

This Isn't Your Standard Kukri...
That's For Sure!

The entire length of the TRS Razorback is a little less than 15 inches. We did that to make it much easier to carry.

We also made the blade a lot thicker. Almost a quarter of an inch thick. Don't be fooled by those cheap kukris with blades thin as sheet metal. You don't want that.

The Razorback is beefy with the heft situated forward to improve your chopping leverage. You can feel it the second you hold this in your hand. Balanced perfectly so that...

The Razorback Does All The Work!

And unlike a large knife or a machete, the center mass and angle of the Razorback actually slices as it chops -- which is why it seems so effortless. Cleaves its way through just about anything and yet feels as if you're barely swinging at all.

It is a brutally effective tool, even in the hands of a tiny woman...

Or A Smaller Guy Who Isn't Blessed
With Size Or Strength.

Makes quick work of trees, brush, firewood, even the butchering of game in a hunting or survival scenario. Far superior to any hatchet or a machete.

And of course as Bishnu recently proved, works like crazy in a self defense situation.

The Razorback is constructed from a super high-quality S50C "soft" carbon steel...

The Same Steel They Use To Make
Top Quality Swords!

It's a lot less brittle than stainless steel, which is why this blade will never split or crack, even when it's sharpened to a razor's edge...

And you're hacking against the rock hard skull of a bull moose.

It's specifically made to endure the most brutal of punishment.

It's versatile too. Use the narrow part of the blade for more detailed work like for removing bark, creating cordage or even intricate woodworking.

Use the heavier and wider end of the blade as an axe or as a small shovel.

The Razorback blade is covered with a black oxide coating. This is not paint. No, it's a permanent part of the blade...

Almost Like A Teflon Coating...
Only A Lot Tougher!

Means your Razor-Back is not only corrosion resistant, but also can glide through a cut like it's slicing soft cheese.

Another thing: Most typical kukri knives have a wooden handle. If you're dealing with rain and mud and weather, that's not good. Wood will only crack and split. You don't want that.

Which is why we equipped your Razor-Back with a grooved Micarta handle. This is an impervious composite of natural fibers and resin.

It's nearly indestructible. Super grip, even when wet or covered in mud or blood. Resistant to harsh chemicals...

Can Even Stand Up To Extreme Heat...
Like If This Fell Into A Camp Fire.

Won't chip or swell or crack, and will literally last for hundreds of years. And unless they bury your Razorback with you, your great-great grandkids will be using this!

And, unlike other kukri knives, the Razorback is full tang, which means the steel runs the full length of the entire knife.

A cheaper knife has a blade that ends at handle. Forget that. It will only snap in half just when you need it most.

Not the Razorback. This will keep going for a lifetime under the most vigorous use.

There's even a lanyard hole in case you want to run a cord through it and strap it to your wrist during heavy duty work or perhaps to hang it up by a nail in your shop or man cave.

Another nifty feature is the square-tooth saw along the spine. Super effective. The alternating...

Milled Shark-Tooth Design
Blazes Through Wood... Like A Chain Saw!

Perfect for those times when chopping isn't practical or when you'd prefer to just rip through material rather than swing the blade.

Nice to have options.

The Razorback also has a built-in a hammer. That's right, no more looking around for a rock to pound in your stakes. The flat pommel is sturdy and wide and made for serious pounding!

And the "no-slip" waffle texture means zero slippage when hammering down nails or dowels or setting snare anchors or whatever.

It's even very handy as a blunt force weapon, just in case you feel merciful and choose not to use the business end of the blade on your opponent.

And there's so much more. The extreme engineering and design ideas built into this makes the FightFast Razorback one of the finest survival knives you will ever own.

If You Had To Choose Just ONE Edged Weapon
To Take Into The Field, This Is It!

The Razorback replaces a hatchet, a bushcraft skinning knife, a bone saw, a tree saw, a hammer, a machete, a combat knife and more -- all in one awesome tool.

Here's How You Can Get One Into
Your Own Hands Right Now.

Just click on the "Yes" button below. Do that now.

Like I said, this is our own design, so you can't find this anywhere else. Only here. But I've seen similar blades out there -- ones that could not even come close to this level of craftsmanship...

Going For Upwards Of $500!

But I'm not asking you for $500.

Not $400.

Not even $200.

Nope, the price for you and a handful of other hotlist members is just... $199. That is a rock bottom price for a survival blade of this insane quality -- and it's $200 less than I'll be asking next month.

But hang on. Like I said...

I'll Even Allow You To Test Drive This...
For FREE If You Want!

Here's how that works.

Get this Razorback into your hands. Take it camping, hunting, fishing, use it to slaughter a charging grizzly. Get it bloody. Get it dirty. Beat it up.

Use the saw. Whittle a spear. Clear some brush. Heck chop down the neighbor's tree that's been dropping leaves in your yard if you want.

See how easily this beauty swings. And how little effort it takes to make child's play out of hard work.

Do That For One Full Year!

If after those 12 full months, or anytime in between, you aren't 100% convinced that this is the most useful survival and self protection tool in your arsenal, if your buddies don't jump back in shock and awe when the see this baby strapped to your leg -- then I insist you send it back -- in ANY condition -- for a full and prompt refund of your purchase price.

Try that anywhere else. Really. Go into your local sportsman shop, grab their finest knife and ask if you can beat it up for a year before deciding whether you'll keep it or not.

You'll Be Lucky If They Don't
Have The Cops Haul You Off.

This is the most generous guarantee in the business.

Take advantage of it now by clicking on the "Yes" button below.

But hold on -- I have something more. For anyone who acts now, I will also include a quick-draw molded nylon sheath specifically designed to snugly fit your Razorback.

This is completely weather proof. Better than leather because it will never swell or tear or fall apart. Better than kydex because it's actually tougher and conforms perfectly to the extreme tolerances we demanded.

It's got a reversal clip that allows you to either mount this to your pack or simply clip to your belt for left and right hand draw -- and blade back or blade forward carry.

There's also a handy adjustable thigh strap that holds the sheath securely in place.

Makes Drawing The Razorback Blazing Fast!

Allows you to walk, run and climb without this flopping around or getting caught up on twigs and branches.

The quick release clip means you can remove the holster without having to remove your belt. And the optional retention safety strap means you secure this beast when it's not in use.

This bad-ass sheath is worth over $40 all by itself...

But I'm Including It For Free.

Wait a minute... it gets even better!

For any member of this special hotlist who orders today, I will also include a vital addition to your package. I call it the Razorback kit bag.

Here's a photo of it:

Here's a photo of it:

This clever tote bag was designed specifically for the Razorback, so it straps easily to the sheath.

Allows you to stash critical survival gear like a space blanket, a micro fishing kit, a fire starter and other vital equipment, so that you're always prepared, no matter what.

Means that if your trusty Razorback was the only thing you manage to grab in an emergency, you'll at least have the essentials.

The Razorback Kit Bag is made from an indestructible weather-resistant non-rip nylon.

The pouch is held closed by a beefy snap.

The slots on the sheath and the velcro straps on the pouch are based on the military PAL system, so you have a standard that allows for multiple other options and accessories if you choose.

Your kit bag straps hold extremely tight and are double stitched, so you'll be able to depend on this no matter what.

Look... the Razorback is probably the most useful high-end survival knife you'll ever own.

If you're anything like me, a guy who loves impressive gadgets that not only come in handy for everyday use, but are fun to show off to friends and could actually save your butt if things ever went south in a big way, then you'll want to check this out.

There's no reason not to.

But There Is One Catch.

We've laid out a lot of money to get this engineered and produced. So that $199 doesn't even begin to cover our costs.

I'm not worried about the guarantee because I know I can trust you to make up your own mind on this. I'm certain that once you get this you'll never want to let it go.

But that low price is only good for only the first 177 Razorbacks. After that, I gotta raise the price to $399 just to make a little money.

I'm sure you understand. I'm just trying to give some of my best hotlist guys a bargain here.

But It Means You Must Act Right Away.

As a hotlist member you're taking no risk by ordering one now. You're getting $200 off what I'll be charging everyone else next month. You've got a full year to have fun with this before deciding if you want to keep it or not, which means you can test drive this for free if you want. Plus you're getting that awesome custom sheath and the handy kit bag to boot.

What's Not To Like?

So click the "Yes" button below now, while there's still time.