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The Shocking True Story Behind
Killing With Your Bare Hands!

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For every red-blooded man who knows it's HIS responsibility to protect himself and his family...

Here is the Amazing True Story
Behind How FightFast
Convinced An Elite Active Duty
Front-Line Special Operative To
Reveal His Most Treasured And
Ultra-Vicious "Kill With Your
Bare Hands
" Combat Secrets To
Average Civilians Like You.

Here is the Amazing True Story Behind How FightFast Convinced An Elite Active Duty Front-Line Special Operative To Reveal His Most Treasured And Ultra-Vicious "Kill With Your Bare Hands" Combat Secrets To Average Civilians Like You.

Dear Hotlist Member:

If you're anything like me -- always seeking out clever new shortcuts to be more prepared, more confident, and better able to defend your own little corner of the world -- with your bare hands if necessary...

...then you're gonna be thrilled with what I'm about to tell you.

Here are some awesome secrets to how average guys with zero fighting skills can instantly dominate, humiliate and defeat larger, stronger, more aggressive attackers -- even multiple opponents -- no matter what your age or big you are.

And the best part is:

I'll Even Allow You To See It All For FREE If You Want...
AND I've Even Placed $50 Into Your Hotlist Account.

I did this just for being an exclusive member of this special list.

More about that in a second.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

We're pretty excited over here.

You see, we managed to land an infamous combat vet -- a special operative who's faced mortal combat everyday... eliminating insurgents and slaughtering bad guys, often times...

Killing With Nothing More Than His Bare Hands!

It's an amazing story.

But what's it got to you with you?

Classified Country-Terrorism Expert Glen Boodry

Well, a lot. Because this true American warrior is about to share with YOU some of his most treasured, simple and devastating hand-to-hand secrets.

His name is Glen Boodry.

Personally I can't believe we convinced such respected expert to fly back to the good ol' US of A and visit our video production facilities between his bloody combat missions.

Honestly, Glen is one of the most polite and well-spoken guys you'll ever meet, but frankly...

This Is One Scary Dude!

And he's one of the most skilled and dangerous fighters in the world.

Don't believe it? Well, I can't blame you, but here's a photo of him overseas. That's Glen on the left.

And the dude on the right he's protecting? That's Hamid Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan.

There's a good reason why military higher ups choose Glen for this ultra dangerous position.

Looking at that automatic weapon he's toting you may think it's because of his expertise with weapons.

That assumption would be...

Dead wrong!

Actually, it's just the opposite.

Yes, he's a weapons expert. But what he's a REAL master at is hand to hand fighting. One of the best on Earth in fact. Especially against multiple attackers.

Okay, you're probably wondering why hand-to-hand fighting is so crucial for protecting a guy like Karzai?

It's because of the continual mob scene that swirls around a public figure like Karzai. It's not like here in the U.S. Folks don't smile, wave flags and snap photos when they see the president.

No. There's a warlord mentality. Over there waves of people, often angry people, are constantly rushing or surging forward in waves trying to grab at the president.

Happens all the time.

As you can imagine, Glen can't just open up on the crowd. No. U.S. military brass doesn't want the international trouble that would come from...

An American Soldier Spraying Hot Lead
Into A Crowd Of Afghan Civilians!

It's why they chose Glen for this position. They wanted a guy who could take on multiple attackers, by hand, without resorting to gun play unless, of course, absolutely necessary.

And that's why this is so important to you.

Because whether you like it or not, YOU are in the same predicament. You can't just light up bad guys on the street with an M4A1 carbine.

No, cops don't like that.

In fact, if you use ANY kind of gun in a street confrontation, even in the most clear-cut case of self-defense...

You Will Almost Certainly STILL Be Going To Jail.

I'm not saying you should allow street punks to walk all over you. No.

But what if you could use some brutally advanced yet simple hand-to-hand skills to END a confrontation in less than a second... without having to resort to lethal force?

Stuff that will instantly humble your attacker. Send him reeling into a world of blinding pain. Put him down, fast, and make obey your every command...

Wishing To God He'd Never Messed With You
In The First Place!

Wouldn't you rather have that? Of course you would. And that's exactly what Glen Boodry's instruction is.

Pure "dominate, control, and kill if necessary" hand-to-hand secrets that you can learn in mere HOURS, and use right away, if you’re forced to.

What makes this instruction so different is that it's all been PROVEN, first hand, over and over again in deadly combat -- in the REAL world.

So it's not some theory of what might work taught to you by some storefront martial artist who's never been in a real balls-out life and death fight before in his life.


This Is What Works!

Proven in the real world, in combat, by a super respected combat soldier.

It's a martial arts DREAM — simple PURE fighting skills that let you dominate anyone of any size or experience, even when you're surprised and facing multiple attackers...

...and all you have to do is WATCH the training to really "get" it down!

It is so simple to learn and master, that soldiers have watched this training in the afternoon... and then USED it to save their lives that evening.

There Are Only A FEW Core Moves!

And they are all natural, instinctive, and based on the "gross motor skills" of your reflexes.

That means there are absolutely ZERO "fancy" moves, or anything you must practice at to get good. You learn these few easy moves, and BAM! You are instantly PURE BAD ASS.

Plus... once you use this new system in combat, there is practically no hand-to-hand moves your opponent can use to effectively counter you.

It's that fool-proof.

It's why the elite forces now battling insurgents and warlords overseas DEPEND on this super-secret system.

As you should know, our guys are desperately OUTNUMBERED every time they leave the compounds... and yet they MUST go out every day into hostile crowds.

So when they say this system is what they RELY on...

You Can Bet Your Life

Look... I've been in this industry for decades. I've seen a lot of things. I can say without hesitation that convincing Glen Boodry to share this material is one of my most thrilling accomplishments.

I had heard rumors about Glen -- all of them turned out to be true -- and managed to hunt him down through my extensive contacts in the secretive world of the U.S. military and "extra-governmental" agencies now involved in counter-terrorism.

Glen's so respected in that community that U.S. Special Forces facing imminent lethal combat now DEMAND to be personally trained by Glen.

Because they know — from deadly experience — that learning these simple fighting secrets WILL save their lives.

For many of the soldiers on the front-front lines of today's WORST combat situations...

Boodry Is The Teacher They RELY On!

He doesn't get to teach very many soldiers what he knows... because when I finally DID contact him, he was still on ACTIVE DUTY. And he gets the choicest and most dangerous assignments every time.

He's one of the military's most elite and trusted combat veterans.

If you need more convincing, here is just a taste of his vast military experience:

First, as you've seen in the photo, he's provided personal protection to Hamid Karzai — the President of Afghanistan. This duty was "Class One" dangerous, with numerous on-going assassination attempts. Glen often had to fight crowds of attackers, without being allowed to kill anyone because of the extreme politics of the situation. So he relied ONLY on this stunningly-effective fighting system he developed, and had to USE it daily.

He's also one of the US Government's top "Classified" counter-terrorism specialists. That got him shipped immediately to the Middle East and straight into the heavy fighting.

But unlike most other Special Forces missions, the military took advantage of Glen's unique hand-to-hand skills, placing him on "hot-duty" missions that involved more hand-to-hand urban fighting than gun play.

He's Considered One Of The Top Specialists
We Have Over There!

Because, among the many martial arts he's mastered, he knows the odd styles of hand-to-hand used by Middle Eastern terrorists. It's NOT karate or ju-jitsu.

Glen also served as a front-line Team Leader for Spec Op units during Operation Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield, and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Worked with Army Spec Op, Navy Special Warfare, Air Force Spec Op, FBI, DEA, DELTA... it goes on and on.

Medals, Citations And Awards Up The Yin-Yang!

It boils down to this: Glen is simply the most sought-after professional soldier/fighter/special operations leader you'll ever meet. And I'm honored he trusted my little company to share with you his most treasured, simple and effective skills.

Because Glen goes WAY beyond any other teacher you'll ever know: After YEARS of bloody hand-to-hand combat in "real world" situations of life-and-death... he learned to REDUCE all martial art skills down to...


Yes, you heard that right. Just a handful of simple and easy to learn techniques.

There are a ton of "wannabe" fighters out there who say they have easy systems to teach you...

But Frankly, They're Lying!

Because, unlike Glen, they've NEVER been able to actually test, perfect, and refine their systems in constant mortal combat.

Glen Boodry is THE man you want to learn from, because he knows that you will ALWAYS be fighting more than just one person at a time... and others may be hiding, or waiting to come at you... so you cannot afford to waste more than a few seconds taking any attacker out.

He knows that ANY "fancy" fighting move will FAIL under the stress of real-world combat. FAIL. There is no artistry in street-level fighting, when your life is on the line against terrorists and enemy combatants.

ALL of your "fine" motor skills and the delicate muscle movements and strikes of formal fighting become...

Numbed-Out And Worthless
When The Adrenaline Starts Flowing!

You need to know basic, animalistic "gross motor skills" to survive and win — the kind of natural, instinctual moves and skills that work no matter how stressed-out you are, or how much pain you're in, or what the situation is.

That's why Boodry's extensive education in martial arts is so important — he's not just "saying" that most of the fancy, hard-to-learn stuff doesn't work in real combat.

He's already PROVED what works and what will get you killed. This guy has blood on his hands, and decades of experience to prove his point.

This is GREAT NEWS for anyone who's been dreaming of a truly effective fighting system that is...

  • Easy to learn fast, because the moves are so simple and basic, and there's no need for practice, no need for formal training, and no need for high-end conditioning.
  • It works no matter what shape you're in — against multiple attackers, armed attackers, and highly-skilled gangs who have ambushed you in the dark. You can be wounded, dizzy, drunk or exhausted... and it STILL works like crazy to take out ANYONE who screws with you.
  • Even better... you don't need prior training, don't need to be big or strong, and you don't even need to have any prior fighting experience under your belt.

Sounds Too Good To Be True, Doesn't It?

Well, the soldiers and special agents who line up to learn at Boodry's knee don't CARE if it "sounds" too easy, too simple, or too strange.

They just want to learn the simple and immediate skills of kicking serious ass under horrible combat conditions.

And they CAN'T spend a lot of time learning hand-to-hand. A soldier's first weapon will always be the gun. Then the blade.

When a soldier has been forced to use hand-to-hand, that means... things are really screwed up!

And his life is in immediate danger. He needs to be able to "click" his body into FULL KICK-ASS GEAR instantly... and get busy taking out everyone he can reach.

That's What Makes This So Great For Civilians!

What you see here will blow your mind. Here's just a "taste" of what you're about to learn, fast and without sweat:

  • What to expect to happen to your body when the stress of lethal combat gets in your face... and what to DO about it. Knowing the physiological reactions that happen, and the secrets of CONTROLLING those reactions, mean you'll NEVER BE NERVOUS... and you'll know exactly what to do with the river of adrenaline that starts pumping.
  • Why soldiers with real combat experience shun "fancy" strikes that require practice and delicate moves... and rely ONLY on basic, simple, "natural" and instinctive moves to obliterate any opponent in a split second. They need to take care of each attacker so fast because there's usually another one right behind him.
  • How to make MAXIMUM USE of your "startle" reflexes when ambushed or surprised by violence... so you channel your natural "kick the living crap out of him" impulses with laser focus that cannot be defended against!
  • "Live fire" secrets that automatically keep you loose and mobile and impossible for your opponent to "get a bead on", which keeps him confused and unable to land a blow.
  • The "total" mindset you MUST get into to dominate an attacker. This is what separates the men who survive from the boys who get humiliated, or killed. It's easy to "fuse" this mindset into your system, too, once Glen shows you the simple secret.
  • How to "cycle" blows, within 3-second bursts, that never allow your opponent a chance to recover or return the attack. This is a critical combat trick.
  • Wicked combat boxing secrets you can use instantly from a normal "conversational" stance... for when your attacker confronts you and it becomes obvious YOU have to start things. And end them, in another second or two.
  • The 8 "instinct" moves that are ALL you need to know for real combat. Pure animal viciousness at your sudden command, whenever you need it. NO ONE, of any size or strength or skill level, can stand against these basic, brutal strikes.
  • Front-line ground techniques soldiers demand to learn — easy stuff that eliminates the ridiculous training time other grappling systems require. These are the "instinctual" basics that your body will instantly recognize and be able to USE.

And a ton more. But the basic stuff can be learned JUST BY WATCHING the training...

No Practice Necessary!

And, again, you don't even need to be shape to master this stuff. Soldiers know they will likely be exhausted, possibly wounded, and for sure weighed down with packs and equipment. They CAN'T allow their training to require perfect conditions... or they will die.

This is PERFECT for civilians like us. Easy to master, simple to use when needed, and you don't have to devote much time to getting it down.

This will change your life. Instantly.

Here's how you can get all this right now:

Just get your credit card ready and click on the "Yes" button below. Do that right away as there's some strict time limits that I'll tell you about in a second.

The package is called "Real World", and it's big. Three full length DVDs totaling FOUR hours of intensive instruction.

As I've stressed over and over again, it's all advanced material but very simple to learn. Step-by-step instruction from a master who's taught this same material to beginners, and in turn...

Transformed Them Into Experts, Very Quickly!

You'll discover in an afternoon what you wouldn't learn in years of martial arts dojo training. All the fluff and bowing and meaningless chatter has been eliminated.

Glen gets straight to point, boils it all down, showing you ONLY what you need to know to become a respected and dangerous hand-to-hand combat fighter very quickly.

The price for this package is normally $177. But like I said I've placed $50 into your hotlist, making the price just $127 for hotlist members.

But hold on...

I am so convinced that this will absolutely transform your life, that it will once and for all PROVE to you that FightFast really IS the only company on earth providing you with this kind of devastating quick-learn combat instruction, that...

I Will Add Another $30 Into Your Hotlist Account.
That's A Total Of $80!

So the price for you is just $97.

Honestly, I can't go any lower than that without losing my shirt.

The expensive multi-camera video production, the editing, paying my staff, and of course the hefty amount we've dished out to Glen for this incredible instruction has made this one very pricey project for me and my little company.

I don't mind. I just want to get this into your hands to prove my point. Just know that, considering all that you're receiving, and the astonishing quality of the material, you're getting a rock bottom price here.

But like I said...

You Can Even See This For FREE If You Want!

Here's how that works:

Hit the "Yes" button. Get this DVD package into your hands. Grab a beverage and settle in and watch the DVDs... just once.

That's all you have to do. Practice a little if you want, but it's not necessary. The instruction is that simple and easy to understand.

After that, if you don't feel that this is the most useful and powerful self-defense instruction you've ever seen...

...if you're not brimming over with a new sense of confidence that friends, family and even strangers take notice of...

...if you don't feel like you've received more vital "how-to" knowledge than you ever could in a year of some silly martial arts class learning stuff that would never work in the real world from an instructor who's probably never in his life used what he's teaching in the REAL world...

...then I insist you send the package back for a full and prompt refund.

Nobody in this industry backs up their instruction like this. Only FightFast. We just want to prove to you that this is everything we say it is.

But hang on...

There's Even A Free Bonus!

Actually three free bonuses, that I want to give you for FREE.

Three candid interviews with Boodry that'll suddenly open your eyes to the real world of fighting. They are:

  1. Perceptions Of Realities - which will make perfectly clear to you the difference between Dojo martial arts, Hollywood martial arts and real world combat.
  2. Seven Keys To Owning a Handgun - a mega instructive insight at what it takes to own and use a handgun properly...
  3. Keys for Home Security - which will take you step-by-step through properly protecting yourself and your loved ones right inside your own castle.

These three interviews are...

Yours To Keep -- FREE -- No Matter What!

Look... if you tried to learn this personally from Glen, which would be impossible unless you're a Spec Op buddy of Glen's heading into hot combat next week. But if you could, it would cost you thousands of dollars.

But for me to charge you what it's worth, well, that'd be a crime, because this fight-system is just that, an entire system that should be watched from beginning to end.

So you're getting the three DVD package AND the FREE bonuses for just $97.

It's An Astonishing Deal Considering That
It's All 100% Guaranteed!

So hit the "Yes" button now.

But wait... I have another FREE gift for you, too. Boodry insisted I send you this extra DVD he made, free.

It's all about close quarters knife fighting — the principles behind using a blade, how to carry it, slash and cut methods used by soldiers, and unique self-defense methods using a knife that NO ONE ELSE has ever revealed to civilians before.

This is the "top level" of Boodry's instruction. Super advanced real world stuff that'll put you above any dojo-trained black belt.

By the time you're done with this...

You'll Understand Why NO Terrorist
Wants To Mess With Boodry!

It's the most advanced, cutting edge fight info available today.

This bonus DVD is also yours free, to keep no matter what else you decide.

My accountant is going bananas over this, but I don't care. It's worth the slight risk to make sure you understand how IMPORTANT all this is.

But you have to HURRY.

When we shot this video Glen was still on active duty. That could very well mean that the military may consider this material THEIR material.

There's nothing illegal about owning this. But we may be forced to stop marketing this material at ANY time.

It's happened to us before. Twice before. They shut us down, cold.

So don't wait around on this. I'm not kidding.

I have a small number of DVD packages here, and right now I'm ONLY sending them out to people like you, who are on the "e-Hot List".

You don't risk a penny... but because I've got so much invested in this project and there's so much at stake, you need to secure a package with your credit card.

Once you get the package, I'll give you a full YEAR to check it out, however you see fit.

I Don't Want You To Feel That
You're Under ANY Pressure To Decide!

If — even on the last day of your year guarantee — you decide these DVDs are not what you thought they'd be... simply send the package back for a full refund of your purchase price.

No questions will be asked. You do not even need a reason — just send them back with a note saying "Sorry, but I want a refund".

But you know what? I don't believe I'm risking anything here.

Because Boodry really is everything I've said he is. He is the REAL DEAL — a combat veteran of HUGE respect and experience... who knows how to TEACH YOU the same combat secrets he teaches other soldiers who must face death in the Middle East battlefields and mean streets.

So don't put this off, or you'll miss out.

This is Jimbo, signing off.

But before I go, allow me to do a quick recap.

Click the "Yes" button below and I will rush you:

  1. Glen Boodry's "Real-World" DVD package. 3 DVDs, 4 hours of amazing instruction that will transform you into a mega-dangerous confident, and respected fighter in an afternoon.
  2. You're receiving $80 off what everyone else pays. This rock-bottom price is for hotlist members only.
  3. You'll get a one year guarantee. If you're not happy for any reason, even no reason, you can just return the DVDs in ANY condition for a full and prompt refund. And I promise that refund will be issued within 24 hours of the return arriving into my main office.
  4. You'll also get FOUR bonus gifts from me, including the audio interviews Perceptions Of Realities, the Seven Keys To Owning a Handgun, the Keys for Home Security and that fascinating blade combat DVD. These bonuses are yours to keep -- FREE -- no matter what.

This is as good of a deal as I can manage. I can't afford to go any further than this. I'm sure you understand. I'm just trying to get you and other members of this hotlist as good of a deal as I can.

But just hurry, okay? I suspect the military will step in at any time and force us to stop selling this material.

If you get this package before that happens, you're golden. Nothing they can do. After it happens, it means...

You Won't Be Able To Purchase This Material From Us
At ANY Price!

There is absolutely NO reason you should put this off, even for another day.

So hit the "Yes" button now. I'll see you inside.