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Top Secret
Fighting System Finally Released
To A Limited Number Of Civilians!

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Now, with the sudden release of
this incredible elite military

system, you can easily
"take down"
trained boxers, Karate black belt

masters and
street thugs
twice your size...
even if you've never been in
a real fight before in your life!

And, of course, the most
amazing thing
is how
fast you can learn it!

Dear Hotlist Member:

Hi, it's Jimbo on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the FightFast crew.

A year ago I would have never delivered you this message. You see, I've gotten on the "inside" with some of the most dangerous soldiers and law enforcement people on the planet (including members of the Navy SEALS and combat instructors for the DEA, Army Rangers, major police department SWAT teams and others)...

We all shared the same arrogant attitude: This new "simplified" hand-to-hand fighting system created for combat and intense criminal warfare should not be released to the general public. Because...

No One Wanted
The Bad Guys To Have It!

But I've recently changed my mind in a big way... all because of a beautiful woman named Julie. I'm ashamed that I withheld these important streetfighting skills from people like her -- good people (like you, too), who are unnecessarily walking the streets as living targets for the criminal scum who prey on innocent victims and just love to humiliate and ruin people's lives.

Here's what happened: Julie was assaulted and badly beaten, by a man she could have easily knocked unconscious and escaped from -- if only I had taken 15 minutes to teach her what to do! It doesn't matter that she's a petite and gentle woman. The few simple skills of this new fighting system can be taught to anyone in an almost unbelievable short time, because it requires no strength, no agility, no special talents, no speed, no nothing!

Forget what you see on T.V. -- the most effective fighters in the world never use spinning head kicks or elaborate punches... in fact, they never "punch" at all.

It's all so much more simple than that -- I've seen 60 year old grandfathers and 13 year old teenagers master this stuff almost overnight. For most people, it's even easier.

Julie knows how to defeat 99% of all street thugs now... but she was taught just a little too late to avoid those emotional scars she'll have to live with for the rest of her life.

And now, in all honesty, I'm doing my damned best to make sure every "good guy" I can reach never has to go through what this lovely lady did...

And I Don't Care
What The Military,
Or Anyone Else, Says!

Here's the bottom line: How safe do you feel in today's jungle-world? Are you even remotely interested in learning how (in a matter of mere hours) to turn any attacker or bully into a pile of bleeding beef at your feet -- and so automatically -- that you (or your loved ones) can always terminate a dangerous physical assault situation before it even begins?

Would you like to have the confidence to walk nearly any street in the world, any time of day or night... knowing without question you can "neutralize" the threat of physical assault by criminal scum as easily and thoughtlessly as you would shoo away an alley cat?

I guarantee that if you are like every other man I've talked with in the last year, just hearing the short message I'm now giving you will spark some amazing changes in your life! Changes that will turn you into a true modern day warrior...

With So Much New Confidence
Leaking From Your Pores
People Will Take Notice

From Across The Room!

I don't care if you're in the worst physical shape of your life, or even if you've never hit another person before, or don't have the coordination to walk and chew gum.

Julie learned it... and a thousand guys smaller and weaker than you have learned it, too. Almost overnight.

A Navy SEAL combat instructor told us that this fighting system can turn anyone into a potent hand-to-hand fighter. He said it's amazingly easy to learn, easy to remember, and best of all, easy to use when needed!

Are you skeptical? Good. That means you're not gullible, not easily fooled. But then almost everyone I've met in the last year has been just as skeptical as you. And listen to what happened:

  • A pintsized writer I know from Los Angeles was nursing a broken rib when he was bearhugged from behind by a construction worker bully who outweighed him by at least thirty pounds. Now, this writer had never been in a real fight before in his life... in fact, his only training came from just watching the 8 basic moves of this fighting system on DVD... one time! Yet he automatically used one of those "moves" the second he felt his rib begin to give...

And Was Astonished To
Turn Around

And See
His Attacker Down And
Whimpering On The Sidewalk!

  • A fairly well known West Coast bodybuilder and ex-college middle linebacker named Robert Price (he's six-four, 240 pounds of raw muscle), who also had studied Judo for 4 years, absolutely did not believe that a little guy like me (5-foot six, maybe 170 lbs. soaking wet) could "put him down" if he surprised me from behind! Well, I did... and he's still tender where I "controlled" him with the simplest little move -- and damn lucky I decided not to teach him a real lesson about going after smaller guys!
  • A working mother named Cindy Bowes from Ohio... after glancing at this stuff on video, could only remember one move when she was assaulted by a man on her front lawn -- but that one move put her assailant into such a boggled state that she was able to leisurely call the police and have him hauled off.

Here's how this amazing fighting system "leaked" from the most elite military circles into your hands: Perhaps you've never heard about Paul Vunak, but the SEALS, FBI, CIA and a dozen police department SWAT teams sure have.

He is without question one of the most respected -- and dangerous -- men in the world at hand-to-hand combat -- teaching it, and using it.

For over 20 years he's been mixing it up with every sort of fighting "expert" you can imagine... on the street, "in the clutch", and in thousands of situations where his life was absolutely on the line.

The U.S. Navy SEALS brought Paul in to teach them his unique system after an exhaustive worldwide search for the best hand-to-hand combat system in existence.

Paul didn't ask them, mind you... they asked him. That's how serious Paul's reputation is in the world of real life warfare. The SEALS, you probably know, are flatout the most deadly-efficient soldiers on the planet. They won't even consider a fighting system -- especially a hand-to-hand one -- unless it can be taught quickly and used with 100% effectiveness, 100% of the time.

These Professional Soldiers Know
If Their Training Fails, They Will
Die In Combat!

That's why the SEALS love Paul's system. It incorporates real-life fighting tools no other system has; yet it can be mastered in an astonishingly short time.

These soldiers have to spend most of their training time getting in shape, learning complex weapons, and studying top secret military operations.

They simply do not have the time to bang around in dojos learning complicated martial arts like karate or Tae Kwan do.

In fact, if you talk to a SEAL about martial arts, he'll laugh at you. They know it can take 10 years to become a black belt in any given discipline... and even then, your average YMCA trained boxer could likely dismantle a martial artist in about 10 seconds!

Most of these super elite soldiers have black belts in a martial art (sometimes three or four)... but they don't even consider using any of it. All that fancy kicking and hacking may look scary, but it doesn't work on the battlefield... or in the street.

It simply doesn't work.

Imagine this: You're a SEAL out in the action; you've just crawled through miles of dense jungle, you haven't eaten for three days, you're dehydrated, sick from dysentery, wounded in two places, out of ammo, and carrying a sixty-pound pack.

You ain't gonna rely on a Hollywood spinning round-house kick when the enemy ambushes you. That's not the way real fighting happens. And that's why Paul Vunak's "simplified" hand to hand system is so treasured by the soldiers and police and federal agents who need to rely on it.

  • There are no complicated moves! In fact, in Paul's "basic" system, there are only 8 moves total! And all of them are unbelievably effective, and all can be learned and mastered in only a matter of hours.
  • You don't have to be quick, or coordinated, or even in decent physical shape! All the deadly power comes from extensions of the way your body naturally moves. This is called your "gross motor skills" -- the same simple movements you use to walk across the room, to scratch your ear, or to step into a car. (I've seen 5-year-old kids who still run funny take down bullies twice their size and age... and little old ladies with limps cancel out young violent men!)
  • You don't need to train constantly to become a master of this system! The SEALS, the cops, the agents... none of them have time to waste in training. Yet they feel confident using Paul's system even after a single lesson! (As you will, too!)
  • Plus, just as importantly, there is no formality, no religious nonsense or bowing or wearing odd uniforms in this system! It is not martial arts -- it is a simplified fighting system that goes beyond the streetsmarts any martial art could ever offer you!

So how did Paul come up with this amazing fighting system?

First of all, he's very well known in the martial art field. He studied with the legendary Dan Inosanto -- original partner of martial art film star Bruce Lee ("Enter The Dragon") in the art of Jeet Kune Do.

You probably haven't heard of this strange fighting art, but nearly every karate magazine devotes dozens of pages to it.

It isn't really an ancient art in itself, like Kenpo or Kung Fu -- instead, this Jeet Kune Do is sort of a "greatest hits" method of all the best parts of all the martial arts.

Bruce and Dan and Paul have been copied (mostly unsuccessfully) by thousands of "wannabe" martial art experts. Yet only Paul "walks the walk" of a true seasoned streetfighter, and is absolutely idolized by the "karate crowd" for his warrior lifestyle.

Paul -- who is the internationally acknowledged master of Jeet Kune Do, and considered the man who went on where the more famous Bruce Lee left off -- had only one rule when choosing the moves he would incorporate into his "simplified" hand to hand system:

It Had To Work 100% Of The Time
In Actual Street Fights...
Where There Are No Rules!

Paul has proved, over and over again with his own blood (and life) on the line, that his basic system can help anyone defeat even the most brutal, huge and insane street fighter in hand to hand combat.

It's not a game to Paul. It's not a game for the soldiers and cops who have to use his system to save their lives. And it won't be a game for you, once you've seen for yourself how easily you can incorporate this amazing system into your own life.

Listen: In spite of his efficiency at fighting, Paul Vunak is one of the most compassionate men I've ever met.

And he absolutely agrees with me that it's a crime so many good people are walking around afraid in their own neighborhoods -- afraid of being attacked, afraid that their girlfriends or wives and kids will be assaulted, or kidnapped, or worse.

Paul has a lot of people close to him; he knows what it's like to fear for the safety of loved ones.

That's why he has volunteered to bring his basic fighting system to the public. You should know that he is taking an enormous risk in doing this -- his job with the Navy SEALS is important to him...

But Paul doesn't care. He knows his simplified system will absolutely mean the difference between life and death for a lot of people who need it -- people, like you...

Who Still Remember When
A Civilized Man Was Responsible
His Own Safety!

Paul has just one serious request. He wants every precaution taken to keep this important fighting system out of the hands of felons and "suspicious" types.

And that's my job -- that's why I'm being almost overly-paranoid about who I let see this stuff. As much as is humanly possible, I intend to keep this away from the criminals out there... while at the same time giving the advantages this system offers to as many of the "good" people as I can reach.

But, honestly I don't know how long I will be allowed to offer Paul's system.

I Don't Want Any More
"Good Guys" Hurt
Because They
Didn't Have Any Of These
Simple Street Fighting Skills!

At first we were planning to go from city to city doing seminars, spreading a slow wake of confidence among people as we traveled. But that would take too long, and in the end we still wouldn't reach everyone who needs this crucial survival information.

No -- we had to find a way to get this stuff into the hands of every deserving person as quickly as we could.

What we did was, I think, brilliant. We decided to shoot an entire "teaching course" with Paul on digital video, and get it to a preselected number of people through this special hidden webpage, all at once.

Believe me, this is no ordinary video -- instead, it's a genuine breakthrough in training technique... even better than what many of the cops and soldiers got during their own initial training!

Here's what you get: Paul Vunak went into a San Diego film studio for a week and allowed us to produce the most incredible video package you've ever seen. We were able to take that week's worth of shooting and "distill" it down to just one video-- that's how simple Paul's system is.

This single video is all you'll need to be able to learn (and master) his entire basic "simplified" hand to hand street fighting system!

This is the most intense and enlightening hour you'll spend in front of a T.V.! We spent months of preparation for the shoot, and spent about ten times more money in production than we'd planned on -- but we're not complaining. This video surpasses all of our wildest dreams. You see, we've all seen about a thousand of the other videos out there -- you can pick up any martial art magazine and see twenty ads a month for the latest fad among karate "experts".

But they're all a huge waste of time, shot with "Uncle Ernie's" handheld camcorder and without a second thought given to teaching you anything. All you get is a long, boring home video of a guy showing off his air punches and spinning kicks, or of some weird seminar where you had to be there to get anything of value.

We went the other way -- using 3 cameras on Paul and the action at all times. So you get the best shot to see what's happening, then get it again from a different angle... and then get it again in slow motion, with everything described and broken down into its simplest and most easily learned form.

The way we shot this video...

You Might As Well Be
In The Same Room With Paul,
Getting "Inside" Advice And A
Dissection Of Moves Most Soldiers
Never See During Training!

Paul has absolutely dedicated himself to teaching you everything you need to know... and to do it so you can come away from your first viewing with enough powerful knowhow and new skills to increase your naturally fighting ability by 200%... instantly!

This is the equivalent of having 8 personal, super-intense lessons all recorded just for you... by the most respected hand to hand fighter on the planet!

Even better, Paul took the time to show you clear (and exciting) real life examples of how to handle situations in a crowded bar, in a recreation room, and in the street. These "extra" situational learning tools remove any doubt you may have as to how to use your new skill in the real world.

  • You'll learn how to handle two attackers at once -- with a one-two natural move that allows your body to act the way it naturally wants to.
  • You'll learn the difference between easily applied "shock" moves, which set up an attacker for you to finish off when you choose to, and even simpler "clincher" moves -- the ones that will instantly end any fight the second you deliver them.
  • You'll learn exactly why the "joint manipulation" and difficult kicks of most martial arts don't work in real life situations -- and why, once you know the simple moves of instantly ending a fight anyway, you don't even need to know anything else! (A veteran cop once told me how sad it always is to see the rookies fresh out of the academy try to use their fancy karate moves on a drug crazed maniac or a drunk bully -- only to get their heads cracked open while the criminal gets away, laughing. That's why the veteran is so happy he learned the real way to end any fight from Paul.)

And, of course, you'll also learn the main secret of this system's popularity with professional soldiers: it's easily learned, easily remembered, and most importantly, easily used.

Here's What Else You'll Discover
In This Amazing Video:

  • The single most important move you can make in any altercation -- it's what your body wants to do, but what most people panic about and refuse to allow themselves to do! (Yet it will save your life!)
  • How to use a simple "cat-like" move to instantly position yourself to deliver the easiest knock-out blow imaginable -- a strike so natural your grandmother could pull it off against Mike Tyson!
  • How to instantly "shut down" an attacker's testosterone levels, using your body's own built-in "brick". (Even a 90 lb. woman possesses this amazing rockhard weapon!)
  • Why hitting anyone with your fist is silly (even trained boxers bust knuckles that way)... and how to use the 8 "natural weapons" of your body to deliver 5 times the power of a fist with half the risk of injuring yourself!
  • When to use the most simple strike you'll ever learn... an unstoppable natural move so effective in ending fights that it's not allowed in full contact karate tournaments! (Instant disqualification -- it's also a move that 99% of the most brutal street fighters you'll ever encounter have never seen before... and don't know how to defend against!)
  • How to use the "hip swinging secret" soldiers use to drop opponents instantly -- no speed or strength required, yet it's like driving a 160 lb. bar of lead into the bad guy's belly! (It's so effective, you don't even have to come close to hitting your "target" area... even the sloppiest attempt by you will bring him to his knees!)
  • How to effortlessly "parlay" the same natural force that has ended more professional football players careers than any other... it's a human's weakest point during a fight (or before a fight begins), and once you know about it you've just increased your ability to defeat a larger man by 200%!
  • How to use a super-effective, completely unexpected technique straight out of the "Three Stooges" to cause any attacker to automatically (1) back up, (2) raise his hands in defense, and (3) blink rapidly... all of which instantaneously reverses the tables and makes your attacker suddenly vulnerable to a fight-ending blow you can deliver in your own sweet time.
  • Why all elite soldiers are given "permission" to use the one street fighter's Secret Weapon we are all taught from kindergarten not to use... and how you can use it to quickly remove yourself from any situation where you have been surprised from behind!
  • How to use the other "dirty" street fighting tool not allowed in any civilized boxing or karate match... because of its immediate ability to disorientate and topple your opponent! (It also works when you do it incorrectly!)

And more! Don't let the idea that a system with "only" 8 basic moves must be too simple to work, either -- this isn't theory, this is the result of a lifetime of experimentation in blood!

Everything Paul teaches you was perfected either in the street, or on the battlefield... where it had to work, or good men would die.

Listen to what these experts have to say:

  • Like Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor Shane Brott, who said: "There's no flare, no garbage, no ceremonial nonsense, no magic. Paul can spend 15 minutes with anyone and make you twice the fighter you were before!"
  • Or Paul Iwamoto from Chicago who said: "Finally, after 23 years of karate and other martial art styles (including military training), I found a system that works in the real world! Paul, where were you 20 years ago?"
  • Or Rick Manente from Los Angeles who said: "Thanks for a video that the ordinary person who works for a living can actually learn from! I am passing these simple and effective tools along to my wife and children."
  • We also had a California Narcotics Task Force Commander, (whose name was withheld due to security regulations.) He said: "Street Safe is the most effective self defense system I have ever come across."
  • Or Jim Hinesly, SWAT Team Member, Hostage Negotiator, and member of Sheriff's Tactical Team, who said: "This (Street Safe) will probably turn the Martial Arts community on its ear... BRAVO Paul."

Actual SEAL team members are not allowed (by strict Navy regulations) to comment, but in private conversations with me they have said that Paul Vunak's training system has provided them with the most realistic training they've ever had, going back 20 years!

  • Or how about the notorious Hawaiian ex-street-fighter Rich Chen who said: "Paul has one advantage nobody else has -- actual experience in street fighting. Having been in it, he can teach you how to not only survive, but win, even if you aren't experienced in the street."
  • Or Sgt. Carlos Hernandes, a South Florida Police Tactics Instructor who said: "Listen: Any citizen who leaves the safety of themselves or their family in the hands of any organization, including your local police department, is in for trouble! We all need to take responsibility for our own well being. I feel this DVD will give anybody who watches it immediate tools in self defense principles that will make you confident. And anyone from the age of 13 to 80 can use these tools!"

That last quote sure puts things in perspective, doesn't it? That's a police officer talking -- telling you the days of relying on your local cops for protection are long gone!

Let me tell you something you already know in your heart...

As A Man, It's More Important
Than Ever Before To Know
How To Defend Yourself!

And, when your family and loved ones are at risk, you need to know how to take out aggressors with absolute certainty. Watching Sly Stallone and John Wayne deliver movie magic roundhouse punches doesn't cut it.

You have a duty, as a man, to protect yourself and loved ones like a man. And no amount of philosophical nonsense is ever going to change that fact.

You've seen the headlines -- rape is up, assault and murder doesn't even make the front page anymore, and robbers are shooting people even after they give up their watches and money (it's a trend the police call "Thrill Killing").

Heck, there are jerks hurting people without any reason at all! The rules are gone. You could be attacked inside your home, in the back aisles of a supermarket or theater, waiting in your car at a light, anywhere, anytime, by a growing mob of remorseless scum who enjoy demolishing innocent people's health and lives.

But they aren't going to enjoy coming up on you, friend. Not anymore.

It's Time To Stop Being A Victim,
And Learn To Walk Your Streets
With Confidence!

Look, I know you don't want to turn into some hardened, mean-eyed killer. That's not what Paul's video is about. But do not doubt that the newfound confidence this information gives you will "leak" into every area of your life. I've seen it happen a thousand times...

  • You'll "carry" yourself in a new way that just says "Don't mess with this guy."
  • People will be extremely pleased to see you smile and be nice to them... and will go far out of their way to be extra nice to you, automatically.
  • Have you ever seen how people treat a man like Brad Pitt or Tom Brady when they enter a room? It's not just that they're good-looking... more, it's that these men reek of confidence and the lack of fear. You can have that, too.
  • Plus, it has to be mentioned: There's an undeniable sexual attractiveness to any man who knows how to look the world in the eye and not flinch. You can't fake it -- it's a primal, animal part of us, and when it's there it shines like a searchlight in your eyes.

Now, let's be straight about something here: This is not a magic potion you take to become invulnerable. Use this system only at your own risk, and take responsibility all the way down the line for your actions. You can understand why I have to tell you this -- we've gone to an enormous amount of trouble and risk to bring this material to you. We're not talking about playing games here; this is real life.

Used correctly, Paul's basic system is without doubt your best firstline defense in a tight spot. You'll be able to "parlay" your learning into a few simple moves that will take down a man twice your size, even as he's assaulting you -- and even if he has 10 years of martial arts experience, or a lifetime of street fighting under his belt!

This stuff is that effective.

But it's not fool-proof. Don't be a fool, and for God's sake don't go looking for trouble. That's not what this video is about.

That said, you should know that you will take absolutely no financial risk in ordering this video! It could not be simpler for you to get this video, watch it at your leisure, and decide in your own sweet time whether it's everything we have told you it is. In fact, you get an almost ridiculously generous...

100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee!

If you aren't convinced, after owning this DVD package for one entire YEAR, that it's the real thing, just send it back to us for a complete refund of your purchase price.

You'll get no hassle from me or anyone else... in fact, I will personally make sure you are refunded your entire purchase price within 24 hours of your package arriving into our main office.

Heck, you don't even need a reason to send it back -- I trust your judgment. Like I said, I'm just trying to get this info into the hands of as many "good guys" as I can... while I can.

Here's how to order: Just click the "Yes" button below. Use your credit card. That's all there is to it.

Your DVD package will be shipped out by return mail! The price is dirt-cheap, too -- in fact, at just $39 with FREE shipping and handling, it's less than you'd pay for one lousy personal lesson in most karate schools... where at most you'd learn how to bow and assume some silly stance that will fool no one!

This really is a great offer -- because it's the real thing, because your life will change immediately for the better... and because you risk nothing by giving the DVD a "test run" on your own T.V. set.

Don't put this off -- remember, there's a very real and very serious chance this information won't be allowed out to the public for very long! And if you don't order right away, you may never see this offer again, ever.

Don't let that happen -- you stand to lose nothing, and yet what you can gain is more important to living well in this world than any other skill you'll ever learn!

This is Jimbo, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the FightFast crew, signing off.

But before I go, there's one more thing. It's very important. I have a hot new special report, and I want to send it to you, absolutely FREE.

It's called Close Quarters Gun Disarmament, and it's written by Randy Wanner, chief instructor at a national institute that exclusively teaches FBI, DEA, SWAT and other specialized units... but never civilians!

In fact, this report was never intended for civilian eyes -- Randy has only agreed to let me give this to carefully selected people who have been cleared to receive our Street Safe DVD package.

The information in this hot report has already saved the lives of officers on duty -- it's a revolutionary technique that allows you a 91% chance of disarming an assailant without getting shot... and with the increase in armed robbery in the U.S., where people are shot even when they cooperate, this report could absolutely save your life.

It's yours FREE. I'll send it to you the instant you agree to receive the Street Safe DVD package. You can KEEP it even if you decide later to return the video package!

This is Jimbo, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the FightFast crew, signing off.

But before I go, I just want to remind you of the amazing deal you're getting here. Personal training that will transform you into a much more confident individual, a guy who can walk the streets without fear knowing you can end any confrontation in a matter of seconds if need be.

Plus the one year money back guarantee if you're not 100% happy, and Randy's free disarmament bonus report that's yours to keep no matter what.

It's a generous no risk offer that will change your life forever.

Don't miss out on this.

Click on the "Yes" button now. And I'll see you inside.