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Here's The Story Behind Today's Most Shocking Pocket Knife... One That Draws So Blazing Fast, It's Quicker Than Any


And With Your Permission I Will Now
Rush You This Amazing Knife, For...


Dear Hotlist Customer:

You wanna see something cool? Just don't blink.

You see that?

It's called the Striker. This is the quickest tactical folding knife in the world right now.

Faster than any other pocket knife. Faster than any switchblade.

But unlike a switchblade, we've cleverly designed the Striker to be perfectly legal. At least here in the U.S.

It's our own design. Our own engineering. You can't find this anywhere else. And right now, with complete regard for your privacy... I will rush you this amazing Striker fast-blade knife...

As My GIFT To You!

That's right, it's yours free.

If you could find it somewhere else, which you can't, but if you could, it would cost you at least $65. There's even a complimentary instructional video included to show you exactly how to do this...

It's easy and safe, once you know a few key secrets. And it means you'll own the quickest, most bad-ass blade ever invented. One that you can have out in ready before your opponent can even blink.

Okay... so a lot of folks are asking... how I can afford to do this?

Fact is, I can't. Not for long. Which is why you should stick around for a few minutes and discover how to get your very own Striker -- on my dime.

Hi it's Jimbo over here at FightFast on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

For over 30 years we've built-up a solid gold reputation for giving away valuable free gear and killer instructional material to select hotlist members like you.

We design the hottest, best quality gear you'll find anywhere. And we've spent millions seeking out the most skilled and dangerous men on earth to teach you their killer secrets.

This Is Not A Joke.

I'm talking about operatives who train CIA agents... black ops killers who transform innocent everyday objects into lethal weapons... fight tested Green Berets, DELTA Force soldiers and Navy SEALS who've all proven their deadly skills in actual bloody combat...

...long range recon scouts who can live off the land like billygoats... search and rescue experts who can navigate hostile terrain using nothing more than compass and topo map as if they were traveling their own backyard... paramilitary contractors who track terrorists like bloodhounds and thrive inside some of the most screwed up combat zones on the planet.

They are all teachers over here at FightFast. And more.

Okay, so...

Why Am I Telling You All This?

Because frankly, I'm hoping that once you get this awesome knife, and see for yourself what a generous deal I've arranged for you... you'll come back and order one of our many instructional DVD packages.

It's not required. In fact, you aren't obligated to purchase anything from me. You can just grab your free knife and never speak to me again if that's what you choose.

But I'm betting once you hold this baby in your hands, and understand that hotlist members get treated better than everyone else, you'll be back for more.

Here it is:

Okay... enough said. Let's take a look at the free Striker knife that’s waiting for you.

As you can see it's a fearsome looking weapon.

The overall open length is nearly 8 ½ inches.

The wicked tanto tip blade is 3 ½ inches of razor sharp 7Cr17MOV steel. That a high-quality stainless.

It's 3 millimeters thick, super tough even during extreme stabbing and slashing, corrosion resistant, sharp as sin, and will remain that way for a long, long time. Super easy to sharpen too.

The handle is a textured G-10 material that's impervious to chemicals and heat. Even falling into a campfire won't hurt it. The sturdy non-slip grip is amazing too -- even when covered in mud or blood.

The pocket clip is beefy, extremely durable and can be reversed for left and right handed draws. And the dual sided thumb studs means that -- if you choose to open the blade by hand, which you don't have to do, and I’ll explain that in just a second -- you can do that right or left handed too.

Means you got a lot more options than almost every other folding knife.

And you see that crazy looking C-shape on top the blade? That’s half the secret to why this knife has such a lightning-fast hands-free open. The other half is the powerful spring-assisted action that forces open the blade.

The combination of these two critical design features means having your Striker out and ready this fast.

It's kind of fun to see your slack-jawed buddies jump back in shock and awe. And any opponent who threatens your life, or that of your loved one?

Well, they'll suddenly be shocked, backpedaling and apologizing -- wishing they had never messed with you in the first place.

The Striker is an excellent everyday carry knife too. Perfect for cutting rope, opening boxes, whittling sticks or any other utility task.

It's worth $65. Probably more because there's nothing quite like it anywhere else. But today it's yours for free.

So Here's The Deal.

To get in on all the action -- or even if you're only curious and want to check this out without risk to you -- then click on the "Yes" button below, and I will rush you....

...Number one. The Striker Fast Blade Knife. It's a faster draw than any other knife, anywhere...

...even faster than a switchblade. It's perfectly legal, and it's yours free.

The only thing I ask is that you at least pay for the shipping and handling to get the Striker knife to your front door. Just $14.95.

That's more than reasonable for a $65 knife that nobody else can get.

You're not joining a club. You will never be billed again or see any sneaky reoccuring charges or anything like that. This is a one time shipping and handling fee only. That's it.

Number two, you'll get that short and easy to learn video on exactly how to use and draw your new Striker.

It's simple, once you see how it's done. This how-to video is also yours free.

It's an amazing offer.

But Again, There Is Zero Risk To You.

Because if you aren't 100% thrilled and delighted with your new knife...

... if your buddies aren't completely blown away when you have this out and ready before they can even blink...

... if you don't feel like you got the deal of a lifetime, knowing that you got a $65 knife that you can't find anywhere else but here, one that you got for just shipping and handling...

...then just contact customer service at and demand a refund of your shipping and handling fee...

...but KEEP the Striker knife as my gift to you.

You must admit. That's insanely generous.

So click on the "Yes" button now.

But there is a catch.

I am limiting the number of free Striker knives to just 1,000. That may sound like a lot, but this message is going out to over 10,000 hotlist members like you.

So I expect them to be snapped up fast. Which means, this may be the last time you ever hear about it.

You won't run across a deal this generous ever again. So hit the "Yes" button now, while this astonishing deal is still open.