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How To Have All the POWER
You Need To Get You Through


Dear Hotlist Member:

Are you prepared for the "UNTHINKABLE"?

Since you're a TRS Customer, I'm sure you know what the "unthinkable" is...

If not, you'll know it when you see it.

It's when the entire Electrical Power Grid goes down.

Yeah. You know... when the ‘peanut butter' REALLY hits the fan...

...and everything you depend on in your life becomes utterly useless.

Without power, all of a sudden, every electronic device and gadget you own is little more than a paperweight.

And it STAYS that way until the power comes back on!

Listen: If you don't have emergency power for situations like this, you're SCREW-HOOED.

Ain't no way to make an electronic gadget work if it doesn't have power.

As the old song says, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing."

And this isn't merely a "hypothetical scenario" anymore.


Just last summer, California got a taste of what the dreaded Power-Grid Apocalypse feels like.

You see, the year before, almost half the state got burnt to the ground from wildfires. One entire town called "Paradise" (go figure) was entirely wiped out.

Out of 26,800 people, only 2,000 remained there.

People were trapped by the wildfires and couldn't get to safety. They got burned alive.

Altogether, 85 people died.

Across California, 14,000 structures were destroyed.

It was horrible.

The wildfires started when high-power electricity lines got knocked over by high winds.

"Sparks, meet
Dry Brush."

So to prevent this from happening again, the power company cut off ALL electricity in various parts of California when the strong winds blew.

But that meant millions upon millions of people were without power, some for weeks on end.

Grocery stores and restaurants closed because they couldn't refrigerate their food.

Schools closed. Hospitals ran on generators.

Nearly a million homes were without ANY power, day and night.

Panic was in the air.

You see, Californians aren't used to this.

Power outages happen to people on the East Coast, like Florida, after hurricanes.

But in California, the electricity company gave just a few hours advance notice.

They cut off power all over the state, wherever they felt like it.

For DAYS on end.

So if you were depending on your cell phone or any other electronic gadget, you were out of luck!

Sure, there were wall sockets everywhere – but no juice coming out of them!

You had to stay in your car to get power from the cigarette lighter or USB port!

That's no way to live.
Or work.

Everyone here at the TRS office was affected. We're located in Central California, in farm country.

But life came to a standstill when the power went out all across the state.

It was total paralysis. And a feeling of helplessness like we've never experienced before.

One employee's family members were in danger, but they couldn't be reached by phone because their batteries had died.

Those were some tense, frightening days.

"There's gotta be a better way to be prepared for this," we thought.

People need some way to keep their electronic gadgets fully powered at all times, no matter WHAT hits the fan, or when.

So, in keeping with our tradition here at TRS, our design team got together to solve this problem.

And we developed the most kick-ass Emergency Power Bank the world has ever seen.

I'm talking about the new TRS VOLT – a state-of-the-art power back-up unit that can charge absolutely ANY electronic device without breaking a sweat.

This thing has MUSCLE to power you through the biblical Apocalypse!

And we're happy to announce that our new shipment just arrived from the factory – just in time for the next round of emergencies.

Natural or man-made.

Seriously. Get this BEFORE disaster strikes.

Because THIS is the ONLY power solution you'll need – whether you live in California, Florida, or anywhere in between!

The VOLT itself stores enough "juice" to power several electronic devices – and have them coming back for more!

We affectionately call it the "Juice Bar" – because it's almost like having electricity grow on trees, and you "pick it" whenever you want some!

Of course, we all know electricity doesn't work that way.

Or does it?

CAN you get FREE electricity from the air?


I'm talking about solar. Naturally.

Whenever the sun is shining,
electricity is in the air.

You just have to "harness" it and convert it into battery power.

And that's why we designed the TRS VOLT to be the most amazing portable solar power collector you can buy today.

Many portable solar power collectors already exist. But how many of them have FOUR full-size panels?

Only ours.

And FOUR, it turns out, is the "magic number" for collecting the maximum amount of energy from the sun in a minimum amount of time.

Solar power, of course, requires sunlight – so you've got 12 hours a day, max, to collect it.

If you don't have enough collecting ability – if your unit has only one or two solar collecting panels – you won't ever have much power in your power bank.

You MIGHT be able to re-charge a cell phone, but then you're out. You'll have to wait until the NEXT day to collect enough solar energy to power another device!

In the real world, that doesn't work. It's not practical to think you'll wait all day just to power-up one device from the sun.

So we insisted on having FOUR solar collecting panels on the VOLT.

And best of all, they DETACH from the main power bank when not in use.

That makes the VOLT itself highly portable and super convenient.

You can carry it in your
coat pocket if you want.

It's very slim – not much thicker than a smartphone – and weighs only 6.5 ounces... again, like an average smartphone.

But it easily fits inside your briefcase, go bag, glove compartment – anywhere you want a small, lightweight, but reliable source of emergency power when you need it most.

And get this...

We designed the VOLT to have an added feature you're gonna love.

We put a 200 Lumen LED "Emergency-Mode" Flashlight – built right into the unit, so you'll NEVER have to search around for a light in an emergency!

It's always there – and it's always charged – because it's built into the battery pack! What could be better?

Plus, there are TWO separate USB ports for charging your devices.

And with the VOLT's high-rated output of 8,000 milliamp hours, you'll have PLENTY OF POWER for whatever needs charging!

That's right – I
said 8,000.

Not 2,000 – like the average power pack gives you.

No. Our VOLT has fully FOUR TIMES more capacity.

And that's what separates the men from the boys.

Factor in our FOUR solar panels – compared to just ONE wimpy panel you get with most other solar chargers – and you'll see why the VOLT is the only power bank you should own.

The solar chargers you'll find on Amazon or at Radio Shack will only disappoint you.

But the VOLT has enough power to repeatedly charge your cell phone, tablet, laptop, camera – plus survival gear like GPS devices, satellite phones, plasma lighters, night goggles, gun lights, rifle scopes, red-dot sights... and more.

Think about what you'll be doing in the next six months.

Chances are, you'll either be having fun, fighting, or fleeing.

No matter what,
you'll need POWER.

And our VOLT Power Bank will be a life-saver.

Order your VOLT today, and we'll throw in (as an added bonus) TWO triple-sealing "Dry Bags" that protect all your sensitive gear.

These extra-tough clear-plastic waterproof bags are specially designed for electronics that need to stay dry under wet conditions.

And listen: If you find yourself in a sudden emergency, WATER DAMAGE is almost a sure bet. Count on it.

Or maybe you get caught in a storm. Happens a lot!

But if you have these Dry Bags protecting all your equipment, you'll be the guy whose gear still WORKS!

They're roomy – 6" x 8" – so they can hold a lot of stuff. Keys, wallet, ID, snacks, you name it.

And you can even operate your devices without removing them from the Dry Bags! The plastic material is sensitive enough to let you use the touch-screen on your smartphone.

You can even take pictures underwater with your camera INSIDE these amazing bags!

We have only a small supply of these bags on hand, so we urge you to get your order placed today so we can send you TWO Dry Bags with each VOLT you buy.

Yes, it's a bribe.

But the VOLT is priced affordably so you can enjoy the security of having more than one to rely on in emergencies.

Let's be honest: You'll want one in every possible place where an emergency could arise.

Keep one in your car or truck. Your RV. Your vacation home. Briefcase and luggage. Camping gear. Your private jet.

The limit is your own imagination.

But be sure to get a VOLT for your loved ones, too.

Everybody's LIFE runs on a smartphone these days. You wouldn't want your family to be cut off from you just because their phones aren't charged. But that's the risk we all take...

...unless we plan ahead and make sure everyone has a VOLT – and knows how to use it.

Your VOLT will come with a short video that walks you through all the features and "how to" instructions for using the solar panels.

We also include a fast-charging 2-amp 5-volt cable for charging the VOLT through a wall socket.

The VOLT takes about 2-1/2 hours to fully charge from scratch, and then automatically shuts off when it's full.

Once full, it STAYS full until you use it for charging your devices.

And then, if you find yourself in the great outdoors – or in the Great Apocalypse – you'll be able to KEEP it charged by harnessing the power of the SUN.

This will give you UNSTOPPABLE POWER!

Even in the worst conditions you could find yourself.

There's no force in nature more powerful than the sun.

And now you can harness it, wherever and whenever you need it – with the VOLT Solar Power Bank.

You can even use the VOLT to power re-chargeable batteries!

It's like perpetual motion, sustainability, and renewable energy all in one!

That's why you'll be proud to own a VOLT Power Bank.

And like I said, we're giving away TWO of our specially-designed "Dry Bags" with each VOLT – and you can't get these bags any other way.

They're strictly for people who CARE about their electronic devices.

If you buy a VOLT, it means your devices are a VITAL part of your life, and the lives of loved ones.

And therefore, you deserve to have the Dry Bags that will keep all your gear safe from water damage!

After all, electronic devices can't work without power, and they won't work underwater – unless they're in a TRS Dry Bag, powered up by a TRS VOLT Power Bank!

Get yourself protected for whatever disaster or misfortune happens next.

It could be the weather.

It could be planned power outages.

Or it could even be a public health crisis – like the Coronavirus – that paralyzes our infrastructure.

Don't wait and suffer the pain of regret.

Get a VOLT for everyone in your life.

The VOLT will change your life.

Or maybe even SAVE it!

So get your credit card out and place your order online today.

The VOLT comes with an ironclad ONE-YEAR Money-Back Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction.

If for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, simply return the VOLT and get a 100% Refund of Every Penny You Paid – No Questions Asked!

That means you get to take up to a YEAR to put the VOLT through its paces. If you find something better, send the VOLT back for a refund, and you essentially tried it for FREE!

No one else will give you a risk-free offer like this.

So don't let anything stand in your way of getting the protection you need from the next life-threatening disaster.

Make the VOLT the one thing you put on top of your "MUST HAVE" list when making your Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Remember: Power is the lifeblood of our electronic age.

Once your devices are dead, you could be too.

Don't let the "worst-case scenario" even come close to happening.

Click on the "YES" button below, and make the truly smart decision you'll never regret.