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Amazing Pocket "Power-Bank"
Can Be Quickly Recharged From A
Simple Wall Socket
or By...

Solar Power!

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And you'll also get a simple step-By-Step "How To" video
that walks you through all the features of this
ultra-cool power bank -- so you can use it
right out of the box without any guesswork.

Plus -- As An Added Bonus -- You'll Get TWO Extra-Tough Triple-Sealed "Dry Bags" To Keep All Your Sensitive Gear Protected and Bone Dry -- Allowing you to safely snap pics with any smart phone in any weather...
even underwater if you want!

Dear Hotlist Member:

Hi it's Jimbo over here at TRS Survival on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

As you probably know I'm always bragging about how -- over the last 30 years -- we have been continually creating awesome new products that are not only useful for everyday use around the home, but also serve as vital survival tools... just in case.

Well, we've done it again.

We've just created a new and improved emergency back-up pocket power-bank to quickly recharge all your electronic devices in a flash, that I now want you to try out...

...for FREE if you want!

We call it the TRS Volt.

If you're not familiar with an electronic power bank, then think of it like carrying around an extra 3 or 4 tankfuls of gasoline with you.

Except you're not going to need a tanker truck to haul this around. No, the Volt Power Bank can easily fit in your front pocket.

And instead of refueling your gas tank, the Volt refills your electronics. I'm talking about recharging your phone, tablet, laptop, a flashlight, a camera, a GoPro video recorder and a million other electronic gadgets.

Heck I even plugged in another charger and used this power bank to rejuice some specialized lithium ion CR-123 batteries.

The Volt itself can be quickly charged up from a standard wall socket... or with simple sunlight using its four ultra-powerful folding solar panels.

Okay... so here's what's going on: Unless you've been living in a cave in Bora Bora somewhere, then you know that we're living in an electronic world.

I actually enjoy the convenience of most of these modern marvels. Problem is...

We've created a kind of technology trap
for ourselves,
haven't we?

I mean, for example, last week I was in southern California driving to a meeting using Google maps on my smartphone to guide me to the right place.

Suddenly a message flashed that I had only 10% power left.

A minute later the phone went dead completely.

Now... I didn't have a folded paper map on me. Heck, I'm not even sure they sell those things anymore. I couldn't call anyone for directions because my phone's dead. I was driving inside the rat's nest of roads and freeways they call greater Los Angeles, so there's no way I'm gonna just figure it out myself or pull over and ask someone on the street.

Thank God I had the
Volt Power Bank with me!

This baby can fully recharge a phone at least 3 or 4 times if I needed it. It has more than enough power. So in a matter of minutes I was back up and running and made it to my meeting with plenty of time to spare.

Okay, granted, not a big emergency.

But let's take it a step further. What if this would have been an emergency? What if I were trying to find my wife who was stranded somewhere?

What if I were looking
for a hospital?

It's the same for you!

Like it or not, we've become dependent on these damn phones and the low tech backup systems like paper maps and telephone phone books and things like that, are all quickly disappearing.

It's like trying to go back to the horse and buggy. We couldn't do it even if we had to, because the entire infrastructure which once supported that system is long gone.

I mean just for fun try finding a printed copy of the yellow pages. They practically don't exist anymore.

My point is that without a working smartphone...

You're basically
dead in the water!

And it's not only your cell phone, but almost all of the most practical survival gear -- like GPS devices, satellite phones, flashlights, plasma lighters, night goggles, gun lights, scope optics and more -- all of it runs on electronics.

You simply need to recharge this stuff. There's no way around it. If you can't, well, like I said you're not just back to the horse and buggy days...'re back to the stone age!

Which is why a lot of smart people are now stashing these power banks in their suitcases and travel gear, around the home, in their glove boxes and inside their camping gear just in case.

Makes a lot of sense.

Problem is of course that almost all of them require a wall socket to recharge the unit.

That's not very handy if a storm ever knocked out the power or if you're hunting or camping or heaven forbid lost or stranded in no man's land or trapped in the middle of an urban meltdown.

And that's why this is so important to you!

Because like I said, we made the TRS Volt so that you can recharge the power bank with a standard wall socket or -- if you want -- using nothing more than simple sunlight.

That's what makes this so awesome. Means you've got power wherever you are, even off the grid, even out in the middle of nowhere.

Excited? You should be. This basically removes the handcuffs and allows you, if you so choose, to...

Roam free without the
electric umbilical cord!

That's pretty cool, wouldn't you agree?

Good... let's take a closer look at the TRS Volt.

First of all the overall folded size is a compact 3-inches by 6-inches and just one inch thick -- which makes the Volt very portable and...

Easy to fit inside camping gear,
a purse, a glove box, heck
even your front pocket!

You can even use the sturdy snap-strap to hang the unit on the external section of a backpack.

The Power Bank itself can be removed in all of about 3 seconds from the solar panels if you want. I have not seen another solar power bank that allows you to remove the panels this quickly and easily.

Makes the power bank ultra slim -- weighing in at less than 6-1/2 ounces...

The Volt is rated a full 10,000 milliamps with an output capacity of 8000 milliamps.

That's a lot of juice!

A standard portable power bank usually has only about 2000 milliamps which is fine if all you need to do is reboot your phone. But we wanted to make sure you could do more than that, just in case.

The TRS Volt will give you plenty of juice for charging up multiple items. It's why we've also provided you with two USB charging ports.

Allows you to, for example, easily charge a dead phone and a camping lantern, at the same time with plenty of power to spare.

We purposely avoided making the Volt bigger because, in almost all cases -- even in a survival situation -- it is unnecessary to have more than 8000 milliamps in a portable power bank.

Anything more only increases the weight
AND the charging
time required!

Here's what I mean by that: Right now the Volt only takes about 2-½ hours to fully charge using a wall socket and the 2-amp 5-volt charging cord we've provided for you.

In sunlight the
Volt can charge
in as little as 24 hours!

That's fast!

The entire unit -- with the solar panels -- weighs less than 12 ounces.

That's light!

So you'll have more than enough to power-up two smart phones, a flashlight, an electronic firestarter, a GPS tracking device, and more -- and then just use the sun to recharge the power bank.

It makes sense to add more milliamps because it would only mean longer charge times while dramatically adding to the size and weight of the unit just to have power that you're not using.

As any search and rescue expert will tell you in an emergency or survival situation...

It's actually foolish
to lug around
more than you need!

Heck... ask any woman who carries a purse. Light and convenient is much better.

The idea is to work smarter, not harder. The Volt hits that sweet spot --w all the power you'll need while keeping everything compact, lightweight and convenient.

Okay... let's take a look at the solar panels.

There's an array of 4 panels for a total of 6 watts of charging capacity.

That's why the power bank
can be recharged so quickly!

You may have seen other solar power banks with a single 1.5w solar panel. I suggest you forget about those. Realistically they'll take nearly a week to recharge!

In fact, anything less than three panels isn't enough. Anything more than four starts to get too bulky and heavy.

Again, we went for the sweet spot. Speed and efficiency while still remaining lightweight streamlined.

And -- as a lot of good folks discovered when they put solar panels on their home...

Not all solar panels are created equal!

There's a lot of cheap panels out there that aren't very efficient at turning sunlight into stored electricity.

Which of course directly affects how fast the power bank can be recharged.

But we went all in, absorbed the additional cost, for the best quality panels we could find.

I think you'll agree, it was well worth it. Means greater efficiency which ultimately means faster charge times.

And if that's not enough we also built -- right into the Volt Power Bank -- a triple mode 200 Lumen LED flashlight with three modes: Steady, SOS and strobe.

I don't know about you, but I always like to have easy access to flashlights. Frankly I find myself using them all the time, in the garage, in the garden shed, in my shop. I have one in each car.

This light is very bright but it doesn't use a lot of juice. And since it's part of the Volt Power Bank itself, it recharges anywhere.

Provides you yet
another key survival tool
which means one
less thing to carry!

There's a lot more I could cover here.

Like how fast and easy the unit folds up and snaps closed... the extra-sturdy shock-proof construction and durable electronics meant to survive rugged conditions...

...the integrated overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuit protection... the dual USB ports can charge two devices at the same time, using a smart IC technology to detect the device and charge it at optimum speed... the 2A 5V power cord I've included...

That will slash your
charge time in half!

I even made this cord longer because I hate those stupid cords that leave your equipment dangling from a wall socket.

We put a lot of thought and effort into getting this just right. It's been over a year in the making. And I'm happy to say the first batch has just arrived into my warehouse.

This is more than just a survival gadget. It's a useful tool for camping, hiking, long family trips and especially everyday use. I have personally given one to my wife, and each of my daughters and grandkids.

Gives me peace of mind knowing that they're never gonna be stranded somewhere in the dark on the side of the road with a dead phone. They'll always have a flashlight and -- unless the sun burns out...

An infinite supply of back-up power
if they need it.

We've even put together a short instructional video to walk you through all the features step-by-step. I gotta say, the Volt is designed to be used right out of the box.

It's pretty self-explanatory. But the short video covers all the details you could possibly need to know about the charge indicator and power levels and such, making you 100% comfortable with your awesome new solar power bank.

But hold on, there's also a free bonus waiting for you. Actually TWO free bonuses.

Because right along with your Volt Solar Power Bank...

I will include
2 heavy duty
dry bags!

These are thick, durable heavy-gauge triple-lock bags to stash important documents, your keys, a wallet, a watch, a gps device, your fishing or hunting license, your cell phone, the Volt itself, photos, or anything else you want to protect from mud, dust and water.

Your touch screen phones will work through the clear transparent bag, which...

Allows you to take
on the beach,
or boating,
or even under water,
without worrying
about sand
water damage.

You can use the lanyard to wear it around your neck while swimming or tie it to a pack while hiking.

Each bag is a full 6-inches by 8-inches, so they're big. They can hold a lot of important stuff. And the triple-seal and roll-over snapping security fold keeps everything protected and secure.

So here's what you need to do right now to get all this.

Just get your credit card ready and click the "Yes" button below. You can get this entire package right here, right now, for as low as... $49!

That is an amazing price considering the high quality of this Volt Solar Power Bank not to mention the two dry bags you'll receive.

But you don't risk one penny of your purchase price because everything is covered by my iron-clad 100% money back guarantee.

If having this Volt Solar Power Bank doesn't bring you greater peace of mind knowing you're never again left at the mercy of the wall socket... if you don't feel that this is by far the most useful tool for both everyday use and emergency situations... fact if you're not happy for any reason, even NO reason, then simply return the Volt for a full and fast refund...

But KEEP the two
ultra-Secure dry bags
as my gifts to you!

Plus... for anyone who orders within the next 10 minutes, I will also include...

FREE shipping
and handling!

Hit the "Yes" button now.

You should do this now for a couple reasons.

First is that I've only got 200 sets of dry bags to give away. It's kind of a bribe for folks who order early. When they're gone, that's it. The fact that you're even hearing about it means there must still be some left.

Second is that the free shipping and handling is only good if you order right now from this special webpage. And only for the next few minutes.

We've been here over 30 years and everything is backed up with a 100% guarantee, so...

You're not taking
any risk at all!

And the bonus material is yours to keep.

So hit the "Yes" button now.

This is Jimbo over here at TRS Survival, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew... signing off. But before I go, lemme give you a brief recap on what you'll get when you hit the "Yes" button now.

  1. I will rush ship you a Volt Solar Power Bank. Gives you plenty of power to recharge your phone, tablet, laptop, a camera, and a million other electronic gadgets. Recharges quickly using a standard wall socket or the 4 ultra fast solar panel. There's even a built in 200 Lumen flashlight. The Volt ensures that you and your loved ones are never left stranded with a dead phone and that all your essential gear can easily be recharged at anytime no matter what.
  2. You'll get a 2A ready USB cord that can cut your charging time in half.
  3. You'll receive a short video that walks you through all the features on the Volt to ensure you're completely comfortable with your new power bank. Very easy to follow.
  4. You will get a ONE YEAR guarantee. That's almost unheard of for electronic gear. That's how sure I am that you'll absolutely love this.
  5. You'll receive TWO very durable triple-sealed clear dry-bags to protect your Volt and all other valuables from dust and dirt and water. Even allows you to take photos underwater with your phone. These dry-bags are yours to KEEP, even if you return the Volt for a full and prompt refund.
  6. You'll receive FREE shipping and handling.

That's a lot of value you're
getting for a little as $49.

But click on the "Yes" button now. There are only 200 sets of those awesome dry bags to go around and that FREE shipping and handling is only available if you order right here, right now.

In the end this is all about keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. We're in a strange spot in history where something as simple as dead phone or a power outage could instantly throw you back into cave man days.

Well, you've now got a reliable source of continual power right at your finger tips.

So click on the "Yes" button now, and I'll see you inside.