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X8 Stinger
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Why Am I Giving You
A 3-Pack Of My Hottest Selling
Stinger "Throwing Knives"
At Such A Killer Price?

(Plus a FREE "How-To"
DVD to boot!)

Well keep listening.
Because if you're wondering what to get your buddies for Christmas, I've just solved your problem for you – while at the same time reminding your pals why you are their best friend.

Dear Hotlist Member:

It's Bob Pierce over here at FightFast on behalf the rest of the crew.

With your permission, and with complete respect for your privacy, I will rush you a set of three top-quality throwing knives -- along with a very tough carrying case that you can strap to your leg...

For Just $19.95

I'll even rush ship it to you where ever you want in the continental U.S. for FREE.

But that's not all. I will also include my now world-famous Stinger DVD package to show you exactly how to throw and stick these Stinger knives...


That is a killer deal. Check around. You won't find a better offer on throwing knives of this quality.

Here's what's happening. Over the last 3 months, the "X8 Stinger" that FightFast developed has become the most popular throwing knife on the planet.

Really. We've sold thousands and have been driving the factory nuts with reorders.

This vicious weapon is the real-deal:

  • Quality stainless steel. A hefty 3.5 ounces of forged brawn that will endure whatever punishment you can dish out.
  • It's specifically engineered for throwing. It's a very wicked piece of equipment that'll slice through air like hot knife through butter -- straight and true to your target.
  • Perfect gorgeous balance. At just over 8-inches, it's like holding a mini Samurai sword in your hand. Makes throwing and sticking this beauty a breeze.

Look -- knife throwing is a deadly-serious skill... a viable option for you to protect yourself and loved ones in actual lethal combat (if you were so forced).

But it's also a talent that thrills and delights. It's fun to see hardened men go slack-jawed when you fire-off the "X8 Stinger" like a lightning bolt -- and stick it as accurately as you can point your finger!

The X8 Stinger is not only practical and useful for protection of yourself and loved ones -- but it's damn entertaining. SIMPLE too, once you understand a few key secrets.

That's why – along with your free "X8 Stinger" -- I'm also including a free DVD instructional package called "Stinger Knife-Throwing Secrets".

You'll love this.

Your teacher is "Mr X" -- a one-time Special Forces combat soldier and accomplished martial artist who also happens to be a knife throwing expert. He's one of the best in the world and has used his special skills overseas...

In Actual Deadly Combat

I can't say much more than that. For various reasons (which I legally can't discuss), Mr. X agreed to reveal his secrets ONLY if FightFast withheld his identity and "blurred" his face on camera.

This nearly 1-1/2 hour long DVD package will teach you exactly what you'll need to become an expert at this, including:

  • The wildly effective "back hand" shot. Even little kids who can't tie their own shoes can use this to stick a weapon deep into a target. NO coordination skills required – but the results are stunning!
  • The amazing secret "physics" behind power throwing. Even scientists are puzzled at why "drag" and gravity are almost totally irrelevant when it comes to true power throwing, (it's the trick to getting almost anything – even paper clips – to stick from 10-20 feet).
  • The awesome "double tap" secret to using BOTH hands. It's like having a double-barreled shotgun and guaranteed to leave ANY attacker humiliated and running for his life. He won't have a clue where these shots are coming from!
  • The simple "geometric" reasons why you NEVER want to use your wrist. Learn to fire your X8 Stinger (or any weapon) with 100% accuracy and "penetration" power. It's all super easy with NO complex skills to master.
  • Two secrets to "foot placement" for firing with power and accuracy while on the move. Seems the "opposite" at first – (which is why everyone does this wrong) but Mr. X shows you why this is the one right way.
  • The trick to achieving 3 different kinds of "tumbles" to your throwing weapon. These secrets will have you mastering power, penetration, and accuracy at varying distances. Anyone watching won't know HOW you're doing it!
  • A very cool "rapid fire" tactic that will have you laughing out loud. Watch in amazement as Mr. X teaches you how to "machine gun" off a variety of objects (including a dinner fork... butter knife... piece of thin wire... a screw driver... and more). Within seconds your target will look like a wounded porcupine. Believe me... NO man can withstand this onslaught.
  • And Lot, Lot MORE!

You'll become an expert so fast, I swear it'll shock and amaze family, friends... everyone. All I ask is that you give me the chance to PROVE it to you – on MY dime.

Okay... so how can I afford to give away THREE of these knives – with a custom sheath, AND a DVD package, along with free shipping and handling – for less than a meal at Denny's.

Well, my accountant points out that I can't.

He says I'll lose money.

Which is why I'm limiting this offer to you, my First Tier hotlist.

My goal is to make sure you're treated better than anyone else.

It's how FightFast has managed to stay in business for 25 years now. We treat our hotlist guys like gold and pass along deals to you that nobody else gets.

That's how I would want to be treated.

Here's how you can get your hands on this package now. First, click the "Get My Stinger Throwing Knife Pak" button now.

This would normally cost you over $100 for this package, but for you, one of my First Tier Hotlist members, I only ask that you cover the $19.95 for the three knives.

The DVD is FREE. The shipping and handling is also FREE.

But you don't even risk a penny of that $19.95. Because if you don't feel like you got the "bargain of a lifetime"... if you aren't having a ball sticking your X8 Stinger where ever you aim it... if you aren't thrilled knowing you have a serious new skill and weapon tucked away in your arsenal...

...then just send back the knives and I will refund your $19.95 immediately, and...

You Can KEEP The DVD!

Yeah, I know that sounds crazy.

My business partners are screaming bloody murder.

But I want to ensure you have the hottest stocking stuffer – one you're your buddies will actually want. But I want to ensure you have the hottest stocking stuffer – one you're your buddies will actually want.

Just warn them not to start tossing their new Stingers around until they watch the DVD.

The vital instruction cover the advanced fundamentals to safely and effectively throwing the Stinger.

But you can't sit around thinking about this. If you want in on this deal, you gotta click on the button now.

My business partners are already VERY nervous about this and there's a limited number of 3-Paks I can give away.

Just 177 to be exact. That's barely enough to cover my "First Tier" hotlist, (you're on that list).

And If you didn't receive an email directly from ME about this -- like if your buddy forwarded my email message to you -- then you're not a First Tier hotlist member and you will be told "no" if you try to order. This is for my "hotlist" ONLY.

I just can't afford to let everyone in on this.

But if I don't hear from you in the next 7 days, all this goes away.

Your cool "X8 Stinger" 3 Pak, the sheath, the "Stinger Throwing Secrets" DVD package and the free shipping, all gone.

So do this now. You can't get a better deal than this.

For a safer life...

Bob Pierce
Bob Pierce
President, FightFast/TRS Direct

Click on the "Get My Stinger Throwing Knife Pak" button and you'll receive the full kit, including:

  1. A 3-Pak of my world-famous X8 Stinger throwing knives.
  2. A custom sheath to fit all three knives.
  3. The free "how-to" DVD package to show you exactly how to throw and stick your stinger knives.
  4. Free shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental U.S.

All this for just $19.95. You gotta admit, it doesn't get any better than that.

But you must hurry. There are only 177 packages to go around. This is available for just 7 days, but I expect them to be snapped up much faster than that.

So do this now, while you still have the chance.