Special Forces Expert Says...
A welcome guest should he return to train with our troops!
SGT Kenneth Gentry
U.S. Army 19th Special Forces Group
Spec Op Commander Says...
Magnificent instruction! A high level of professionalism for all of the officers.
Major Aurelio Rodrigues
Commander, Military Brigade of Special Operation, Brazil.
Israeli Fight Expert Says...
Very impressive! I would like to express our gratitude to Sergeant Jim Wagner.
Colonel Gidy Lind
Academy Coordinator, Israeli Police.
"Real World Survival"...
Simple, effective, real-world survival tactics for managing combative subjects, edged weapons attacks, multiple assailants, ground encounters and other life threatening situations. Valuable skills that officers can easily internalize and draw upon.
Jason M. Palmer
Not only did SGT Wagner provide us with invaluable training in aircraft interdiction but he also showed us defensive tactics if we are ever attacked with edged weapons.
2nd LT Matthew A. Lillis
USAF 21st Security Forces Squadron
Major General Says...
This Command is glad to communicate to you that SGT Jim Wagner has been appointed to be an Honorary Member of the Brazilian Air Force.
Major-General Junito Saito
Fifth Regional Air Command
Royal Mountie Says...
Thank you for sharing with us the counter-terrorism material obtained during all your training around the world.
Constable Chris St-Jacques
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
I recently purchased your tapes "Fighting Mindset." I found them to be outstanding. I have a C.C.W. License and NRA qualified in personal defense. I learned a lot from your tapes. Keep up the good work. Everyone that carries a handgun should see these tapes.
Jerry Molliver
Everett, MA
Navy SEAL Quality...
Even though I'm a civilian, I've gotten a taste of what the Navy Seals and the SWAT Teams practice! If you are going to defend your life, you have to be willing to do what it takes. I've taken other courses... but I find that Ben Cooley's home defense techniques are applicable to the most extreme scenarios.
Gary Gelson
Boise, ID
"Most Impressive..."
I've been a police officer for 32 years and I have been through a lot of courses. None of these have compared with Ben Cooley's course in tactics and "The Fighting Mindset". Preparing and maintaining the fighting mindset was the most impressive part of the course for me. Learning those techniques could save your life in many life threatening situations.
Steve Abbott
Visalia, CA
I brought Ben Cooley to North Carolina to train our tactical unit. Ben did a fantastic job at getting his point across. The way Ben teaches is so simple, anybody can understand it. His skills as a tactical officer are excellent. His skills as a shooter are as good as I have ever seen. He is amazingly accurate and fast. Everybody who participated in the class said it was the best they had ever been to. They all raved about it. I have trained our officers in Ben Cooley's techniques and they have had a profound effect on performance and attitude.
Jody Taylor
Whiteville, North Carolina
"Nobody Comes Close "...
You'll learn to be in charge of the situation from the beginning. A lot of courses tell you that if you have certain tools, you'll win. Ben comes around from the other side and shows you that your mindset makes all the difference. Nobody comes close to teaching what Ben Cooley teaches!
Mike Voigt
Mesa, AZ
I've seen almost everything in police tactical training and not a lot of new things impress me -- until Ben Cooley came along. Very effective in the situations encountered in the "real world". Ben's ideas are groundbreaking, new, and unique, and he always gives the reasons behind them! By the second day of training, my tactical team was inspired and transformed, and returned to the job more confident and aware. I'd highly recommend Ben Cooley's course.
Jerry Lites
Sebastopol, CA
"State Of The Art"...
The aggressive stance and shooting on the move are very state of the art. Ben Cooley truly knows how to communicate and inspire -- he can talk to novices and professionals alike. What I've learned from Ben, especially the firearms retention drills, has stuck with me.
Jim Wall
Parma, ID
"Works In The Real World!"
Ben Cooley's teaching works in the real world! Since taking Ben's course, I have improved my handling of firearms on the range and on the job. I am a firearms instructor and I try to impart Ben's techniques and philosophy to the officers I teach. I'd highly recommend Ben Cooley's course, "The Fighting Mindset", to civilians and professionals alike.
Gary Clark
"The Brutal Realities"...
I found that Ben Cooley's course dealt with real life situations in a practical manner. His teaching deals with the brutal realities of confrontation scenarios and house searches. It has given our SWAT team valuable and proven techniques that work for real and save lives. I can't recommend this course enough.
Daryl Smith
Fayetteville, NC
"Easily Understood"...
Finally, a training course that lays it all out so it's easily understood. It took Ben Cooley for me to really understand the use of Lethal Force. This info will save a lot of innocent people from becoming victims. Thanks to TRS and thanks to Ben Cooley, sound advice in this violent age.
Michael Henry
Green Lane, PA
"Turbo-Charged... Spectacular!"...
I absolutely love it! I've truly never seen anything like it! The package is spectacular and his skills are remarkable! Will leave you in utter amazement. The turbo charged way of becoming a super functional street fighter yourself becomes totally obvious when you're exposed to this instruction. Man, there's no doubt what you see here can save your life and loved ones after you've practiced the techniques demonstrated here. It s a jungle out there and with a company such a TRS than can offer valuable self defense systems like this one, we should be quick to pick this up. There's no doubt I want this stuff on my side whenever I encounter a violent or hostile situation. Thank you Paul Vunak for passing down Bruce Lee's gift to us... a great achievement to mankind!
Paul Fuentes
Tucson, AZ
"Lots Of Dirty Tricks!"
The Jim West instruction is great. Well rounded and covers standing, ground fighting and lots of dirty tricks!
A. Scott
Boston, MA
"The Answer I Was Looking For!"
Watching your video's at home at my own pace, in my spare time was just the answer I was looking for. I am a Correctional Officer, at maximum security prison in Southern California. There are nearly 1000 male inmates, most of them have life sentences and are never going home. They'd kill or hurt you if the chance was there. Working long hours in such an environment does not leave me much time to train self defense . Since my purchase I have run into a few serious incidents, where I put to use what Frank Cucci had taught me and walked away unharmed. Without the knowledge from your videos, the results could have been bad.
Vernon Bach
On The Street Without Fear!
The package is excellent and dynamic for a person who enjoys knowing about SEAL tactics and defending the right to walk on the street without fear!
Adolph Morrow
Fresno, CA
"Fantastic Methods"...
My buddy and I are big fans of Mr. Chris Clugston. His methods are fantastic!
Kevin Crowley
Tewksbury, MA
"I Had An 'Incident'..."
I had an incident with another fellow who was faster and much stronger than myself. He walked up and shoved me to the floor. In response, I used Chris Clugston's "Pop-Up" on this guy, and he went sailing for fifteen feet before he touched the ground. I'm not especially threatening, only 5'9 at 124lbs, I'm not fast, I don't have much strength, and I'm not violent. However, "Comhrac Bas" ended the incident in less than 3 seconds. I walked away unharmed, while my opponent walked away with a limp that stayed with him for three days. I believe "Comhrac Bas" deserves special praise, its moves are so devastating, and that even the defensive moves can end a fight. When I saw that he was unable to continue the fight, I stopped and walked away. The bad thing is, I only watched Comhrac Bas twice before this happened and never practiced the moves! Thanks.
Gregory Westerfield
Ft. Durm, NY
"Best Money Ever Spent"...
Wow! That was the best money I've ever spent on instruction or equipment in my life. Awesome. The tactics were so simple but so effective. I watched in amazement for the entire time. Chris is the only instructor I've seen that has a real knowledge of street fighting. The many techniques also blew me away. They gave me the attributes I was missing and the moves nobody else could show me -- at such a reasonable price. If it had cost 500 dollars it would have still been a huge bargain. It was everything you claimed.
Ryan Crowe
Schaumburg, IL
A New Calm Confidence!
This is a better investment than buying guns or knives to protect me with and it gives me a calm confidence to face any situation no matter what sick jerk I run into. I want to say thank you.
Steven Bone
Kinmundy, IL
"Very Easy To Learn"...
Dale Comstock has vastly simplified the teaching of combat martial arts. He has broken it down into its basic physiological aspects which makes it very easy to learn and remember.
Darrell Hackler
Chief Instructor
Practical and Easy!
I found Dale's instruction in the combat arts to be different from anything I had been previously exposed to. This is a practical, easy to learn self defense system that anyone can quickly absorb and use.
Eric Wilson
Owner-Global Security Consultants Inc. Tampa, FL
Best of the Best!
Dale possesses the highest level of all around combat skills of anybody I have ever met. His teaching style is easy and methodical, with none of the arrogance I've encountered with other so called professional trainers. He's combined the absolute best of many martial disciplines into one very practical, easy to learn fighting system. What Dale can show you will give you the confidence to defend yourself appropriately in ANY threatening street situation.
James Finiello
U.S. Army-Ft. Bragg
This Truly Works!
Dr. V cuts straight through the crap and delivers what truly works. Awesome DVD! I've got hundreds and this is my all time favorite cause it's real.
Alec M.P.
The Right Stuff!
This DVD is excellent training material for anyone who is serious about his combat training. Awesome!
Vadim Dobrin
Number One On His List!
I can't recommend this DVD enough.
Brian Fresisinger
Makes It Sooo Simple.
Every fight I've ever been in I've been embarrassed. My friends even give me a bad time. Dr. V makes it simple. Thanks.
Steve Hulbert
Stockton, CA
"Cutting-Edge Moves!"
Ghetto Blocks is the best of the best. If you are looking for secrets of cutting edge moves that give you total confidence to protect your family and loved ones then this program is for you.
Enzo Cristoforo
Westminister, CA
Oh-So Brutal!
Diallo is the man! I was amazed at how brutal Ghetto Blocks is -- yet how easy it was to learn!
L. Krank
Phoenix, AZ
"One Hell of a Nasty System!"
This is one hell of a nasty system! I'm not a big guy, but after seeing Ghetto Blocks, I feel sorry for anyone who picks me as a target.
R. Zahn
Milwaukee, WI
"Exactly What I Need!"
Your videos are the best on the market. They are high quality, well organized, and made to be learned fast -- exactly what I need.
Sam Graves
Everett, WA
"Never Disappointed!"
You should be commended for providing such well priced, well produced videos that offer TRULY cutting edge technology for personal and professional security. I have bought several products from you and have NEVER been disappointed.
Mohsen Hafiz
Gig Harbor, WA
Stuff Martial Arts Never Teaches!
Wow! I've taken plenty of martial arts classes -- but they never showed me anything like this. This is simple and to the point! Thanks!
M. Garcia
Barstow, CA
"The Greatest!"
Jim West's program is the best training film. He is the greatest.
Rick Seifert
Parsonsburg, MD
Took Down Two Navy SEALS!
I've seen Jim take two chest-beating Navy SEALS to the floor in under two seconds, with one move... and hold them both there until they calmed down, which Jim made sure was a brief time. After he taught my door staff a few simple restraining moves, we haven't had any serious trouble.
Skip Follette
"Complete Confidence!"
This is Top Level, no-nonsense stuff you can learn fast and use with complete confidence almost immediately. With the one shot take out moves I learned from Jim, fights don't last longer than the time it takes to blink, even if I'm surprised from behind.
Jerry Goney
professional bouncer for Rick's Lounge in Fayetteville, NC the roughest military hangout in the country for 48 years.
How I Beat Two Guys...
When two very large fellows tried to shake me down in a parking lot, I responded with a simple fast and violent move Jim had taught me in 5 minutes that put the biggest guy down hard... and sent his tough buddy running. I love Jim's style, because you don't need to warm up or have any special skills. This is what my little daughters are learning for their own self defense -- I'm making sure of that!
Remo Butler
Lt. Col. Special Forces
No More Deer-In-The-Headlights!
Viper taught me how to function clearly under stress, and channel the power of my adrenaline. If you know martial arts, VIPER magnifies your knowledge and training ten fold.
Phil Borgia
"I Was Shocked..."
As a long time professional in martial arts, I was shocked at the VIPER program. I thought I could handle any situation, but VIPER introduced me to reality. It's real, its in your face, and it works. I am a force to be dealt with.
David Bravo
Professional Martial Artist
I Was Unprepared For a Fight!
Priceless training. I couldn't believe how unprepared I was for a real confrontation. I learned more about street defense in the VIPER course than in 10 years of martial arts.
Tommy Brown
Police Officer
Two Strange Men Approached
I was able to use what I learned while out with my 5 year old daughter one evening. I backed two strange men off... and I believe I wouldn't have known what to do and keep my daughter safe without this training.
Laura Templeman
Former Federal Corrections Officer
"Life Transforming!"
I have used the VIPER skills. It is truly a positive, life transforming experience. You will not be the same person... and you really wont want to be.
Tess Jenkins
Martial Arts Instructor
Navy SEALs Agree...
In private conversations, actual SEAL team members have said that Paul Vunak's training system was the most realistic training they've ever had, going back 20 years! Paul has one advantage nobody else has -- actual experience in street fighting. Having been in it, he can teach you how to not only survive, but win, even if you aren't experienced in the street.
Rich Chen
Hawaiian ex street fighter
"Most Effective I've Seen!"
Street Safe is the most effective self defense system I have ever come across.
CA Narcotics Task Force Commander (Name withheld due to security regulations.)
"After 23 Years In Karate"...
Finally, after 23 years of karate and other martial arts styles (including military training), I found a system that works in the real world!
Paul Iwamoto
Twice The Fighter in 15 Minutes!
There's no flare, no garbage, no ceremonial nonsense, no magic. Paul can spend 15 minutes with anyone and make you twice the fighter you were before!
Shane Brott
Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor
Soldier Of Fortune Publisher Says...
I seldom give endorsements, but this is something special. The release of this package is unparalleled. You can learn a lot... it may save your life.
Colonel Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.)
Founder and Publisher of Soldier of Fortune Mag.

Learn the nastiest combat secrets used right now in lethal world-stage fighting -- for FREE!

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Real, Blood-On-Your-Hands

Nir Maman Former Israeli Special Forces Commando and Krav Maga InstructorMost martial art teachers have never been in a real fistfight before. Many former soldiers have never seen a battlefield. And some of the "experts" with the biggest mouths have never been within miles of a life-and-death situation.

Well... I have a guy here who, for several years straight, saw combat-ready action EVERY DAY. Yes, he faced lethal combat with the enemy. Yes, he killed people. And yes, he had to use his skills every second of every hour he was under threat.

His name is Nir Maman (pronounced "Near" ).

He's a former Israeli special forces commando and top hand-to-hand combat instructor. For three bloody years his long-range reconnaisance unit (the feared "Sayeret Golani" ) roamed deep into enemy territory, fighting, capturing and "eliminating" terrorists and insurgents.

Usually, there were only 4 men in his unit. Alone, without back-up, miles from safety -- and with less than one-fourth the training our own Spec Op soldiers receive -- these men faced constant, unrelenting and vicious counter-guerilla combat.

Did you catch that? These men did not have the luxury of long training. Israel has a limited population, and the men who join the Special Forces must get up to speed FASTER than any other soldier in the world.

Why? Because...

They Face Blood-Curdling Lethal Combat
Almost Immediately... Every Day Of Their Service!

Our own super-nasty Spec Op guys (SEALS, Delta) -- as well as other world-class soldiers like the French Foreign Legion -- are in awe of these Israeli hard-asses. Their training is so short and so CONDENSED that at age 20, the Israeli Spec Op soldier is as skilled as the average 30-year-old SEAL.

The secret: Astonishing Krav Maga short-cut training methods that -- until now -- were the most hidden fighting secrets in the world.

These guys HAD to learn fast... because they had to USE their training within days (sometimes hours) of learning it!

What's this mean for you? Plenty... if you're hungry for proven, super-nasty Krav Maga fighting skills that you can learn almost overnight. Nir not only used his skills in the field... but he got so good that he was asked to TEACH other soldiers his advanced skills. (A huge honor only a handful of men have ever enjoyed.)

He's not just good (and has proven it by coming out of years of lethal combat without a scratch). He's a friggin' honest-to-God expert... who has perfected a short-cut teaching method that will force-feed these Krav Maga skills into you faster than you ever believed possible.

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Nope. The Israeli army had to learn quick how to take ordinary men (who have no special skills or advantages whatsoever)... and turn them literally overnight into super-skilled fighters who could face lethal combat with absolute confidence and mega-dangerous moves that would prevail over the enemy.

Pray that you never have to meet up with the kind of guerilla terrorists the Israelis face every day. Vicious zealots who do not care if they live or die, as long as they inflict damage on you. Wild-eyed and well-trained killers who, in fact, WANT to die as they take you out. (They think they're martyrs, with a twisted version of Heaven waiting.)

Let me tell you -- when your opponent doesn't care at all about his own life as he attacks you... you better have the skills to take him out FAST. In a split second, before he can put any hurt on you. And... you better make sure he STAYS down.

Here's what's up: These Krav Maga fighting secrets have NEVER been revealed before to anyone outside the Israeli Special Forces compounds. Nir has agreed to share them because, first, he created this special system himself.

It's mostly his. (The Israeli army begged him to stay and continue teaching, but he had other plans after his long and distinguished service.) And second... Nir (along with so many other front-line veterans) realizes it is past time for Americans to learn how to fight.

In just over an hour, you are about to "quick-learn" vicious fighting skills that will change your life. Remember -- our own U.S. Spec Op guys are deeply impressed with these Israeli tactics (and that says a lot about the authenticity and quality of this amazing new system).

Even the most battle-experienced Delta commando in our army hasn't faced a fraction of the action the average Israeli soldier does in a month.

These skills are being proven, over and over again, every hour of every day. They are the reason Israeli soldiers are...

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The answer... is in Nir's astonishing teaching method. It's completely new to martial arts.

Most systems get complicated fast. It takes years to get just decent at the groundfighting skills needed for your average fighting system... and then more years to master the trapping skills, the disarming skills, etc.

And none of the training you learn in face-to-face fighting works on the ground, and vice versa.

Nir has magically made all other martial arts training obsolete.

How? By bringing ALL the skills you will ever need down to just 7 BASIC TOOLS. And these tactics work whether you're on the ground... running through a dark alley... or surprised from behind with a knife or gun.

Think about that: One set of skills... which you can use in EVERY SINGLE situation you find yourself in. It's like having one tool in your toolbox that does everything. It seems hard to imagine... but it's real. It's proven.

And it's nasty.

That's why I insist you get the chance to check this out for yourself, without risk. You have to see new Krav Maga fighting system this to believe it. You have to experience it to "get" how easy and simple it really is. It just seems to defy "common sense" .

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I won't try to convince you here. Only seeing the stuff in action will convince you. Still, here's a "taste" of what you're about to discover:

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